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  1. According to my understanding, ape beej ape khao bachan is matter of doer ship, if you do the actions with doership*/identity/ego then cycle of karma ensues then you will get fruit based on those actions. But if you allow actions spontaneously coming directly from consciousness then its direct expression of that consciousness-vahiguru- everything is expression of divine. Sukhmani sahib talks about this over and over again - how vahiguru is doing everything, enjoying, expressing itself. There is only one and there is no one besides one. Regarding- Akhan jor gurbani vak- it alludes to the p
  2. I don't think we have free will , just like we cannot stop breathing by our own will, breathing occurs spontaneously and naturally, there is no will either way to stop breathing by body even if he tries to hold breathing , one cannot do it indefinitely. This topic reminds me of quote by Einstein: you could will what you want but you cannot will what you will. Back drop is preordained. Good thread on sa regarding this: http://www.sikhawareness.com/topic/15329-does-waheguru-do-everything/
  3. My two cents - All our panj pyares came from different back ground in india to anandpur sahib to give their heads. - Khanda da batta is only one , and from one everyone takes amrit and drinks amrit. That should be good indicator as well.
  4. It's quite a shame mental health is undermined /almost look down upon in our culture, Guru maharaj already says- Nanak Dukhiya Sab Sansar || ... everyone is suffering so with that kept in mind. we should always help one another, and don't think for second one is better than other in terms of mental health, the fact there mind still active denotes suffering. Everyone is on the same boat when it comes to suffering and depression.
  5. In order to answer your question, if I could take your attention back to mool mantar/maha mantar, it has all the answers to your questions: It starts with Impersonal all pervading ONE non dual Vahiguru/God which we all believe in - IKongkar(Non dual One Universal Aware being) Satnaam (its name is Eternal Truth/Existence) Karta Purkh(creative conscious) Nirbhauo (Without fear as its one in all, all in one its one without second) Nirvair(without enemy as its one in all, all in one its one without second) Akaal Morat (Timeless Being) Ajooni (Unborn) Sa
  6. Yes there are cautions every where in gurbani to rise above from human conditioning, wrapping our head around reference points, dualistic notions. Sukhmani sahib and Akaal ustat compositions comes in mind, where it clearly says without devotion of naam -dharam and karam are useless, so cautions are everywhere in gurbani to seekers not to confine themselves in only form-sargun /maya but see substratum ultimate principle behind all of this, seeing source of it and always remember -Aad purkh (Primal all pervading aware being) in midst of everything.
  7. In short, Gurmat supports both: 1. Sarguna/shabad -Personal God- personification/devotion/ glorification of personal God/Guru-Sri guru granth sahib ji, sri dasam granth sahib, shastars-see nine types of bhagti, history) 2. Nirguna (impersonal God all prevading Vahiguru by concentrating on shabad via abhyaas/ meditation, contemplating and abiding on wisdom-gyan of gurbani and one spontaneously naturally- abiding, living and being, Jot saroop- Non dual all pervading Awareness- Vahiguru operating or living from natural way of being. This is to help all seekers who are at various di
  8. This is why its so important minorities support one another to face bigger threat of current times- alt right white neo nazi. I am not sure about UK but in Canada - muslims and sikhs lets just say all liberal whites, brown and black people stick together as far as inclusion, human right case goes.. In many instances, muslims have supported world sikh organization and world sikh organization of canada support muslims as far as human right case goes. My boss in my previous job who was hindu with strong hindu nationalist views, asked me how comes sikhs support muslims here in Canada. I told
  9. Contact one of the organizers at surrey, send him your feedback for future reference: https://www.facebook.com/mo.bual
  10. Thats indeed surprising that they would have their own parchar stall at vaishaki nagar kirtan. If their stall was approved , atleast basic of sikhi should have been made aware, may be engage in debate, discussion. On another note- I do find surrey vaishakhi nagar kirtan first time decision of inviting first nations inspiring and fitting though, here its bit of that video: https://mobile.twitter.com/boparaiied/status/987719594532945920/video/1
  11. source: http://nationalpost.com/news/politics/john-ivison-on-trudeaus-india-trip-and-the-atwal-affair-national-security-adviser-daniel-jean-had-a-line-and-stuck-to-it This article shows daniel jean breifing today was water down version(to save face diplomacy with) than ACTUAL REAL briefing he gave John Ivision back in feb: John Ivison: On Trudeau's India trip and the Atwal affair, Daniel Jean had a line and stuck to it Jean revealed fewer details on the events surrounding the ill-fated trip than he did at the time to journalists (including this one) Daniel Jean, natio
  12. What these journalist don't understand. Unlike professional CSIS, RAW is not - Non partisan organization, RAW is underworld outlaw banana republic criminals/mobs/ spy organization which controls media narrative, uses all political parties, all political parties in india uses them.
  13. Some really good questions from this: In his testimony, Jean confirmed publicly for the first time that it was he who provided a background briefing on the matter to journalists, including those at Global News, and told MPs he had made the decision to speak with reporters after seeing what he described as “misinformation” published by CBC News and the Vancouver Sun. 1. Who was terry melswki CBC source and vancouver sun source? Let me guess- self loathing Ujjal Dosanjh and GOI cronies!!! What a gong show.
  14. Daniel Jean set the record straight today at the hearing -quite interesting and very telling- Rampant ‘misinformation’ on Jaspal Atwal affair sparked decision to brief reporters: Daniel Jean https://globalnews.ca/news/4147124/daniel-jean-jaspal-atwal-affair/
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