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  1. Proper Bezhti.... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-64496456 Jasvir Singh: 'I'm a devout Sikh - and married to a man' Published 8 hours ago Share Image caption, Jasvir and Nick on their wedding day By Aleem Maqbool Religion editor, BBC News Jasvir Singh is one of the most prominent Sikh voices in British public life. He is also gay - a fact that he has kept mostly private until now. It's put him at odds with some members of his own community, but he says he now wants to speak up about his sexuality. Jasvir Singh lays out some photographs on the table in front of him and takes a deep breath. They are pictures of joyful moments from the day last summer when he married his husband, Nick. "I know that speaking about this is going to be highly controversial," he says. "I'm sure there will be lots of people out there who will be upset, annoyed, even angry at me. "But I've got nothing to hide and I know that I have got Waheguru [God] with me, as I have had Waheguru with me all the way." Jasvir is a family law barrister and the main Sikh contributor to Radio 4's Thought For The Day. He has just been awarded a CBE for his work bringing faith communities together and advocating for vulnerable groups. But through it all, he has lived with a swirl of speculation about his private life - often spilling over into attempts at intimidation - that he now wants to address head-on. "There is a very small element of the British Sikh community that makes itself loudly heard. From them I have received death threats for being gay, I have been accused on a TV station of being an infidel and I have even had individuals call me up and threaten to expose me." Though Jasvir says he has not tried to hide his sexual orientation, it is not something he has talked about publicly. Recently, however, Jasvir says he has been confronted by an unsurmountable obstacle that meant he could not live out his faith in the way in which he wanted and in the way others can. "My husband is white, British, and was not born into a Sikh family. But he understands my Sikhi (Sikhism) and he has respected and embraced that part of my life. We have said we want to have a family and want to bring our children up Sikh. "We spoke about the kind of wedding we wanted in great detail, but sadly there was no way of getting married in a gurdwara, even though in my interpretation of the Anand Karaj (the Sikh marriage ceremony), there is no reason for this." .... Jasvir and Nick have just returned from their honeymoon, during which they visited gurdwaras in Punjab and in other parts of India.
  2. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/index.html Does this finally put the mask debate to bed? 'Gold standard' analysis of 78 studies and 1million people finds face coverings made 'little to no difference' to Covid infection or death rates The research - carried out by the Cochrane Institute , the 'gold standard' of evidence-based reviews, looked at 78 global studies involving over a million people. Results indicated that surgical masks reduced the risk of catching 'Covid or a flu-like illness' by just five percent - a figure so low it may not be statistically significant. The researchers said harms caused by masks - including hampering children's schooling - were poorly measured in the studies, meaning any small benefit of masks on infection rates may be outweighed. Professor Francois Balloux, a professor of computational biology at University College London, who was not part of the analysis, said it showed that the benefit of wearing masks is 'at best small'.
  3. Situation escalating, wonder how long there will be similar in USA, Canada and UK @Kaurr @5aaban https://www.news.com.au/finance/economy/why-proindia-supports-clashed-with-sikhs-at-melbournes-federation-square/news-story/9b842c48d5c3142733727dd370ef71dc Why Pro-India Supports clashed with Sikhs at Melbourne’s Federation Square An ugly clash in the heart of Melbourne between two Indian ethnic groups erupted last weekend with up to 100 people embroiled in the fracas – but what started it? Rebecca Borg @rebeccaaborg 4 min read February 1, 2023 - 9:22AM Over the weekend, a Melbourne landmark became the centre of an ugly clash between two Indian ethnic groups in scenes rarely seen in Australia. Footage posted to social media captured the moment about 100 people broke out into a fight, using flags as weapons outside Federation Square on Sunday afternoon. The brawl, which broke out at about 4.30pm, occurred during a referendum event organised by US-based group Sikhs for Justice, who are campaigning to create a separate Sikh-majority state called Khalistan in India’s Punjab region. The state of Punjab was established in 1947 when the partition of India split the former Raj province of Punjab – which was previously under British rule – between India and Pakistan when the two countries gained their independence. But because Khalistan will take away land from parts of Punjab less than a century on from its emergence, pro-India activists are against the movement creating a rivalry between the two groups. An ugly clash in the heart of Melbourne between two Indian ethnic groups erupted last weekend with up to 100 people embroiled in the fracas. Dozens of Sikhs were spotted lining up to vote in the early hours of Sunday. Picture: Twitter/@Lekha250913991 So when a group of pro-India supporters arrived at the Khalistan referendum in Melbourne on Sunday, a usually family-friendly Federation Square became the centre of a wild brawl which left two men injured and innocent bystanders scrambling for safety. As police investigations continue, many questions have been raised by concerned community members about the groups involved and what led to the confronting scenes. Here’s news.com.au’s deep dive into the situation. Why were these ethnic groups at Federation Square? Prior to the brawl, the day commenced peacefully as dozens of voters taking part in the referendum were seen queuing outside Federation Square from 8.30am. “The purpose of the referendum was to exercise the democratic right given to all humans by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of freedom of speech and expression,” Jaswinder Singh, CEO of Sikh Volunteers Australia told news.com.au. Melbourne’s referendum event was one of several non-binding referendums that have occurred globally in recent years, with others being held in the UK, Italy, Canada and Switzerland. It’s anticipated more will be hosted across Australian cities in some time. “By conducting a non-binding referendum in the whole world among the Sikh population, Sikhs want to convince the United Nations and the Western World that a binding referendum must be conducted in Punjab to liberate it from Indian occupancy,” Mr Singh said. Sikhs were asked to answer this yes or no question as part of the referendum. Picture: Twitter / @HindolSengupta Those taking part in the referendum were asked the yes-or-no question: “Should Indian Governed Punjab be an independent country?”. After submitting their vote, Sikhs around the polling place were seen waving Khalistan flags while sporting the colours yellow and blue. Voting was open until 5pm that evening. At the same time, it’s believed a small pro-India group who practiced Hinduism were protesting near the Botanical Gardens. At about 4.30pm, pro-India members who allegedly came from the Botanical Gardens protest, were spotted at Federation Square waving their national flag. While it’s still unclear what exactly caused the brawl, a violent clash soon broke out with members of both parties using their flags as weapons while others were forced to flee to safety. The larger altercation came just hours after a smaller dispute in the same area which Victoria Police said occurred shortly after midday.
  4. Old but important - a shame they used 'Asian' instead of Pakistani https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/west-midlands-police-report-reveals-7948902 West Midlands Police report reveals 75 per cent of known on-street child sex groomers are Asian Confidential report also says 82 per cent of victims, aged 14 to 16, are white NEWS By Jeanette OldhamInvestigations editor 06:30, 17 OCT 2014 UPDATED13:08, 17 OCT 2014 A bombshell police report has revealed 75 per cent of known on-street child sex groomers in the West Midlands are Asian – with 82 per cent of victims, aged 14 to 16, being white. And a Birmingham Mail investigation has discovered how police, councils and social services have been failing vulnerable victims in a new abuse scandal which follows those identified in Rotherham, Rochdale and Derbyshire.
  5. It's the same I imagine; Hindutva, false deras, Christians and Muslims. Are you banned from going to India to check it out?
  6. No, Amritsar has always been our 'holy city' like it or not; actually we have a few, but who are we copying?
  7. @dallysingh101 @BhForce 1.I think it’s more about the effects, it is extremely destructive in those dependent on it and leads to people doing all kinds of trouble which they wouldn’t otherwise as well as violent crime 2. Have no idea but would like to know
  8. Pictured: Transgender rapist who first appeared in court as a man named Adam with a face tattoo before changing gender ahead of trial for attacking two women - as she is sent to a women's prison Isla Bryson was a shaven-headed Adam Graham with a Mike Tyson-style face tattoo when they carried out the violent sex attacks in 2016 and 2019 after abusing the victims they originally met online. Bryson, who claimed to have had gender issues since the age of four, began transitioning from a man to a woman in 2020 after being charged with the rapes. The attacker denied the accusations, telling jurors any sex was consensual - although Bryson insisted she did not like sleeping with women and they made the 'first move'. There was no reference to the 31-year-old having a gender recognition certificate during the trial. It is understood Bryson is being held in a segregation unit at Cornton Vale women's prison, where the attacker will be risk assessed ahead of sentencing to see where she will serve her term. Today Bryson was found guilty of the two rapes. The defendant denied the charges, saying in evidence she 'would never hurt another human being'. She had been on bail, but was today remanded in custody by judge Lord Scott until sentencing on February 28 in Stirling. It comes amid ongoing controversy over Nicola Sturgeon's Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill (GRR), which would allow anyone anyone over 16 to 'self-identify' as the opposite sex without needing medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria. Scottish Conservative shadow community safety minister Russell Findlay said today: 'This rapist decided that he was no longer a man only after appearing in court on a rape charge. We now have the utterly perverse situation where a Scottish court refers to someone who says he identifies as female using "her penis" to rape two vulnerable women. We warned of the inevitability of this happening if the SNP's gender self-ID law passed, but for it to have become reality is deeply worrying and an affront to the victims.' https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/index.html
  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-64396513 This time it's a man with a North African Arab surname.... @dallysingh101 Met Safer Schools officer pleads guilty to child sex offences Published 2 hours ago A serving Met Police officer who was posted in a school in north London has pleaded guilty to child sex offences. PC Hussain Chehab, 22, admitted four counts of sexual activity with a girl aged 13-15, three counts of making indecent photographs of a child, and sexual communication with a child. He appeared at Wood Green Crown Court on Tuesday and will be sentenced on 17 March. The Met said no evidence had linked any of Chehab's offending to his role. The Met said the PC joined the force in March 2020 and was attached to the North Area Command Unit, serving as a Safer Schools officer in a secondary school in Enfield between May and August 2021. The family of a 16-year-old girl raised concerns with police in July 2021, reporting she had recently been in a relationship with Chehab which they believed began when she was 15. Chehab was arrested in August 2021 and he was placed on restricted duties, including having to work within the confines of a police building in a non public-facing role, and having no contact with schools or children. 'Sickening' exploitation A spokesperson for the Met said investigators found a number of indecent images when they seized his digital devices, and he was arrested for further offences and suspended from duty in October 2021. When police analysed his devices, they also found messages between Chehab and a 14-year-old girl engaging in sexual communication. The teenager later provided evidence to police that they had entered into a sexual relationship in 2019, when she was 14. Det Ch Supt Caroline Haines, policing lead for Enfield, said Chehab's offences were "sickening" and he "exploited" the young girls "for his own sexual gratification". "Once the initial allegations against PC Chehab were made, he was immediately removed from his role while the investigation took place," she said. Det Ch Supt Haines added the Met had worked closely with the school and local authority to ensure there were no further unreported safeguarding incidents or missed opportunities. 'Considerable damage' She said the information provided to the Met before Chehab joined the force was reviewed and he also went through further child and vulnerable group supervision vetting before beginning his role as a Safer Schools officer, but "nothing was found that could have indicated his offending". "This news will of course cause considerable damage and concern not only to the local community, but Londoners as a whole, who place their trust in police officers to go into our schools alongside their children every day and keep them safe," she continued. "While no evidence has been found linking any of Chehab's offending to his role, we are engaging with our local schools community forums and independent advisory groups to reassure them following the damage his actions will have caused." During the court hearing, no verdict was recorded in an additional four counts of making indecent photographs of a child, and the judge ordered they be left to lie on file. The Met said an accelerated misconduct process had been initiated for Chehab and would be held as quickly as possible.
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