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  1. puzzled

    How is art considered in Sikhi?

    Guru hargobind sahib jis tegha Guru gobind singh jis armour Hand written moolmantar of guru gobind singh ji
  2. puzzled

    who is this guy - sikh priest

    Because people have s3x on beaches, dogs poo there, women run around in bikinis, walk around naked, people spit , alcohol etc not appropriate for guru granth sahib ji Massive difference
  3. puzzled

    who is this guy - sikh priest

    I'm pretty sure there's a difference between sikhs centuries ago in war, poverty and hiding and modern day sikhs in the West wanting destination holidays at beaches for purely just aesthetic
  4. puzzled


    Jews have basically invaded Palestine, killed the locals and made it their own country because they believe that it's their divine right because "god" had promised them that land. And this promised land is mentioned nowhere other than in the Jewish bible written by Jews! What kind of god makes one ethnicity his chosen people and promises them a land just for them? Jews also see themselves as the governors of the law (10 commandments, torah etc) and also the people that God chose to reveal his laws to. The whole thing was created to give them special status and for world domination. I even doubt that they were even enslaved by the egyptions, there is absolutely no record of 100,000s of Jews being in Egypt at one time. Made up stories and a made up struggle. Many Christians actually support Israel as they believe Jesus will return once the Jews are back in Israel, which has already happened. All they waiting for now is the construction of the 3rd temple. Even the 2nd coming of Jesus is based around all these Jewish superstitions and their return to Israel.
  5. puzzled


    They have been "debating" and murdering over the same arguments for over a millennium now. Is Jesus god/son of God or a prophet? Muslims he is prophet, Christians he is son of god/God. Is Jesus the messiah ? Christians yes, Jews no Is Israel the promised land for the Jews? Jews yes, Muslims no Their still debating over this and they probably will till the end of time. There are some pathetic disscusions on YouTube like "did Adam have a belly button" LMAO Abrahamic faiths are very basic and are for simple basic people there is absolutely no spiritual development. All you have to do is follow some silly commandments and that's it. Jewish history is dodgy as Well. There actually is no evidence of Jewish enslavement under the egyptions or the 40 year traveling in the dessert looking for the promised land, no pottery, remains or archilogical trails left at all. They also claim to be chosen people of god with a God sent right to a promised land. Sounds like a man made plan just for personal gain justified with God's apparent promise, covered up with sympathy and the "slavery"
  6. What about bhai santokh singhs work? some people even question that ... from what iv read the lives of the gurus were revealed to bhai santokh singh through his simran and bakhti? i recently bought gurbilas patshahi 6 i think that comes from suraj parkash
  7. puzzled

    Hari Singh Nalwa shield

    I have a poster of this painting in my room
  8. puzzled

    Hari Singh Nalwa shield

    Maharaja Ranjit Singh, Kharak Singh, Nau Nihal Singh and Sher Singh. Had no idea that Nau Nihal Singh plotted the own death of his father Kharak Singh!
  9. puzzled

    Hari Singh Nalwa shield

    Video of Hari Singh Nalwas shield from the exhibition "empire of the Sikhs" i went to this exhibition it was amazing. Came across these great videos from the exhibition giving information about the artifacts and the people that owned them. The guy doing the talks is Davinder Singh Toor he is an art collector and has an amazing collection of art and objects from the Sikh empire. Respect to him for buying these things when the gorreh try flogging them at auction!
  10. puzzled

    who is this guy - sikh priest

    Lol that's funny I think it's origin might be in the chownkidhar in the old days they used to have a chownkidhar in the pinds that used to go around in the early hours saying jagoooo jagooooo haha! It was to prevent thieves and thugs from taking advantage of everyone sleeping. They used to do it in the early hours. The still do it in pinds but with a whistle and cane, iv heard it lol The jatta jaag song and jaggo might have it's origins in that then? Especially that they do it at night.
  11. puzzled

    who is this guy - sikh priest

    Well that's what most traditions are in Punjabi weddings. At one point there used to be a meaning behind it but now they are just traditions. That's why some are really weird. Like how they pour oil on either side of the door before the couple walk in. In the old days in the pinds the gates were massive thick wooden gates with metal hinges. The hinges used to rust so when you used to open the gates it used to make a loud squeaky noise which didn't look/sound good especially when you were gnna have guests around so whenever their was an occasion and they were gnna have guests the ladies used to oil the hinges so the gates and doors don't make that noise. Some how today it ended up becoming a shagun! I don't understand how pouring oil on the floor is shagun it's more of a health hazard than a shagun lol. Same with the maiya yellow stuff that they rub onto you the day before your wedding. In those days your skin used to get tanned really easily because people were always out about, especially the men they would be in the fields doing kaithi all day so their skin used to be really tanned and weathered so to rub the tan off and make your skin look lighter they used rub haldi turmeric on to your skin. According to the ayurvedic turmeric is good for the skin and also removes tan. Now it's just a tradition Same with putting soorma kohl in the groom's eyes. Guys in those days weren't that great looking! From a very young age they were in the fields doing farming and by the time they were 19/20 years old their skin was cracked and weathered and really dark so to make them look better they actualy used to apply soorma kohl in their eyes lol. Today these things are just traditions I don't know the meaning behind jaggo though while carrying pots on their heads they sing jatta jaag ve hon jaggo aiya LOL so I'm guessing it's another pind tradition which at one point served a purpose but now is just carrying a pot on your head and dancing lol But if you take all this away you are then left with anand karaj which will always be there traditions come and go, many traditions have died out and many more have been created .
  12. puzzled

    who is this guy - sikh priest

    Brides maids p1ss me off as well Don't like them that's another western tradition. They do baby showers as well now these days. Why do brides need brothers to hold them when doing lavaan? They don't do that in India. The reason they used to hold them in the old days was because in those the bride was veiled and couldn't see where she was going. These days they barley have their heads covered and need 5 people holding them. Silly stuff Yeah I don't get Canada you either get the proper desi bunch or you either get the really westernized liberal ones, personally I would chose the desi ones any day. What makes it worst is that you now have "sikh preists" like the one the poster is talking about who carry ceromonies out especially for the kind of people we are talking about. The sikh priest above is making a business out of these westernized punjabis and conducting the ceromonies the way they want it. It's like he saw the market for it and started a business
  13. puzzled

    Chandi di vaar

    That was sant Harnam singh rampur kera wale it's in his book se kiniyea Shaheed singhs came and from what I remember they kind of hit him and told him that if you start reading it at night then your supposed to read it all night.
  14. puzzled

    Chandi di vaar

    Ok because a few years back I used to listen to chandi di vaar kirtan a lot and listen to katha. But now I can read gurmuki and wanna read it but iv come across people saying so many different things about it.
  15. puzzled

    who is this guy - sikh priest

    That's really bad. People like that should not be allowed to have anand karaj. I remember seeing the below vid years ago. And the groom actually stands up for the woman when she's walking in. What can be bigger disrespect to guru sahib in his darbar. How can people do that. Standing up for a mere mortal in front of guru ji. I think for people like that it's just a book look at from 16:30

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