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  1. Anyone got Guru Nanak's shabads with English translation which can be used for a presentation in relation to His teachings and their relevance to today.
  2. Thank you so much. How many parts are there? Please send me the links of those too.
  3. As part of the 550th Prakash Utsav of Guru Nanak, I request Sikh Sangat to share the revolutionary messages given by Guru Nanak on this forum. These can be used to educate people from other religions and communities about Guru Nanak's glory. For example, how he liberated his followers from the shackles of blind faith in empty rituals like fasting, escaping to jungles and gave inspiration to find God while leading a family life. Quotes from His bani with English translation would be most welcome. If someone can share a power point presentation about this, I would be extremely grateful.
  4. Exactly and not caste based leaders as suggested by few. The problem is there is no one at present who can be our leader. This lack of able leadership is proving very dangerous for our Panth.
  5. Sikhs today don't have not a single leader who is respected by all sections. This vacuum doesn't look it is going to filled up soon too. What are your thoughts on this issue?
  6. May the Almighty bless his soul and give strength to rest of the family to bear this loss.
  7. Pakistan has been waging a proxy war against India in Kashmir as it has no chance of victory by waging a conventional war. Even during the Kargil conflict Pakistan lied about freedom fighters having entered Indian side of LOC. Later on Pakistan had to publicly admit it is a terrorist state when it was proven that it was their army which had infiltrated the borders. The humiliating defeat Pakistan suffered is something they can never forget. Our bravehearts gave the ultimate sacrifice to win this war and all previous wars against Pakistan.
  8. Still that dogra was an employee of the Khalsa Empire.
  9. That was based on division by language. The Punjabi Suba movement. No comparison can be made between scenarios.
  10. They were not fighting for 70 years. They only started fighting when Pakistan started meddling in there to revenge the making of Bangladesh. Hope there is everlasting peace now.
  11. Good joke of a post. Where are the greater Sikhs land to which India can return Kashmir Jammu and Ladakh to? Go back to school and find out that the Sikh lands were conquered way back by the pommies.
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