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  1. Caribbeans are a mixed bag . Some are very nice people, particularly the older generation. Its the new generation that are disgraceful. This is coming from a west indian senior I spoke with. He said the new generation are a disgrace. Maybe due to all their single parent families.
  2. Yep africans are a whole different kettle of fish. Many are highly educated. Its the Caribbean lot who are very criminally minded and who give black people a bad name. Not sure why britian let so many of these lafangeh in. Probably as they are christian and so share the same religion as them. Many carry their hatred for asians from were they came from as carribean also has a Asian community which is very distinct and unique. These cariibeans think asians are a soft community. In birmingham they realised that us brownies are not soft and are up for a fight if we are pushed. Jamaicans are worse of the lot.
  3. We often see videos about dangers of grooming gangs but these videos are mostly done by males presenters and guests. Its great to see this video where a woman who is an expert in the field of grooming, talk and advise about these issues. Its high time Sikh women did something like this instead of men doing all the talks. Young women maybe more likely to listen and take notice from a fellow female then a man. I am surprised this video has such little views considering the female guest speaks so eloquently and articulately in Punjabi aswell as English about the issues. She is also a professional in her field on child grooming matters. Well done to her!
  4. It is one thing being more strong and unified. But its not easy to do this against a group teenage yobish youths. Many go around committing cowardly attacks. ie 5 against one. Alot of these are actually creating a race war by doing things like this. Many of these blacks have no morals and come from low life backgrounds who have nothing to lose. We are law abiding hardworking people. If we fight with some yob and end in jail we lose everything. For the yob its part and parcel of their life going in and out of jail. Hence we should try and be careful who we take on in the streets. It is tempting to stand up and give a beating to these youths. But many carry knifes and operate in gangs. We should not risk everything trying to fight these scumbags. Hence its not about which race or people are the toughest. It comes down to who has the most to lose.Blacks are not as stupid or dumb as people make them out to be. Some are intelligent enough. Ie on one hand you have a educated sikh, with a good job, mortgage and worked hard all his life. Then you have some scumbag who wants to fight for no reason other then to impress his friends and rob and steal. Some black people can be okay. I have met a quite a few educated Nigerian and african ones who are peaceful, hardworking and law abiding. Its generally the Caribbean ones who tend to be hostile to other races. But only in London. Many blacks are terrified of whites up north as they are in small number there. ie
  5. Big_Tera

    Questions about Sikh religion

    That is great Christiangirl. As Sikhs we only teach our faith to those that would like to learn. We do not preach to try and make someone leave their own religion and join ours. Sikhs believe all faiths can lead to God if you practice your faith properly and with a sincere heart. I have actually been to a church a few times and have admired the sermons and talks.
  6. Big_Tera

    New Zealand attack

    You know what, I was going to say the same thing. The gunman looked like a robot or some kind of puppet being controlled by aliens or some other force. His Guns looked fake and plastic. All the blood looked like paint. The live footage seemed old and recorded 20 years ago. The mosque seemed like it was made up in a studio. It did not seem real. As normal mosques have a green dome. Why were there 2 mosques instead of one. It seems strange that. I am 100% with you on this Das. You should become a detective as you figured this all out on your own?
  7. You do get some 'Asians' that like to lick the black mans a$$ for some reason, usually due to some mistaken loyalty or unity. All races and creeds are capable of racism and blacks are no different to this. I have seen a couple of times blacks being disrespectful to some Sikhs. Many sometimes do it , mistakenly thinking we are muslims. I actually had altercation with a black woman on the day of the NZ shooting. The fool seemed to think I was muslim.. I did not bother correcting her as she was a ignorant b1tch. Many hate us brownies due to our success and affluence while they are still stuck in the ghetto and have the, 'world is against us attitude'. Many are not as open as say a white guy hurling racist abuse out of a car driving past down the road. Blacks mostly stick to their own community and dont really integrate. Dont forget also that it is well known that alot of blacks, use and abuse white girls and get them drugged up and pimped. I have also noticed a trend of black gangs trying to intimidate Asians . Many wont do this when they are on their own. But act aggressive when they are in groups to try and instill fear. Near were I live there was an incident in a muslim owned shop. A black gang attacked the owner in a brutal attack just because he called the police when they caught the youth stealing from his shop. Many incidents such as these are common place. Many blacks suffer from low self esteem and psychological issues due to them being seen as subhuman race. Being black many do discriminate against them. Hence their psychology is one were they have. 'us and them attitude to life' Due to being black, poor and coming from broken dysfunctional homes. Many are extremely dangerous. They dont care if they get killed. They see themselves as not part of normal society. The psychology of a black person is this I am black everyone hates me. I am looked down upon due to my skin colour and appearance. Im discriminated against. Hence this all build up as frustration and anger against the world due to the way they are seen and perceived. The only way for them to deal with this, is put on a macho and aggressive persona to counteract this low level of self worth to make themselves feel better while trying to put other people down. I have seen this low self worth and confidence in many blacks who try and cover it up by behaving anti socially and rudely to non blacks people. Many suffer from and inferiority complex.
  8. Big_Tera


    Lol . Time to leave your paradise and get in the real world. It is muslim v rest of the world. Time to chose which side your are on.
  9. Big_Tera


    Actually this is not the darkest day in NZ History. The darkest days was when the British invaded NZ and brutally murdered thousands of native Maouris and took over their sacred land just like did to Australia with the aboriginees. Tell that to you prime minister who has a short memory of colonial rule and enslavement of the native people. Darkest day was when the British invaded. She needs to learn her history
  10. Big_Tera

    Questions about Sikh religion

    Welcome welcome my Christian friend. No not at all. Any faith is free to join and partake in discussion. We do not try and convert people like many other faiths do. Ask away. Also this is a video explaining some beliefs of our faith that you may find useful.
  11. Big_Tera

    Why are muslims so evil?

    What is it with all these muslim threads??? This is a Sikh forum. Lets not make every thread about suleh. jeez.
  12. Big_Tera


    On a sidenote has anyone noticed a certain amount of hostility since the Nz attack towards them? Living near east London I have had a few dirty looks and and heard some strange comments from passersbys. It seems like some think anyone who is brown is muslim and suddenly have a licence to dish out some dirt against the supposed enemy.
  13. Big_Tera


    It maybe helpful. Ie if someone tried to do this in future. We could look at way we could have intervened and stopped the guy from doing what he did.
  14. Big_Tera


    Is the video of the attack available to view?
  15. I have never really read these kind of books before. Ie such as the guide to happiness by the Dali lama. Or other similar type of books for gaining knowledge. Where authors write about how to succeed or live life to the fullest. Many of these books usually focus on the mind and psychology in some way or other. Anyone read something they can recommend?

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