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    ISIS: Returning to the West

    I think only if you have dual citizenship
  2. Premi5

    Inderjeet singh jeenus

    Meant as a joke He is an embarrassment
  3. https://www.easterneye.biz/-16/ (*On Sky channel 142 on Thirsday this week) A high-profile honour killing case of a British Sikh woman who was taken to India by her UK-based family and then killed in Punjab over 20 years ago is set to be revived as a television documentary this week. Surjit Kaur Athwal was perceived as bringing shame on her conservative Sikh in-laws from west London and taken to Punjab in December 1998 on the pretext of attending family weddings, where she was killed. The 27-year-old’s mother-in-law Bachan Athwal and husband Sukhdave Athwal were sentenced to prison terms of 15 years and 20 years, respectively, for their role in her murder in 2007.
  4. Premi5

    Inderjeet singh jeenus

    I think he should boycott this joker
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    Can anyone please suggest good books on yoga from a traditional perspective? I mean like with focus especially on breathing exercises/pranayam etc? Thanks
  6. Premi5

    Where were the white males?

    I don't think this is really true. Most goray if they're honest (at least excluding 'millennials' generation onwards) do not want their family members marrying out of the same demographic unless the husband/partner is thought to be a reasonable match. Certainly, I don't think they would put up with their female relatives being abused.
  7. In all these places up north, where predominantly white working class girls were groomed - where were the stereotypical proud northern white working class brothers/fathers/uncles (yes I am aware that maybe they are from families where the father is absent) ?
  8. I do feel sorry for many of the white people in the UK. They were not likely descendants of the ruling class whites who ran the colonies and ruled over them. Immigration levels are too high and even in the past 20 years I have seen parts of London transformed remarkably. If you turn this question around and put yourself in Punjab, a Sikh stronghold, and you were to see and “alien population “, like Europeans or Africans with a completely different culture Gradually take over your village or town or city, do you think you would like that?
  9. Premi5

    Darshan Singh Rudel

    Found an old article at home and found more info on line. Very interesting story http://wakeupkhalsa.blogspot.com/2012/05/darshan-singh-rudel-frenchman-turned.html?m=1 Darshan Singh Rudel - Frenchman Turned Sikh From Michel Rudel To Darshan Singh DARSHAN SINGH RUDEL Born as Michel Jean Louis Rudel in Montpellier, France, Darshan Singh Ji was a spiritual person by birth. Darshan Singh was born as a Roman Catholic. On asking Darshan Singh Ji, how he became a Sikh? he says, "By The Grace Of God". Darshan singh Ji is a Great Personality and a True Sikh. Darshan Singh Ji holds protests against French Government for not allowing the Sikhs to wear Turbans in France and is currently engaged in Organic Farming. Darshan Singh Rudel EARLY LIFE Darshan Singh Rudel Ji were born in France as Michel Rudel. From the early days of childhood, Darshan Singh Ji were spiritual in nature and didn't like to eat non-veg food. They also didn't like the other common things that happen in the French families like drinking Beer or Smoking. A person who does not drinks or eats meat is considered to be unsocial in France. Darshan Singh Ji also had a great interest in painting, for which they travelled many countries later to learn the Art of those countries. Darshan Singh Ji worked in harmony with Mother Earth, which can be seen in their paintings and hence they were interested in organic farming to save the Mother Earth from the harmful pesticides and fertilizers. The customs and traditions that Darshan Singh saw living in France, made them an Atheist, i.e. a non-believer of God by the age of 16. In their early life, Darshan Singh knew nothing about Sikhism. They hardly knew anything about India except that Mahatma Gandhi was born here and Buddhism was founded in India. Darshan Singh Rudel VISIT TO INDIA Darshan Singh Ji came into contact with Sikhism when they visited India. Although, they knew nothing about Sikhism before visiting India. They were almost 19 when they visited India in 1977. Spending nine months in India, Darshan Singh Ji came in contact with Sikhs. Darshan Singh loved to keep unshorn hair as Jesus and other Holy and Spiritual people kept hair and were impressed by the fact that Sikhs too have uncut hair. Darshan Singh Ji's contact with the Gurudwara Darbar Sahib (Golden Temple), Amritsar and Sikhism restored the belief of God in the mind of Darshan Singh Ji. Although, Darshan Singh Ji knew no Punjabi and could hardly speak English but were very impressed by the Personality and Kindness of th Sikhs. Darshan Singh Rudel Ji stayed for some time at the Guru Ramdas guest house near Darbar Sahib, Amritsar. Darshan Singh Rudel were deeply impressed and loved to listen to the Kirtan (hymns) in the Gurudwara Darbar Sahib. Darshan Singh Ji loved the concept of Langar (Free Kitchen) in which everyone will eat without discrimination of caste or creed. Darshan Singh Darshan Singh Rudel Ji left India with a heavy heart but with a promise to return. Darshan Singh Ji took with them the treasure of knowledge about Sikhism. Darshan Singh Ji believed they always knew inside the presence of God, only their ego kept them away from admitting it. After leaving India, Darshan Singh Ji searched for and worked in Greece, Switzerland and France. When Parents of Darshan Singh Ji knew about the Drashan Singh's approach towards Sikhism they were afraid if their son was adopting some wrong faith but later knew that Sikhism was a great religion and helps a Person to stay away from bad habits like intake of intoxicants. Darshan Singh Ji kept their last name same after they were changed from Michel Jean Louis Rudel to Darshan Singh. They returned to India in 1980, when they had long hair. They started wearing turban after 1980. They visited various Gurudwaras across India and returned to Punjab in 1983. Their was a atmosphere of great tension in Punjab at that time. Darshan Singh Ji met Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale, the man who stood up against the Indian Government. Darshan Singh Ji went to Australia and New Zealand and met some Sikhs there and worked on farms. Later on, Darshan Singh Rudel Ji went to England, where he came in contact with Dr. Trilochan Singh who helped Darshan Singh Rudel Ji learn English and Punjabi. Also, Darshan Singh Ji were happy to get an opportunity to do sewa at the Gurudwara Sahibs in England. Darshan Singh Ji joined the Red Cross society to do some work and also because Red Cross Society believes in helping the Humanity without discrimination. BECOMING AN AMRITDHARI SIKH Darshan Singh Rudel Ji returned to India again in 1991. Darshan Singh Ji visited various Gurudwaras across India and on 10th July, 1991 got baptized as a Khalsa at Anandpur Sahib, Punjab. Darshan Singh Ji consider it to be their rebirth at Anandpur Sahib. Due to the critical situation of Sikhs in India and Indian Government taking actions against innocent Sikhs, Darshan Singh Ji were caught by Police multiple times for no reason but were released later after knowing the reality of Darshan Singh as a Frenchman turned Sikh. Darshan Singh Ji also returned to France and met their Parents. Their Parents were happy for them. Darshan Singh Ji also told their fellows in France that Sikhism is the real Catholic (Universal) religion. Darshan Singh Ji filed an application for changing the name from Michel Jean Louis Rudel to Darshan Singh Rudel in France, but it was rejected even after lot of efforts were put by Darshan Singh Ji. So, Darshan Singh Ji became a British citizen and renounced French Citizenship. DARSHAN SINGH AS AN ARTIST Art by Darshan Singh Darshan Singh Ji is an excellent painter. Darshan Singh Ji have made many great paintings and artwork. Darshan Singh Ji went to Taiwan to learn Chinese style of paintings and Martial Arts. Darshan Singh Rudel Ji also went to Japan to learn Japanese Landscape Gardening. Darshan Singh Ji always loved the Mother Nature. Darshan Singh Ji didn't eat meat and were against the killing of animals since their childhood. As a phrase of Bible stops one from killing the innocent, hence Darshan Singh Ji considered it should apply to the animals too. The paintings made by Darshan Singh Ji are always in harmony with the Nature and the Waheguru. Artwork created by Darshan Singh Ji depicts love for Nature and God. For the respect of Mother Nature, Darshan Singh Ji was always interested in organic farming to save the Mother Earth land from pesticides and fertilizers. Darshan Singh Rudel Ji bought some land (generally referred as Angrez da Farm) in Anandpur Sahib district in Punjab and are currently engaged in doing Organic Farming. MARRIAGE Darshan Singh Rudel Ji, at the age of 40 got married to Malwinder Kaur in Chandigarh, Punjab. They were married at the Sector 34 Gurudwara, Chandigarh in 1997. Darshan Singh Ji currently live with their wife and a step-daughter. "Whatever adversity I face or have faced as a Sikh is insignificant compared to what Sikhs have suffered to defend their faith throughout their history."
  10. Premi5

    opinions on this

    Don’t forget this https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/councillor-sends-porn-naked-topless-photo-labour-sheffield-mohammad-maroof-a8670316.html%3Famp
  11. These people are an embarrassment! This mainly stems from poor parenting.
  12. I did fully believe in it and still do, but have read a David Icke book and he makes a good case with arguments that ‘global warming’ is just government propaganda to try to control people
  13. Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder tonight for the WBC Heavyweight Belt
  14. Premi5

    Dharmic Books to read

    Ascending Spirits Cosmic Symphony
  15. Premi5

    Where are the Sikh Charities

    Seems like a nice guy

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