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Found 5 results

  1. wgjkkwgjkf I am a very foolish person who is asking this question plz forgive me but I really need to know why is golden temple, Sachkhand harmandir shaib washed with milk, I hope you wise people can help me get an really answer , most people say is it pure, but isn't that an hindu thing, also aothers say its organic but why milk shouldn't they uses the best organic solutions to learn shiri Darbar shaib. As far as I'm concerned, I feel the cultural aspect is from the belief that the milk is pure....which can probably related to the fact that the animal that milk is derived from is consid
  2. Guest

    Things you never see

    1) a homeless Gujarati 2) an Asian driving a Skoda 3) a desi home that has dug up the concrete outside and planted some grass 4) a rich Sikh with a social conscience 5) any Sikh in the west going on and on about 1984 widows and orphans and actually putting his money where his mouth is and marrying one of the poor orphans 6) any desi / sikh photograph about something an organisation is doing that doesn't have 100 people standing behind the main person in the photograph 7) an Indian / Punjabi news segment that is not accompanied by dramatic music 8. anyone wi
  3. Well now. It's difficult to concentrate on anything else right except football. My attention is sometimes sidetracked by the intriguing fight between Prokharkoo84 and Big Tera here but it's not long before I'm thinking of England all day after dreaming about England all night. These are strange times around west London too, when you can tell which south Asian is 'Sikh' and which isn't as they drive past simply by looking to see if there's an England flag or two fixed to the car window. To the Sikhs, England's exploits have really got pulses racing. To Hindus and Muslims...no so much. Interesti
  4. Why is milk used for cleaning just curious.. Nishan sahib.. Harmandir sahib.
  5. This has been bothering me for some time now. It is as the title says, why does our respect for life stop with vegetarianism? When I suggest Sikhs should consider becoming vegan, it is become of the horrendous atrocities that occur within the dairy industry. Cows are forcefully artificially inseminated so that they get pregnant and lactate (produce milk) Their calves are taken from them so they don't drink the profits and then slaughtered for veal. They spend their whole lives in chains and being abused. Becoming pregnant and producing milk so often that raw milk is full of blood, puss and
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