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  1. Why cannot we as a religion decide to have Gurpurabs and other occasions one the same day every year. No one knows when Christ was born but Christians decided to celebrate it on 25th December and stuck to the same date. We are always saying we are a unique religion and we need our own calendar which does not change dates of Gurpurabs every year.
  2. Will Sikhs ever have their own calendar or they will for ever be forced to follow the Hindu calendar?
  3. Who told you the fairy tale that " Sikhs would kill people who did nindya of Guru ji, his bani and shaheeds"
  4. Well whatever they are doing is definitely working as there are now more than 1.8 billion of them in the world today.
  5. In Muslims though even a non Muslim male has to convert to Islam before he can marry a Muslim female. Their fundamentals are very clear as compared to our lot. That is also one of the reasons of our declining population.
  6. On the other hand Sikhs marry non Sikhs who don't convert to Sikhism causing confusion in the next generations who are confused about their religion.
  7. When earlier I used to hear this phrase - " Chardi Kala" which for me at that time just meant, forward and upwards of a religious call! Upon some research on the phrase "Chardi Kala..." Further reading on the net(sikhiwiki) , led to find the following / appropriate for 2021 explanations. Chardi Kala means: - High spirits - Ever progressive - Always cheerful - Perennially blossoming - Unwilting spirit - Mind that never despairs - Mind that never admits defeat and refuses to be crushed by adversities - Perpetual state of certitude - Confidence in the ultimate victory of Truth over falsehood - Intensely energized - Ever–ascending state of the spirit As the curtains close on this Historic Year, here's wishing you "Chardi Kala " for 2021.
  8. And our religion ever propagates hunger strikes or fasting as forms of protests.
  9. Suicide is never condoned in our religion. And how can you even compare with the sacrifice of Guru Tegh Bahadur.
  10. Dont compare someone who could not deal with the challenges of life and took his own life. What an illogical comparison.
  11. What's wrong with that name. We have given Sikh names to our children and in some schools they went they were the only Sikhs in the whole school. If any child dared to bully them we were in the Principal's office making sure that the issue was dealt with immediately. Their Sikh identity and names did not stop them to excel at school and also become Student leaders. Like I said it totally depends upon the parents to lead by example and show them what Sikhi means in daily life.
  12. Well one needs the moral values and strength which comes from the knowledge of Sikhi which can help one to take no crap from no one. In today's times when there is much more awareness of human rights those parents have no excuse to teach their children the Basics of Sikhi and giving them Sikh names and teach them their mother tongue. But as they suffer from inferiority complex they just don't want their children to know about their rich heritage and history and just want to grow up as sheep. This will and is already have a very detrimental effect on our younger generation who are neither here nor there with their identity.
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