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  1. Even though vaisakhi is months away. I think this is a good time to discuss what we (Canadian Sikhs) can do differently this year in Vaisakhi Nagar Kirtan Floats. Its no exaggeration to say that public opinion of sikhs (let alone our cause-exposing human right abuses in India) in general in Canada is very low. Whilst, we don't need European settlers here to validate our cause, still we need some what public support from Canadian mass. I have been reading history of first nation natives people here in Canada. Their history is very similiar to us when it comes to systematic racism, systematic funneling of drugs in reserve to kill their heritage, lineage, youth, education. Ideologically speaking, their belief system is also very similar to ours. Their love towards nature (vahiguroo creation) and spirts (shaheeds) keeping things balance. First nation warriors are also fearless just like our warriors. Just like how we revered - Sant Jarnail Singh Khalsa Bhindranwale as our revolutionary leader. They also have their own revolutionary leader- Louis Reil. He was militant and led resistance movement against Canadian Gov't. He is considered folk here in Canada by all. You can read more about him here: http://en.wikipedia....wiki/Louis_Riel I believe it would perfect idea to have huge posters of Louis Riel and Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale side by side. Pictures speak thousands words, people can easily relate to pictures over thousand words of biography. While organizers agree, might as well throw picture of Che Guevara poster there. No need to throw speeches, spreading pamphlets in hope to bring awareness of sikh freedom fighters or to win public opinion. Pictures speak thousand words, putting huge posters of these revolutionary leaders side by side not only we could win some sort of public opinion but also it will show Sikhs pay respect to all the revolutionary leaders not just their own ones. I see things from eagle eye or western goggles, when i see shaheed floats as an outsider in the vaishakhi nagar kirtan. I just see - tribal issues, tribal groups, self interested group trying to shove tribal issues of their countries to throat of Canadians. We must be better than that, lets try diversifying the float little bit. We may not win public opinion of European settlers here, but surely can try to unify with first nation people(real Canadians) and their cause and cubans here. While this thread is more related to first nation Canadian natives..i believe all the native people of the globe (red indians in USA, aborginal in Australia) have same painful chapter in history of systematic racism and abuse in hands of European settlers and have fearless native warriors which have shown fearless resistance.
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