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  1. SIKH FEDERATION (UK) TWO-DAY EUROPEAN LOBBY FOCUSING ON HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS IN INDIA PROVES HUGE SUCCESS 26 January 2013 A Sikh Federation (UK) team returned this week from a two-day lobby in Brussels. Two meetings took place with the European Commission and UK representatives had separate meetings with 10 different UK MEPs. One of the meetings with the European Commission was with staff working for Siim Kallas, the Vice-President and European Commissioner for Transport to discuss respect for the Sikh turban and airport security (this has been reported separately). At the other meeting
  2. SIKHS WIN AND EXERCISE RIGHT TO WEAR THE KIRPAN WHEN ENTERING THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT IN BRUSSELS TO MEET MEPs 24 January 2013 The Sikh Federation (UK) started to organise the mass lobbying of MEPs by visiting them at the European Parliament in Brussels around eight years ago. Around 250 Sikhs from across Europe attended the first ever lobby and after initially agreeing to allow Amritdhari Sikhs to wear the Kirpan when entering the main European Parliament building this decision was reversed on the morning of the first lobby. UK MEPs informed Sikhs taking part in the lobby this restric
  3. Can Sikhs on this forum who live in EU countries (other than the UK) email sikhfederationuk@yahoo.co.uk Emails need to be sent to all MEPs in your country in the next 24 hours regarding the lobby on 21 and 22 January in Brussels. You also need to arrange for 5 to 10 Sikhs from each EU country to represent your country over the two days. All from your delegation will need to be signed in by MEPs from your country, so you need 2 or 3 MEPs to have agreed to do this. One MEP can sign in a maximum of 9 people a day. Standard email to send to each of your MEPs is available by emailing sikhfe
  4. SadhSangat Jee Please take out the time and effort to support, share abd take benefit from recently Launched GurmatParchar.com. Articles with news, indepth vichar, current affairs as well as a daily Gurbani Vichar on the Hukumnamas from Harmandir Sahib as well as Hazur Sahib will be brought to you. Gurmukho please feel free to submit any articles/writeups or whatever you may wish to feature on the website along with suggestions and feedback you may wish to give us. You can use the contact us page on the site or otherwise please do not feel reluctant to email us on admin@gurmatparch.com. We wil
  5. Failures of governance spawned the rape crisis The Japan Times By RAMESH THAKUR CANBERRA The shock waves from the pack-rape and murder of a 23-year-old student in New Delhi continue to reverberate in India and around the world. The pathology of rape is not rooted in local culture. A nation does not rise in collective revulsion at normal but rather at unacceptable behavior. The explanation for the rape epidemic lies in accumulating failures of governance. Successive governments have responded to crises with patchwork solutions, postponing structural reforms to tomorrow. That tomorrow ha
  6. Rapes occur in 'India' not 'Bharat': RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat Edited by Prasad Sanyal | Updated: January 04, 2013 11:41 IST Silchar: Rapes are rare in "Bharat" (rural India) but occur frequently in "India", said Mohan Bhagwat, chief of the right-wing RSS or Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). The organisation is the ideological mentor of the main opposition party, the BJP. At a meet in Silchar in Assam, Mr Bhagwat said: "Such crimes hardly take place in 'Bharat' but occur frequently in 'India'." He explained why. "You go to villages and forests of the country and there will be no such
  7. Why India is not safe for solo women Georgia Arlott recounts her gap year travels around India, during which sexual harrassment was a constant problem. By Georgia Arlott 10:18AM GMT 07 Jan 2013 It was in the second month of my gap year in India that I learned to get aggressive. It certainly didnt come naturally. Like most happy teenagers, my three friends and I left our all-girls school full of optimism and eager to please. But from the very first day in the vivid, colourful and thrilling country of India, wandering hands were a constant problem for all of us. Giddily piling into r
  8. India, beware of China's Himalayan moves! Last updated on: January 4, 2013 10:40 IST There's ample proof of Chinese irredentism. China is preparing for a future large-scale conventional wars (informationised and mechanised included) on 'multiple fronts' against India. Prakash Katoch, a veteran Lieutenant General of the Indian Army, explains. The Himalayan plunder by China began silently in 1950's by transcending boundaries of Tibet and steamrolling occupation of Aksai Chin (38,000 square kilometers) that was part of Ladakh region of J&K acceded by Maharaja Gulab Singh to India post P
  9. Assam Congress Leader arrested on rape charges Even though there was a country-wide protest against the gang-rape and murder of a paramedical student in Delhi, a woman was allegedly raped by a prominent Congress leader in Assam. Bikramsingh Brahma was arrested after the womans husband lodged an FIR at a police station. The incident took place at Shantipur in Chirang district of Bodoland Territorial Autonomous Districts (BTAD) in the wee hours of Thursday. In the FIR, the husband alleged that the woman was raped by Brahma. The accused confessed to his crime, Chirang district superintendent
  10. All political parties responsible for India's sorry state of affairs: VK Singh PTI / Thursday, January 3, 2013 19:38 IST Gandhian Anna Hazare would try to unite people who are craving for re-establishment of democracy in the country at his rally at Patna on January 30, retired Army chief VK Singh said today. The forthcoming rally of Anna Hazare at historic Gandhi maidan here is aimed at uniting people who desire to change the system pervaded by corruption and self-seeking politicians, Singh told reporters. Charging members of Parliament of violating constitution, he stressed on change
  11. India may suspend lawmakers facing sex assault charges CBS News AP/ January 2, 2013, 10:43 PM NEW DELHI Indian lawmakers facing sexual assault charges could be suspended from office if the country's top court rules in favor of a petition submitted after a gang-rape and murder that shocked the country. Six state lawmakers are facing rape prosecutions and two national parliamentarians are facing charges of crimes against women that fall short of rape, said Jagdeep S. Chhokar, an official with the Association for Democratic Reforms, which tracks political candidate's criminal records. T
  12. India rejects claims it exported fake medicine to Africa Delhi denial follows claims a third of anti-malarial drugs in Uganda and Tanzania could be counterfeit or substandard Jason Burke in Delhi guardian.co.uk, Wednesday 2 January 2013 14.42 GMT India has denied claims that it has exported large quantities of counterfeit medication to Africa, after the Guardian published a front-page exposé on the phenomenon. "No fake medicines have been sent from India to the continent of Africa," a spokesman for the ministry of external affairs in Delhi said. The article cited experts and NGO re
  13. In the wake of the Delhi bus rape, what is the future for India? The gang rape and murder of a young woman last month has sparked furious protests in India and given voice to an emerging political class. It has also highlighted the urban sprawl and violence that lie behind the country's booming economy Jason Burke The Guardian, Thursday 3 January 2013 Mahipalpur is not a place you will find on many tourist guides to India. Once a village, now a cluster of cheap hotels, roadside restaurants and bus stops around a major road junction on the outskirts of Delhi, it is a place many pass by
  14. Why was India Gate sealed for protests, asks Delhi High Court Press Trust of India | Updated: January 02, 2013 19:13 IST New Delhi: The Delhi High Court today reserved its verdict on a plea against imposition of prohibitory orders in and around India Gate during the recent anti-rape protests, saying the legal provision of section 144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC) may lose its sanctity if invoked without proper procedures. "There are rights to movement and speech and expression, it (section 144 of the CrPC) cannot be used just like that...otherwise it would lead to loss of the
  15. Drug epidemic grips India's Punjab state The Independent Simon Denyer, The Washington Post Wednesday, 2 January 2013 A boy just 12 years old was offering opium and hashish on a scrubby patch of land outside this village on a recent day. His cellphone rang incessantly as he proudly related that he earned hundreds of dollars a month dealing drugs and playing cards. Soon, a young man who called himself Sonny approached, hood pulled down over his head. He, too, was dealing in broad daylight to finance his heroin habit, and he had a special offer: good quality heroin for $45 a gram. I
  16. INDIA: THE WORST COUNTRY TO BE FEMALE RASHMEE ROSHAN LALL Posted: Wednesday, January 2, 2013, 3:01 AM A YOUNG WOMAN is savagely gang-raped and beaten one December evening on a moving bus in New Delhi. Hordes of protesters gather in India's capital and demand that the six perpetrators be hanged or at least castrated. India's electronic media offer continuous coverage of the sort once reserved for important cricket matches. The woman, a medical student, suffers infections in her lungs and abdomen and an injury to the brain, and is flown to a hospital in Singapore, where she later dies. Del
  17. Switzerland best place to be born, India 66th IANS / Wednesday, January 2, 2013 18:27 IST Switzerland is the best place to be born in 2013, according to a list of nations with the best quality of life. India occupies a lowly 66th spot while Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh are at numbers 63, 75 and 77. People born in Switzerland will tend to be the happiest and have the best quality of life in terms of wealth, health and trust in public institutions, the Daily Mail cited the study by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), a sister company of The Economist, as saying. Nigeria is the w
  18. India bans journalistic activities on tourist visa Economic Times 2 Jan, 2013, 06.42PM IST, PTI NEW DELHI: India has banned journalistic activities by foreigners visiting the country on tourist visa. The order has been issued by the Home Ministry after noticing that foreigners coming on tourist visa are involved in coverage of events and other journalistic activities. "Tourist visa is not the appropriate visa for journalistic activities by the foreigners. Tourist visa is issued to foreigners who do not have residence or occupation in India and whose sole objective of visiting India i
  19. Indian Govt rejected United Nations stiff gender law Published: Tuesday, Jan 1, 2013, 9:30 IST While the country continues to clamour for tougher gender laws and protests over the death of the 23-year-old girl who was gang-raped in Delhi, the Indian government, while participating in the universal period review (UPR) meeting of the United Nations, rejected 23 women-related recommendations. The UPR, which comes under the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC), is a unique process held every four years to review the human rights records of all UN member states. The process which began in May, end
  20. Every woman in India is likely to have experienced some sexual harassment The Independent Ravitha Kao Monday 31 December 2012 You learn to not make eye contact with men, to avoid crowds, and to shield yourself with scarves and bags There is no simple explanation of what it is like to be a woman in India today. It depends on where you live, whether you are rich or poor, and on your caste. But every Indian woman has one thing in common: they have almost certainly experienced some kind of sexual harassment. If you are an Indian woman in a public space, you are forever on edge, looking
  21. Chinese daily blasts Indian system over rapes IANS Posted on Jan 01, 2013 at 05:33am IST Beijing: India's "inefficient and unequal democracy" cannot provide answers to social evils and that is why angry citizens are taking to the streets, an influential Chinese newspaper has said. "The Indian democratic system seemingly can't solve these problems but provides legitimacy for them," the Global Times said in a commentary after the death of a 23-year-old who had been gang-raped and tortured in Delhi. "India's democracy is now manipulated by a small number of elite and interest groups. Th
  22. Strengthen legal regime against rape in India: UN 1 January 2013 Press Trust of India UNHQ, 1 JAN: Expressing deep sadness at the death of 23-year-old Delhi gang-rape victim, UN human rights chief Navi Pillay asked the Indian government to strengthen the country's legal regime to get rid of the terrible scourge. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights said rape is a national problem in India, affecting women of all classes and castes and requires national solutions. Ms Pillay expressed deep sadness over the death of Delhi rape victim and said she joined Indians in all walks of life i
  23. I just had a thought after discovering many unseen pics of Sikh history and other Sikh texts which have been forgotten (just about) online, that there must have been Sikhs who stored Lala Jagat Narain's garbage and other anti-Sikh media reports in Indian newspapers somewhere. Pictures, videos, newspaper cuttings etc if someone has such material then can you please let me know? I will be very happy to receive such material to spread on social media etc. Especially any material related to controversial actions of Punjab Police etc.
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