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  1. What does this even mean? Google cannot enlighten me
  2. There's a big difference between being a 'paedo' with teenagers (who are often basically more adult-like) and say, those who are well before puberty
  3. Is it possible Ravi Singh is playing some sort of 'long game' with his aim eventually to have more money to help Sikhs? It might be he worries that if he is too active in Punjab, he will become an enemy of the ruling class and could be imprisoned or banned in some way from going to Punjab
  4. It's cool that Rishi's grandparents were from Punjab. I think he is alright, from a distance he seems quite genuine. I think you can just tell from looking at Priti she could easiliy be a backstabber and nice to your face and different behind Both of these were born in England, parents from Africa and they likely identify much more with India than England Since RIshi is married to an actual Indian, he would be a good agent for GOI abroad
  5. Anyone? Arthashastra anygood? Machiavelli?
  6. Can anyone good resources either books, or YouTube or movies that one can learn a lot of wisdom or to be more streetwise from?
  7. It’s extremely difficult to get place to study medicine. There are always plenty who get good enough grades who cannot get a place
  8. I can see the coronavirus being used as a reason for ‘cashless society’ and for more intense government surveillance on the population and to push use of vaccines
  9. Western people are not a lot of them very hygienic a lot don’t wash hands before eating food or after going toilet in India it’s mainly only the poor who are not hygienic in my experience
  10. I think Rehit Maryada says we only should eat food prepared ourselves or by other Gurmukhs
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