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  1. India, majority of the people there already believe in reincarnation, karma, aatma, omnipresent god, devotional music (bhajans) They just need to be introduced to guru ji.
  2. puzzled

    What do you do when losing faith ?

    are you lostconfusedsingh ?
  3. puzzled

    What do you do when losing faith ?

    I'm going to read more bani. feel no relationship at all, just empty Im not going to do anything stupid, but i struggle to look at myself in the mirror, i looked at myself and thought why am i even keeping my kesh and dhari, im not gnna do anything stupid. But iv fallen real low if that thought came to my head. Thats how distant Must be looking at me and thinking how ungrateful i am gnna read more bani as reading bani is having a conversation with guru ji. and do proper simran.
  4. Its not just family and upbringing, it also depends a lot on the people that you grew up with and hang out with. If you basically grew up in a place like London surrounded by Pakis, Somalis and Arabs then that will start having a influence on you. People don't realize it but the area and people you grow up with will have a big influence on you and your choices. I'll admit it but a few years back when i was working full time in London from 1pm to 10pm and reaching home at midnight, because of the hours i spent more time interacting with people at work than i did out of work and everyone working there was Paki, Arab, Bengali etc i even ended up learning a few bengali and arabic words! Islam was a popular topic of convo. I was a clueless drunk mona and i actually ended up researching about Islam and wanting to learn more! im very ashamed to say that! They spoke about their religion a lot, and how the west is against them and how mohammed did scientific things over 1000 years ago and how Palestine is their holy land but the jews have taken it over and that they will get it back. They had a lot of unity, they had a lot of cultural differences but when it came to their faith they were all one and together. Its very easy to be drawn into all this when your ignorant and surrounded by them. I had a little wake up call when this Moroccan guy who grew up rough but then became "religious" asked me if i would consider islam! he then asked me if im Sikh or Hindu, i said Sikh, he then turned around and said "but sikhs are strong about their faith" he then said "inshallah you will one day" i had a little wake up call and was like this fvcker just tried converting me lol Its not just parents but people you grow up with or hang out with.
  5. Its fine to do so but if your young and single then there are chances where you both will fall for each other. If you keep the talks professional and work related then its fine, but when you start talking about other stuff then there are chances that you will start emotionally investing in each other. When you start making each other laugh etc then it could be heading a different direction lol keep it professional and don't let the conversations sway
  6. WJKK WJKF What do you guys do when you feel like you are losing faith in prayer, god etc Do you have phases where you just feel empty and so far
  7. Whats it with the whole new appearance of bearded sikh men with dastars covered from head to toe and then sikh women sitting next to them half naked!? I dont get this modern/new sikh appearance isn't it confusing and conflicting or is it just me? whenever i see this in public it just doesn't make any sense, it just looks very odd. its like seeing a vicar wearing a robe with a half naked woman next to him, or a bearded muslim man with a topi with a half naked woman next to him. very odd modern Sikh male and Sikh female appearance is very odd, very muddled, scrambled
  8. I watched some of his videos a few years back when he only had around 50 subscribers on youtube, i thought he would end up creating a good channel with time. I dont like his videos, similar to people like sadhguru and yogi bajan stuff
  9. Guru ji used modern weapons but used mostly swords. I believe this is because a time will come becauae people will again fighting with swords and horses. That's why guru ji gave us shastars and not guns. But yes sikhs in the past used modern weapons for their time like mai bhago
  10. puzzled

    Is Chaadra an 'un-sikh' garment ?

    Your the first iv heard say that, perhaps its just how you see it? And plus the people your talking about are wearing costumes and are dressed up. I'm talking about actual Indians in india who wear that on a daily basis like the photos posted I'm not talking about costumes. Iv seen my sirlankan neighbour wearing one when washing his car seen Bengalis in my area wearing it.
  11. This b@stard used to make Sikh women drink his urine. He was eventually blown up with a bomb which was plotted by bhai Jugraj Singh (toofan). Iv read how they actually swept his remains up with a broom! unsurprisingly hes listed on the Punjab police website as a shaheed/martyr
  12. puzzled

    Is Chaadra an 'un-sikh' garment ?

    Kharkoo singhs wearing chadra. Chadra is what rural folks in India have been wearing for 1000s years. I really don't understand the sexu@l comments and suggestions in the comment section! They look like shers
  13. puzzled

    Is Chaadra an 'un-sikh' garment ?

    These probably look like skirts or dresses to you as well then? Or is it when a "pendu" or villager wears something without 2 legs that it looks gay ? Current stock of young Punjabi men look more gay than any of the guys in chadras in those pics.

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