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  1. I can't believe they had Guru Nanak Dev jis painting hanging above their heads while they were committing among the worst of sins right under it. I find that the most shocking part, but I guess those people just don't see it like that. These people then do sewa at nagar kirtans and wash dishes in langar halls.
  2. This behaviour seems to be a lot more common in Canada then it is here in the UK. You hear about married women running off with truck drivers.
  3. Yeah the last 2 weeks or so iv mainly used internet to watch katha, kirtan etc Havnt watched a movie, netflix etc for around 2 weeks now. I dunno ...
  4. They not blood related though are they? that's his mami, so i'm guessing the guy making the video is the guys mama.
  5. Been feeling really detached last few weeks, not in a spiritual way or anything like that, but emotionally feel detached and away from family, friends haven't been gurdwara for 2 weeks either. Not sure if it's a phase or idnno .... I don't feel depressed, but just very removed and uncaring. I hear something bad or terrible but don't feel emotional or down. See something terrible in the news and I feel unmoved by it. My cousin sister came around the other day all upset and said how her dad gets drunk and calls her very derogatory pubjabi words. And I didnt feel upset or sad, didnt feel sympathy. I just sat there listening, felt nothing. My parents have never got on and they had a massive argument and my mother asked for a divorce and I didnt feel anything at all, I was just sitting there on my laptop. I don't think they will separate but I really couldn't care less if they separate! I feel absolutely nothing at all. My mother looked really distressed and broken and I didn't feel the need to comfort her. Just felt blank. I just feel so removed and detached from all these things. I'm not depressed, I still can have a good laugh ... But i just don't feel sad or upset or emotional when I should. I just can't respond to these things. I never used to be like that. Not sure if it's the lockdown or idnno ... Maybe it's a phase. I could literally leave home today and I won't feel anything.
  6. Thats stupid, you gender is your sex. You can't "choose" what gender you are, your gender is what you were born with!
  7. I told my mother about this and she was mortified, she asked me if one was wearing a lengha and the other a sherwani ! i feel sorry for the older generation because they will be so confused with all this stuff.
  8. Could be for concentration, i do that sometimes. Traditionally people read this bani 32 times, but he was doing the beads fast so im guessing just for concentration
  9. I don't think there is a word for gays/lesbians in Punjabi. Gandoo is like a slang word that is used as an insult rather than an actual word for gays. Older punjabis here call gays kusre. In Pubjabi gays and trans are kusre.
  10. This "preist" has been doing this for far too long now, remember watching his videos like 10 years ago aswell. This stuff is only going to increase and get worse, this is just the beginning! Far to many ultra liberal people within the community now. I'd say around 50% people in the community are not against this or interfaith marriages etc so I don't think there is much the other half will be able to do.
  11. large towns and cities will obviously have more cases. Areas that are over 80% Whites like Bolton and Preston are among the areas with the highest cases.
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