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Found 3 results

  1. NEWS A Sikh Lawyer Now Wants Malaysian-Made Sahip Brandy Banned For Sounding Like 'Sahib' He argues, that the label on the Sahip bottle "shows a bearded man in a turban on the horse carrying a flag, which strikes an uncanny similarity to the famous portrait of Guru Gobind Singh Ji". By Sadho Ram — 19 Oct 2021, 06:44 PM As local whiskey brand Timah has run into religious controversy, another Malaysian brandy named Sahip has found itself in the same boat after a lawyer called for it be banned for sounding like "sahib" New Straits Times reported that Dr Shamsher Singh Thind, who is a lawyer and criminologist based in George Town, Penang, says the domestic brandy's name is similar to the word "sahib". Sahib is an Arabic loanword that has passed into several Indian languages, where it's used to refer to "sir" or "master", and sometimes as an honorific title for names of saints and gurus. According to Shamsher, it's not just Timah that Malaysians should be focusing on. He argues, that the label on the Sahip bottle "shows a bearded man in a turban on the horse carrying a flag, which strikes an uncanny similarity to the famous portrait of Guru Gobind Singh Ji". Sahip's label shows a Punjabi soldier dressed in British military regalia According to an old article in Poskod.my, Sahip brandy, with its label capturing the colonial history, comes in three different sizes, retailing from RM7 to RM30. The brandy contains 40% alcohol. Image via Anne Fernando/Poskod.my Shamser, in fact, wants all alcoholic drinks to be strictly regulated "It is time to regulate strictly, if not ban, all forms of liquor, whether locally made or imported, and whether cheap or expensive," the practicing lawyer was quoted as saying yesterday, 18 October. While drinking alcohol is often associated with the Punjabi culture, thanks largely to the community's portrayal in Bollywood movies, alcohol is prohibited in Sikhism. . Image via Dr Shamsher Singh Thind (Facebook) https://says.com/my/news/a-sikh-lawyer-now-wants-malaysian-made-sahip-brandy-banned-for-sounding-like-sahib
  2. A Sikh lawyers turban was kicked off his head as he was beaten to the ground in a racist attack outside St Pauls Cathedral, a court has heard. Rashvinder Singh Panesar and his wife Sundeep Kaur Panesar were making their way home from a meeting in the City of London when they were set upon, the Old Bailey heard. Aravinth Kandasamy, 26, and Luxmanan Mahendran, 27, allegedly shouted 'lets kick his turban off' and 'kick it away' as they kicked and punched Mr Panesar in April last year. When Mrs Panesar, also a lawyer, tried to intervene and retrieve her husbands red turban, she was grabbed and almost knocked to the ground by Mahendran, it is alleged. The court heard Mr Panesar suffered a fractured nose, a chipped tooth, injured his knee and had both his contact lenses knocked out in the alleged attack, which took place in Carter Lane, at around 10.45pm on 26 April 2013. Kandasamy, of Ilford, Essex, and Mahendran, of Arnos Grove, north London, deny two counts of racially aggravated assault occasioning actual bodily harm. Mahendran also denies assault by beating. Prosecutor Louis French said: Mr and Mrs Panesar are Sikhs and in the custom that Sikhs have Mr Panesar was wearing a turban, quite a colourful one that night, it was red.' He said the couple had been to a meeting of the Society of Asian Lawyers. He said: It was about 10.30pm when they left the bar, walking together along Carter Lane crossing a pavement heading towards the cathedral. They went to the roadside and stood hoping to hail down a black cab. The couple noticed three men straight ahead of them, one of those men made an offensive remark tuck me in b****. One of the group said f*** you we are going to put you to sleep, were going to tuck you in. The two other men joined in these remarks which were being shouted. Another said: "F*** you, dont you know who we are?"' Mr French said it turned aggressive and the men 'seemed to be encouraging each other'. He said: These three men closed in on Mr Panesar and the verbal abuse continued, Mrs Panesar was called a b****. Mr Panesar was pushed to the ground and then set upon by the gang, the jury was told. They then started to quite seriously attack him by punching and kicking him, said Mr French. He was desperately stood there out-numbered and trying to fend them off. But in the course of this violent attack he was brought down to the ground where he was kicked and punched to his face, body and his back. One of the men shouted lets kick his turban off and thats precisely what was done. Mr Panesars turban was removed by kicking and another man shouted kick it away. Mrs Panesar ran over and went to try and retrieve it but as she did so she was grabbed and almost knocked to the ground. The person who did that was Mahendran. Both defendants claim that their alleged victim was aggressive towards them first, the court heard. The trial continues. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2543343/Sikh-lawyers-turban-kicked-head-beaten-ground-racist-attack-City-London.html
  3. I recently heard about a horrible law case and this's how it went down... A man married a woman 14 years ago while the woman's daughter was 3. In 2013 the daughter is now 17 and has a boyfriend, the step dad found out about this and slapped the daughter (just like what would happen with most indian parents). The daughter got mad and went to her boyfriend where they came up with a plan to charge the step dad for rape even though he didn't do anything like that. The step dad gets arrested for this and spends 3 months in prison while the step daughter and her mom take all the money from their joint bank account. The Gurdwara raises money for the man and he's released on bail. But the step daughter doesn't want this so she comes up with all these false allegations like being touched and being raped, while getting all of her friends to be "witnesses" to a fake crime. The man has no money because it all got taken while he was in jail so he can't afford a lawyer. What I find disgusting is that the step dad treated the daughter like his own and made sure she didn't go through any problems, he even bought her a brand new car and was willing to pay for her college even though she wasn't his real daughter. What would he have to do? He could face up to 5-10 years in jail over a crime he didn't commit.
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