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Found 2 results

  1. Eye opening documentary about how farming and meat industry are destroying the planet. cattle actually release more greenhouse gasses than all public transport combined. more trees have been cut down in the amazon rain forest for cattle ranching than any thing else. there are 200 million cows in the amazon rain forest, plus rain forest being destroyed to grow crops to feed the cows. a lot of these cows/beef is also transported to the UK. tons and tons of fish are being caught every year to be fed to the pigs and chicken in these farms to fatten them up which in result has created unbalance in the oceans, penguins in south africa are now starving to death because of the big drop in fish in the ocean. the pig poo from the farms is released into the sea through water ways, but because of the bacteria and other stuff in its poo it creates a thick green layer of muck on top of the sea and the levels of oxygen drop which in result kills everything that lives under the water, biologically those parts of the sea are dead! also the condition of these animals in the farms is disgusting! i saw another documentary where the chickens are fattened up and with 7 weeks they are fully grown overweight chickens, a lot of them cant carry their own body weight so they cant walk, as they are fattened up faster than they should be their bones and organs collapse and they die. cows are continuously made pregnant and baby male cows are sent to the slaughter houses as they are of no use. the whole thing is a business and messed. i watched this other documentary about how farming and meat industry is causing more damage to the planet than anything else, including the amazon rain forest, many activists including a nun were shot blank by the government in brazil for raising the issue. many sites will tell you that the lead cause for the destruction of forests is, cutting down trees for housing, wood, palm tree oil etc but the main cause is actually cattle ranching for the slaughter houses, but people who have raised this issue have either been shot or threatened. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000bqsh/meat-a-threat-to-our-planet
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    WJKK WJKF important: There will come a time when bric nations will decide to unite together and built a central bank stronger than the IMF which poses a threat to the west. West ignite a war which will go nuclear in panic. Once one country has used it will be used an excuse for the 'full planetary destruction'. This is the fate of the humanity because of their collective karma.
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