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  1. Every scripture has claimed itself to be from god , a divine revelation, revealed either through sages in deep meditation (as vedas claim to be) , or revealed through archangels (as in case of quran and other abrahamic scriptures) . Gurbani too claims to be divine word of god (dhur ki baani) revealed through the perfect gurus who were one with god. So ,it becomes evident the author of all these scriptures is ONE . And that entity goes by the name variously as Parbrahm/Allah/Yahweh/God/Waheguru Then why does one find harshness in SOME (not all or many) verses of quran, duality in ve
  2. Guest

    Your Holy Book

    Hi I am interested in how your Holy Book was written. Also that it is all meant to be chanted and sung i think? In contrast the Bible was written by many writers all inspired by the Holy Spirit whom we believe helps us to understand it once our minds and hearts belong to Christ. Jesus himself never wrote a word. Though the Bible is not sung, the Psalms especially have been used to make hymns. For me a huge part of worship is hymns, which i use also as prayers. When i read my Bible, i feel the power and holiness of God moving my soul and feeding me. Just as i am sure you do. We
  3. Guest


    Hi I am a new user. Excuse me that i am not sure i have got the tags or forum correct! I am very interested in your religion. I myself am a Christian. I believe open dialogue is healthy and indeed necessary between cultures. I would like to ask questions and am looking for what is written in your Holy Book. As i believe in all that is in my Bible and the teachings of Christ. A big subject is forgiveness. When accomplished it brings great peace. But is very hard to do! We all have pride and ego. Jesus teaches us Christians that if we ask forgiveness from our Heavenly Fathe
  4. While travelling through pakistan i came across these scriptures (pics attached) , can someone help me here with identifying these ? Are these of any historical or spiritual value to Sikhism ? (These are currently not in my possession, but with some Pakistani antique dealer) would it be worth getting these from him ? Any help translating these would be much appreciated !!
  5. I am looking for a good read on jivani of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur. Any recommendations please?
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