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Found 2 results

  1. Tihar jail, Delhi – On the morning of 4th January 2015, a very special Gurpurb programme was held within the confines of Tihar Jail in New Delhi, to commemorate the parkash purab of Guru Gobind Singh. The Tihar complex is made up of a number of jails, each containing over 3,000 inmates. Among the Sikh political prisoners lodged in Tihar are Jagtar Singh Hawara, Parmjit Singh Bheora and Daya Singh Lahoria. Sikh prisoners are rarely allowed to hold a religious function, although other faiths regularly observe their own holy days. It requires a great deal of effort by the Sikh inmates to get the necessary go-ahead. But yesterday, all the inmates in one jail, regardless of their beliefs, were invited to a Kirtan diwan and to partake in the Guru ka Langar which was served afterwards, provided by the Delhi Gurdwara Parbhandak Committee. Apaardeep Singh (UK) and his jatha performed blissful kirtan and the final ardaas prayed for the unity and freedom of the Sikh nation. The Parshaad (blessed food) was distributed among the entire Tihar complex – including jail wardens and staff. Jagtar Singh Hawara addressed the Sangat for a few moments to commend the welfare provided by Sikh Relief (SOPW) and how it is a lifeline to those who find themselves imprisoned for their beliefs, to know that their families are being taken care of, while their own legal battle is fought on their behalf. Sikh Relief volunteer Sarbpreet Singh was granted permission to attend and among the others present were Manpreet Singh, Kuldeep Singh Batali and Mohinderpal Singh all from Akali Dal (Mann). Source: http://singhstation.net/2015/01/guru-gobind-singh-ji-gurpurab-celebrated-inside-tihar-jail/
  2. NEW DELHI (July 17, 2014)—Hospital treatment of Bhai Jagtar Singh Hawara, who is imprisoned at the Tihar Jail in New Delhi, has once again been delayed. He was brought to the hospital on a stretcher at 7 AM earlier today. Doctors referred him for some tests, and prescribed medicines. No formal tests were carried out, and he was asked to come back on July 30, despite the pain being severe and critical. Upon returning to the Tihar Jail, Bhai Hawara complained about the visit to the hospital being a waste of time. He asked that these recommendations could have been made at the jail itself. He asked why the doctors refused to see him, despite the court orders. The jail staff once again arranged for Bhai Hawara to be taken back to the hospital; however by then, the doctor assigned to him had already left. Bhai Hawara will be taken to the hospital again tomorrow. Sikh24 had earlier reported that Bhai Hawara is unable to walk or stand without support for more than a few minutes. Last few times, he was brought out to meet his family members on a stretcher. Source: Sikh24.com
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