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  1. That is very true. But there is little chance of those plans being implemented. When we have Sikhs that go around pedaling the if your a "hindu be a good Hindu. If your a muslim be a good muslim". Sikhs cant even organise any kind of parchaar or info on Sikhi right outside the Golden temple. It has taken an outside organisation such as Basics of Sikhi. To come up with a idea to build something so many non Sikhs can learn about the faith as they visit.
  2. This should not come as a big suprise. At the moment knife crime is out of control in London. Anyone regadless of their religion, ethnicity or race can become a victim. It does not matter what religion you are, be it Sikh, Hindu, Muslim. With the current state of the UK. anyone can get stabbed if your in the wrong area and the wrong time. I remember when I was a teen. It was quite rough then but now its just got worse. We need more detterant for these mindles acts of violence and crime. Politicians dont have any answers.
  3. So this must explain the salty taste that comes from gol guppas in India.
  4. There are good and bad in all. But just saying what my thoughts. Especially up north. Down south they can be a bit more intellegent and likeable. But up north they can be a bit racist and ignorant.
  5. What are the best type of white people/races/cultures? From my experience of the English white people. I would say they must be the most uncultured and bland. I dont mean this is a derogative way. But the experience I have had of let say of Italian, Spanish or even Scottish. Is that they seem to be more cultured and nicer people. Wheras the english seem to be so dull and many can be a bit racist and ignorant. Other issues I have found with white English is they lack a good sence of humour, are quite dull and lack respect for other races. Just look at the Euro 2021. All other european nati
  6. Parchaar is not about "converting" pursue. Its about rasing awareness of the Gurus message. If people choose to convert thats completley up to them. But we should always be ready to raise awarness about Sikhi which can be done alongside sikh events. In Sikhi we dont have this notion that somone can only be saved through Sikh religion.
  7. When Sikhs do these chartiable acts like you mentioned. Its good for the Sikh image. Many people are drawn to the Sikh religion buy these generous acts. Sikhs should always be ready to help everyone. This is actually a way of doing parchaar.
  8. What about pink and violet. Ive seen a few punjabis from the pindh sport these bright colours lol
  9. As British citizen I have always been aware that anyone in European countries has a right to work abroad within the EU. I have not been interested in doing a regular 9.5 type job.Hhowever but was more interested in business opportunies in Europe. Such as opening a shop/retail outlet. Anyone know or done this or is it to complicated? Countries I was thinking of was Poland, Holland, Spain as they seem to be decent european countries
  10. Maybe worth letting some of them join and see what they post as could be people interested in Sikhi from Hindu backgrounds.
  11. I cant find the topic. But saw a thread that stated the founders of Sikhsangat are leaving?? Is this true? As one of the first people that was on this forum from the begining in 2003 I think when it all started. Just want to say well done to the guys who created this forum and great platform. Sad to see you guys go. But hoepfully it falls into safe hands to continue.
  12. Actually you will find most america as being segrated on lines of race. Asians in one area blacks in other area. What is your opinion on george floyd?
  13. What is it with these protests. Regarding the police shooting of a black man. Where these protests justified or going over the top? On one hand you have innocent blacks being arrested by the police for no reason. Then you have other type who are going over the top without good reason.
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