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  1. Is it surprising when some of the reported areas with high cases include Bradford , Rochdale and Leicester
  2. I think Sikhs are seen in a better light generally amongst foray in UK than in India where a lot seem to think we are ‘thick’ or clowns do educated types in India think the same as well ?
  3. Just nicknames then? I have been California and most second or third gen seem to have western nicknames
  4. English and US soaps are even worse for dirty storylines though in general
  5. That’s like saying Punjabi film industry is better because it is less than bad rather than actually being good
  6. Why do you post all these non-Sikh threads here and not in the Politics/Media section ?
  7. @jkvlondon (and any others who have an interest in health) It is ironic I am asking here but how bad is the use of screen for our health ? relevant question because a lot of us require screens for our work and they are an intrinsic part of our way of living now
  8. Who’s the Indian geezer?
  9. I think that's how a lot of people get married I've seen too many issues in arranged marriages, but these days it would not be the like virtually forced marriages of previous generations
  10. Did you have an arranged marriage ? I know of a lot of unmarried people in arranged marriages
  11. It's a difficult one, who knows if it would result in negative karma for ourselves if we do something like that . It should really be the Gurdwara that should decline it
  12. What do you mean ? What do you think could happen in the UK, and why would Punjab be unaffected? What type of work do you do ?
  13. No, I’m not surprised by any ‘damage’ that technology can do
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