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  1. puzzled


    Yeah Krishna was really dark, Shyam.
  2. puzzled


    But then we also believe in the yug system! I'm sure bani also says God has made the world again and again, and then destroyed it, and then made it again? So who knows which yug or time period these devi devte belonged to. I'm sure one of Vishnus avtars came after a huge deluge, where only Manu and a few Kings were saved. Makes the worship of these devi devte sound even more pointless, doesn't it.
  3. I'm from the UK, so I've never played kabaddi, though I think there are kabaddi teams in the UK. We have teams from Punjab that get invited to the UK to take part in Kabaddi tournaments. My dad took me to a few Kabaddi tournaments as a kid in Southall. I remember being quite traumatised by the drunken behavior of the audience! maybe things have changed now! But in India I think alcohol is banned at Kabaddi matches? it's good how Kabaddi tournaments take place outside Gurdware in Punjab. They do Ardas before the match, jakare, the granthi Singh is sometimes involved in giving the trophies, I've seen matches where they narrate our Sikh ithiaas etc it's a great move how they include Sikhi in Kabaddi.
  4. puzzled


    Many Arabian goddesses are the same as Indian goddesses, they had a goddess sitting on a swan, like Saraswati, another on a lion like Durga. These same goddesses appear in other cultures too. They discovered a 40,000 year old figure in Europe of a man with a lions head, like Narsingh. There was a Egyptian God with a lions head as well. So, I guess these same devi/devte were worshipped all around the world, but today they are only worshipped in India. Question is, were these Devi/Devte Indians ? lol or were they another race but Indians adopted them and gave them Indian names and faces. Or maybe Devi/Devte are beyond race ... Just a guess from me ...
  5. Yes, I believe the first kabaadi was played by Krishan ji and one of his companions.
  6. I think its good, definitely good for toughening someone up. Guru Angad Dev ji opened an Akhara where Guru Sahib used to get his Sikhs to wrestle. It's quite popular among the youth in Punjab, which is a good thing.
  7. That sounds exhausting, going through all this again and again. Surely if one lived by rehit and compassion, then they don't have to come back to this place again? Obviously not gain mukti, but end up in a better realm.
  8. @MisterrSingh Just lastnight I started reading an old book about Baba Nand Singh ji, written by one of his followers I believe. The author writes that Baba ji used to say to save ourselves from from kaam rupi nadi, maya rupi nadi. The author then says, the reader should question how many people have been able to save themselves from these vices ? Mukti really is very difficult.
  9. Detachment from all falsehood, oneness with reality/Waheguru.
  10. Approaching 50 and balding lol. He's changed now, though he still has contacts. I see a lot of regret in him, though he puts up a "I don't give a crap" attitude.
  11. Haven't watched the video, but I don't think it's true. One my cousin's back in the 90s was involved in gangs. He even had a gun when we went around their house back in the days. God knows how many women he has been with! He once told me he "im not racist when it comes to women, I dont discriminate" I know he was with a Muslim woman when he came out of jail. On the other hand, his father was pushed around by his wife his whole life! He's the kind of guy who is really quite and only talks after he's had a few drinks. He spent most his evenings in the pub, to get away from his wife and kids! Depends on how society defines alpha. There are some quite men, have never hurt a fly, yet they've got absolute command over their wife, kids and whatever goes on in the house ...
  12. A few questions. So the bhagats didn't achieve mukti? and came back as the panj pyare and then got mukti ? also, the panj pyare were South Asians (and men) in their previous lives and then got reincarnated as South Asians again? what happens to Whites, Blacks, Chinese then etc ?
  13. Looks like he has a disability? his hand ... Sikh prince 19th century female Sikh warrior. 18th century painting of Bibi Bhani, commissioned by her descendants. Amritsar city.
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