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Found 2 results

  1. Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ke fateh I always get up amritvela and do my nitnem. But latley i havent. i have been sick. I got the flu. My throat hurts. I usually like reciting nitnem out loud, so i can hear myself. Waking up amritvela is great. I love it. But....... Due to the medications i am unable to get up early .... and i sleep in. Instead of sitting, reciting and focusing on my nitnem, i am now listening to nitnem. I can't focus when im listening to nitnem on way to work. I feel like im missing out. I prefer sitting in my room and reciting it. I feel down all day because i didnt wake up for amritvela. Will this hurt my rehat? I will do ardaas and ask for forgiveness, i will do ardaas and ask guru ji to make me stronger at times like this. I feel like there is no excuse. I shouldve got up. I hope guru ji forgives me Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ke fateh
  2. Hi all. I've recently started feeling such a guilt and anger, because of things I do. I masturbate/watch porn, I am video game addict.... I really want to STOP doing these things, but I cant - I cant resist. Is there any way out? I've been meditating like year or so, but it havent helped me at all (I dont do it daily, just when Ill have "time"). I've felt such a peace, love and bliss and presence of guru (usually after meditation/listening shabads), but sometimes moment later I might find myself watching porn and "releasing some pressure". It hurts so much, I know that im doing wrong but I just cant get away from this!!!! ------------ I also have problem with my family. My family is christians, whole family even my sisters/brothers. My father has been long time pastor aswell. I've many times wanted to tell them that im really looking foward to be sikh, but everytime Im trying to say something - they start speaking about Jesus. That same Jesus who didnt help me trought depression, cutting and getting away from black metal (For some reason, Ive got myself away from these by reading guru granth sahib/meditating and listening shabads - but still struggling with porn etc...) Anyway, Id appreciate if you guys would give me some tips, especially on how to stop my addictions. - Thanks
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