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  1. You are again being repeating yourself by posting another joke of a reply. Lots of immigrants around the world are proud to be multilingual as compared to some confused people who forget about their roots and think everyone is like them.
  2. India but one of my children was born here. We as parents ensured that he learnt to speak Punjabi and he is very fluent in his mother tongue.
  3. What a joke of a reply. Instead of trying to realize the importance of saving mother languages, you want people not to move from their place of origin
  4. This is shocking news In a shocking act of censorship, social networking sites Facebook and Instagram have blocked the #Sikh hashtag on their platforms, while Sikhs worldwide commemorate the atrocities committed against Sikhs in India in June 1984. #NeverForget1984 Read more: https://t.co/dXD2YtnKUb
  5. Behave yourself on this forum and do not talk nonsense about our mother language. Every language should be respected but the mother language has to be given the most respect and any one who dares to insult the mother language should not be tolerated and allowed to do that.
  6. Why are you giving publicity to a shameful action which was his personal choice for which he should have kept his trap shut.
  7. Why make a song and dance about it
  8. What have these towers to do with Covid 19?
  9. For your poor information, Sikhs when they joined the pommies to be their slave soldiers had all the weapon training and still did nothing to get their kingdom back from the pommies.
  10. Will they ever learn though? I don't think so. Stop blaming Hindus for your follies.
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