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    • There are organisations who used funds solely for Sikh causes but Ravi Singh has pretty hogged all the limelight so when one looks into Sikh charities, KA comes up first and most Sikhs jus donate to them without looking at what the funds will be used for. KA has started to get challenged by Sikhs about why they do not do anything for Sikhs in needs and they have started some work but it is about 10% of their total work. They put up a few post about Sikligars and then start to ask for donations. I have written before that KA has over £5 million in the bank and if even half that money was used for Sikhs causes it would be a game changer for the future of Sikhs in Punjab. But Ravi Singh is too arrogant to even consider that. He is just into self promotion appearing in TV shows and newspapers. His latest joke of a post on facebook was asking people in Punjab what they need during the lockdown. I would have thought that having dozens of volunteers or more in Punjab and India he does not have any idea what the people of Punjab need. 
    • ----------------- UK Direct Debit Your Dasvandh to Khalsa Aid will help many who are suffering from natural disasters, conflicts and poverty all over the world. Khalsa Aid is the world’s first cross-border humanitarian relief organisation based on the Sikh teachings. We thank you for your support. -------------------------------------     From the Khalsa Aid website. As a Amritdhari, Ravi Singh should be aware what Daswandh is and how it has to be utilised but it either shows his deep ignorance or something more sinister.    Maybe asking for Daswandh generates more donations rather than just asking for daan. Most Sikhs are not so knowledgeable to know the difference so KA gets away with this.     
    • Not much details available on him. No doubt his masters rewarded and protected him. I've got to read up more about the Gaddar Lehar, might be more info in one of those works? 
    • I think you're in a massive bubble from the rest of the world yourself. It's called NZ. lol
    • Proactive is spot on about Daswandh.  Daswandh can only be used for Sikh related purposes. But if you want to give Daan to non Sikhs that is fine too but not Daswand. Daswand and Daan are two different things. It is unethical for using a word like daswandh for daan
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