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  1. Big_Tera

    Punjabi or Sikhi breaking ties with in-laws

    Quite a thought provoking topic of discussion. I would say do what the heart feels. I have also heard this and believe it to be true to an extent. At the end of the day. Our closest bond is with our kids wife ect. Extended family will look out for themselves. So its best you look out for yourself. We may try and say we are all family. But when it comes to the crunch we are closest to our immediate family and they are the priority not distant relatives.
  2. The area I live in is very mixed. But low percentage of brown people there mostly whites. I know in areas where it is overly desified. The worse lot are the bengalis. Go past their houses and you will get a fishy odour of rotten fish bones. Muslims can be verry unhygenic. Never eat from a muslim food shop they do all kinds of dirty unhygenic things. Such as washing their feet in the sink. ect.
  3. Big_Tera

    What OTHER Sikh Girls Do

    I agree I have also noticed this. The men seem like panzys scared of their women.
  4. Big_Tera

    England should give south Asians reparations

    If a certain mistersingh had his way. We would all be shipped of back to where we came from. Forget about reparations. We should just be greatful we are here. Mistersingh might aswell be the next general dyer.
  5. Big_Tera

    Leader of the Sikhs

    I think we should vote for mistersingh I think its such a crazy idea. It might just work..
  6. You have proven time and time again that all you do is talk jibberish. I will not bother with further discussion with a person who is quite frankly silly. This will be my last post with you my friend.
  7. So you basically want all non whites to go back to where they came from and an end to migration of foreigners to the uk? You believe that the UK should stay majority white and that all brownies need to go back to where they came from as you are against multi culturalism. We have A typical bounty here. Browne on the outside white in the inside. In addiiton You think we should not talk about the colonial empire in fear of upsetting white people and should be just be greatfull that we are in UK. I think you have exposed who you really are. A colonial empire symphasiser. Who hates his own people and wish they would stop comming over.
  8. He cant help who he is. That is the conditioning and thinking that has been implemented on him through the media that have shaped his views on life. He is not able to see the bigger picture and still wants a leash over him from the colonial empire. He is a product of the british empire and believes the white man is his master.
  9. I was having some luck untill I accidentally showed a picture of you. Ever since I have been blacklisted by the whole of Punjab. I have no idea why to this day.
  10. This is blatant castism. Admin should take note of these remarks that I have highlighted in bold. This fool is lower then a dog for saying these things. When he is probably a little weak type of keybroard warrior. You need to get back to your medication as judging by your comments of late. You need them.
  11. The topic and question is actually quite simple. But as usual you seem to over complicate things with your strange and absurd conclusions. Maybe your a wannabe be whitey type of brownie that still longs to have a leash over your neck and be ordered about by the british?
  12. They can run but they cant hide. Theres plenty of us brownies in the US and also in Australia Canada ect. At first I felt some degree of sympathy for the native white British. ie There green and pleasant land being overrun by us Brownies. With our curry and tadka smells wafting over to their homes. But after all these people did to India and to Sikhs. They deserve it. I now couldn't care less if whites being a minority! This is our country and if you dont like it get out and go abroad.
  13. We often hear about how we as Asians feel sorry for the ingenious white people of the UK due to the percieved take over by ethnic minorities. Ie Britian, in certain areas has become a white minority population. ie before the last 50 years whites where the overwhelming majority in every city, town region in the UK. But now they are becomming the minority in their own homeland. (Shock horror) But should we feel sorry for our pale skinned friends? Afterall it was these peoples who robbed the world with their overseas empires and colonies. They commited all kinds of genocides and wars. Are they getting a taste of their own medicine and Karma for all the bad they did in India, africa and all over the world. ie they looted trillions, killed millions, enslaved biilions.They were the biggest robbers and criminals the world has ever seen. Similar to the Nazis. If they did not rule these places. There would not be any of us darkies over here? If we look at the racial mix of the UK. Majority come from former colonies. ie Indian sub continent, Africa carribean ect. Are the british getting their just desserts? They ruled us. But now we are going to rule them.

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