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Found 2 results

  1. To celebrate Vaisakhi and commemorate the Amritsar Massacre that set alight the flames of justice in the panth and gave birth to the dharam yudh morcha. Akhand Kirtani Jatha UK invites you to join sangat from all over the world for the 19th Annual International Akhand Kirtan Smagam. Many Kirtani Jathas and sevadaars from around the world will be taking part in kirtan seva. Giani Pinderpal Singh (Kathakaar) will also be attending the smagam. All programs at: Sri Guru Singh Sahba Gurdwara, Princess Street, Derby, DE23 8NT Monday 14th April - Wednesday 16th April 2014: Sri Akhand Patth Sahib: 10am Arambh - 5.30pm Bhog followed by: Rehras Sahib followed by Akhand Kirtan: 5.30pm-9pm Thursday 17th April 2014: Asa Di Vaar Kirtan: 6-10am Rehras Sahib & Akhand Kirtan: 5.30PM-9pm Friday 18th April 2014: Asa Di Vaar Kirtan: 6-10am Rehras Sahib & Akhand Kirtan: 5.30PM-9pm Saturday 19th April 2014: Asa Di Vaar Kirtan: 6-10am Akhand Kirtan: 7.30pm-12am Sunday 20th April 2014: Akhand Kirtan: 8am-11am followed by Mahan Panthic Conference Reansabai Keertan: 6:00pm-5:00am Other Information Please note Amrit Sanchar on Saturday 19th April 5PM 
 Accommodation has been arranged for the whole Smagam. Bibian accommodation has been specially arranged. For further details, contact Bhai Bhupinder Singh on 07719225401 Bibiaa and family accommodation will be catered for contact Bh. Bhupinder Singh Special exhibitions will be on display in National Sikh Museum covering history from the Guru Khalsa Panths, the 1978 Shaheedi Saka, Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh and the ghadar movement - Amrit Sanchar Information - - Saturday 19th April 5PM - Wear 5 Kakaars, including Keski and Dastaar. The colours for Keski and Dastaar are Blue, Black, Basanti/Orange and White. Wear Gurmukhi Baana. Males should not wear Pajaami while females should wear Pajaami. Bibiyaan who wear a suit, must ensure that the suit is plain and loose. Kirpan must be made of Sarbloh and held in Gaatra. Kachhera must be White only 
 Karra must be made of Sarbloh All Abhilaakhis must come after Body & Kesh Ishnaan, please ensure Dastar and Bana are 'sucha'. 5 Kakaars Will be provided as free Seva if needed Note – It is strongly advised all New Abhilaakhis should do 2 hours Mool Mantra Jaap & 7 Baniaa in preparation for Amrit. (Ideally starting months before) All Abhilaakhis should sit and listen to the Akhand Paath Sahib & attend the Keertan Divans
  2. Disclaimer in advance - Daas does not want to offend anyone with this post ,just humbly discussing what I have seen on many occassions. People usually have Akhand Path on two occassions - before a wedding and upon someone's Akaal chalana. On Both occassions (especially during weddings) while path is going on people are busy with their own affairs and hardly anyone is listening to the mechanical recitation of the pathis (who do it more as a job rather than with love / devotion) - pathis also doze off while reciting especially in the night hours When we bring SGGS home it is like - 6 Gurus and all other bhagats and bhats have come to your home to tell you how to live your life and be one with akaal purakh, but alas we find it too boring - isnt that a bedbi ? The other question is about the tradition itself - 72 hours of path is a very difficult undertaking - gurbani very strongly emphasizes "Sehaj" - meaning in order to attain parmatma we do not need to suffer - Änn na khaya swad gavaya , Vastra na pehre ahnis kehre Also mere recitaiton of Gurbani to me is like rinsing your mouth with this elixiir , when it was meant to be taken in and absorbed. Paaths held in grudwara are no better - things have gotten so bad in Brampton area that when you go to gurughar - the management people ask "tusi paath karauna hai ke keeta karay laina hai ". - What next Gurdwaras offering drive through Akhand path sevas ? I would like to order one akhand path and one ardaas for putar - that will be 800 $ ji . If we truely want we should start a sehaj path that might take 5-6 months before the wedding or after someone's demise and try to understand as much arth as we can.
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