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  1. Big_Tera

    Here's why I am permanently boycotting this forum ...

    Its funny how people keep saying ajeet is a attention seeker. Yet all you constantly replying to him cant get enough of him lol. You should ignore his posts and just move on instead of fueling the fire. yet your all up his bund. With your constant engaging with him. The guy is a homo and has got you all where he wants you. Right up his BUND!
  2. Big_Tera

    Which countries can Sikhi look to expand in?

    According to the akal takt eating or not eating meat does not make you any less or more Sikh. So get your facts right. Eating meat. Is our right! To make us strong and feed our hunger. Carry on eating your cabbage stew. While I tuck into my Pork joint like a real man. You sissy veggie luvin softee.
  3. Big_Tera

    Here's why I am permanently boycotting this forum ...

    I think we should give ajeet break. He is a grown man and knows and realises he has made some mistakes. But why keep going on and lecturing the guy. Im sure non of us are perfect and have some skeltons in tje closet. Would we be brave enough to come online and tell all. Know we would rather hide and pretend we are perfect. Get a grip and realise that we all have done wrong in the past.
  4. Big_Tera

    Which countries can Sikhi look to expand in?

    Init Bro. Wagwan. But with the way you speak. Im sure punjabi will live on. Init?
  5. Big_Tera

    Here's why I am permanently boycotting this forum ...

    Although I dont agree with all your posts and topics. You have said some good things. Just like other posters on here. . People calling you all these names are self projecting. Ie its what they think of themselves so lumber these thoughts and comments onto other people Theres alot of people on here that like to jump on bandwagons and like to gang up on people. Its very childish and silly. Many are like sheep. Who will go with the crowd. To summarise Many over exaggerate comments and come out with false statements based on wrongly looking at the situation in hand without taking a balanced view. Many are not trained to give advice here so are better off not saying nothing at all. I have seen many instances such mistersingh and others spouting oral diareah when having no idea what they are is taking about and should really be banned from the gupt section for being a liability and cauing unwanted distress. For giving out unbelievable and wrong advice based on their warped mind about issues they know nothing about. While making all kinds of foolish assumptions about the advice seekers. It goes by the saying. If you have nothing good to say then dont say nothing at all.
  6. Big_Tera

    Which countries can Sikhi look to expand in?

    P.s if you want to learn. Go to google. I dont have te to teach you and get into lengthy debates.
  7. Big_Tera

    Which countries can Sikhi look to expand in?

    I am not engaging with a fool like you. Who just wants to waste time and talk over pointless things. Moderators should take note of this fool.
  8. Big_Tera

    Which countries can Sikhi look to expand in?

    You care to come here and quarrel for no reason other then cause arguements in threads. Do yourself a favour and get out more and seek some help for your emotional distress. I have a felling this member is pakhroo in disguise. Or a pakhroo wannabe.
  9. Big_Tera

    Which countries can Sikhi look to expand in?

    As I said. You have not bothered reading the thread. We dont have resources to go to every single country willy nilly you have to be selective to get the best results for your effort. Get that through your thick brain.
  10. Big_Tera

    Which countries can Sikhi look to expand in?

    Your talking nonsence again. You dont really have anything good to say. Apart from comming out with random silly comments.
  11. Big_Tera

    Which countries can Sikhi look to expand in?

    Yes of course it does. Some countries and their peoples are more receptive to parchaar then others. Ie why concentrate resources on places where people will not be that interested. ie middle east, north africa. We need to branch out instead of focusing soley on the UK canada and USA.
  12. Big_Tera

    Which countries can Sikhi look to expand in?

    That could be an option. We probably need to have one parcharic team in each country. Distributing leaflets and having talks. Possibly have someone that is a japanese Sikh take part in the parchaar. Only issues are funding and infrastructure of parchaar. Not sure what basics of Sikhi are doing these days. But they need to get back to doing what their good at. We have to hand select countries as I mentioned before as due to limited resouces and men on the ground we cant do all of the countries at once. Unless we can start having more paarcharic teams. So far according basics of Sikh they only have about 3-5 parcharics and that is in the whole country.
  13. Big_Tera

    Which countries can Sikhi look to expand in?

    That goes without saying. But with limited resources such as money and parchaarics at our disposal. We have to concentrate on key places where we can be most effective. We have to be precise and figure out which countries will be most effective and productive for our limited resources. Places like Europe and south america should be our aim and priority for now untill we can afford to and have the resources to go fully global and expand
  14. I have come across a few newly embraced Sikhs from Russia. It got me thinking. Eastern Europe could be the next frontier for Sikhs. Places like Poland, Russia, holland, germany ect. Eastern Europeans/Scandanavia are generally alot more open to Faith and spirituality and have a fascination with Indian faith and culture. Alot more then typical british goreh that are very far from faith and more into boozing and and clubbing. Basics of Sikhi could possible do some events in those countries to raise awareness about Sikhism. Ive met a few Europeans also in the uk and they really into learning about Indian faiths ect. Yet Sikhs would rather not fund these projects as they believe that all faiths lead to God. So why talk about our faith.
  15. Big_Tera

    Modern-day singhs being weak.

    So you want to risk your life in a fight by acting and behaving aggressively. End up in hospital or even worse Lose your life over some petty squabble with some Yob that has no life and probably wants to take someone down with him. Also your forgetting the.mentality of these people. They will comming looking for you with a gang to settle the score. If ypu give one of these a hiding. Obviously Sikhs should be ready to defend. But in todays uk lawless society when many are tooled up and ready to stab anyone that gets in thwir way. Obviously Sikhs need to stand up for themselves. Bullying only happens when we let it. Pumping weights is good. But should only be used in self defence.

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