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  1. Deep Sidhu has been arrested, everybody do ardas for him ??? Vaheguru #istandwithdeepsidhu
  2. Does anybody know who is singing ਖਗ ਖੰਡ ਬਿਹੰਡੰ ਖਲ ਦਲ ਖੰਡੰ ਅਤਿ ਰਣ ਮੰਡੰ ਬਰ ਬੰਡੰ ॥ below https://youtu.be/RGRoK1QTy2M I have been looking for the audio and i cant find it
  3. London—India again plays it’s age old game of using media to defame Sikhs and Sikh organisations, with a view to garnering support from the UK government in attempting to disrupt Sikh campaigns highlighting current atrocities in India. The Indian media has, in chorus, pasted numerous far fetched accusations against a number of Sikhs in the UK over the past few days. This appears to have been timed to lend weight during the ongoing visit of the controversial PM of India, Narendra Modi, to allow him to have candid discussion with British PM David Cameron in gaining his support. News published in numerous state run media outlets in India, have disclosed the names of supposed Sikh activists and bodies targeted by Indian intelligence in a dossier to be handed over to Cameron during Modi’s visit. Bhai Avtar Singh Khanda, Vice President of Youth wing of Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) in UK, is marked as a ‘fierce terrorist’ and accused of having mastered skills in making ‘dirty’ bombs from household chemicals. The Indian government has even claimed that he is training the youth to make bombs. He has also had allegations leveled against him of being close to Bhai Jagtar Singh Tara and Bhai Paramjit Singh Pamma. It is notable that Bhai Avtar Singh Khanda’s father and paternal uncle were extra-judicially tortured and killed by the Punjab police during 1990’s. He arrived in UK some years ago and started working against the human rights abuses in Punjab. Beside Bhai Avtar Singh Khanda, Indian intelligence has also passed misinformation about many other Sikh activists and their gatherings as threat to unity of India. Accusations of raising funds for conducting pro-Khalistan activities have also been leveled. Source: Sikh24.Com
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