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Found 2 results

  1. Wjkk wkfj! Sangat ji I have been getting thoughts of late regarding the academic culture in Punjab. There does not seem to be a thriving one currently. I might not have good knowledge in depth regarding the same, and do correct me if I'm wrong which I hope I am, but isn't it so much rare these days to come across a Punjabi scientist who is the best in his field? Or maybe an economist? A researcher of some kind who has contributed to his field of work. Why don't we see enough people at top management positions in the corporate world who have acquired their degrees in Punjab? This is another isse, we don't really have many quality education institutions or central government companies that are headquartered in Punjab. I read somewhere that there used to be many bungay in Amritsar that were centres for learning in a specific subject each. Why have we been unable to cultivate a learning culture within our native land? Why do we have to go out of Punjab, to other states or even abroad, if we need to gain quality higher education in a subject? I feel like it's high time we start focussing some energy on improving Punjab's academic climate. What do you think about these issues? Please let us all know. Wjkk Wjkf!
  2. Sat Sri Akaal everyone! My name is Raman, and I am conducting a research study to explore the influence of culture on perceptions of social issues among second-generation Punjabi Canadians. Completing this study should only take around 30 minutes, and you may enter your email at the end for a chance to win one of SIX $20 cash prizes! To be eligible to participate, you must: Be a second generation immigrant (parents were born in India, but you were born in Canada) OR you immigrated to Canada before the age of 5 Have a basic comprehension of the Punjabi language Be over the age of 18 I would truly appreciate all eligible individuals to complete this survey, or to share it with people who fit the criteria. We are looking to explore cultural perceptions of critical social issues, and would be grateful for your participation! I will also be glad to share the results when the survey window has elapsed! To access the survey, please click the following link: https://ualbertapsychology.ca1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_d57eKIkQdXK2p37 Note: Please complete the survey on a computer or laptop rather than a mobile device. Thank you for your time. Intercultural Communication Lab, University of Alberta, Dept. of Psychology Kim Noels, Professor Ramanjot Kalher, Undergraduate Student The plan for this study has been reviewed by a Research Ethics Board at the University of Alberta (Ref# Pro00091492).
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