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  1. Both USA and UK are in a bad shape because of the clowns in power there. President Clown called it a hoax. PM Clown went everywhere shaking hands.
  2. This is fake news. Please take this post down and stop spreading such nonsense on this forum.
  3. Sikhs have no effective leadership Sikhs still follow anti Sikh practices like caste system etc. Sikhs have failed to convert others to their religion
  4. It is a failure of Sikhs. No person donated nothing. It is like I said before one of the most shameful day in the history of the Panth.
  5. What do you mean gursangat needs to bla bla bla. No one came to do anything for Bhai Sahib and his body has already been cremated without any respect.
  6. Another shameful day in our history wherein the last rites for Bhai Sahib were denied at the Verka cremation grounds and their grounds were locked to prevent the cremation. Despite Panth dardi Sikhs offering their land and even their own houses for the cremation, Bhai Sahib was unceremoniously cremated in a field by the authorities. SGPC WAS MISSING IN ACTION ONCE AGAIN!
  7. Bhai Nirmal Singh ji Hazoori ragi Darbar Sahib passed away today a day after he was diagnosed with Covid 19. This is a big loss for the Panth. May the Almighty bless his soul and give strength to rest of the family and his listeners worldwide to bear this loss. https://www.google.com/amp/s/m.hindustantimes.com/cities/bhai-nirmal-singh-passes-away-day-after-testing-positive-for-covid-19/story-jQUzjUCcp6VzKLU9W5riVN_amp.html
  8. Hope it doesn't happen in India and stops everywhere else in the world. Praying for Sabat da Bhala.
  9. Unfortunately we had our first death due to COVID 19 in NZ today.
  10. And how is your intelligent ( opposite) question related to the this post about the massacre? Are you always that intelligent or is it a special day today?
  11. How incredulous is that instead of showing sympathy for the victims and suggesting ways to alleviate the suffering of the survivors and families some posters are just writing cr@p here, making them a laughing stock of people who would be reading the main website of the Sikhs.
  12. Why are people finding it hard to stay inside? Are them just dumb or what?
  13. Akal Takht Sahib should intervene and use its resources to get thse Sikhs out of Afghanistan.
  14. And how is that related to this massacre? Victim blaming much.
  15. Heartrending news. All the Sikhs should leave Afghanistan immediately to go to India, Canada any other better country which is ready to accept them.
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