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  1. All intelligence agencies conjure up 'facts' at will to suit the agenda of the political establishment. Remember the WMDs in Iraq and then then Russiagate hoax. I wouldn't believe anything these agencies say.
  2. The biggest disaster to befall the world was the Arab empire and their creation of Islam as a religion to rival Christianity of the Byzantines and Rome and the Zoroastrianism of the Persians. Recent research points to this as being the true chronology of events rather than the Muslim narrative of Islam coming first and then the Arab empire. The world would be a much better place had there been no Arab empire and Islam. The Dharmic religions would have been a majority from Afghanistan through to Vietnam and from Japan to Indonesia. Afghanistan certainly would not have been the shythole it is now. Before Islam it was a centre of learning and had a mixture of Greek and Buddhist influences. The descendants of the people who created these-; Would not be doing this today had the religion of 'peace' not been created.
  3. There is lot of retardation in their community due to their 'keeping it in the family' disgusting traditions. You can just imagine the confusion a typical Pakistani family has …. Your Massi / Bhua is also your Suss. Your Massadr/ Fuffarh is also your Saura. Your Chacheri/Mameri Bhain is also your Wohti!
  4. nteresting that he hasn't addressed this post. We need to understand the psychology of people like him and how trying to debate people like him is pointless. The problem with people like him is that they have lost the ability to reflect. If the starting point to your belief system is that a man was the final prophet and he was the perfect human being, then when you hit any facts that shows that he was charlatan and a paedophile then you are quite willing to dismiss these facts because to acknowledge these would destroy your faith. It is much easier and safer to just ignore these facts and against all facts to the contrary just continue to believe that Mohammed was a prophet and married a 6 year old just to cement his ties to one of his friends! Islam is really a house of cards built on sand. Though their propaganda they mouth the same lies over and over again and as Goebbels said if a lie is repeated enough times it becomes the truth to most people. The vast majority of Muslims do not know all their religion, the believe their prophets was a kind, good man who was persecuted and never persecuted anyone and who loved animals and was good with kids . When they some across any facts which tell the truth about Mohammed, Islam has provided a million and one excuses which that Muslim can use to repress his natural unease at what Mohammed did. If the unease is about Aisha, who their prophet married at 6 years of age and then consummated the marriage at the ripe old age of 9! They can either believe that she was not 6 years old but 16, 17, 18, 19 or even 21 according to whichever attempt at denying their prophet's paedophilia they want to accept! If they don't want to accept that and want to accept the overwhelming evidence that she was 6 then he can choose to accept the 'scientific' theory that girls aged much faster in Mohammed's time or the climate of Arabia was so unique that girls entered puberty much earlier than our time! All these million and one excuses just to deny what any rational person would accept as Mohammed's paedophilia. The most amusing video I watched lately was some deluded white Muslim convert defending Mohammed's marriage to a 6 year old child by saying that Gandhi also married at a young age! Btw Gandhi was 13 years old when he married his wife who was 14! A bit of a stretch to compare Gandhi's marriage to Mohammed's marriage. But Islam is about trying to convince people that right is wrong and black is white. In the early 1990s I remember a Muslim convert ring a radio station and stating that what convinced him of the truth of Islam was that Neil Armstrong heard the Azan on the moon and had become a Muslim and moved to Lebanon. The truth was that Neil Armstrong himself had to deny this story and he didn't become a Muslim and the only Lebanon he moved to was his home town called Lebanon in the USA! Islam's lies to bring people into its fold. After Neil Armstrong, they had the 'science' in the Quran scam which has pretty much been debunked and even those Muslims who propagated this have backed off. Then it was the no. 19 miracle. Even such shite as 10 words in Quran have 40 rhetorical devices contained in them. Muslims are constantly trying to every type of subterfuge to show how superior their religion is. One thing they try not to use is the teachings of the Quran and the life of their prophets which is something that all other religion use for parchar. The marriage of Aisha is just one of hundreds of events and issues in Mohammed's life that totally negate the Muslim view of him as a prophet and a perfect human being. This is why all the Islamic organisations are constantly trying to push back the tide of rational questions about their prophet and their religion. The Muslim defence of Mohammed the slave trader and Islam's 1400 year of slave trading is that Islamic slavery is not the same as western slavery, because Islamic slavery is benign! As I said Islam is a house of cards built on sand. The thing which stops this house crashing down is that the vast majority of Muslims are ignorant of what Mohammed really did according to their own texts. Of the ones who become aware, the majority start to live lives of denial and the minority leave Islam and either become silent on Islam or become vocal ex-Muslims. The biggest irony that Muslims like this guy engage in is in presenting themselves to be rational human beings. For a rational human being a man of 53 consummating his 'marriage' to a child of 9 would be seen as outrageous, but for our 'rational' Muslim neighbour this is quite in keeping with Mohammed as a perfect human. He knows deep down that this is wrong but like anyone who has bought into a cult, he cannot criticise the leader or leave the cult because he knows that carries a death sentence. Although this guy appears to deny this but that threat exists and here is a youtube video of a Kalash people in Pakistan. Watch between 12.40 and 13.50. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iv8an_dWTuE Now why would the Mullahs want to kill a simple tribal women who wants to revert back to her own Kalash religion? In a nation of nearly 200 million Muslims and over a billion worldwide why would one woman's actions to leave Islam mean death for her? In Pakistan hundreds if not thousands of Muslims die a day because they cannot feed themselves or they have no access to medicines, why is her life important and not theirs? If she leaves and the Mullah instead of killing her devote their time and resources to saving 10 Muslims by providing them food and medicines isn't that a net positive for Islam? No, they chose not to do this because for the vast majority of Muslims, it has been so ingrained in them that their religion is perfect that they cannot even envisage that someone would come to it willingly and leave it willingly. If she can do it then maybe they can too and then it opens the floodgates and this is why her remaining a Muslim is so important.
  5. I would say a weakling like you who goes ga ga over some Muslims from his area in Punjab now living in Pakistan has more of a crush than someone like me who admires Sikhs who stood up to Muslay grooming gangs in the 80s. Those guys weren't perfect but out of them and a dhimmi like you I know who I would rather have as back up in a ruck. Here's your many crushes just of you.
  6. You really do have a problem with Apnay who defended our community in the 80s and 90s. To take the pi$$ out of those who had the backbone to fight back shows just what a giddarh you are. A weak Islamophile like you wouldn't have lasted a minute in the areas these guys lived in. You really are a joke.
  7. The Sandhawalias colluded with the British and then sough asylum in the British territories after murdering Maharaja Sher Singh. They are as guilty as the Dogra and Lal Singh and Tej Singh for the destruction of the Sikh state. Maharaja Sher Singh was not a bad ruler apart from the way in which he got the throne. He was 34 when he became Maharaja and managed to rule for over 2 and a half years which was too short for him to bring about a period of peace the state needed and his death unleashed more anarchy. Had he managed to rule for a couple of decades, the Sikh state would have been safe from annexation and there probably would not have been an Anglo-Sikh war during his lifetime.
  8. It's not an expose on Guru Nanak Modi Khana but information about how politicians with corrupt medical store owners wanting to get it closed so they can loot patients in their stores.
  9. I can't remember which book it was, I must have read literally over 500-600 since the 1980s. I will try and find out which book it was. There was also a similar case where a Jat woman from Sarhali in Amritsar district could not have a son and she make a vow at a Sakhi Sarwar shrine that if she had a son the family would become his followers. She had a son and by the time of Giani Ditt Singh the son's descendants had increased to 200 families and although with the general trend among Jats in the district to become Sikhs, these families also became Sikhs but still continued to follow Sakhi Sarwar as well. One of the members of one of these families read Giani Ditt Singh's book Sultan Puara about the hypocrisy of Sikhs following Sakhi Sarwar and he invited Gianiji to visit the village and preach there. All the families stopped following Sakhi Sarwar and became Amritdharis. There is a general trend now especially among a few Sikhs educated in the west pursuing PhDs in western universities that the Singh Sabha somehow subverted Sikhism and they try to present the popular and debased form of Sikhism that existed after the annexation of Punjab to the founding of the Singh Sabha as the pure form of Sikhism even though many of the practices were totally against the teachings of the Gurus. There is no doubt the Singh Sabha transformed Sikhism, but was this transformation more in line with the teachings of the Gurus or against the teachings of the Gurus.
  10. This type of case was the norm in Punjab especially when Beanta took over as Punjab CM in 1992. When the whole truth comes out about the atrocities committed by the Indians in Punjab it will likely eclipse what Pinochet did in Chile and the Junta in Argentina. This is why I hate those Sikhs who say they are proud to be Indians and put the Indian flags on their profiles.
  11. The problem is that the Sikh religious establishments, the SGPC, DSGMC, the Babas and Nihang Dals have no interest in parchar. The SGPC and DSGMC were set up not just to manage the Gurdwaras but also to spread the message of Sikhism. But today they are all involved in politics and the daswand which should be spent to spread Sikhism is either siphoned off by the Badals or misspent on langars for political rallies for them. Ordinarily in such instances, the people who have genuine pain at the mis-management of the Gurdwaras and the mis-spent Daswand would unite and re-take back the SGPC or at least form counter organisations in order to do the work which the SGPC is unwilling to do until they get a chance to re-take back the SGPC. Bhai Ranjit Singh, the former Jathedar of Akal Takht is actively attempting to unite Panthic minded Sikhs so that when the next SGPC elections happen that the gand of the Badals can be cleansed from the SGPC. Until then as individual we should use our intellect in order to discern what in the best interests of the Kaum. Personally if I go to Durbar Sahib I would only matha tek about 100 rupees which should cover the parshad and the langar. Anything more is a waste at this time as it would only go to increase the wealth of the Badals. It feels bad to write this but we have to see the truth and not be influenced by feelings that we might feel that we are somehow disrespecting the Guru by giving so little. We have to understand the system that we are under at the moment, once a decent SGPC committee committed to Sikhi comes into power then we can donate as much we can to them. At present the money that I would ordinarily have put in the golak I donate to organisations that are working to help Sikhs in need. If significant numbers of Sikhs follow these actions then it will not be long before the SGPC stops being a cash cow for the Badals. Just recently because of the lockdown in India, the SGPC has been making statements that it is running out of money even after a month of lockdown. This shows just how wasteful and corrupt the organisation is that it did not set aside money to cover emergencies. It shows that money was being corruptly taken as soon as it was put in the golak. As I wrote above ordinarily Sikhs should be forming counter organisations to the SGPC to take on the work that it refuses to do and the funds for this should come from us by redirecting our normal contributions to the golak to these organisations. The tragedy is that some organisations which have very little intention to do any work for Sikhs are now trying to seize this trend that many Sikhs are displaying and trying to get these contributions into their hands. Such an organisation is Khalsa Aid. Ravi Singh recently put out a video wanting Sikhs to donate to his charity in order that he can make it a $100 million organisation! He criticised Gurdwaras for hoarding money but the way I look at it, if the Gurdwaras hoard money at least that money is available if ever it is needed but in Ravi Singh view that money should be his and for him to visit exotic locations to spend the money on non-Sikhs.
  12. Rather than looking at the past wishing things had been different, we should use our energy and resources to make up for the mistakes of the past. If you have money to spare and wish to donate, then donate to organisations that work with Sikhs in need.
  13. Because they started to implement the teachings of the Gurus such as equality among Sikhs and against the hereditary claims of Guruship that many Sodhis and Bedis were making. They also attacked the blurring of boundaries that meant that a Sikh would go to a Mandir and a Sufi shrine without feeling in any way that he was being a hypocrite in going against the teachings of the Gurus. They also understood that many attitudes that had become ingrained into the Sikh population were instrumental in making people move away from Sikhism to other religions. Many Sikh Sardars and landholders kept many Muslim mistresses and the children born to them would invariably be bought up as Muslims as Sikh society did not accept them as legitimate and Muslims were eager to accept them to boost their own numbers. I remember reading about Giani Ditt Singh who bought over 200-300 descendants of a Sikh who had been banished by his village because he had married a Muslim woman and he had had to set up his own village separate from the Sikh village. Over time his descendants were worshippers of Sakhi Sarwar, the Muslim Sufi which was a half way house to Islam. There's no doubt within a few decades these person would have become Muslims and lost to Sikhi forever. Yet the tenacity and the preaching skills of Giani Ditt Singh led to them becoming Sikhs.
  14. Because of the fact that the earliest Sikhs to go abroad were from Doaba area they were influenced by Communism as in the 1920s onwards it was seen as an alternative system to colonialism. A lot of the early settlers in Canada and USA were influenced by Communism and took it back to Doaba when they went back there. Communism was strong in Doaba and it's opposition to religion became ingrained in the people there. This was why Master Tara Singh was as opposed to the 'sikh' communists mainly from Doaba as he was opposed to the Muslim league. After 1947 the second generation of these communists then started to migrate to the UK and they set up communist front organisations such as Indian Workers Association in the UK to which many 'sikh' councillors belong. The IWA were active in trying to take over the Gurdwaras over many years. Only after 1984 did Sikhs abroad shake off these infiltrators but they still exist in local politics and still pretend to represent Sikh interests in the local councils. In Doaba during the 1980s returned or visiting Communists from Canada and USA were very active in spreading anti-Khalistan propaganda. Darshan Singh Canadian and Pash were two such Communists both of whom fell to the Kharkoo's bullets.
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