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Found 3 results

  1. Wjkk Wjkf! Sangatj ji what does Gurbani say about babies being vulnerable to bad spirits? My family usually doesn't pay much heed to things related to the supernatural or superstitions, but since a baby has been born in my family, I've noticed they do after all believe in such things to some extent. For example, putting a black and white bracelet on the babies wrist, keeping jal from a historical Gurdwara at home and sprinkling it sometimes, beliefs such as not to go near and touch the baby without washing hands and face if you've just come from outside as you could have the "hawa" which could transfer onto the baby, and doing Jaap Sahib when the baby seems very distressed and won't stop crying (I've seen this one work). Very curious to know your points of view. Looking forward to your responses. Thanks! Wjkk Wjkf!
  2. I am just curious regarding Sikhi, I am not having doubts and such. I mean questioning is a healthy thing as our entire religion was caused due to Guru Nanak Dev Ji questioning the superstition of the Hindu practices such as the worshipping of idols, sacrifices, and caste discrimination; however, I found that there are contradictions to this as people claim of miracles that Guru Nanak Dev Ji squeezed Milk and Blood from the Roti. Managed to capture a giant boulder with his one hand, and turn a bitter nut to sweet for Bhai Mardana. Another issue was that most of these miracles were written decades after his death and were composed as Janamshakis. Which is why I am concerned that Sikhism is going at a wrong path with people not understanding the truth and logic within Sikhi. I understand the reason why it happened since we abandoned our Gurudwara's, fleeing from Mughal forces while the Udasi's or Hindu Mahants took control of it. I feel that is the reason why we follow these fake superstitions due to these Brahmins as in the 1900s. There were reports of Brahmins picking up water and spitting it, women couldn't go inside and such. This issue still happens in the Golden Temple as we still pour milk on the floors. The milk can be used for starving children, and these are the exact same practices that the Mahants did. Another issue is with the Nihangs who do a lot of things that are against Sikhism. Such as sacrificing goats, worshipping weapons, and getting high on "bhang". Isn't this the exact same stuff that these Hindu's do. We also put garlands on the portraits of our Guru's which is blatant idolatry. I believe yes, we should respect the Guru's, but not through false rituals. We also do the exact same ritualistic things with the SGGS by putting it to "Bed", covering it with clothes and such. We are pretty much worshipping it as an idol. It appears that Sikhism has been influenced heavily by these Mahants. I understand that Kala Afghana is a controversial figure in the Sikh community, he has a lot of true points that Sikhism has been corrupted by "Brahmanvad". I feel that if we don't deal with these issues an entire generation of Sikhi will be left in doubt and confusion. Also, when I was a younger kid. My parents used to tell me not to eat meat on Tuesdays which is also a Hindu superstition. Here are some quotes regarding superstition and rituals in Sikhi. ਰੋਗੁ ਭਰਮੁ ਭੇਦੁ ਮਨਿ ਦੂਜਾ ॥ रोगु भरमु भेदु मनि दूजा ॥ Rog bẖaram bẖeḏ man ḏūjā. The mind is diseased with doubt, superstition and duality. ਆਚਾਰੀ ਨਹੀ ਜੀਤਿਆ ਜਾਇ ॥ आचारी नही जीतिआ जाइ ॥ Ācẖārī nahī jīṯi▫ā jā▫e. Through ritual actions, God cannot be won over; As you know these threads have been made a bunch of times, but I hope that the younger generations like me will realize, as I am 16 myself.
  3. It is always particularly disturbing for me to see a sikh go to any other religious place except a gurudwara . I don't wish to sound fanatic , but the way some (or many?) sikhs go to hindu mandirs , esp durga is particularly disturbing. When you have contact with CEO , would you butter a manager ? nopes. when our guru showed us the path to true parbrahm waheguru , then why do we go to the hindu devi devte who're mere creations of waheguru ji . You would never see a muslim or christian or even a buddhist visit a hindu mandir ? why then it is our sikhs who go and bow to the idols of durga in mandirs when Guru Gobind Singh ji in his zaffarnama clearly stated "I vanquished the vicious hill chiefs, they were idol-worshippers and I am idol-breaker." (verse 95) In tav prasad chaupai Guru sahib says "Anhad roop anahad baani . Charan Saran jeh basat bhavani" (Lord's form is limitless and speech is unstruck sound . In his feet, even the goddess durga (bhavani) takes refuge) How foolish of a sikh to go and worship idol of someone who herself has taken a refuge in the feet of the lord ? How can such sikhs even justify it ? BTW , the guy I am specifically talking about is half-hindu in the sense that maybe his mom is hindu and so is his wife. He keeps a turban and trimmed beard. But , its not about HIM alone. There're many such people in our community who has more sharda on this created hindu devi devte than the shabad Guru. Its disgusting beyond words .
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