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  1. Can anyone recommend a good book or audio or video so I can better understand through examples about karma and reincarnation? like tales/stories that will make me believe more in the reality of reincarnation? thanks
  2. Premi5

    UK Paghs

    Do you have to make Pooni to tie this style?
  3. Not sure if you are being sarcastic.....
  4. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/tory-mp-sikh-turban-racist-general-election-philip-dunne-kuldip-sahota-ludlow-a9222776.html Recent old news A former Tory minister has been forced to apologise after telling his Sikh rival he was "talking through his turban" during an election debate. Labour has called for Philip Dunne to be sacked as a Conservative candidate in the upcoming poll over "disgusting, racist" remarks to opponent Kuldip Sahota at a hustings in his Ludlow constituency on Wednesday. Mr Sahota said the comments were reminiscent of the kind of racism he suffered in the 1970s and called for a probe into Mr Dunne, who previously held frontbench roles in health and defence.
  5. It was a simple question. I think you need to rethink your liberal use of ‘atheist’ where did I refuse to recognise and accept the Gurus and Gurbani - tell me?
  6. I am NOT an atheist! I just asked a simple question, maybe could have phrased it differently
  7. You could say similar about Sikhs in UK (to a lesser extent) living in ghettos and not ‘integrating’ if there were no Muslims, possibly Sikhs or Jews would be ‘the enemy’ in the UK
  8. Hoping for some helpful advice. A client at work is a mid 60's white British female. She is a member of Women's Institute. She says her group have a great interest in learning about history and religions. They are based across different parts of London mainly in this group. She asked for my advice on which would be a good Gurdwara for them to visit in London? I am thinking Shepherd's Bush is easy to reach via public transport. Southall and ones in East London maybe less so (and possibly would not be as nice to travel to). They would like to have a tour and I guess, someone who speaks well in English to help educate them about Sikhi. I have advised they would be able to eat free langar when she mentioned food. Otherwise, would it cost anything (they would be okay to pay a small fee if needed) for a tour/visit? Also, it would probably be most useful for them to have a female Sikh tour (who looks religious) as she mentioned she had misconceptions about Sikhs being 'only men'? Can anyone advise ? Thanks
  9. What’s the ratio of Sikh:Muslims in Birmingham? not all parts of London are nice but most seem to be /being ‘gentrified’? is Birmingham going that way?
  10. Who cares? Class only applies in the UK much if you have fully integrated (married /breeded ) with the indigenous
  11. Do you think also that all the negative things we hear about the Prophet in Islam are maybe untrue?
  12. New Zealand launches world’s first HIV positive sperm bank https://amp.theguardian.com/world/2019/nov/27/new-zealand-launches-worlds-first-hiv-positive-sperm-bank this seems really dodgy. Bad enough about sperm bank but looks like HIV is being promoted
  13. Why is the comparison wrong? I am not asking this question as atheist, I am just wondering if there was any reason we had so many Gurus?
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