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Found 6 results

  1. Guest

    Dad verbally abusing mum

    My dad occasionally gets angry with my mum in arguments (and they always argue) and resorts to swearing at her and shouting her and my mum is defenseless. And he has in the pas the gone for me and tried to hit me when I was a lot younger. I'm amritdhari now so I have to be conscious of my actions and words. Usually when my dad does this I listen it and the first time he shouts I'll allow it but after 2 times I go and intervene but then he starts getting angry and shouts at me and at this point he looks like he's about to nuts. If has a go at me Idc but if he's having a go at my mum or sister or whoever then I can't see that happen. Can I have a go at him in return if the situation plays itself out or not? thanks sangat jio
  2. VJKK VJKF! Quick question Sangat Ji, I have being doing parkamaya from left to right (Maharaaj Ji's Saroop being on my right side) most of my life when doing Guru Sahibs darshan. I have noticed that some do it from right to left (opposite direction). Mainly noticed that it is usually Nihung Singhs/Singhniya. What is the correct marayada if any? I ask because someone I have known for years recently changed the direction they do it in and it got me thinking. Thank you ji Akaal
  3. Guest

    Confused To Do Paat?

    Well i've got this urge of doing paat! - i wanna do it and feel like doing it to refresh the mind and get closer to God. I eat meat/fish (whenever), me and my family buy meat/fish and we have acohol in the house. I wanna try and set days of consuming meat/fish, i do wanna (in time) stop eating meat..fish maybe. Anywho, we have Gutkeh in our house in the top room, we cleaned our house and moved things.. and we had acohol in that room and we moved it in my room ( we had a wedding! ) And in the back of my mind it sprung to me that when i do Kirtan Sohila ( you do it just before u go sleep, in bed ) that i have acohol in my room. I dont want this to set me back, as i wanted to do paat ages before but issues and feelings have took over the situation dissapointed to say! I wanna try and wake up before i need to leave the house and do Japji Sahib..do it before breakfast. Question's - Say if its too cold and i cant be asked to have a shower and choose to do paat is that forbidden? - Is it ok to do it a 7.00am? 7.30am? - Am i suppose to do Ardass after? When i comeback i wanna do Rehrass, my mum listens to it on telly, but i wanna try and read it. Question's - what time are you suppose to do it? - what if i eat fish/meat outside, can i still do it? -Am i suppose to do Ardass after? ^.^ Japji Sahib and Rehrass i would be doing in the top room..which leave's Kirtan Sohila?? btw we keep shoes in the top room we dont want, so we can give them to charity, is that a sin? ( as we keep the Gutkeh there ) btw does anyone know a really good websites that do Kirtan Sohila, Mool Mantar, Chaupi Sahib, Ardass translations on posters? Also what is the difference between Mool Mantar, Chaupi Sahib and Ardass and when is the best time to do Chaupi Sahib and Mool Mantar?? Thankyou, please help me expand my knowledge in paat.
  4. Guest

    Dealing with guilt

    Fateh I was at school and my friends were gossiping. They asked me stuff (about guys etc) and I told them new gossip and what else I knew about boys in my class and now I feel bad because we talked very rude. I am amtishaki and talked rude-very rude :no: How do I overcome this guilt. I can't say that I feel uncomfortable talking like that because I will probably get laughed at and have no friends. I will try and avoid it now but do I have to do anything like peshi .I have asked for muaafi in ardas.
  5. Guest

    clothes in Gurdwara

    In my view it is wrong to wear leggigns, skin tight jeans and short tops, low neck to the gurdvara. When i had this conversation before, thet argue that Sinhgs shouldn't wear western clothing wither but i do not agree with that. It is okay if a Sing does but girls seriously shold wear loose-ish clothes that do not reveal.
  6. WJKK WJKF Brothers and sisters I need your help, I fear I am leaving the path of righteousness. I have a muslim friend and he keeps telling me about Islam and it all just seems to make sense. He told me that Guru Nanak dev ji was a muslim and went to Mecca, is this true?!! He also said in Islam only muslims go to heaven, but in Sikhism it says you just need to be a good person. Is any of this true, I need to know before its too late!
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