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  1. Getting quite annoyed with this ‘upgrade’ recently to the site, cannot post links unless moderator approves and less user friendly especially on mobile
  2. Looking on google, he’s near Fatehgarh Sahib in a village. so, not somewhere completely cut off
  3. Okay, just seen his apology. If he has done wrong then can understand the wife being unhappy/angry BUT, re the alleged domestic violence, it might not be true It would be a good chance if he really is in the dumps, for someone (whose into Sikhi) to reach out to him and help him change his life maybe
  4. I read this and thought it was another Punjabi singer with a similar-ish name and much more famous! But, had quick read of the link and I don't see any proof/evidence he's done anything wrong.
  5. I found this funny, maybe it isn't but the original is not my idea of 'art' https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-56623734 Graffiti artwork on display in South Korea has been damaged by a couple who thought brushes and paint laid in front of the piece were for visitors' use. "They thought they were allowed to do that as participatory art and made a mistake," the head of the exhibition in Seoul told Reuters news agency. After staff spotted fresh brushstrokes CCTV footage identified the accidental vandals, a man and woman in their 20s.
  6. Still though, people with 'decency' wouldn't want to associate with 'the Devil'
  7. I don't think govt agenda have much to do with 'Left' and 'Right' - I used to think that way but i wouldn't pigeonhole societal/political issues that way
  8. Why are so keen for them to 'go pro' ?
  9. What I meant by agreeing with @imhosinghis that I don't think such things can be predicted, and I don't personally think acquiring supposed knowledge will help much
  10. Most Christians/'Christians', at least in the UK do cremation funerals rather than direct burials Some keep the ashes at home rather than dispose, to be 'close' to the deceased. My understanding is that the soul of the deceased would find it more difficult to find peace that way In Sikhi culture, we usually dispose in water, preferably linked to dharmic asthaan. What are others' thoughts?
  11. Hello You are a new member here. What is your background/where does your interest in women's boxing come from? Also, I think your questions/thread would be better suited to the 'Lifestyle section' of the site
  12. Most of these 'sensational' news stories seem to be Probably something to do with increasing police powers eventually
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