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  1. Christians see Satan as the deceiver, one who deceives people into falsehood and sin. They believe Satan makes people question their faith and lures them away with pleasures and wealth etc. for example the snake in the garden of Eden was Satan who tempted Eve to go against gods command and eat the apple. So he tempts people away from god command/Hukkam. This is basically identical to what kalyug is ??? But it seems in Christianity this concept has been personified and many Christians make it sound like some crazy individual "fallen angel" who is at war against god, which is absolutely bonkers. But overall its basically the same thing? difference is they have personified it ... “the devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world . . . the accuser” (Revelation 12:9–10), “the ruler of this world” (John 12:31), and “the god of this age” (2 Corinthians 4:4).
  2. puzzled

    Sikh Prayer and Meditation

    simran is meditation. when doing simran make naam the focus, meditation is focus
  3. puzzled

    Looks over heart

    i like how he is so self obsessed that he is paying absolutely no attention to the young lady with her robes slipping off it takes a very self obsessed man to do that lol
  4. puzzled

    Looks over heart

    yes. I really like Dalis work, they look like dreams and nightmares, so surreal, but they seem to be a little disturbing beneath the surface lol then again most artists are far from "normal" . Creative people tend to be emotional and different.
  5. She first came in the public's eye when she appeared on tv talking about her PCOS and struggle. Sikhs especially Sikh women started getting all exited about her. Many put her on a pedestal when she first came out. I went on her Instagram and she seems quite confident in herself. Saw some very bizarre photos, many look satanic and disturbing. She has pics of her grabbing her bare b00B and her lazying about in a bath tub. What i don't understand is why she wears a dastaar while doing all this stuff? She's half naked in most photos, has satanic tattoos, piercings etc i guess i can see why some Sikh women look up to her. I just got very conflicting messages from her pics, seems like a confused individual. A lot of Sikhs are having a go at her on social media but she seems to respond back with SlUttty photos. Not many British Sikhs in the public eye or on social media, so do you guys like her? do you get inspired?
  6. puzzled

    Looks over heart

    like this guy? lol
  7. interesting video about what islam thinks of non muslims, gives an idea of why some muslims treat non muslims the way they do
  8. puzzled

    Facial hair problem

    don't shave that just makes it come back worse. I used to shave my chest and other areas before and trust me it grows back thicker and hairier lol, and it expands as well
  9. puzzled

    My current situation now

    Porn is a fantasy world. Most men have crazy sexual fantasies which i doubt your average girl would want to deliver so porn gives men what they can't get in real. Porn actresses have tons of surgery done and enhance certain body parts so they end up looking like want many men would want in bed. The whole thing is fake even all the oooohs and aaaahs are fake hahaha! porn offers men what they can't get in their wives or girl friends. The whole purpose of porn is to make your fantasies look real. The camera angles make certain body parts look much bigger than they actually are, no one has those sizes in real lol everything is fake, acted, scripted
  10. puzzled

    Looks over heart

    Is it wrong to want to look nice? smell nice? wear nice clothes? Doesn't everyone look into the mirror every time they walk past one?
  11. These Punjabis were told to sit by the toilet in the flight
  12. puzzled

    Raam Naam dalit community

    Yes true, sikhs should accept people who have been rejected by society. That's what our gurus did.
  13. No not really. It don't seem right. A sikh representative and leader in the public eye should be a good sikh role model that inspires others to become better sikhs. How will a mona encourage and inspire others to keep their hair, wear pagh, aim for amrit etc On a bigger stage the representative should always be keshdhari

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