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  1. This is the Sakhi of Pir Buddhu Shah's meeting with Guru Gobind Singh Ji, as told by Sant Baba Waryam Singh Ji Ratwara Sahib Wale. It had a profound effect on me when I first read it and I think it will be of some benefit to the Sangat: A rich landlord and Sufi saint, Pir Buddhu Shah, lived in Sadhaura. He was both householder and saint, a perfect man of the world and of religion. He possessed many occult powers, including the faculty of knowing other peoples' thoughts and to grant the wishes of his followers. He had everything, except full inner realization. He heard the Hindu scriptures recited as well and was unprejudiced in religious maters, He served fried vegetarian food to the Hindus and different food to the Muslims. He rendered voluntary service and organized religious congregations, at which saints and sages delivered discourse on both the Vedas and the Koran. But despite this, inner spiritual awakening had not come and there was darkness within. He heard of the miracles of the Guru, Guru Gobind Singh, how he had brought the sage Kalsi and blessed him with divine knowledge. So Pir Buddhu Shah was filled with a keen desire to meet him. Seeing Guru Sahib's demeanour he thought that it was that of kings and warriors, while on the other hand, Guru Sahib was perfect in the realm of spirituality. He became convinced in his mind that although Guru Sahib was younger than he in age - hardly 20 or 22 years - he was perfect. He set out to see Guru Sahib. He was accompanied by a large number of followers. Reaching there, he was highly impressed by the Guru's grand court, his sense of devotion was heightened further still. Seeing the Guru, he felt drawn to him, he felt like falling at his feet and holding on to them. But as he advanced further towards the Guru, he was filled with ego. He thought that he was a 'Pir' with many followers, and that if he fell at the Guru's feet, his followers would criticize him for submitting to another, a non-Muslim. He thought that his actions would give him a bad name. Guru Sahib also saw that the Pir, though he had arrived in the spirit of devotion, now had his ego, his 'I-ness' awakened within him. The Pir greeted the Guru and extended his hands towards him. Guru Sahib shook hands with him and bade him sit down, inquiring after his health: "Pir Ji, what has brought you here?" "Maharaj, how can I unite with Allah? I have a very keen desire to meet God. Maharaj, there is darkness within my mind because I hear two ideas expressed - one is that Waheguru is someone else and we are different from him. Secondly, we also hear saints and sages say that God manifests himself everywhere and in everyone. Maharaj, I am confused and cannot understand the truth. Unite me with God. Please tell me how to seek union with the Lord" And Maharaj replied, "As day and night unite". The Pir was silent. He did not understand. After a pause, and some moments of intense thought, he replied, "True Sovereign, I do not understand. When the day dawns, night ceases to be." To which Guru Sahib replied, "Yes! It is as you have said! Buddhu Shah, so long as 'I' or 'ego' is there, it is night. When the day dawns, God comes to abide in man and at that very instant 'I' disappears. Then God alone remains. This is the meeting with Him." "Then Maharaj, are we not souls?" "We are souls, but your conception of the soul is false, you are clinging to the false one and the true on you cannot recognize. God abides within you. The false soul which has become yours, this false 'I' is the creation of your ego and it does not exist." "Maharaj, I still cannot understand. How shall I destroy the ego?" "Buddhu Shah, you have observed 'chilas' (40 day period of solitary prayer); you have performed charitable deeds; you have run free kitchens and studied the scriptures of the Muslim and the Hindu. But this has all been in vain. This has not rid of you of ego, rather another sense of pride has come into you that you are well-versed in the Koran and the Vedas, and devout. All these things only add to impurities within you rather than purify you. After having done everything, a man should say he has done nothing. Some say this superficially, others from the core of their being. It is that man who should say "True Sovereign, you have been very kind to bestow upon me the service of the langar and of Kirtan and of reading Gurbani. None in the world can rid themselves of their ego alone, rather, only through the grace of the Guru. Only when you realize this truth will you succeed in your aim of uniting with Allah." On hearing Guru Sahib's words, Pir Buddhu Shah was rid of the filth of egoism. Buddhua Shah was thus purified, he was enlightened and all darkness was ended. He said, "Maharaj, Buddhu Shah is dead. Pride is dead". The painting had been scrubbed blank, leaving only the canvas. Guru Sahib remarked, "You have become God. When the ego dies, all that is left is God". At this moment, Buddhu Shah began to dance in a state of spiritual ecstasy. He came near Guru Sahib, who held him by the hand looked into his eyes and broke all shackles. He saw one and only one God. The veil of untruth had been torn asunder.
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