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  1. This is similar to the way that the medieval churches and abbeys used to suddenly start to display pieces of wood from the 'true cross' on which Jesus was crucified in order to gain the status of a pilgrimage site and thus receive donations from rich Christians as well as benefit from the pilgrim traffic. I remember some years ago the one of the descendants of Rai Kalha came to England to display the Ganga Sagar and many foolish Sikhs were making large donations as well as some women gifting their gold jewellery as 'charawa' to the Ganga Sagar. Such manmat was openly allowed by the Sikh organisation that had invited the owners of the Ganga Sagar to come to the UK. I would estimate that these descendants of Rai Kalha must have made hundreds of thousands of pounds from their visit. Now if you look at it rationally, did the Guru gift the Ganga Sagar so that the descendants of Rai Kalha would be able to leach money off the Sikhs in future? Also why do we attach any great respect for these descendants? This also is manmat. By all means we should respect the original Rai Kalha because of his association with Guru Gobind Singh but his descendants have never done anything significant for the Sikhs. The Sikhs of old were never the sentimental fools that we have become since 1947. Maharaja Ranjit Singh didn't think twice before he annexed the territory of the descendants of Rai Kalha in order to further his version of Khalsa Raj. He did exactly the same thing with the Malerkotla Nawab's territory.
  2. Ok you win it was a Rajput who was a pioneer Sikh settler in BC. Happy?
  3. You will come across all types of people in life and if you come across a Jat who thinks he is superior then you will come across the same amount of other castes who will try and belittle Jats. There are stupid people everywhere. I think it was Eleanor Roosevelt who said "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent" If you are confident in yourself than no amount of idiocy about caste supremacy can have an effect on you. The greatest danger is when you start to fall into the same idiocy but claiming that your caste is higher than the caste of the person.
  4. The only people protesting are the people of the North East who are afraid of being swamped by Bengali Hindus from Bangladesh and some opposition leaders. I think that we Sikhs need to be more circumspect and not be used by others to fight their battles. Take for instance the hue and cry over the revocation of article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir. Many Sikhs have got on to that bandwagon of protesting against its revocation even though the autonomy that this article gave to the state was used to deny Sikhs who fled from West Punjab and Mirpur in 1947 from being full subjects of the state and to enjoy the same rights as other people of J&K. Even though the Sikhs have done their best to support the Kashmiris and even after the Sikhs saved Kashmiris from being killed by Hindu mobs earlier this year, no Kashmiri Muslim leader even thought to reciprocate and give these Sikhs the status of state subjects. These Sikhs have been living in former refugee camps which have now become towns such as Simbal camp. With regard to the CAA, This act also helps Sikhs who have fled from Afghanistan and Pakistan who have had to live as refugees in India. Many have lived in India since the 1990s and yet because they do not have ID documents they cannot work officially. There are over 5000 Such Sikhs who will now be able to get citizenship and around 25000 Hindus. Amarinder Singh like the true congress ku.tta he is wants to deny those Sikhs in Punjab the right to citizenship but he is no legal right to deny something that has been passed by the parliament, he seems to think that he is ruling a sovereign state rather than a colony that Punjab is.
  5. https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-us-build-a-masjidmosque-in-nadala-punjab So a father and son gadday are fundraising to buy a plot of land in their village so that the Muslims who are all migrants can have a Mosque! This kind of stupidity is seems to all the rage now among our people. So Just because Pakistan for economic reasons and to gain Sikh goodwill builds the Kartarpur corridor, these two muppets think that this means that Sikhs should be helping Muslim build Mosques. Thankfully of the 60 odd donors on the page only 5-6 are Sikhs and over half are Muslims and the rest are anonymous.
  6. I think the bigger danger to Punjabi abroad is the fact that even those who are trying to promote Punjabi see nothing wrong in using English words while they are speaking Punjabi even though there are Punjabi words available. For example, my biggest gripe is when you have presenters on Punjabi TV channels like Akaal Channel saying something like 'Saray Waarld (world) vich Akaal channel ….. I don't know why they cannot use words like Sansar or Jag.. that's a case where there are two perfectly appropriate Punjabi words that they can use. I can understand when they need to use English words because there are no equivalent Punjabi words available such as when using technical or scientific terms. But for everyday words they should be making a conscious effort to use Punjabi words. We need to take some inspiration from the Jews who took a dead academic language Hebrew and converted it in a few decades into a living spoken language Modern Hebrew.
  7. Beautiful song and a great answer to Mastdas Mann
  8. I think you should not enter the Mandir and stay in the car. Because as an Amritdhari you are distinctive and even though you are planning on sitting at the back you will still be seen by others and they will assume that you are worshipping there. I know how animated Sikhs get when they see other Sikhs being present at places where non-Sikh worship is taking place. Say if a Mona and Keshdhari Sikhs who also go to the Mandir see you there then the next time a Sikh tells them that they should not be doing murti puja at a mandir then they will the fact that they saw you an Amritdhari as some sort of justification of their own manmat.
  9. I don't know Deepa Singh personally and only know him through his videos online. From what I have seen he is a passionate sewadar and while others like to sit in their armchairs at home and nit pick he is actually on the frontlines confronting the issues that others just want to sweep under the carpet because it doesn't fit into their left wing socialist kumbaya view of the world. From what I have seen he has been active in protecting girls from grooming gangs. Deepa Singh has been associated with Tommy Robinson and this has been because both have been prominent in highlighting Pakistani grooming gangs. If you buy into the mainstream media's portrayal of TR as a racist then for you this is an unforgivable crime. For me TR is not a racist and I haven't seen anything which shows him to be a racist. This is especially surprising as the first thing anyone who is a victim of the mainstream media brainwashing will be to describe TR as a racist. TR is trying to defend his community against the grooming gangs and this something that many Sikh youth in the 80s and 90s did and they also faced the same level of personal attacks from the Gurdwaras and Sikh organisations that TR faces from the mainstream media now. For the left wing kumbaya type Sikhs such as Sikhs against EDL, Turban Campaign, City Sikhs etc Deepa Singh represents something that they despise, a Sikh who doesn't care about what the mainstream media and the British establishment thinks of him and someone who measures his achievements by the lives he has saved from the grooming gangs and not the CBEs or MBEs that he has received which is what the above organisations are more concerned about. The kumbaya singing Sikh organisations whose only existence is online and who probably only consist of some few brain dead left wing pajamay hate Deepa Singh because he calls them out on their antics and their anti-Panthic activities. The latest one was the disgusting Vaisakhi in the Mosque event where these self appointed 'leaders' of the Sikh community wanted to celebrate Vaisakhi in a Mosque! These sell outs weren't prepared for the backlash that occurred from the Sikhs and also Deepa Singh's involvement in raising awareness of what these sell outs were doing. These sell outs MO is to play the victim when they are called out on their anti-Panthic activities. When Deepa Singh and others went to the house of one of the organisers this was presented as some kind of attack and siege while according to the police no arrests were made and no complaint was even made. The kumbaya singing Sikhs then enlisted the aid of Sunny Hundal to present their victim narrative to the mainstream media. These self serving sell outs have no time to counter the attacks on our community from the grooming gangs but they have all the time in the world to set up anti-Panthic events like Vaisakhi in the Mosque. Deepa Singh has rattled these paper tigers who think they are the voice of the Sikhs. So they will use any opportunity to bring him down. This is what I am seeing happening here. Their modus operandi is pretty clear to see. First someone comes on this forum and asks' Is it true Deepa did so and so'. Then without proving any proof others join in by passing judgement on his 'crimes' and pretty much the tread becomes an Deepa Singh bashing thread and anyone unfamiliar with Deepa Singh will think he is the devil incarnate.
  10. Do you have proof of this or is that just hearsay. Sorry but you seem to use a lot of hearsay and show scant proof for your assertions.
  11. The majority of Hindu societies are affiliated with the National Hindu Students Forum which is a RSS front. So what is a Sikh doing organising an interfaith programme with the Hindu society at his uni with a body that does not even recognise his religion and considers Sikhs as Hindus.
  12. Very true. These people are sell outs and would sell their mother for some accolade or award. These were the I.diots involved with Vaisakhi in the Mosque some months ago. These kinds of organisations are just vehicles for dubious sell outs to ingratiate themselves with the British establishment and brown nose in order to get MBEs and OBEs.
  13. Why should SYUK use it's meagre resources to help non-Sikh girls when there are so many Sikh girls that need help. SYUK should help non-Sikh girls if they are approached by their parents but they shouldn't actively go out of their way looking for non-Sikh girls to help. I hope to don't become i.diots like Khalsa Aid wasting the sangat's money building Mosques and delivering Qurans to Muslim refugees. Can I ask what the disagreement was about that your parents witnessed? If it was minor issue that that is wrong of Deepa but there are many in our community who look at things like organising Vaisakhi in a Mosque or having non-Sikhs marrying through Anand Karaj as a minor thing which is not the case.
  14. There was a joke told by a comedian some decades ago. Two Jews are about to be shot by a SS firing squad. The Nazi commander asks both 'any last requests'.. The first Jew asks 'can we stand behind the wall'.. 'No' shouts the Nazi commander. "In that case "the first Jew shouts " scr*w you and scr*w Hitler you bast*rd!" .. the second Jew tugs on the first Jew's shirt and whispers "Hymie.. don't make trouble" It's ironic that while the Jews who worldwide were viewed as cowards have become more militant and willing to fight for their rights we the Sikhs who had a reputation for fighting for not just our rights but for the rights of others are now more likely to criticise Sikhs willing to be counted and try and keep them quiet just like Hymie's friend tried to do. From what I have read about him and seen in his videos he is passionate about Sikhi, protecting Sikh girls from grooming and wanting the Punjab to be free from Indian oppression. I suppose to some this is creating divisions and bullying. He confronted that Indian extremist journalist from India Today who wanted to use SYUK's anti grooming campaign as Indian propaganda a few months ago. I suppose those that accuse him of creating divisions are ok with grooming gangs targeting our girls, innocent Sikhs from UK being arrested on trumped up charges in India and Vaisakhi being celebrated in Mosques! Whatever Deepa may be he is certainly passionate about helping our Kaum and for those who want the quiet life oblivious to the fact that our enemies like the Indian govt and the 'religion of peace' are making all out efforts to destroy us, that can be seen as being 'divisive' and 'stupid behaviour'
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