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  1. I just found them on google images and sikh reddit, cant remember what u was searching but I came across these photos. I really like old photos too. One of the best or probably only good thing the British did was take photos of old india.
  2. Their not kashmiris their basically punjabis from the pahari areas. Real kashmiris are from the valley of kashmir which is in india.
  3. Their just basically pahari punjabis. Jammu in india too is like a pahari extension of pubjab! Same with haryana though not pahari.
  4. One of my cousins whose now sadly dead, his wife had 5 abortions and after each abortion she used to gloat about it and tell him. She never used to tell him that shes pregnant, it's only after the abortion she used to tell him. She felt powerful when she did that. It made him so depressed and sad. Women may not physically abuse but they definitely mentally torture and play games iv seen it a lot in my family. Carrying a child makes a lot of women feel like they now have the power, it's a strong position for them to be in and many use that to their advantage.
  5. Emily pankhurst fought for a vote which doesnt even matter or mean anything! Really dont see why shes a hero. Labour or conservatives its only the rich that benefit. Some even say Emily pankhurst made it worse for women lol
  6. i think that whole potohar and azad kashmir area had the worst killing of sikhs and hindus. just read about the mirpur massacre in November 1947 and in that alone around 20,000 sikhs/hindus were killed i wonder why so many stayed behind after the partition apparently 10,000s of sikhs/hindus from the azad kashmir region stayed behind after the partition. its these same muslims from these regions that are here in the UK
  7. i just watched its like he couldnt decide what he wanted the program to be about, he squeezed in everything bhai jagraj singh, interfaith marriage, sikhs in britian etc he was trying to make sikh youth look like radicals. cant believe that some sikh man actually wanted to organize nagar kirtan at a mosque! <banned word filter activated>!! im glad that the youth protested and made sure that it didnt happen stupid dimwits like him shouldnt be allowed to organize anything
  8. i think most the muslims in west punjab were jatts, rajputs etc while the ones in east punjab were not. i think Sikhs and hindus faced the worst in the mirpur areas
  9. oh ok cool my nanis family were originally from haryana hisar and rotak but everyone else is from doaba
  10. that makes sense despite being majority they weren't that dominant. despite being minority Sikhs do own a lot of the land in rural doaba, while khatris/aroras own most the shops.
  11. really!! how comes so many of them got killed off then maybe they weren't that socially dominant then? iv heard some horrifying things of what sikhs did with them in the area my family are from. i know that some areas of jalandhar had big muslim population areas like nurmahal, nakodar, philaur etc were mainly muslims how can i find what the statistics were for nawanashahr?
  12. yh iv heard many stories of support and humanity as well while all the carnage was taking place Nawanshar is in doaba, other side of the sutluj river. Muslims were outnumbered in doaba so i think doaba was one of the places where they faced the worst. in my mums pind, when doing farming people used to find boxes of gold that the muslims buried in the fields thinking they will come back. a few muslims got left behind in my mums pind but they were used life slaves and treated really bad! a lot of the muslims graves were destroyed and people made fields on top of them afterwards. but the same things were happening to sikhs and hindus where muslims were the majority.
  13. where your family from? mine are from nawanashahr area where hindus/sikhs were majority and lots of muslims were killed there ! my dads chacha was a little boy and he told me he saw it all! he said rows and rows of muslims were set on fire while they were leaving and he said he remembers seeing raped muslims girls hiding in the fields! really bad! those were really barbaric times ...
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