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  1. I think this is due to the big improvement of regional cinema industries. I remember watching punjabi movies 10-15 years ago. They were very inferior to bollywood movies. In terms of story lines, special affects and general quality of production. This was understandable though as Punjabi cinema was just starting to come good and was not well fincanced .Many of the early punjabi films were just about some macho punjabi guy acting like a gangster with big mucha lol. I think those days are gone we are now seeing some good story lines and productions instead of those stereo typical films that were made in the 80's and 90's. Poeple can relate more to their own cultual language films more then the hindi type nonsence films. That glorify khans and muslims.Punjabi films can promote Sikhism and Punjabi language and do much good for punjab and punjabis by making good moral films to adsress alcohol and other issues affecting us. What we need is better actors, directors and producers to steer punjabi cinema to a bright future. Maybe it can become a global force? Tamil film industry is huge and they do good at promoting their language, culture and faith.
  2. Is the Punjabi Film industry good and better then bollywood. There are good elements of the Punjabi films. it encourages people to learn and understand punjabi language rather then hindi in bollywood. Also there are no khans and ali's who dominate the the industry that are in the bollywood films. I have recently watched some punjabi films and they are actually not that bad. They have improved alot since the begining. When punjabi films were low budget and porrly made. But now they have improved alot.
  3. What about teaching non Sikhs. Also people maybe put off by that name. Just as I would be put of by Christian missionary society. They should be called Sikh global educational or something like that.
  4. Apologies for earlier spelling. Just been using an old phone and keyboard is not working properly.
  5. www.sikhmissionarysociety.org Just came across this group. Are they doing good at parchaar and what they do. I picked up some leaflets and they are quite good with providing info on Sikhi. Not sure about their name though. As Sikhism is not a missionary faith. So sounds a bit stange they would call their group or organisation this.
  6. I think your painting a overly rosy picture of the state of Sikhs in the UK. Lets just look at the facts and the real state of affairs. High percentage of our boys and girls marrying out of faith. Not to mention high percentage of girls and boys dating and getting up to promiscuous behavior. Massive alcohol issue in the Punjabi community. This leads to all kinds of issues such as domestic violence, broken unhappy marriages and divorces. Sikh youth engaging in sinful behavior, clubbing, drinking and generally getting up to know good. High percentage of our lot who are basically atheist and not into their faith. I think you have forgotten about all these issues we are facing. But yeah goreh like our aloo saag and matar paneer so everything must be great?
  7. Big_Tera


    Good topic. Then asnwer in short is. Boredom. Most individuals between the ages of 8 to 24 find religion boring. Think about it anyone in these age groups. What would they rather do. go to the Gurdwara or go to nandos or some restaurant place with their with their friends? They want to do exciting and fun things. not sit in a gurdwara. Many also cannot appreciate history untill they get older ie in their 30's by the time theyve missed alot. Many also dont have faith to begin with so they wont be interested in Sikhism. Its down to people like jagraj singh who could inspire the youngsters with and get them interested in Sikhism.
  8. The women asking for money seem so cringe worthy. Since when is this a tradition to ask for money. Bunch of bafoons.
  9. The strange thing is all new converts to Sikhism seems to only be the 3ho types. Hopefully after joing them they become normal Sikhs once they realise they are not proper Sikhs.
  10. Yep. Alcohol can turn the nicest person into a foul mouthed lunatic ready to fight and make a fool of himself.
  11. I agree. Know need to call women names like that without even knowing them.
  12. The funny part was the MC saying calm down calm down now.. lol Yep there was a time back in the day. When it was guaranteed there would be a fight. The reason was simple. . There would be guys who had grudges against each other. The wedding was their opportunity to meet their enemies and have it out with them. Then people started to not invite people that were known to fight. Hence the fights stopped. Even now people will make sure to not invite 2 people who are known enemies so they won't meet up and spoil the wedding. This was a Bhat wedding btw . They are known for being violent especially after a few glassies lol. Seemed like it was started by some goreh by the looks of it.
  13. Yep with all this yoga business. Seems like an attempt to hindunise the Sikh faith. There is only one version of Sikhism. We can't have sects like 3ho. Who are trying to change the faith to their hippy and western liking. These people are clearly not Sikhs. Yet people like them as they are white.These guys are tarnishing the Sikh image while making millions doing it. Where does all the money go. Also there site is mainly news based which is copy and pasted from external sites. So does not cost them a penny to put up Sikh news articles. Gullible Sikhs are falling for their flattery. I'm not saying they are all bad. Maybe they do their part in raising awarness about Sikhs. But at what cost. Sikhs should have their own parchaar website so there would be no need for 3ho -Sikhnet
  14. Shocking video clips are doing their rounds on social media of a horrific fight that erupted at an Indian wedding reception taking place at the Ramada Hotel in Wolverhampton, UK. The wedding took place on 12th October 2019 and members of the Bhatra community are seen in the videos of the reception. Whilst the reasons for the fight and brawl are not released, police were called to the venue in order to restore law and order. The fighting in one video shows tremendous amounts of violence with screams being heard from the guests at the reception. There are punches being thrown between guests with people trying to stop them and other guests https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7570621/Shocking-moment-bloody-brawl-erupts-wedding-party.html
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