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  1. Big_Tera


    What. You want Sikhs to spread their faith? if this was attempted you would probably get some fruitcake Sikhs. Who would demand an immediate stop of any parchaar activity. They would all have us in a circle dancing around and hugging trees like some hippys and saying all faiths lead to God ect. Then they would say we want to let muslims open their fast in Gurdwara to show that were a bunch of nambi pambi people.
  2. Big_Tera

    Contributing to Sikhi

    Why do some people seem so perplexed? I downloaded some basic of Sikhi leaflets printed them off and handed them out at a few london subway stations. Also had an altercation with a JW who seemed to be peeved off that I was doing this. Looks like some people would rather sit on their backside and complain for no reason. Rather then actually doing something positive for the panth.
  3. Big_Tera

    Contributing to Sikhi

    Has anyone done something for Sikhism in terms of promoting the faith and doing Seva? What could we all do to help Sikhi in the UK in some way. Any Ideas? If we all did something each it would have a huge effect all over the country.
  4. Big_Tera

    Indian born Wife - The true story

    Lol I think that could be going over the top. A back handed slap usually does the trick.
  5. I have seen quite a few topics of guys complaining about the indian born wifes behaviour in this gupt section. Ie they are aggressive, rude, annoying, argumentative, uncaring,ungrateful, selfish dont do housework, dont respect the inlaws. Want you to spend all your hard earned money on them and send back to home. I will attempt to address these issues in this thread. About 70% of women are like that from India. There are 30% that are decent but a high percentage as mentioned 70% have the above traits I have mentioned. It all depends how bad they are on the scale but nearlly all of the have these unwanted personality traits. It just depends on the luck of draw and which type of woman you ended up with. The crux of all the issues are these. They feel lonely and isolated as they are on their own in a new country away from their family. They feel everyone is against them. They dont feel welcome in the new family home and feel they are walking on egg shells. Hence they become aggressive and want to push their boundaries to see how far they can push you. If you are an insecure male that has confidence issues and cant stand up for yourself then will try and walk all over you. They will try and dominate you and have you under the thumb. Its your job to counter this and try and create a equal balance in the relationship. You dont want her to be scared of you or anything like that. You need to act like a man and she needs to act like a lady. Dont accept any bullsh1t from these women. They think you are some english born guy that is a big softee they can dominate, Sure them you are not. They will soon get the message and learn not to mess about. Women will try all the tricks in the book to get to you, such as showing passive aggressive behavior. They know that as women they can get away with a lot of confrontation as we have to give into them to make them happy. But you have to be strong as man and let her know who wears the trousers in the family. At the beginning its going to be very hard. ie the first 1 year will be about you both discovering each other. Once that is out of the way it will be alot more plain sailing. issues you will face they answer back with a loud voice, make you feel that you are not good enough for them. Be manipulative. Many have adjustment difficulties. Ie they miss their family back home and place more importance on their own family then yours.
  6. Big_Tera

    I was banned on a Muslim forum

    That is understandable to a certain degree as it is a islamic forum for mostly muslim people. But looks the they have zero tolerance for anyone questioning their faith. They should not be afraid to debate things and be so weak and ban people who do not agree with them.
  7. Anyone been on an Islamic message board before? I recently joined one as wanted to ask about certain issues I dont agree with in the Islamic faith. The name of the forum is www.islamicboard.com . Anyway I only posted a couple of topics about their beliefs and practices. I was very polite with my questions and did not go to argue or anything like that. Anyway they banned me after only 2 days on their. Looks like they could not handle my posts that exposed their faith. No poster could actually get the better of me. They had a big section on there about clarifying Islamic issues that non muslims could post in. Yet they felt extreemly threatened by me. Issues I raised was. Islam cannot be ethical and moral faith as it encourages meat eating and killing of animals. They even sacrifice animals for eid and religious occasions. I Also posted another topic about how all muslims in south asia were forced to convert by the mughals. I was then banned. Reason for my ban was That I promoted a religion other the Islam. lol They were so terrified of my threads for exposing their faith even though I was not disrespectful but merely asked questions. Half my posts were not even posted. Looks like they dont believe in freedom of speech. I can send links of my threads on there if anyone wants to see.
  8. We all know that Muslims are hell bent on converting everyone in the world to Islam wether they be so called extreemist ones or moderate they all want the same thing. To this there is no doubt. They have turned whole countries into islamic nations so that no other faith even stands a chance.At the moment while we are going about our normal everyday lifes. Muslims are plotting and scheming to convert. Look how many american prisoners become muslim which is the same as the uk. They shove the narrative to the black christian. That Christianity is a racist faith. They have managed to cause so much destruction in the world since Islam's inception in the 7th century with wars and mass conversions through force. We cant turn back time, we can only concentrate on the future. Ie lets look at places were Islam will try and take over. African continent. Almost half is already muslim. South america Europe Asia We all know what is happening right in front of us but why dont non muslims do anything to stop its spread? Its like we all complain about rising muslim populations and problems muslims cause such as implemting sharia ect, forced conversion, grooming ect. But does the average man actually do anything to stop it progress?? There is a saying, 'Bad things happen when good people do nothing' I am only advocating using peaceful methods to stop Islams spread. Why dont all non muslims religions set up some kind of group or organisation to combat conversions and islams spread. Anyone have idead of what each of us can proactiveley do to stop islam in the europe at least as this is where we are based. Before the whole of europe becomes muslim. There are some things we have no control of. But there is defiantly things we can do. My ideas so far Stop islamic mass migration to europe. Lets lobby goverments to get a grip with out of control migration. Ban islamic hate preachers ie have stronger laws against these people. Deport them. protest against halal food outlets - Animal cruelty support ex muslim organisations boycott bollywood which helps love jihad fourish. By depicting so called ugly khans as handsome and nice. While depicting Non muslim actors as bad. more to be added.
  9. Big_Tera

    Women dressing more provocatively

    Any surprises for guessing the usual dog has come back barking again. Here is a little advice get yourself a bone and chew on it. As for lowering gaze I am aware of the phraze but In sikhism or punjabi we have a different phraze for that. So why copy the exact muslim one is what I was saying.
  10. Big_Tera

    Terror attack in Sri Lanka

    Well said and summed up. This is one of the reasons why I treat muslims with the same way they treat you. Ie that is my philosophy treat us others how they treat yourself. I never made or had any muslims friends for this reason. They are not to be trusted and should be kept are arms length. For them your just another person they hope they can convert. One guy had the audacity to try and to try and slighyly get me interested in Islam lol. While at college. He would say things like Im going to pray and other kinds of comments. He had no idea who he was dealing with. By the end he was the one that started to take up an interests in Sikhism.
  11. Big_Tera

    Terror attack in Sri Lanka

    Your life is just one big adventure after another Lol We might aswell call you batman. You probably eneded up saving everyone from the bomb.
  12. Big_Tera

    Women dressing more provocatively

    Well I am just saying how it is. What do you expect me to do walk with eyes covered and never look. Also its not just about me. I am not one to look at a girl wearing skimpy clothing. But I see many others who do it. So its not a good thing. We need good moral standards in society. I am not saying lets get women covered up head to toe like muslims say. But their should be a degree of modesty and decent dress sence.
  13. Big_Tera

    Women dressing more provocatively

    With that logic, why care about anything that anyone else does? If someone sleeps around why care. If someone takes drugs. why care If someone degrades themselves wearing skimpy clothing why care at all? Why not just care about ourselves and not care about other people are doing that could be potentially harmful. ie why care about people who take drugs and abuse them themselves. Because it has a knock on effect in society. It increases crime in our society which affects everyone eventually. Why care about isis is doing? It has nothing to do with us? nope. Because eventually the problem of isis will affect us someday and already has ie sri lanka and India. Life aint all about thinking about number one and to hell with what everyone else does. We in society need to speak out about wrongful and immoral behavior. If the media and such fourth is influencing girls to sexualise themselves with revealing clothing then we need to speak up about it and do something. It is about caring about all the people in our society. That is what Sikhi teaches to care for all not just yourself and help make the world a better place to live.
  14. Big_Tera

    Women dressing more provocatively

    Two wrongs dont make a right. With that reasoning men who drink to much and behave badly should also be copied by women? If men can do it why cant women? Its so unfair for women. Why cant they do what men do. Why cant women get p1ssed on the weekend just like men. If men take drugs . Why cant women take drugs? Why do women have to be all innocent while men can do all the good things??

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