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  1. https://www.thedailystar.net/news/asia/news/last-known-jew-kabul-soon-leave-israel-2200601 The man known as the last Jew of Kabul could soon be heading to Israel, after agreeing to grant his estranged wife a religious divorce in a Zoom call — a precondition for smooth entry to the Holy Land. Zebulon Simentov, who fled Afghanistan last month after the Taliban takeover, landed Sunday in Turkey on what his rescuers say is a final stop before traveling to Israel, perhaps as soon as this week. It caps a weekslong odyssey that included an escape from his homeland as well as a videocon
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50842424 Beitar Jerusalem: How do you change 'the most racist' club in Israel? By Alex CapstickBBC Sport in Jerusalem Last updated on20 December 201920 December 2019.From the sectionEuropean Football Moshe Hogeg is a man on a mission. He's made millions as an entrepreneur in the technology sector, and in August last year he splashed out on a football club. It wasn't any old club, it was Beitar Jerusalem, one of Israel's top sides but one which was best known for its anti-Arab, anti-Muslim bias and for its violent, racist suppo
  3. Sharing these for those (like me) who might not have great knowledge on Nihangs
  4. https://uk.news.yahoo.com/man-fined-400-for-sharing-intimate-pictures-of-womans-herpes-162337126.html Man fined £400 for sharing intimate pictures of woman's herpes Connor Parker Thu, 14 October 2021, 5:23 pm The ma
  5. https://uk.news.yahoo.com/janner-child-abuse-claims-leicestershire-110011353.html Janner child abuse claims: police guilty of failing to investigate, report finds
  6. https://uk.news.yahoo.com/rolls-royce-driver-admits-killing-141752702.html Evening Standard Member of Qatari royal family admits killing pedestrian with Rolls Royce near Buckingham Palace Tristan Kirk Tue, 19 October 2021, 4:21 pm·4-min read
  7. Plenty Punjabis doing well in non-farming fields in UK https://www.instagram.com/punjabi_builder_in_england/?hl=en https://concretesingh.com/
  8. With all the experience in farming and that in runs in the blood in Punjabis, plus Punjabis are generally fairly literate (compared to some in other countries in Africa, Asia and S America), they should be doing better in farming. There's even Punjab Agricultural University https://www.pau.edu/
  9. Dear @S1ngh, I agree with @GurjantGnostic- we should be able to post about covid and the vaccine if we are sceptical about it. I think it's a reasonable use of 'freedom of speech'
  10. Also, @S1ngh If you're one of the mods, please review the use of appropriate sub-fora ; there seems to be much incorrect use of 'What's happening' for non-Sikh news articles Also, might be worth merging the 'Sakhian/books' with 'History'; and have 'Gurbani' on its own
  11. Agree 100% And maybe if possible, restrict the use of these responses to members with minimum of 50 or 100 posts
  12. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/delhi/victim-father-of-three-girls-relatives-seek-financial-help/articleshow/87050505.cms
  13. Well, the family won't usually admit their person is a 'wrong un' please see
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