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Found 2 results

  1. Hi sangatji I am around 29 , I have been facing this issue for a long time. I really have been trying to cope up with Kaam, whenever I indulge in masturbation or any adultry it effects my work, like I could be scolded by my supervisor, or maybe something wrong happens at the office like failure . I work as a customer support, so when I do that,I do get cranky customers, escalated cases, scolding customers and everything goes bad . I try to do ardass whenever I get indulge and try to avoid it in first place, but sometimes even when I am not indulging, like for example, a scene comes in a movie that might be explicit, even I m not intended to do kaam like masturbating, it kind of effect my work next day. I m not sure what do to. I try to keep kaam at Bay as much as I can, and pray to guru sahib. As a result my job is being affected, I even might get terminated. Not sure what to do apart from doing ardass, can anyone guide. Regards Benti karta
  2. My age is 27. I work in a small -size IT company . I am a software developer by profession. The size of company I work in is around 70 people. It all started in July 2015 when I first joined the company. This psycho south indian guy thought I was an easy target would ridicule me on my turban and although I don't wear 5 Ks as I am not amritdhari , but he would insult other kakkars by saying "Can a sikh auntie cut vegetables with her kirpan if she forgot knife?" . Other ridiculous questions targeting my turban soon followed like "How do you scratch if you got a scalp itch?" , "How do you wear a helmet?". He did this in front of HR manager once and manager didn't give a damn. Infact seemed happy because he hated me Some other people joined in January last year and when they noticed I am being made the clown amidst these people, they soon joined in the bandwagon of abusing and ridiculing me. Jokes are mostly not about my faith, but sometimes about my turban and other times mostly about my sexuality They use really horrible words. I think there are 5 such people who have dehumanized me by mockery , direct and indirect messages . It has demoralized me to an extent and I feel really insulted now. What should I do ? These people are more in number and considering all of them are of one community (marathi), I feel overwhelmed. So If I complained to HR or boss , its likely they might instead get me fired It has become really bad for me in the office. I feel I have lost all dignity
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