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Found 6 results

  1. Guest

    Grief, doubt and paath

    Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji Fateh, My question is in relation to feeling scare of doing paath. I used to do paath regularly and do ardaas for my mother's health but she passed away. then I did not do paath for many years. I gathered my courage and started praying when my brother fell sick and he also passed away. Now I am very scared of doing paath. I want to do it but feel scared that something might go wrong. Is babaji angry with me? If not, then why did this happen and how can I deal with it?
  2. Guest

    Which Shabad to do

    Sadh Sangat Jio please can you tell me which Shabad I should do to ensure Waheguru Ji keeps my children safe and well. I am always worrying about them dying, coming in any sort of harm etc. Please help. Desperate mum.
  3. Ever since i was little I've always been scared of the dark and i still have to sleep with the light on cuz its scary and what if a monster or ghost is going to get me so i have to keep a look out for them. What do i do?
  4. Waheguru help us thru this weather.
  5. Guest

    Please Help Me... Paranioa

    Fateh Ji Can someone please help me out because i feel like im going crazy. I feel so so paranoid when i go outside. After hearing about the grooming programme and whats happening out there. i just feel so scared, especially when i see a Pakistani. I know this sound stupid but i just feel really scared. I dont understand why it has affected me in such a way?!?! but i just need guidance. I pray to Mahraj everyday and i also go to the gurdwara most days. I just dont know whats happening. The other day i thought someone was following me, my paranoia is playing up on me. I feel like im losing my mind. And then this therefore makes my anxiety worsen and it makes me depressed. Im finding it so difficult to live, my mind is messed up and i constantly fear God, even though this isnt what sikhi is about, its about love. Can someone please help me? Serious Answers Please WJKK WJKF
  6. Guest

    Dont Know What To Do?

    Well I grew my hair for 17 years.. and I feel like cutting it. I grew it long because of my mum and dad and cos they don't want me doing fashion or anything .. my dad cuts his hair, my mum grew her hair but because of age its not as long as mine. I cant paint my nails, do makeup, wear dresses/skirts. when I was young I could but as I grew up.. in yr6 things changed. I don't care about dresses or skirts or makeup. I feel like cutting my hair as its too long and cos im not religious im confused. my siblings had long hair but my bro and sis cut theres cos my bro couldn't handle his so my dad and mum allowed it and my sis cut it on the sly although she got told off. I feel like doing a fringe and cutting it back length..cos its longgggggggg like dragging. I cant do fashion hairstyles either. :Lol. I cant ask cos im scared. -.-aha what do you think?? I feel like painting my nails but like light colours not to daring as my mum and dad always have sed.. ur single so u shouldn't do much as people would look and blah blah.. I will be getting an arranged marriage. btw if u love someone..and they love u but there an diff caste how do u go on about it.. like I said arranged.
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