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  1. This is a really old post but the man and woman who killed him were they punished and killed by other singhs? Bhai surinder singh sodhi was a sher a real gursikh as well he did simran and nitnem for hours
  2. i was just saying that they have created some of the most beautiful architecture and art work even if the ideas were stolen. Raphael, michaelangelo etc are some of the greatest artists ever
  3. Punjabi movie industry is gd. Many Punjabi movies are really gd. Most Punjabis i know now only watch Punjabi movies and not Hindi movies, even pakistanis watch Punjabi movies. Punjabi movies are cultured and many have a Sikh theme, hindi movies on the other hand is just full of kanjars and kanjris stripping on screen and doing dirty scenes you can't actually sit with family and watch hindi movies. Last few yrs there have been many Sikh themed punjabi movies and movies focusing on issues in the punjabi community. The movie Ardas is really gd and is about faith in waheguru and other issues in the punjabi community. Movies like rab da radio, daana pani are really good and about families and breakups. Some Punjabi film makers are also making art house movies like anhay gore da daan which is about poverty in the dalit community and chauti koot about a family caught up between the karkhu singhs and army. Punjab 1984 was good really gd for the 1st half but the 2nd half was not that gd! Shareek was gd too
  4. Whose heard the story of baba sri chand laughing and asking Guru Ram Das ji why his beard is so long and Guru Ram Das ji said to wipe the feet of saints like you and Guru ji bent over and started cleaning Sri chands feet. Iv heard different versions of this story. Some people deny it Didnt sri chand reject Guru Nanak Dev jis dharam and start his own sect. He had a lot of yogic powers.
  5. Some parts of European culture is beautiful tho, Gothic architecture is beautiful, renaissance art, Michelangelo, Sistine chapel, Raphael etc sainte chapel in paris beautiful beautiful gothic architecture Michelangelos art sistine chapel artists were treated not that good those days, the pope treated michelangelo like rubbish while he was working on the sistine chapel he spent hours and hours with his head facing upwards and neck bent while doing these paintings on the ceiling and was in a lot of pain most famous painting ever Michaelangelo sculpture he actually was more passionate about sculptures than paintings a lot of his paintings had hidden messages and symbols especially to do with mary magdalene, jesuses supposed lover/wife
  6. Sikhs did a lot bad with muslims too in 1947. I was talking to my dads old chacha in punjab and he said he remembers raped muslim girls hiding in the fields and how Sikhs set all the muslims on fire when they were leaving for Pakistan.
  7. Bhai Jiwan Singh describes Guru Gobind Singh ji as medium build. He was very handsome he had big eyes, sharp features and a bright complexion. Guru Hargobind Sahib ji was massive. Look at the size of hes kare.
  8. yh i think your right but its understandable the dominant religion and culture of the subcontinent is hindu. India and the subcontinent are basically the same thing. western media dont really consider pakistan when talking about the subcontinent. Was watching a bbc documentary today and the narrator was talking about how "india" was an island which moved towards asia some 80 million years ago and pushed up and created the mountain ranges as it collided with asia, modern pakistan was part of that island too but no mention of it.
  9. bjp is giving india a hindu identity a identity that they did not really have under the congress bji politicians speak hindi while most congress politicians spoke english, the orange flags, statues of shiva ji maratha, ram mandir, yogis and babas becoming politicians etc hes more than just a prime minister for them
  10. But look at all that beautiful history that took place under the span of the 10 gurus. Its a blessing. Look at the seva that Guru Amar Das ji did for Guru Angad Dev ji at the age of 70 walking backwards from kadoor sahib to his native village so that he didnt turn his back to the direction Guru Angad Dev ji was sitting. How would we have all this beautiful history if we only had 1 guru
  11. yh nxt few yrs will be interesting. Hindus are getting back at muslims for ruling over their country for centuries. thats where all the hate goes back too
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