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  1. This is an interesting topic. The thing that we forget is that even though the Muslims had their Nawabs and Badshahs, the vast majority of Muslims were very poor and lived a bare existence. The Muslims to the west had lands but most were very poor and with the rise of the Misls, these lands were taken over by our people especially in the border areas between the Muslim Jat and the Sikh Jats in districts like Gujranwala. The vast majority of the Muslim landholders in Punjab were of Rajput origin and even the British noted that as time went by these Rajputs were mortgaging and losing their lands
  2. Does anyone actually listen Sunrise radio? I can understand apnay having to listen to that trash in the early 90s when there was no other 'asian' radio station but now in 2021 when you have so much choice why would any apnay in their right mind chose to listen to Sunrise radio? In the late 80s and early 90s this radio station fomerly called Sina Radio based in Southall which had a majority of Sikhs and Punjabis as listeners chose to not broadcast even 10% Punjabi content but bollywood songs and employed second rate Hindi/ Urdu speakers as their DJs and presenters.
  3. He also came to my mind when I read the OP.
  4. We need to learn from history. The only countries that have successfully withstood the Muslim onslaught have been ones which have not been shy of using the same tactics that Muslim countries use in order to manage their non-Muslim populations but also sometimes outdoing the Muslims. Spain exists today because it UNDID the 800 years of Islamic rule by first forced conversions of mainly the converted former Christians and then by expelling those who wanted to remain Muslim (mainly the Arabs) to north Africa. The Spanish inquisition was only carrying out the same actions that the Muslim establis
  5. I wouldn't take too much notice of the chugalkhors, these people are everywhere and if it weren't for your Chinese girlfriend, they would find something else to do chugli about. One thing to understand is that chugliyan only work when they have an effect on the person who the chugliyan are being said about. If you disregard these chugliyan and make is known that they do not affect you then these people will move on to chugliyan about other people. If you show that these are affecting you then these chugliyan will keep on being spread. Anyway good luck and all the best for your future.
  6. If you look at the timeline of Deep Sidhu's twitter, you will see a typical Punjabi guy promoting his film and posting pictures of him with other actors and friends. But on 10 Nov 2017 he posted something which is surprising. Could the Indian state agencies have been trying to turn an actor into an asset three years ago while there was no agitation going on in Punjab and the threat of an AAP government in Punjab had been stopped by the congress win six months before? While still posting pics of actors after this tweet he then still posts some tweets which show how a typical
  7. Dude give it a rest with the illuminati for just one day.
  8. Also John Cusack and Greta Thunberg have tweeted in support of the farmers protest. The pressure needs to keep being asserted and we need to show Modi that this is not 1984.
  9. Interesting piece on their facebook page. http://Bahujan Dravida Party - Home | Facebook
  10. The irony is that while the oppressed of India have seen what a momentous event they witnessed on the 26th of January with the hoisting of the Nishan Sahib at the red fort, our own people are showing their cowardice by trying to apologise for what happened. There is no doubt that the farmers agitation suffered a setback by what happened but if our people did not criticise it themselves the damage would have been much less. It is true that the hoisting of the Nishan Sahib brought out the hatred of the Hindutvis against us but what it has also shown us like nothing else ever could was that the r
  11. There is bad in all people and we should not try and look at these anecdotes to try and demean an section of our people.
  12. This is a really good podcast and we have to thankful that we now live in an age of social media and Sikh media which allows to know what is happening on the ground in India within minutes rather than relying on ignorant mainstream and biased Indian media. If we did not have these then we would only have the government narrative and the Kisan leaders narrative and not the naujawan narrative.
  13. These are my views on some of the points made by the other posters and the issue in general. 1. I dont know whether Deep Sidhu's father had Kharkoos murdered or not, but does the crimes of the father justify lynching the son? Is not everyone responsible for their own actions and not of their parents. Deep Sidhu's photos with Sunny Deol are being posted around as if that proves that Deep Sidhu is a government agent. I am sure we can find photos of these BKU leaders on the net with Badal and Captain or even with BJP leaders, so does that mean they are also government agents? As for sons of
  14. Thw charity commission website accounts for KA is the best you can expect. I would rather pass money through people I know and trust on the ground so that all of it reaches who it is intended for rather than pay for people's expenses and salaries.
  15. I always tend to disregard any sentence that begins with 'Most' because its always followed by some unsubstantiated 'fact' which is always invariably wrong.
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