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Found 2 results

  1. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh, There are over 8000 fried chicken shops in London alone, and a substantial majority of these are Halal. Taken alongside the countless other Pakistani/Middle Eastern restaurants and grubby little kebab houses, this comfortably places the number of Halal eateries in the capital at over 10,000. Each of these traffics in the meat of hundreds of animals daily, amounting to millions of creatures killed every day. Which is why the logistics of the Halal industry make such little sense to me. Dhabihah slaughter is a demanding and time consuming process. There is no way in hell that every single one of the millions of animals slaughtered in Halal abattoirs each day are killed in accordance with Islamic Law. They don't have enough manpower and the day doesn't have enough hours in it. I'd be surprised if one in ten animals were killed in this way. This idea seems so simple and obvious that I can't understand how it never seems to have occurred to any of this country's 3 million Muslims. Is this an instance of selective intelligence? Do they not know, or do they suspect something is amiss but not care? None of this is to say that Sikhs should start eating it - even if it isn't Halal, this sort of mass-produced factory slaughtered meat, khulla maas, is not even close to being jhatka (the only meat permitted to Sikhs by Akaal Takhat).
  2. Guest

    halal meat

    Please can I have some advise. I understand that Sikh's do not eat halal meat. If a sikh/group of sikhs went to a non religous college and found only halal meat (and 2 vegetarian) choices available for lunch, would they a) be offended at only being offered halal meat and b) would it cause them to not book onto a coutrse again because of it, or would they simply have a veggie choice and not be bothered. if it is a case of they would be offeneded can you say is this due to the method of killing halal meat or the religous implications of its killing (eg the prayer to allah) thank you
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