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Found 6 results

  1. Every scripture has claimed itself to be from god , a divine revelation, revealed either through sages in deep meditation (as vedas claim to be) , or revealed through archangels (as in case of quran and other abrahamic scriptures) . Gurbani too claims to be divine word of god (dhur ki baani) revealed through the perfect gurus who were one with god. So ,it becomes evident the author of all these scriptures is ONE . And that entity goes by the name variously as Parbrahm/Allah/Yahweh/God/Waheguru Then why does one find harshness in SOME (not all or many) verses of quran, duality in vedas and "sacrifice your ego" in gurbani . Are the differences merely superficial. ? Can one then argue, the jihadists and most muslims worldwide never really knew a true, deeper mystical interpretation of quran. Or for that matter the casteists and orthodox within hinduism never recognized the one present in many form in the vedas. Or for that matter, Sikhs never really truly understood what gurbani was saying ?
  2. Guest

    Your Holy Book

    Hi I am interested in how your Holy Book was written. Also that it is all meant to be chanted and sung i think? In contrast the Bible was written by many writers all inspired by the Holy Spirit whom we believe helps us to understand it once our minds and hearts belong to Christ. Jesus himself never wrote a word. Though the Bible is not sung, the Psalms especially have been used to make hymns. For me a huge part of worship is hymns, which i use also as prayers. When i read my Bible, i feel the power and holiness of God moving my soul and feeding me. Just as i am sure you do. We all know God's Word is power and light. But i spend time looking at the origins of how the Bible was written. It interests me very much how your Holy Scriptures were put together. I love the way you revere your Guru Granth Sahib. That it is your 11th Guru. We treat our Bible quite casually! I've got several copies in the house, small one in my handbag and two on Kindle. To us it is the Words that matter not the medium in which they are contained. I bet you think that is awful? So please tell me about your scriptures and how you study them. Can you each have your own copy at home?
  3. Guest


    Hi I am a new user. Excuse me that i am not sure i have got the tags or forum correct! I am very interested in your religion. I myself am a Christian. I believe open dialogue is healthy and indeed necessary between cultures. I would like to ask questions and am looking for what is written in your Holy Book. As i believe in all that is in my Bible and the teachings of Christ. A big subject is forgiveness. When accomplished it brings great peace. But is very hard to do! We all have pride and ego. Jesus teaches us Christians that if we ask forgiveness from our Heavenly Father, we ourselves must forgive all those who hurt us. This is fair but tough. He teaches us to love our enemies. To me that is extremely hard. But to love only those who love us is surely easy? He teaches that if someone slaps us, offer them the other cheek also. That we must not offer our prayers to God if we have enmity with anyone. So our Jesus preached love and peace. He said revenge is not the way. An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind. These are hard lessons. But a christian who cannot forgive cannot be forgiven by God. The closed heart is not able to receive love. My first hand experience is that my Dad was cruel and violent. He ruined my childhood and beat us all regularly especially my dear mother. When we grew up we all left. He remained alone until he got dementia and is now in a nursing home. I hated him so much. All the family does. I suffered great depression due to how my father treated us. But a few years ago i became a Christian and decided to forgive him. So i went to see him. When i saw the old sick man that he is now, i cried so much and forgave everything. I was able to love him at last through letting go of the hate. Now i visit regularly and i love my dad and he tells me he loves me. He is close to death and by the love of Jesus Christ i am at peace. All the years of pain have gone. So, where does the Sikh religion stand on forgiveness? I know you are a proud strong people. But there is a lot of war and fighting in your history. What did your Gurus teach and what do you personally believe? I want only truth and reasoned discussion please. I am genuinely interested in comparing christianity wirh Sikhi. Thankyou.
  4. While travelling through pakistan i came across these scriptures (pics attached) , can someone help me here with identifying these ? Are these of any historical or spiritual value to Sikhism ? (These are currently not in my possession, but with some Pakistani antique dealer) would it be worth getting these from him ? Any help translating these would be much appreciated !!
  5. I am looking for a good read on jivani of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur. Any recommendations please?
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