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Found 5 results

  1. wgjkkwgjkf I am a very foolish person who is asking this question plz forgive me but I really need to know why is golden temple, Sachkhand harmandir shaib washed with milk, I hope you wise people can help me get an really answer , most people say is it pure, but isn't that an hindu thing, also aothers say its organic but why milk shouldn't they uses the best organic solutions to learn shiri Darbar shaib. As far as I'm concerned, I feel the cultural aspect is from the belief that the milk is pure....which can probably related to the fact that the animal that milk is derived from is considered holy in India. but isn't Sikhi against Pakhandi Indian conditions I'm in no way Hindu-phobic, but there is absolutely no sense in washing in milk. If it was because water is polluted; is that the case with the sarovar in Darbar Sahib as well? They wash the parkarma with water.. don't they? There is absolutely no sense in washing it in milk, and there is nothing to substantiate that this is the way things were, just like people refuse allowing bibis to do kirtan in Darbar Sahib because "that's the way they used to do it." Not realising that a lot of these traditions came under the masands. what is the SGPC doing ,why do I feel they are doing everting wrong such as giving saropas to people like Badal, misusing the goalk, mistreating there employs for speaking the truth such as firing them. what is happening Again, if purity is the issue - why not use non-chemical based (or chemical based for that matter!) soap - it will clean it a lot better than milk - if that's the issue. That's not the issue. I know people will get upset at me for saying this... if purity is the reason - why can we not use soap? please someone explain im a very foolish dumb person I have no knoll age but plz someone tell me There is no reason to use milk - and no proof that that's the way they did in the "Puratan times." You may quote any baba jees you want, but as far as I'm aware, no rehitnama nor any other ithasic literature mentions milk being required to wash marble or anything else. plz prove me wrong can someone tell me the reason If anything the rehit maryada condemns the belief I kuchi lassi being significance in the chapter on anand karaj, where they reject the use of kuchi lassi in old traditions (like dipping feet in it as it was done.) I ONLY respresent my own opinion on this issue, and don't represent any organisation, but my support is simply "akli sahib seviye..." to use our common sense, and the Akal Thakhat Maryada.jkdff I'm very sorry I have ,made many mistakes plz try to forgive me if it possible I am just wanted to know the answer so plz forgive me as wgjkkwgf
  2. Guest

    Things you never see

    1) a homeless Gujarati 2) an Asian driving a Skoda 3) a desi home that has dug up the concrete outside and planted some grass 4) a rich Sikh with a social conscience 5) any Sikh in the west going on and on about 1984 widows and orphans and actually putting his money where his mouth is and marrying one of the poor orphans 6) any desi / sikh photograph about something an organisation is doing that doesn't have 100 people standing behind the main person in the photograph 7) an Indian / Punjabi news segment that is not accompanied by dramatic music 8. anyone with anything interesting to say on sikhsangat.com 9) pavements covered in dog poo. When i was a kid the pavements were full of it and new shoes were guaranteed to be ruined on the first day due to dog sh$t everywhere and most of it was white !! 10) drunk scotsmen / irishmen - the streets used to be full of them. Where'd they all go ? 11) an unattractive Polish girl 12) an attractive Polish man 13) a midlands middle aged uncle not wearing a suit blazer 14) a women from India with feet that are not deformed 15) an apni school headmaster who is not a lesbian...or at least looks like a lesbian 16) brown / black people mountaineering, river rafting, camping. 17) scottish pound notes - to be cheap at weddings without being seen to be cheap
  3. Well now. It's difficult to concentrate on anything else right except football. My attention is sometimes sidetracked by the intriguing fight between Prokharkoo84 and Big Tera here but it's not long before I'm thinking of England all day after dreaming about England all night. These are strange times around west London too, when you can tell which south Asian is 'Sikh' and which isn't as they drive past simply by looking to see if there's an England flag or two fixed to the car window. To the Sikhs, England's exploits have really got pulses racing. To Hindus and Muslims...no so much. Interesting feedback from family in Canada too, where matches have been receiving very healthy viewing figures. Even before the first ball was kicked a couple of weeks ago England was by far the most supported country among Canadians, at 18% nationally (Brazil in 2nd place at 12%). What surprised me about that is the fact that Canada is extremely Scottish when it comes to family history in Great Britain and we all know how the Scots feel about England at the World Cup. But here;s where the waters get muddied a little: England is only the 4th most supported country in Vancouver and the rest of British Columbia (behind Brazil, Germany and Mexico) but by far the most supported nation in Alberta (where Ukranian / Russian / German heritage is most prominent). The conclusion I draw from that is that Indians and Chinese in Vancouver don't know sh$t about football, don't care about England, and base their football good wishes on the nationalities of Messi and Ronaldo. But , the stats also tell us something else. The connection between politics and football. Conservative voters in Canada were overwhelmingly fans of England while Liberals mostly supported Portugal and Germany. So that leaves the party of Jagdeep Singh, the main party of the Sikhs in canada; the NDP. Well, of all voters in canada, according to that angus reid survey, it was NDP voters who mostly said that don't care about the world cup and don't support anybody. Yes. Canada and Canadian politics is that boring that one has to add football to it to try and make it interesting. I did try. This, my good friends, is the time for every nation on earth to get together and revel in the excitement that football is finally coming home to the land of it's birth. Nobody likes the French. You know that and I know that. And the Belgians should stick to making chocolate and waffles. Croatia should just go back to being lovely little Croatia and the whole world will and shall unite by joining we UK Sikhs in proudly displaying our England flags on our cars, wearing our retro tight fit replica England shirts and rejoicing in the fact that Football REALLY is finally coming home.
  4. Why is milk used for cleaning just curious.. Nishan sahib.. Harmandir sahib.
  5. This has been bothering me for some time now. It is as the title says, why does our respect for life stop with vegetarianism? When I suggest Sikhs should consider becoming vegan, it is become of the horrendous atrocities that occur within the dairy industry. Cows are forcefully artificially inseminated so that they get pregnant and lactate (produce milk) Their calves are taken from them so they don't drink the profits and then slaughtered for veal. They spend their whole lives in chains and being abused. Becoming pregnant and producing milk so often that raw milk is full of blood, puss and infection. They are injected with hormones and bred so that their udders swell to unnatural sizes, causing them immense pain, just so they are able to produce more.. Is this right? Can Sikhi justify this? I've reached a point where I've started to laugh at Sikhs that claim to be righteous because they are vegetarian because to kill for meat is wrong, but don't want to hear about dairy abuse. Is torturing for milk acceptable? It would be more humane to just kill the animal and take its meat rather than let it live and make it suffer! Perhaps Guruji never condemned the use of milk because perhaps in their time it was different. Perhaps there was not this evil level of greed that exists today. People just took what they needed/could from their farm cows. But times have changed and the treatment of cows in dairy farms is absolutely barbaric. How can we as Sikhs allow this to happen? The truth about dairy is no secret. There are volumes of information available, just as there are about the truth of meat industries. Yet why have Sikhs not taken an official stand to no longer be part of this cruelty? How can we happily be just vegetarian when true respect and value for life comes from being vegan?
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