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Found 4 results

  1. There is an increase of people having Sheesha and saying but it’s “Tobacco Free, it’s fine I’m just fitting in with my friends” what is your opinion on this?
  2. Excellent educational poster helping you have a think about a few things please do share https://www.picuki.com/media/2349571589324239109
  3. VJKK VJKF Some Singh's affiliated with Sikh Youth have been targeting our own within the community who do not agree with their thuggish behaviour through violence, threats and intimidation. This includes punching a sewadar in the stomach and hitting a singh over the head with a kara. Someone called *EDITED* from Bedfordshire made a complaint to the police over their actions and a few of them were arrested a few days ago for criminal acts. *EDITED* and his friends under the pseudo account 'Raids Org UK' have put out false information making it out that they are being targeted by anti terrorist police for their support for Khalistan sangarsh. They have even used old video footage from the cops attending the 2018 raids to make out they are being targeted. How is it that they are allowed to blatently lie to sangat and use the cover of Khalistan to continue with their criminal activities??? Why are orgs like sikh2inspire and sikh fed supporting these compulsive liars?? ''West Midlands Police RAID Sikh Home The UK Police continue to target Sikh activists but a more sinister plot has now been revealed in a raid carried out by the West Midlands CTU. A Sikh family were woken when a large team of officers barged through their home at 6am on Wednesday 19th February 2020. A Sikh man was arrested by DC Aston, DC Ford, DC Cunningham and several other officers. A search warrant was executed, which was applied for by DC Cullwick of the joint UK-Indian team (West Midlands CTU and Indian NIA). The Police used excessive and heavy handed tactics where they tried to intimidate a family including young children. The family were held for 6 hours in the living room and were ordered not to leave the premises by DC Ford. The young children were warned that if they tried to leave that they could be in trouble. The tyrant officers damaged several items while they carried out their unnecessary raid. Police Informant Parmjit Sidhu's "Intel" Led To The Arrest During the initial disclosure given by DC Benson and DC Newman to the legal representative, it has now become clear that an informant by the name of Parmjit Sidhu was behind these arrests. Parmjit aka "Sidhu Cat" told the police that the Sikh man was involved in the Khalistani Sangarsh. Sidhu Cat made the complaint on 4th February 2020 at 18:30 to Bedfordshire Police. The West Midlands CTU then launched "Operation Graftage", a campaign to disrupt Sikh activism based on intel provided by Sidhu Cat. For many decades it has been suggested that some members of the community are police informants and privide "intel" in return for monetary benefits. However, it is usually difficult to prove these allegations or these allegations are wildly thrown around to discredit people. But in this case, the sloppy police have managed to "leak" the fact that Sidhu Cat has clearly provided information and there is proof of this in the police disclosure. The footage was taken while the arrests and searches were carried out by the CTU.''
  4. Is it available online ? Can someone upload it in PDF format.
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