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  1. https://vimeo.com/160999908
  2. At the grand age of 104 and still running, Fauja Singh has become a living legend in the UK. When he ran the London Marathon a few years ago at the age of 101, the BBC even made a short film on him. Fauja Singh was born in Jalandhar, Punjab, in 1911. As a child, his legs were thin and weak and he could barely walk long distances. But in late 80s, after feeling "more dead than alive" after the death of his wife and one son, he took up marathon running. "Running showed me kindness and brought me back to life by making me forget all my traumas and sorrows," he told CNN. In 2004, Fauja Singh featured in an ad campaign for Adidas alongside David Beckham and Muhammad Ali. In July 2012, Fauja Singh carried the Olympic torch. He was awarded an British Empire Medal (BEM) in the 2015 for services to sport and charity. Earlier this year, photographer Zohaib Ali managed to take a few portrait photographs of Mr Singh at a wedding. They were so beautifully done that they went viral on the internet. So he turned those photos into a portrait album memento and presented them to Fauja Singh at a special event. The reaction was just heartwarming and wonderful (at 4m 25 seconds). http://bendit.tv/30 https://vimeo.com/130424711
  3. Today is Birthday of a legend Sardar Fauja Singh ji Age 102 now.. He is the oldest marathon runner in the world (World record holder) & many more. We are proud of u... Famously known as - Turbaned Tornado, Running Baba & Sikh Superman SIKH Gurudwaras Worldwide Fauja Singh Turns 102 He earlier this year Set the Record for the Oldest Marathon Runner In History Undoubtedly, One of the Greatest Sikhs Ever, An Inspiration to All. Eat Healthy, Exercise, Jaapo Naam. —
  4. Great inspiration to Sikhs and others, always be remembered Article: By Jay Singh-Sohal, Sky News Producer The world's oldest marathon runner, Fauja Singh, is retiring after his final race in Hong Kong. The 101-year-old said he felt sad quitting competitive events but his age had finally caught up with him and he wanted to end on a high. Speaking in Punjabi, through his interpreter and trainer of 13 years Harmander Singh, the great-great-grandfather from Ilford, east London, said he is worried about what will happen when he stops running. He said: "I fear that people will no longer love me. At the moment, everyone loves me - I hope nobody will forget or ignore me." Mr Singh ran as a torchbearer at the London Olympics Nicknamed the Turbaned Tornado, Mr Singh began running at the age of 89 after moving to the UK from India to be with his family after the death of his wife and a son. At the time he needed a new focus in life. Since then, he has completed nine 42km (26-mile) marathons in London, Toronto and New York. In Hong Kong he competed in the 10km race on marathon day, which has a record 72,000 participants in different categories. Mr Singh, who turns 102 in April, said: "I feel that I must retire on a high. I will not stop running, but will do it for my personal health." Last year, Mr Singh ran as a torchbearer during the London Olympics. But despite being widely held as the world's oldest marathon runner, Guinness World Records have refused to certify him because he does not have a birth certificate. Mr Singh, whose name means soldier in Punjabi, said there were no birth certificates in rural Punjab when he was born. He aims to continue running his 16km a day to stay in shape - and inspire more people to keep fit. Source: http://news.sky.com/story/1056152/worlds-oldest-marathon-runner-retires-at-101
  5. PTI | Jan 18, 2013, 09.35 PM IST "I am enjoying it. The adulation keeps me motivated," said Fauja Singh. (PTI Photo) MUMBAI: The world's oldest runner Fauja Singh (101) will be participating in the 10th Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon on Sunday in what could be his first and last appearance in the city. Singh, who lives in London, will participate in the 4.3 km event for senior citizens. He would turn 102 in April. He said he will retire after the Hong Kong Marathon of February 24. "I am enjoying it. The adulation keeps me motivated," he told reporters here. Known as 'Turbaned Tornado', Singh took up the sport when he was in his eighties after moving to London. "Every bit of money that has been raised is for charity. Whether marathons or local religious tournaments, all the raised funds will go to charity. This is what has kept me blessed and healthy. "My son, who lives in England, has been my source of inspiration. We were seeing a marathon once and I wondered why the people were running aimlessly.... "I decided to run my first 20 kms in the London Marathon in 1992 under the training of my coach Harmander Singh ... today, I view life differently," the centenarian s
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