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  1. Very sad news. Hope all the remaining Sikhs left in Afghanistan can leave that country.
  2. Great work brother. Abusive language was being used by a few users here. I always report such unsocial behavior on our site. Humble request to remove me from QC.
  3. Well the borders have not broken. Ask your mahapurakh for a new date.
  4. Lol wonder how long I will be on this? There must be an end date to this.
  5. Any more jokes you want to share here that you are not casteist. Your kind are full of themselves and are responsible for the division amongst Sikhs.
  6. The mother( parents) have to teach their mother language to their children, that's why it is called mother language, not the grandparents. The prime place where there is an opportunity to speak Punjabi is one's house where PARENTS are proud of their mother language and teach it to their children.
  7. Lots of parents from self respecting communities make their children speak their mother language but most Punjabis are ashamed of their own language and hence don't teach it to their kids.
  8. Still the same problem that parents just don't want to teach or speak Punjabi to their children.
  9. They were not riots it was a state sponsored genocide against Sikhs. Terrorists who killed innocent bus passengers could never have been Sikhs.
  10. This article shows how Sikhs have failed to stop conversion. https://asiasamachar.com/2021/11/09/41253/
  11. It's clearly a conspiracy by the agencies to now finish off the farmers protest as well as create a backlash against Sikhs.
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