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  1. Parchaar is not about "converting" pursue. Its about rasing awareness of the Gurus message. If people choose to convert thats completley up to them. But we should always be ready to raise awarness about Sikhi which can be done alongside sikh events. In Sikhi we dont have this notion that somone can only be saved through Sikh religion.
  2. When Sikhs do these chartiable acts like you mentioned. Its good for the Sikh image. Many people are drawn to the Sikh religion buy these generous acts. Sikhs should always be ready to help everyone. This is actually a way of doing parchaar.
  3. What about pink and violet. Ive seen a few punjabis from the pindh sport these bright colours lol
  4. As British citizen I have always been aware that anyone in European countries has a right to work abroad within the EU. I have not been interested in doing a regular 9.5 type job.Hhowever but was more interested in business opportunies in Europe. Such as opening a shop/retail outlet. Anyone know or done this or is it to complicated? Countries I was thinking of was Poland, Holland, Spain as they seem to be decent european countries
  5. Maybe worth letting some of them join and see what they post as could be people interested in Sikhi from Hindu backgrounds.
  6. I cant find the topic. But saw a thread that stated the founders of Sikhsangat are leaving?? Is this true? As one of the first people that was on this forum from the begining in 2003 I think when it all started. Just want to say well done to the guys who created this forum and great platform. Sad to see you guys go. But hoepfully it falls into safe hands to continue.
  7. Actually you will find most america as being segrated on lines of race. Asians in one area blacks in other area. What is your opinion on george floyd?
  8. What is it with these protests. Regarding the police shooting of a black man. Where these protests justified or going over the top? On one hand you have innocent blacks being arrested by the police for no reason. Then you have other type who are going over the top without good reason.
  9. It is true or not is not the issue. It's the fact that these videos are being posted in the first place. It's a direct threat. Ie trying to say that Sikhism is not true faith and then saying how islam is true by this fake testimony. We can't let things like this slide. Next there maybe hundreds of these fake videos. We need to report them. I actually have come across this person's face before. Seems like a strategy to try and gain Sikh converts.
  10. I was on youtube the other day just browsing like normal. But then I randomly decided to do a search on Sikhism to see the latest videos posted using the filter button. Anyways I came across this newly posted video of a so called Sikh guy who "converted" to Islam and he makes his "testimony". I have not even watched the video to be honest. But its disturbing to see this kind of ant sikh videos. ie trying to gain more followers by using this guy to promote Islam. Anyone know about this? I only came across it a few days ago. seems like something very new.
  11. What if they start preaching and trying to get you to convert? What if they donate to muslim charities that fund terrorism? What if they slaughter animals in a prolonged way - halal what if they support sharia law in your neighbourhood what is they love the mughals that killed our people? what if they believe non muslims are bad and going to hell and the list goes on can you really be friends with someone like this?
  12. Islamaphobic? That is a word coined by muslims. I am lucky that I live in an area with few muslims. some of my relatives live in highly populated muslims areas. where there is a mosque on every street corner. feel bad for them..
  13. A sad reality of over farming. Knocking down trees to create yet more farms by money greedy land owners. Who want to deplete all the natural resources to fill their pockets and destroy nature and environment. Mostly people of a certain farming community then ..
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