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  1. I have seen a few of his videos in the past. He's good. Bhai sukha and sikh2inspire do good videos too
  2. puzzled

    Puratan Sikh art

    ^^ Some of them look similar to the paintings at maachiwara gurdwara
  3. It was this muslim guy, he was a friendly guy and he was like all it takes to become a muslim is if you read that Arabic verse, I found that funny and read it and i was like am I a Muslim now and he was like yeah you are LMAO he knew I was joking. I was a teenager back then and didn't know what i was doing lol now I look back I think it was a stupid of me to do that lol I used to eat halal meat before but stopped eating meat all together around 3 years back.
  4. puzzled

    Would you marry someone whose not virgin?

    Lol I ain't great at spellings but I know how to spell punjab lol, don't know why my phone keyboard changed it to "pu man" lol
  5. puzzled

    Would you marry someone whose not virgin?

    Haha just corrected it I mostly use my phone for this site and it changes the words and messes them up as I type lol
  6. puzzled

    Would you marry someone whose not virgin?

    I prefer a nice sun kissed look in Punjabi girls, like that nice warm golden skin look If you know what I mean lol
  7. puzzled

    Would you marry someone whose not virgin?

    A lot of Punjabi men in their 60s go to punjab and get married to women in their 20s. We had a similar case in extended family, the girl took a lot of money from the old boy, built a massive khoti for her parents in India, got her brother married of abroad to a girl in Canada etc she used buy a lot of alcohol for her old husband, she used to pour him several glassis everyday, she slowly turned him into an alcoholic and he eventually recently died of liver related stuff. She's 35 now and didn't take long to marry a young Punjabi bloke lol These India girls are clever lol Punjabi buddeh need to smarten up haha
  8. I once read the muslim conversion verse at school, the whole there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet haha! Don't mean I'm a muslim lol
  9. puzzled

    Would you marry someone whose not virgin?

    just google searched her and yeah she was nice lol White women can be pretty but I really don't get why some Asian men boast about their white girls and see them as an achievement lol Embarasing really
  10. I think one of the British prime ministers apologized during their visit to India, think it was David Cameron. He got a lot of flack from goreh on social media, they were saying why did he appologize for something their ancestors did
  11. puzzled

    Would you marry someone whose not virgin?

    A lot of Asian men see white women as a trophy and an achievement. It's also because white women are seen as more sexually liberated and expressive and "better" Back in school the Asian boys with white girls were seen as "cooler" For some Asian guys havung a white woman around their arm is like a showpiece, something to boast about.
  12. puzzled

    Would you marry someone whose not virgin?

    Don't know about marrying someone from India but in indian culture there is a social stigma against divorced women and raped women, many Punjabi men will not marry these women and their parents deffinetley won't be happy. So marrying these women (if they want to) and giving them their life back again, giving them support and making them smile again is a great thing to do which not many men from our community would do.
  13. puzzled

    Would you marry someone whose not virgin?

    respect to him for doing such an amazing thing and giving the child a name. Not many men can do what he did ...
  14. That means you were a Mahan-a-saurus-rex in your previously life I dream about abstract stuff like patterns, colours, shapes, abstract rooms but I'm normally lost in them and very anxious. I wonder what these dreams mean.
  15. I used to like Mandy Takkar, especially because she's British and making it big in Punjabi movies. Seemed really humble in her interviews and thanking waheguru for everything. In one interview she said that before moving to punjab to make movies her dad said to her make sure you don't do something so that I would end up walking around with my head down in shame. I really liked her but then she started dressing all slutty as well! Even uploaded a video on her Instagram of herself at the beach in a bikini, started appearing at award shows with her breast hanging out. It's like what happened to waheguru and your dad's Izzat now lol I don't like her anymore, they all are fake. Simi Chahal is a pretty girl though hope she don't go all slutty either. I don't think the day is far where we will see the "first kiss in Punjabi cinema"

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