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Found 3 results

  1. In SGGS or Gurbani, where it is written that “ Sikh should not bow and touch any human being’s feet particularly of a Saint”?
  2. I was recently wandering while doing ardas -hoping waheguru ji will help in this world with many things. But then out of no where I just thought to myself that if I want to attain something in this world then it will come through Rudi sidhi powers( which guru ji prohibits us from using, as it inhibits our spirtality) - is that true?? So my question is when doing ardas for asking prayers to be ansawered are we in anyway using ridi sidi powers or will waheguru ji helps attain what we want without us using our powers (through the blessing of waheguru ji blesses us with) - I ask this because I don't want to lose my waheguru ji and the level of spirituality I have attained but I still want some of my prayers answered.
  3. Listening to the path is good. If you read it, I feel it is the best to read it in Gurmukhi. If you dont know Gurmukhi, you may start learning it and in the meantime (whatever time it takes- months, years) listen to the path. The most important thing is patience (hukam rjai chalna). Kam,Krodh etc are said to be mahabali (extremely strong) in Gurbani, so It will take time before you can win them over and it takes even more time to attain real happiness. But serving the Guru and reading/listening bani is happiness in itself! andd atleast the things wont get worse if you are doing some effort. Bhagat Farid hung himself upside-down in a well for 12 years before he could attain God! Not that we need such penance, but my point is that it is a difficult path and we need to have patience. Naam,Seva and accepting God's sweet will (Bhana) will make it easy and I am sure it is worth it! On a personal note - I also struggle to wake up at Amritvela, succumb to Kaam,krodh some times and get frustrated, may the sangat do Ardaas for us and hopefully we will see through our journey to destination some day!
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