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  1. Selfless Sikh volunteers set up a free food home delivery service Help for people self-isolating during coronavirus crisis A group of Sikh volunteers have established a coronavirus food delivery service They will deliver free food to self-isolated people around south-east Melbourne Heroes worked with business owners to provide free food during bushfire crisis Coronavirus symptoms: what are they and should you see a doctor? A group of Sikh volunteers have started a free home delivery service amid the coronavirus crisis. The volunteers announced that they would be delivering free food to self-isolated people in Melbourne’s south-east for the next two weeks. One of the charity’s founders, Jaswinder Singh, said they were expecting 300 orders for their first round of deliveries tonight. A volunteer group of Sikhs (pictured) have established a coronavirus food delivery service that will provide self-isolated people in Melbourne’s south-east with free meals The non-profit organisation was founded in 2017 and has a team of 103 members who work regular jobs alongside their volunteering. ‘We provide free food normally for suburbs in the area twice a week. Last time we extended our regular service for the bushfires and we’re doing it again now for the virus,’ Mr Singh explained. He said that the Facebook notice for the service had amassed over 200 orders since it was posted yesterday. ‘Some of those ordering are sick or disabled and we have had a few messages from people who are stressed and have quarantined themselves,’ Mr Singh said. Mr Singh noted the service provided vegetarian food and that customers could ‘decide whatever they need from the menu on our Facebook page.’ The Facebook advertisement said that deliveries would be made between 6pm and 8pm and that orders must be placed by 12pm. ‘Some of those ordering are sick or disabled and we have had a few messages from people who are stressed and have quarantined themselves,’ Mr Signh said. The service announcement (pictured) was posted to the Sikh volunteer group’s Facebook page and they expected to hand out 300 orders on their first round of deliveries tonight The Sikh volunteers are already renowned in the community for their selfless actions co-operating with a local business owner during the bushfire crisis in Victoria. Mr Singh said the volunteer group worked alongside a Sikh couple who owned an Indian restaurant, Kanwaljit Singh and his wife Kamaljit Kaur, to provide free meals to impacted people. ‘We went down to Bairnsdale the first day and as we didn’t have established site they give us their restaurant backyard,’ he explained. The Sikh volunteer group then handed out thousands of curry and rice dishes to Victorians who were living in temporary shelters. Grateful community members shared their praise for the services provided by the group. One person wrote: ‘They are such amazing people these Sikh volunteers! Thank-you for all you do for others.’ ‘Great kindness in troubled times from wonderful people. Thank you,’ said another.
  2. Don't be fooled by these two puppets that are just there for show. These two may look like in charge but they are just yes people. Ie they take all the orders and make new legislation which is determined by other people to make the government look more inclusive. These token brownies can be disposed of as quickly as they came in. Look at savid javid. We had so many on this forum. Saying how savid javid is going to take over. And they whole government will be brown now. He went in a flash as soon as his curry smell got to strong for the white elitist MPs who run government. Brown and black MPs are just their for show. They are also hand picked. Ie they have to be the white coconutised people that love to brown nose the white man. Savid left and so did that Muslim baroness wazi or whatever her name is.
  3. Alot of negativity and fighting from wife's can actually stem from other issues. Ie she may feel like she is an outsider. She resents the fact that she gets alot of criticism from her in-laws. Basically she is taking out all her anger and emotions out on you. She knows she can't do it to anyone else. So your the only guy where she gets to vent some Steem. Issues She sounds like she is very touchy and easily angered by the slightest negative comment. If you tell her she is not doing something right she takes it as a personal attack. When she should just do what your family does. Ie a certain way of cooking. Or a certain way of cleaning. She needs to adjust to your household ways. Sadly alot of women from back home are quite stubborn and want to do things their way. And if you ask nicely if they can change their methods. They get aggressive won't corporate like a reasonable person. Many also talk in a disrespectful way. I don't know if this is a cultural thing. But many women from back home are are plains rude.
  4. Well it seems like you made a personal attack. Which was rightfully removed by the admin team. Well done to them . I don't think the admins have an agenda against anyone on here. They are fair and can edit anyone's post from time to time if they cross the line. It has happened to many posters. So don't think they just target you. But back to my point. All NHS staff are doing and amazing job. Wether they be Sikh, not religious or of any faith. They are risking their life's to help others and should be praised.
  5. https://www.islamicity.org/24717/american-muslim-indians-condemn-attack-on-sikhs-in-kabul/
  6. East london in beckton. Not sure how the machine works. but he said it helps his soil and plants grow better. creates a compost with all the food matter waste such as potato/veg peelings. Might give it a go as will come in handy if we have food shortages.
  7. As I mentioned in the begiing of this topic. there is so much on not getting coronvirus but hardly any info from the bbc on how to keep health diet incase we contact the virus to fight it off. low and behold bbc answers my question in this news article a few days ago. finnaly we actually get some decent advice on how to boost our general health incase we get the virus and have to fight it off. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-52076856 People should prepare to fight coronavirus like they would prepare for surgery by staying fit and healthy, say medics. Experts at the Centre for Perioperative Care (CPOC) say a healthy diet will reduce the risk of becoming severely ill with the virus. They say people should exercise, have alcohol-free days and quit smoking. Such measures could make it less likely they'd be admitted to intensive care, says CPOC. Its deputy director Scarlett McNally, a consultant orthopaedic surgeon, said there has been "a lot of very important advice" on how to cut the risk of becoming infected. But there was "little on the importance of preparing in case the virus is contracted", she added. Coronavirus: Prime Minister Boris Johnson tests positive Health workers on frontline to be tested Stay local to exercise, says government CPOC is encouraging people to take brisk exercise, stop smoking, maintain good nutrition and mental health and have alcohol free days to reduce their chances of becoming severely ill from the virus and over-burdening the NHS. People are also being urged to take action now to cut the risk of developing other health problems which could put further strain on the NHS. A SIMPLE GUIDE: What are the symptoms? AVOIDING CONTACT: Should I self-isolate? STRESS: How to protect your mental health LOOK-UP TOOL: Check cases in your area MAPS AND CHARTS: Visual guide to the outbreak Mrs McNally said people - especially those in a 'vulnerable high-risk group' - should be taking exercise, "so that if they catch the virus, they are less likely to need intensive care". CPOC, an initiative based at the Royal College of Anaesthetists, involves medics from different specialisms working together on how they can improve the care and outcomes of patients having surgery. Mrs McNally says its Fitter, Better, Sooner advice aimed at preparing patients for operations is "immediately applicable to Covid-19 infection". She said: "We have good data showing that people who are prepared for an operation have better outcomes. Results are quick." Experts in China, where the virus originated, "found less fit people with medical conditions were five times more likely to have a worse outcome from Covid-19; and smokers three times more likely to have this result", she added. Prof Chris Whitty, the UK government's chief medical adviser, has previously warned smoking is "an additional vulnerability" for healthy people, and said now would be a "very good moment" for people to quit. People are permitted to leave their homes to exercise once per day, either alone or with members of their household, under the government's current social distancing rules. What is CPOC's advice? Stop smoking Take exercise unless you are unwell with the virus: ideally a brisk walk, cycle or jog. Strengthening and balance exercises are also recommended Those aged over 70 - considered to be at increased risk of severe illness from the virus - are allowed outside, unless they have been otherwise advised, and should keep two metres from others and not touch anything Maintain a good diet, including trying smaller portion sizes and planning ahead for meals Maintain your mental health, including getting a good night's sleep Have alcohol-free days
  8. How to deal with coronavirus from a Sikh perspective. What does the SGGS say about viruses and plagues. This is a time where we have to show solidarity and help the sick and vulnerable member of our society. Its a time when we have to help poor neignbours who are maybe not as fortunate as us to have the captial to buy in bulk and ride out their storm in their houses.
  9. I wonder what you posted that the admins had to delete. Why not praise all hard work of all the NHS instead of singling Sikh aunties?? Surely we should not praise our own faith people only. How would you feel if a Christian said that he praised all the Christians for their hard work?
  10. I have not read all what he posted. But presumed he was trying to come out with faults of other faiths. We as Sikhs should be secure in our faith not to find faults with other religions.
  11. No. I hope to one day.though. My experiment with corrianda did not turn out well. So now just sticking to plants. one of my uncle grows alot in his garden. He is a big foodie. He has got all kinds of veg growning and has a fertilizer machine. Ie he throws all his left overs into it and it creates a compost for his garden plants. Would like to grow some stuff one day when I get more experience.
  12. There's nothing wrong with Jesus. And there's nothing wrong with being a Christian. Show some respect for other faiths. We as Sikhs may not agree with other religions. But we are taught to respect others beliefs.
  13. You seem like the type that would buy a deep diving suit if they mentioned there was a slightest chance of a flood in london. A type of person that is so sceptical of the goverment that he spends all day thinking of ways to survive catastrophes that would never likely to happen. but each to their own.. better be safe then sorry I guess. i have not bulk buy for the record. im sure the goverment has this all under control.
  14. But saying that I actually went for my jog in the late evening when temperature suddenly dropped. In the daytime was warm. I had to water the plants in garden as been no rain in a while. especially as have a few potted plants.
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