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  1. I think some writer used the word Kali the godess and added the word Stan for country. Bit like how the Simpson's have managed to predict some events.
  2. You are right that there are people who through their childhood experiences go on to become sociopaths and psychopaths. But not every one of these peoples' mental condition can be traced back to childhood or the way they were raised or even events in later life. There are lots of people who have had the perfect childhood and they have gone on to become psychopaths. These are probably the ones who entered the Maanas Janam before their time.
  3. That and the fact that he has a very well oiled PR machine. Although I think KA has probably reached a plateau and will not go any higher. The amount of pushback it is getting even from people in Punjab who tend to be more emotional than the diaspora and for whom the sight of a Nishan Sahib is some out of the way place seems more important than looking after our own. The Sikh focussed charities are getting more and more popular now and I can see in the next few years that they might surpass KA.
  4. BSC income £ 442K in 2019 expenditure £427K in 2019 -- Income £710K expenditure £786K in 2020 Your Seva income £180K and expenditure £127K in 2020 Compared to Khalsa Aid income £5 million and expenditure £1.7 million in 2021 These Sikh focussed charities are gaining more traction especially now with social media where KA pretty much gets a drubbing every day whenever there is an issue of Sikhs needing help comes up. All Ravi Singh can do is block people.
  5. Bhagat Kabir would be a poor example of someone reforming Islam. His Shabads are the most critical of Islamic theology and his most famous verse "Awwal Allah Noor Upaiya" which is used (wrongly) as a solidarity Shabad by those who do not even read it all is an outright negation of the concept of Allah contained in the Quran.
  6. Interesting thought. I remember elder members of my family used to say that those people who appear incapable of human emotions and general humanity had been born into a human body before their time. Some kind of glitch has caused them to be born in a human body before they had gone through the necessary experience and development in other life forms which would have set them up to attain human birth. Watching that video of those girls being attacked in Pakistan, their abusers do display classic pack like behaviour. Unfortunately for those born into Islam, both nature and nurture sc
  7. It is virtually impossible for Ravi Singh to change the whole strategy of his charity and concentrate on Sikhs, He has become a part of the woke worldview and has created a niche for our people to be mindless drones whose sole aim is to open up a free food stall at the drop of a hat. It is better to focus on other Sikh charities such as Your Seva and British Sikh Council which have been helping our people and are not involved in the constant self promotion that Ravi Singh and Khalsa Aid do.
  8. Doesn't the very fact that a convert to Sikhi becomes a son of Guru Gobind Singh give him the right to claim all of our heritage from Guru Nanak to now?
  9. Demonic would the right word for it. In fact in one sakhi Guru Gobind Singh when forbidding the Khalsa from rape in war states that Islam is the religion of Bhoots and Rakshas and that the Guru's path is set on a higher moral plane.
  10. Where is the human attribute that is inherent in most people to help someone who is in distress? I cannot imagine this kind of thing happening among out people. The way that a lot of them rather than helping the girls actually joined in with the abuse shows that this kind of behaviour is inherent in all of them.
  11. It was the attempt to prove that Jinnah's two nation theory was wrong even after he had managed to snatch away the Muslims' share of south Asia, the secularists still held on their dream that India was one nation. This was the reason that MK Gandhi and Nehru begged the Muslim Meos who had migrated to Pakistan to return to Mewat. They sent police to get back their Meos' land which was being taken over by locals. The fact that these Meos could see that they would never get any land in Pakistan in exchange made the majority of them return and the problem of Muslim majority Mewat was created.
  12. Honestly, this guy is all over the place. My own views of Deep Sidhu's comments are that he was saying that unless the farm leaders up the ante and bring more pressure of Modi then simply sitting in a location expecting the government to bend to your will is unrealistic. His point was that giving Shaheed status to those who had died while sitting in the andolan was legitimising the aimless strategy of the farmer union leaders. Modi had he wanted to could have stayed obstinate as is his reputation and then what? What was the number of deaths that would finally be unacceptable to the farmer unio
  13. This is a common thing now in the west as well, it is the drift towards liberalism, which in my view is a mental disorder which acts to prevent the sufferer from even acting in his own self interests. Think what you like of Tommy Robinson but essentially he is someone who saw the takeover of Islam of his hometown and the victimisation of his people by Muslims and he tried to awaken his people. Look at how he was demonised by the leftists among the goray. Add to this how the white police officers and social workers were quite happy to see females from their own community be groomed by Pakistani
  14. He's been constantly attacking Deep Sidhu because he feels that he has not been getting the publicity that he deserves. Who is he as a comrade to tell us who we should or should not consider our Shaheed? Having made a mess of his entry into Punjab politics it irks him that Deep Sidhu's had such an impact and he has pretty much been ignored by the voters. In the elections he is a comrade but when it comes to misleading Sikhs in a Gurdwara he is the biggest follower of the Gurus. The man is a hypocrite. I would not be surprised if his family background has some comrade gaddar family member
  15. I would never support any Hindu in UK politics, there will always be somewhere along the line a connection with the BJP/RSS. For someone who has £200 million to want to go into politics can only be through a desire to have political power because one could buy whatever one wants but true political power can only come from going into politics. I heard a joke about how saying that he has so much money that someone that rich would only go into politics to screw over those poorer than himself! I don't think will ever get a chance to be PM, and that's a good thing. He had his chance just bef
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