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  1. The problem is we get everything muddled up. Of course Guru ji is not discriminating, but he is also very real with us. There is nothing politically correct about Guru ji. Bani mentions men peaking through windows and looking at the wives of other men, why? because men do that! They did that centuries ago, and they still do it. But does guru ji love all men, of course he does. Guru ji gives a lot of respect to women in bani, but, do women cause problems in families, yes! but does Guru ji still love them? yes he does. Guru ji is very real. Bani calls men every name
  2. I take Kalki Avtaar bani literally, because the things described in it, as frightful as they are, are actually happening now. For example, Kalki Avtaar talks about incestuous relationships between siblings, and parent and children, how would you interpret that? because those sickening relationships are actually happening. As for the wife controlling men, and men forgetting their parents and running around after their wives, well, that's happening everywhere lol
  3. Its quite good. I'm quite familiar with the problems the farmers face, but the other things they talk about are quite interesting. Like the ecosystem of the soil. When they burn the crops they basically kill all the earth worms and millions of other insects in the soil, earth worms are very important for healthy productive soil. Not sure where about in Punjab the documentary was shot, but its definitely a area which is quite behind and probably has very few people in the west. You see a lot of NRIs say things like Punjab is so advanced now, its made so much progress, well that beca
  4. Why did Sant Mani Singh have the English flag on him at his funeral? Was there a reason behind it? or was coz he just loved the country?
  5. He was in the documentary Toxification doing organic farming, he was the only one who knew what he was doing! He said one of the reasons why he moved to Punjab was because he loved how everyone was doing farming and growing their own food etc He liked the simple, yet satisfying lifestyle. But he soon realized how people were destroying the soil with chemicals, pollution, how farming was all about business, no love or passion went into it.
  6. They've done this before as well. I guess its to make sure no one post inappropriate videos. Makes sense ...
  7. Yeah its coz of the link, I posted a video on the food thread and it said the video has to be approved. I thought I was on quality control, lol.
  8. I think there are various different reasons for that. One being there are no consequences, which means no boundaries. Around 20 years ago people had to face consequences. With wanting to marry a non-Sikh, you were either disowned by your parents or you were forced to marry someone from a Sikh background. Now there are absolutely no consequences at all. Much of it is to do with how the religions are practiced and preached. Muslims are constantly reminded of Hell, marrying non-Muslim means going to hell. You see Sikhi isn't that different in that sense. Bani constantly reminds us of
  9. I used to like street food in India, but I've been put off after watching some videos
  10. Going by guru jis hukkam, he clearly said you should get your daughters married to Singhs who keep kes and practice Sikhi. As for Singhs then historically they did marry Hindu women, but marrying muslim women was frowned upon. But here in the west both men and women are stopped from marrying outside the faith.
  11. My sister made this, it was really nice.
  12. It never really used to bother me if it was halal! yeah Indians aren't good at making meat dishes, my dad used to make chicken curry and it was disgusting. But Indians are a lot better at making veg dishes. I used to love those thandoori naans! they were so nice. Try middle eastern food its really nice, its quite different to the way pakistanis make kebabs.
  13. I don't eat meat and I haven't tried many different things but yes I'm open to eating foods from different cultures. Tried a few snacks made by a Gujarati, think it was called a Dokla and it was horrible! I spat it out! Our neighbors are Tamils and they give us food and I really don't like it! but my dad likes it. Thai curries are nice. Pakistanis make really nice food, but they use a lot of meat. I used to try different things when I used to eat meat because there's obviously more options. Not sure what its called but Pakis make brown rice with small pieces of chicken in it, its n
  14. Yeah its in full swing. One of my friends he's around 10 years older than me and he has two little kids. He believes in God but doesn't believe in karma, reincarnation, heaven/hell, divine judgment etc nothing! so what exactly is he gnna teach his two little kids? Its happening everywhere ...
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