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  1. Big_Tera

    Top Sikh websites

    Can anyone reccomend the top 10 Sikh websites for learning about Sikhi There seems to be many out there but which are the best in terms of gaining knowledge, being accurate and easy to understand? Also incidentally I noticed Sikhnet seems to feature as the number one site on google listings. Which is quite strange as 3ho are not even considered Sikhs. Yet they seem to have the number 1 site in terms of number visitors and google rankings.
  2. Can anyone summarise how Sikhs are supposed to pray and meditate. From what I know we are are suppose to pray 3 times a day. In the morning, evening and at night. But is this compulsory? How does one do meditation. Is their particular way of doing it?
  3. Big_Tera

    Buddism & Hindusim Thriving in West

    Many have become Hindu and Buddist in the west and not just doing it as a hobby. I am not just talking old blighty UK. I am talking about all of erope russia usa ect. Many have become Hindu and buddist. White people are intellegent.They know these faiths are tolerant and peaceful religions hence why they are attracted by them.
  4. Anyone notice how these two faiths are booming in the west. In every home there are pictures and ornaments of buddha. So many people are into the whole yoga spirituality of Hinduism. People in the west love the spirituality aspect of these dharmic faiths compared to the rigid doctrine of Christianity. I know so many Christians that say they much prefer Indian faiths then their own. As they can connect with it more. We as Indians should be proud to be one of the dharmic faiths and have unity amongst us. Together we make up 25% of the world population.
  5. Big_Tera


    We will be reporting you to social services in a minute. Due you you not getting enough sleep. It needs to be investigated to make sure you have a proper bed to sleep on and everything is okay.
  6. Big_Tera

    UK Pakistani demographics

    I agree. Muslim scum comes from all communities. I bet he thinks muslim punjabis are his long lost brothers lol
  7. We all know that Sikh population are a small population compared to other faiths and we only form 2% of India. At the moment we only have one area in Indian where Sikhs are in the real majority. Due to our strong presence their we have a big voice in all affairs that take place there. Such as the politics ect. Yet other faiths are slowly and surely moving into our homeland and will take over if we dont do anything. How do we stop other faiths from migrating there and taking over?
  8. Well lets look at the state if things as it is. All the sikh institutions and organisations are run by pagh wale. Yet these guys with their paghs and dharis are not doing a good job. We really need to get over this concept that pagh and dhari equals a good person that is intellegent. Maybe let some intellegent moneh run some things. Pagh and dhari does not mean anything compared to what is inside.
  9. Big_Tera

    UK Pakistani demographics

    What a funny thread idea
  10. Big_Tera

    What are the main beliefs of Sikhism?

    I think one of the biggest things also is Sikhs do not look down on non Sikhs. We do not force convert anyone. Spread lies. We are an honest faith. Where our belief is respect for everyone. Sarbat da bhala. Also overcoming adversity.The core belief in not giving up our faith or beliefs. Sikhs are told to stand up for anyone of any faith. To fight injustice wherever we see it . Help the defenceless. Fight dictators and tyrants. Not harm anyone or anything. Live an honest life. In terms of philosophy The shabads tell us about what life is. It guides us on our moral values and lifestyle to lead.
  11. I call it the Harry Potter generation or should I say Harry Putar generation. Were they are morle likely to believe in wizards and witches then their own faith Many are influenced by the media and are converting to Christianity. The reason. they have lost faith and become atheist. Lack of parenting. Sikh parents dont teach their kids jack about their faith. hence we have kids growing up as atheist. We need to start training people to do parchaar and fund them. Basics of sikhi are doing courses to teach people how to do parchaar. So maybe we will have a new generation of fully trained parchaarics comming through the ranks. Its hopeful thinking but If they can do that it can only be good thing to steer the youth in the right direction. As for people leaving Sikhi. Unfortunatley weak and vulnerable people will always be targeted for conversion . Especially when you have people who are in muslim friends circles. I dont have a single muslim friend and never have.
  12. Big_Tera

    What are the main beliefs of Sikhism?

    So these are the core beliefs of the faith? Im sure there must be more to Sikhi. then get a decent job at tesco. share our pack lunch with colleagues and praise God?
  13. Big_Tera


    Well said.
  14. Big_Tera


    hmmm theres a big difference as it is in a religious place of worship. Go to any mandir, church, mosque, synagogue, monastry and you wont get free anything. let alone a healthy 3 course meal.
  15. Sikhism has many different beliefs, concepts and practices. But If we were to summarise the main and most important beliefs of Sikhism. What would they be? I know that the belief in one God is probably the main one , but what would be the others? It seems that in modern society many people are so bothered about minute things. That they are forgetting the main and core beliefs of the faith.

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