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  1. YouTube videos about him knowing this kid for a long time have been deleted by YouTube aswell Think YouTube released a statement a short while back about they gnna start deleting videos which do not meet their terms and conditions. Their all in on it together.
  2. Its obvious that other people in the business already knew all this. Amanda Holdens tweet and then Joan Collins in that interview even says that everyone already knew he was gay but what is the reason for him to come out at this time, she obviously was hinting something here and then peirce morgan quickly changes the convo.
  3. Governments use media/celebs to spread their agenda/narrative? Just like how government is trying to spread LGBTQ stuff in schools and most celebs are supporting it.
  4. No inquiry has been registered against him it probabaly never will till a couple of years time or when hes dead!
  5. I used to watch cbbc as a kid on the bbc. So hes probabaly been at it for a while! And normally every1 in the business knows yet no1 says a thing. Basically they all are protected. My mum has seen him in real life in the 80s because he visited my cousin primary school back then in Wolverhampton. So he obviously used to visit schools as well.
  6. Kharku wedding 1992
  7. Rumours about this stuff have been going around for some time. With people like Jimmy savile, Ralph Harris etc There seems to be another one coming to light. Those from the uk would probably know about a tv presenter called Philip Schofield. Hes a presenter on "this morning" a breakfast show on the ITV. About a month ago he came out as a gay man despite being married to a woman for 27 yrs with 2 daughters! And everyone did the whole rubbish "so proud of you" "brave man" bla bla. Anyway shorty after he came out, claims started spreading that he actually came out because he was in a secret relationship with a 18 yr old guy who worked for the ITV but then broke up with Philip schofield, the guy then threatened to go to the Sun newspaper and spill the tea. Philip then quickly decided to come out on tv b4 the boy could sell his story to the papers. The thing is its now known that philip Schofield has known this guy since the guy was around 10 yrs old! And has even been pictured with him! Theres been a lot of talk about it on twitter and social media. Philip then at one point claimed he 1st met the lad when he was 18 but a photo was released of philip pictured with the boy much younger than 18! My point is its no secret what these media tv personalities get up to but the channels they work for and powerful people in the business cover them up. Look at the case of Jimmy savile the BBC covered his pedophilia for decades. I dnt understand why they do this. Ralph Harris is another 1. Philip Schofield will probably get away with this for some time. It's also interesting how that in his coming out interview he really stresses on how it was his decision and no one made him come out! I think more stuff is gnna come out about this man. It makes you wonder how many more pedos are there working for british tv. Watch this video do you reckon hes a pedo? My mum said he used to be on tv even in the 80s! And used to visit schools!
  8. Yes, these days we call them thots lol Every1 sees them as easy maal. Even communities that's have no link with punjabis. Sometimes at work they used to have a shortage of security so the managers used to ask me to be security and stand by the door. Within our store we used to have a cafe. I was standing there with one of the paki security guys and this Turkish man from Turkey who used to be a regular at the cafe came over to us and started chatting. While chatting to us some pakistani girl walked past and he pointed her out to the paki guy I was standing with and said how shes been with every black man in town. He then was like how hes noticed asian women love black men, he then looked at me and said theres a sikh girl who goes to the shisha lounge he goes to and that shes really light skinned and pretty and shes with a black man, he also pointed out how she wears a "sikh bangle" and he pointed at mine. he then said a asian guy went up to her once and asked her out and she whacked the shisha pipe at him etc I just stood there listening, what more can you do ... Even the odd Turkish chaps in town know about their behaviour. Kanjria
  9. Punjabi women collapsed long back. No one takes them seriously nomore, and we all know what men of other communities think of them. Only matter of time when we gnna see lots of men starting to marry outside the community dnt blame them.
  10. Yrs ago my "friend" at work asked me if I would consider converting to islam. He was a Moroccan low life thug that had been jail with serious anger issues I wouldn't be surprised if hes behind bars again. He then was like inshaallah and this bengali girl standing there said inshaallah aswell I knew nothing about sikhi then but that was a wakeup call They are not your friends they just wanna convert you. They get brownie point from Allah in jannah if they bring som1 to islam and women to bang. That's why all these terrorist are blowing themselves up they all wanna go and queue up in jannah and claim their rivers of wine and unlimited sex with virgins that allah has promised them. Islamic heaven is a brothel I'm sure hugh Hefner is somewhere there aswell
  11. Yh I agree he was the perfect leader. Problem is after him there was no one unifying leader. A lot of angry young men who without a doubt were very brave but no plan or direction. They were a product of their times, it's only a matter of time before you can no longer see your people being tortured and suppressed and they took up arms and went on a killing spree and they really did push the Indian gov to the edge. Their biggest legacy, is when sikhs nxt decide to pick up arms its these kharkus that will be the inspiration. Biggest victory is when the inspiration continues to live on something the Indian gov couldn't erase
  12. VID-20200330-WA0006.mp4 VID-20200330-WA0012.mp4 VID-20200330-WA0007.mp4
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