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    • You could not be bothered to check the name of a couple who have been involved in a violent and fatal attack. This speaks columes for the person.you are. 
    • didn't want to mispell her name and was trying to seperate the actors in the scene. Basically the hotel security left them hanging in the face of the onslaught of this drunken ape ...and Singh did his best to protect his own , the shame of it was that was their last night there before returning home.
    • Just would of stabbed him myself for self protection 
    • Why use the name Kaur and Singh instead of their first names? Seems strange to call them by their last names. 
    • well all pictures of the arrested man have him untouched , and the Kaur said basically he broke down a door between the two rooms balconies to gain access to their room , there was no mention of injuries on the white dude despite him being nakedc when rampaging after the couple phoned reception to complain  about his bellowing and banging on the balcony door. wife did not say kirpan was used just punches and kicking back and forth.

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