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Found 3 results

  1. I am pretty skeptical that sikhs cant follow, since islam and sikhi are so different but I was still pondering. When growing up in the 90s it was very common to see muslim men in kurta pajama and women in burqa . However seeing the growing modernization in their young generation and the arab fancy among subcontinental muslims , they have become even more kattad or should i say modest in their clothing sense. And to attract youth to it , they have opened up so many stores and brands that try to hybridize the old fashioned boring islamic wear -- ankle length gowns for men and burqa for women into something much more fashion savvy . And thats attracting youngsters for sure. Its not an uncommon sight nowadays , when I pass by muslim colonies to see their young population in islamic wear whose purpose originally was just to be a modest clothing but has nowadays become more of a fashion statement. Dressed in ankle-length long robes that ironically have standing collars , and cuffs, look like someone plagiarized it from a shirt . And they put nice colors on it , sometimes contrasting . Certainly the "thobe" as they called it became less a piece of modest clothing for muslim men or something that arabs wore as an ill-fitting robe in hot desert to something that the muslims like to fancy and wear as a middle ground between fashion and their faith. Ironically though, most muslim men will not wear the red-white checkered head wrap on their head because as they said it restricts their head movement. Women are not far with their colorful abayas with intricate embroideries, lattices and glittery diamond baubles. Makes me wonder are they wearing those dresses for modesty or infact it defeats the purpose. Whatever it maybe, it has led to much more arabization among muslims . And making it look fashionable ensures the young generation also prefers it , even if just on friday. I am wondering if sikhs should follow suit with their kurta pajame , as muktsari suit has become although i think its quite tight-fitting . What about baana ? but certainly baana without turban will look very weird. Challenge would be to attract sikhi youth to turban by modernizing it .
  2. Vjkf Vjkf!! Does anybody know of any Baana (chowla) makers near Birmingham?? Please private message any contact details. Thanks.
  3. Guest

    Baana Or Graduation Gown

    Vjkk vjkf! Got graduation ceremony....sangat jee...it wud b gr8 to wear a baana with kesri dastaar mayb with gown on top. Is this ok? is it ok to wear gown like this? Any suggestions what to wear khalsajee?
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