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  1. Got a question about showering before doing nitnem. Rather then having a shower can we just brush our teeth and wash our face, hands and feet instead? I normally get up between 5am-5:45am in the morning, but recently I've been waking up 4am-4:30am but I just go back to sleep again because its early, but Its keep on happening so I'm taking it as a sign that I should be getting up earlier! But problem is, in the past when I've got up at 4am everyone else starts complaining and moaning that I woke them up! everyone else gets up at 5am! My room is in the attic, and its on top of my mum
  2. I emailed them and they replied saying they can't accept donations from abroad atm.
  3. Do tangled hair cause split ends? My hair naturally tangles a lot, so maybe that's why ...
  4. Yes pescetarians. I think in some cultures fish isn't considered meat. Samurai warriors didn't eat meat either. The ancient Chinese were vegetarians aswell. The gladiators mainly had plant based diet. Even in Islam according to the hadiths Muhammad only ate meat a few times a year and mainly had a vegetarian diet. This worldwide obsession and addiction to meat is quite recent and mainly because of Western countries.
  5. What do you do with split ends? Half my hair have split ends! My hairs not dry at all, I oil my hair around 2 times a week. How can you prevent split ends? It hasn't stopped my hair from growing though ...
  6. Yeah, most uncles aunties were shipped off to the West by their parents when they were only 16, 17 years old. And they found themselves in an alien country with a strange culture. Considering they came from large extended families and then found themselves being all alone in this country, and being sent away from their home when they were only 16 or 17 must have been very traumatic. But that don't explain why the same generation born in the UK are weird as well. A lot of them have a chip on their shoulder.
  7. Wow, have you been to the natural history museum London? They've got lots of fossils and skeletons. Imo that's where dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures should be, in a museum, not roaming the earth in the 21st century!
  8. A lot of Pubjabis who are aged around 45+ seem disturbed. Not just the ones born in India but the ones born here in the West as well. They're just odd. I don't know what it is. A lot of built up emotions, anger. Its like they're living in a cage. This then takes a toll on their kids. Which is just selfish.
  9. I can relate to that but in my case it's my dad! Its very damaging, and its not easy to accept that its messed your head up, but it really does mess your head up. I think it has a much bigger affect mentally than we actually realise. It moulds your personality and relationships with others.
  10. The average everyday White person is Ok, especially the ones under 40. My friend of nearly 20s years is White. I've lost count the number of times I've left my card in the atm or my phone on public transport, normally because I've got lots happening in my head, and many time it's been a White person who has come running after me with my card or phone! On the other hand there's plenty of ethnic people who would put it in their pockets instead. As cheesy as it sounds there's good and bad people in every race and culture. On the other hand the elite are corrupt.
  11. What do you think of this? more people in poor countries need to be self sustainable, in fact even us here in the West.
  12. Iol exactly. It could be a money making thing, creating a prehistoric park with Mammoths. I've only seen the first 3 Jurassic park movies, I loved those movies as a kid.
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