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  1. Education, as well as creating a more accepting environment where victims can come out. We need to also expose these groomers even more. The key factor these groomers exploit is the Punjabi family sense of “honour” which prevents famalies from coming out. We need to fight this Desi perversion of “honour”, and install Gurmat values in famalies to give them a hunger of justice. Along with education, exposing, and changing the family framework, we also need to take harder stances against these crimes and set up bait accounts as well as increase sting operations.
  2. I see people have three main interpretations: 1) raagi darshan/neo-missionaries who say DG was a brahmin (?) writing with no role historically. demonstrably false 2) The view that Adi Granth is the Guru, but Dasam Granth is also bani to be respected, revered, and read. this is the prevalent view today and what I think to be the historical view 3) That the "Guru Granth Sahib" is not one text but is in fact represented by three darbars. The Adi Guru Darbar, the Dasam Guru Darbar, and the Sarbloh Guru Darbar. This is propagated by some Nihang sites (I believe manglacharan as well) but I have not found any historical evidence for it - yet
  3. One main point of confusion that I see among anti dasam granth people is the whole argument of "why didnt the Guru include it in SGGSJ" or "are you saying SGGSJ is incomplete". How would you respond to that? I would personally highlight the differance between the two, and state how the SGGSJ is meant for humanity, while the DG is more specialized towards the Khalsa.
  4. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! I have a friend in Birmingham UK who needs Sangat, but not just any Sangat, preferable younger Sangat that is into Sikhi. She is also looking for a close group of Kaur friends who she can discuss Sikh matters with.
  5. Yes, it's something that every single physical Guru did (except Siri Harkrishan Ji becuase he was literally too young). The Anand Karaj is not like the western concept of "marriage", its a contract between the couple and the Guru to live a life according to Sikhi. It has a spiritual requirement that is not met with a simple registry marriage. There is a specific reason the Guru created the Anand Karaj, and it was to put the couple on the path of Sikhi as well as to give Sikhs a distinct identity.
  6. Reddit.com/r/NoFap
  7. I have heard stories of Sikhs who don’t even academically study, and just do Bhagti and automatically start learning things they never knew.
  8. No, otherwise it will just turn into an empty ritual.
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