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  1. Big_Tera

    Operation blue star and Israel

    Gurjant you sound like the type of guy who if someone, just as much blew on you. You would cry genocide and cry like a baby.
  2. Big_Tera

    Coincidence or higher sence

    Not a bad idea. But I want to use my power for good not to make money. Im just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and is it something that can evolved further by training.
  3. I have been having some strange confidences of late. ie the past 2 years. To name a few things that have happened that seems like more then a coincidence. I would be thinking about something then the very same thing would come on the television. I was talking about a famous person. And low and behold that person by chance would be on the telly or paper just after I was talking about them. And many more. To long to go into detail to list all of them. Could this be some magical power I have where I can sence things that are about to happen? Or is it just coincidence?
  4. Big_Tera

    So I took a Ethnicity DNA Test...

    Many indians in The north are light and European looking. Probably due to all the invaders that came to India. ie Greek, white, Portuguese. Most north Indians could pass for being meditarian looking. Ie greek, Italian, spanish. Im always being mistaken for Italian or greek. Probably due to my fair skin.
  5. Pakistan is a no go zone for minority faiths. The government cant protect it citizens. Best to sell up and leave. Use that money to buy somewhere in India. Ie Punjab. Many Hindus ate also leaving in droves and returning to India.
  6. Big_Tera

    Are Sikhs a different kind of Muslim??

    Seems like they need to re-write the text books. So many still believe in this myth. It is interesting to note that Guru Nanak did not start the faith of Sikhism. They basically had beliefs and concepts. It became a religion further down by the following Gurus who created the religion.
  7. Big_Tera

    Gender of baby - Modern times

    Not sure if diet is a big factor to be honest in determining gender. Although eating healthy and excersing and keeping away from alcohol/other intoxicants can only be good for the building blocks of life. What I read is that is largely due to genetics to a certain degree. Ie if you your father had alot of sons then you will also have alot of male offsping.But if he had alot of daughters then you will also have more chance of a having female childeren. Its passed down.
  8. Big_Tera

    Gender of baby - Modern times

    The war thing could be true. I live in an area with alot of tamils who came from war torn sri lanka. Ive noticed many have more boys then girls. That is one thing im careful about. Plastics and food contamination. It is known for chemicals to go into food. Such as cling film wrapped around foods. Causing hormonal changes and other negative health effects. I think one thing could possibly explain it. New generation live inactive lifestyles. No excerise. Eat processed frozen foods. This can affect the sperm quality as maybe their tostestrone is low. So can affect gender of offspring. Older generation only ate fresh food and were more active. All in all not sure what exact cause is? But definantly a combination of factors at play causing and imbalance in the gender of today's generation.
  9. This is in no way favoring one over the other as any child is a blessing regardless of gender. However pureley out of curiosity are more daughters being born then sons in recent times? I remember going back with the first generation that arrived in the UK. Those families seem to have had alot more sons then daughters. But when I look these days. It seems the opposite has occured many more daughters are being born then sons. Could this be some kind of environmental factors or just plain natures choice? Could it be related to peoples diet, nutrition exercise??
  10. Big_Tera

    Punjabi Girls Bad Behaviour

    Singh12 Look what you have started. Im begining to have suspicions about your motive for bringing back all these old threads from the past?
  11. Big_Tera

    Punjabi Girls Bad Behaviour

    This is an old thread. Looks like you have been searching through the old topics. Anyway. I can understand your frustration and anger to a certain degree. But dont worry about the girls you are refering to. If these fools want to ruin their lifes let them do it. Just concentrate on yourself and the many good apne Sikh women. I dont give these trash women one thought. Who cares if their dating, clubbing and getting up to who knows what. They will realise the hard way when they cant find a marriage partner after they have ruined their reputation and no one will go near them. I know many that are left on the scrapheap after they have lived their dirty and sordid lifes with only regrets. I actually think the situation has improved alot now. Many are more clued up and was not as bad as it used to be thanks to Sikh organisations spreading awareness. Remember any girl that runs off is not worth having in our community. So good riddance.
  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-49594942 The state of police in the uk. Can they be trusted when they do things like this. This guy is a nutter. Why would he do something like this? Seems like he was off his head. I wonder how many things other police have done that they have got away with. P.s Avi sounds like a hindu name. So presuming he is hindu.
  13. What are Sikhs and Hindus still living in Pakistan. Get the hell out of this muslim country which does not look after care about religious minorities. Hope the perpetrators are hanged for their actions. Khalsa aid needs to get to pakistan and help our people. Instead they go to syria to help muslims. All Sikhs should leave Pakistan and afghansitan. Not sure what the population of apne are there but they need help with migrating back to punjab.
  14. Big_Tera

    Best martial art to learn?

    Well I live in London and its a big place as Im sure Birmingham is. I think its worth while travelling far if need be to find a good place that does combat training. Its also worthwhile finding out which is a good one to do. Many are not practical for real life situations. Ie someone comes up to you with a knife or other weapon.
  15. Big_Tera

    Sikh girl kidnapped in Pakistan

    This is a slap in the face of some so called Sikhs I have met who harbour some kind notion of feeling a solidarity with pakistan and muslims. Muslims will never be the friend of Sikhs. I actually met A Sikh girl that was a front line campaigner for palestines rights. Forget about palestine. Think and care about your own people. Dont try and help the muslims who are only out for themselves. Other faiths can be helped though aslong as its not the muslims who want to convert all to their satan faith.

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