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  1. My thoughts on Muhammed. I think in todays world we often hear people saying Islam is wicked or that Muhammed is false. But without really knowing in-depth why this is the case. Many people often dont have any knowledge of Islam yet lable it bad. To fully understand how something is bad. First you have to study it and get familiar with it. I think the onus is on non Muslims to do a bit of reading on why Islam and Muhammed is false so that you can use these arguements and evidence in debates. Please look up - Criticism of Muhammed So hence, having done some research on Muhammed and the (criticism) labled against him by independent religious scholars and historians. I come to the following conclusion. Ie, what type of person he was and his motives for proclaiming to be a prophet from God. My research and in-depth analysis leads me to to categorically believe that Muhammed was a brutal and violent warlord and sex offender without a doubt, who commited countless sins and atrocities not just by himself, but by his followers on his direct orders. It's ludricous to even suggest a person like this was ever sent by God. He was involved in many battles against non believers (pagan Arabs who constituted most of Arabia at the time of muhammed) and was responsible for the the deaths of thousands of these pagans. These battles were against Arab tribes pagans, who opposed him when he first started out and began preaching. He also permitted his soldiers to capture enemy soldier women and use them as slaves. Yes the very first victims of Muhammed were in fact the Arabs themselves who knew all about his wikedness and tried to get rid of him. It's unfortunate that in these very early battles, Muhammed was victorious in them. As if he lost these very early key battles, Islam would probably not exist today. he also endorsed slavery and did not make an attempt to abolish it. He merely tried to reform it. Furthermore, Muhammed also married a 6 yr old when he was over 50 himself. Muhammed was not a man of peace but war, rage and vengeance. Now how did someone who commited all the above atrocious acts be able to gain so many followers and be seen as a man of honour and piety amongst the people you may wonder? Now we have to analyse the Psychology of Muhammeds character, personality, of motives and deception used to paint an image of a good person. Having studied Psychology I know quite a bit how to do this. Hence I can work out Muhammeds mind set ect even though he was born 1500 hundred years ago. The answer is simple. Muhammed was devious and smart narrcercist. As well as doing all these bad things. He also mixed this up and did many 'good things" This was to protray his image as a good man. That's why so many people are duped by Muhammed as he did so many good things people think he was good and moral person. It was his strategy to do so many good deeds that people would forget all his bad deeds and thus not realise his true character. IE this is why the typical Muslim is confused about Muhammed. He was a heckle and heckle character. Doing many good things such as charity, helping orphans and donating money. Yet this was just a facarde to cover up his real evil character. The followers see all the fake good deeds and forget about his real dark side that he did so well to hide.. The reality is. It does not matter how many good deeds you do. If you do bad deeds it overrights the good ones. IE if youl helped a 1000 orphans. We can't forget the fact you slept with a 6 yr old. It's like Jimmy saville. He helped thousands through charity. But he was also a seriel rapist. Hence all the good he did does not mean anything. Anything good Muhammed did was simply a publicity stunt to make himself look good Infront of others. All his good deeds were just for show. Inside he was init for the women, money and power. He was a narrcercist that loved power and control over the people. To summarise. Muhammed did not create a new religion at all. All the fundamental and main beliefs of Islam come from jewdo and Christo religions. Hence the framework of Islam is taken form those religions. He just added a few bits here and there. Such as Sharia law and certain other aspects. So basically Muhammed was a fraud and false. Prophet who never created a new religion. We should all do out bit and study the the much documented criticisms of Islam and Muhammed to arm us with knowledge.we don't have to do to much reading. As all the main critisicm and inaccuracies of Islam and Muhammed have been pointed out by independent religious scholars. Hence we don't need to do months of reading. Just read up online which point out and summarise Islams falseness. There is a saying. Know your friends but alway study your enemy.
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