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  1. https://www.betterhelp.com/advice/parenting/what-is-a-toxic-mother-and-how-does-she-affect-relationships/ Link is about abusive relationship you may or may had been in but never knew? There is direct abuse; negligence, rape, hitting kids. Then there is indirect abuse; constant criticism, over involvement, frowning on kids' decisions, constant emotional blackmail until kids' give in to parent's choices, NEVER appreciative of your own kids, constantly going on about other kids and how they are successful, making your kids feel unworthy, telling them "You can't do/ cope." Me and
  2. Fateh, It's that time again where I bang on about how to treat your kids! Why? Me and my sis have been brought up in children / mother toxic relationship. My sis n ma have extreme little communication with one another. When my sis is in trouble she may tell dad but NEVER to Ma. If your kids are aged 5-16 you should show them encouragement and support in wha they're doing. If they did something great express it. If they're wrong or feel like failures encourage them, give em hope. YES u can be strict. YES u can be stern. But if u fail to show support to your kids and make them feel w
  3. I've just recently gotten into Sikhi, and need help dealing with a problem at home. I don't know what to do. My brother recently had his "gf" move into our home. She is not an apne, she is Muslim. She always makes rude remarks towards me, if I tell her to do one simple thing she will over exaggerate everything to my brother who will then yell at me, and sometimes even resort to violence. I barely talk now a days. She also steals my clothes and shoes, because she knows I can't do anything about it. I told my parents about it and they don't care. It just saddens me, and ever since she came I hav
  4. By toxic I do not mean verbal, neglect NOR physical. I mean down talking to your kids, criticising them at an early age, ridiculing them, thinking EVERY decisions of your kid's decisions is cheap and just wrong cause it not YOUR way... Growing up in a toxic mum - son and (her daughter) relationship I've seen it! Okay, money was not an issue, we never got abused but we were given the wrong treatment. From an early age my mother believed me and my sister would never achieve anything. My poor elder sister probably bore the brunt of my mother's abuse! Every month. Today my sister is kind of a wrec
  5. The powdered spices you buy from the shops are known to be adulterated with toxic, disease causing chemicals. Why take the risk? These are just some common examples: 1. Haldi/Turmeric powder - can contain carcinogenic, organotoxic melanil yellow (azo dye) and lead chromate (paint). 2, Red chilli powder- lead oxide - carcinogenic 3. Cinnamon is adulterated with cassia bark - carcinogenic, hepatotoxic, neurotoxic. Buy whole ceylon cinnamon instead. Solution: It is safer to buy the spices whole and powder them at home. Store bought powders are easily adulterated an
  6. We are taught that breast cancer most commonly occurs in the upper outer quadrant and this is precisely the location closest to which deodorant is applied. This thought came to me many years ago and since then I've looked at the research and delved more closely into the ingredients of underarm cosmetics. You won't be surprised to again find these products full of the same culprits : carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, irritants to name but 3 of their properties. Literally, you can take your pick. Pick up your deodorant and google each ingredient on the label to see what you are putting in
  7. Drinking the purest water which is free from toxic chemicals is what we should all be doing, but sadly this isn't the case. People in the West Midlands and other areas have had their water supplies compromised with Fluoride which is an industrial waste byproduct. Fl is a potent neurotoxin,carcinogen, endocrine disruptor. Even in non-fluoridated areas, tap water is laced with toxins like Al, Pb, Cl, Hg, As, pesticides, PCBs, aromatic hydrocarbons, pharmaceuticals etc. So what are the solutions? 1. The best thing to do, if you are able to, is to collect water from a natura
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