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Found 6 results

  1. The wheat we eat today is not the same wheat our grandparents ate. The modern wheat varieties are actually genetic hybrids that contain a much greater number of chromosomes and therefore more proteins that are not present in naturally-occuring ancient varieties of wheat. This is partly why modern wheat is pro-inflammatory, causes allergies, contains more gluten, and is full of anti-nutrients that strip the body of vitamins and minerals. The second reason is that conventional wheat is sprayed with pesticides including the notorious glyphosate before harvesting which means that residues remain and are ingested. Glyphosate is carcinogenic, immunomodulatory, damages gut flora, causes chronic diseases like coeliacs/leaky gut, nutritional deficiencies. The ancient wheat varieties I have seen are organically grown so therefore are not exposed to Glyphosate. Many people with so called 'gluten-intolerance' are able to eat ancient wheat (which contains gluten) without any problems. Much like how people with so called 'lactose intolerance' can drink raw milk (which contains lactose) without any issues. These are false labels as they are misidentifying the culprit. Another problem with modern atta is the fact that in the UK (maybe other countries too) only 'wholemeal' flour is exempt from additives such as synthetic 'vitamins and minerals' (which are actually toxic drugs with different chemical properties and effects compared to what is found in nature). So every type of flour bar wholemeal contains artificial additives by law. The solution: Buy an ancient variety of wholemeal flour i.e. Einkorn, If unavailable then buy Khorasan flour.....they make delicious, easily digestible rotis. You can buy them online (in UK its Dove Farm Organics) or in supermarkets like Waitrose. You can't put a price on your health. Since roti is a staple of our diet, this one change could make a lot of difference to our health. This is what I do and thought i'd share it with you.
  2. We are taught that breast cancer most commonly occurs in the upper outer quadrant and this is precisely the location closest to which deodorant is applied. This thought came to me many years ago and since then I've looked at the research and delved more closely into the ingredients of underarm cosmetics. You won't be surprised to again find these products full of the same culprits : carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, irritants to name but 3 of their properties. Literally, you can take your pick. Pick up your deodorant and google each ingredient on the label to see what you are putting into your body (skin absorption-->bloodstream/lymph) (You might also like this: https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2016/07/20/dangerous-deodorant-antiperspirant-ingredients.aspx) The solution is simple: Use lemon/limes: I cut a small slice of lime everyday and squeeze its juice into my palm then apply to my armpits. It works in controlling body odour. Deodorants actually worsen body odour so you have to use more and more and buy more and more to mask it, leading to a vicious cycle, at the cost of your pocket and your health . So just quit it. Address your diet too...avoid poor diets containing processed food/refined sugar/carbs . Eat more raw, organic foods, raw dairy (not pasteurised/homogenised) etc Also In summer/hot climates its good to have a bath/shower twice a day. Hope this information is useful and make you more conscious of the products you are using. Remember always read the label, do your research, and if you don't know..avoid it! (P.s. read my other posts too if you are interested in avoiding other disease promoting products)
  3. Guest

    Overcoming fatigue

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Sangat Ji, I was recently blessed with the priceless gift of the Guru's Amrit. With Guru's Kirpa I have managed to wake up at around 5am (hoping to make this earlier gradually) and do some simran and panj bania nitnem. The problem I have is that I then throughout the rest of the day feel very tired and have no energy. I need to nap every day and it is very annoying. I feel like this may stop me waking up even earlier in the future. I will be going to university to study soon, and am worried I won't be able to concentrate due to being so tired. Does anyone have any tips for helping reduce this feeling of fatigue? I have been to the doctor multiple times and they said that everything was fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated Bhul Chuk Maaf
  4. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=gPaB8jFqlig&feature=youtu.be Take a course in sikhi before being allowed to marry regardless if one is born into or out of a sikh family
  5. VJKK VJKF! The time has come for the Khalsa to unite. It's simple, if you have hatred towards any Amritdhari, brush it aside NOW! Next time you see the person, say Fateh! and give a smile! If you do not speak to family members, start speaking, ring, say Fateh! and talk about the Panth. Theres no point in have petty issues and breaking up the panth. If two brothers fight, the 5 kila land they own will become divided. If they stay together they will have it all. If Khalsa sticks together, and gets inner Raaj via Nitnem and Bani, Naam......then Outer Raaj will be easier. Forget the hatred, get friendly again with the Khalsa and feel the Anand. Try it. Does not matter if some one slandered you behind your back, spread rumours, attacked you, no matter Amritdhari or not, befriend all and stay as Family. VJKK VJKF!
  6. SSA Sangat ji... I am still going to school making my A levels.... In the last. Recently I have many toughts about my future.. I dont really know what I want to be!! I mean I have no real interests... I just play some games on computer, and search trough Sikhi (Sikh videoes, kathas all stuff about Sikhi)after I come home from school... then I watch some youtube videos.. and the day is over.. On weeknds I go jobbing... Almost every day is the same! My grades are average/good .. I donĀ“t study at all .. I just pay attention to the lessen.. and get my grades.. I am the kind of person who never learns or very rarely learns for tests and stuff.. And if I have to hand out homeowkr I alway do it on the deadline! For example I have to hand out an presentation at the 20.th december, I will start on the 19.th at 9 pm and will finish it at 1 -2 am .... I dont know why?!?! I try everything to do my work earlier but nothing helps... I always end up doing my work a day before deadline ! What is wrong with me?? I just browse youtube and read stuff related to Sikhi , Sikhi is my only REAL interesting... Why is this so?? I sometimes think to stop my a levels and just search for a job ... But I fear my parents.. they want me to become a docotr or stuff... They would never accept a bad occucipation for me... but I just want to work.. I am done with school and stuff this is just annoying for me... I mean my parents would be very sad if I would become a secreterial or something like that.. I just dont know... everything is fckd up please help me...... and give solutions...
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