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  1. True, most of the Sikhs outside of core Sikh areas tend to be just Hindus in turbans. The Delhi ones are the worst, especially the bhapas. The poorer Sikhs in Delhi belonging to the Lobana, Sikligar and other tribes were the ones that suffered the most from the Delhi genocide and these bhapas are the ones who then went out of their way to defend the murderers of the Sikhs and force the victims to recant on their testimonies. These bhapas do not have any Sikhi pride to be honest and they are ones you see on youtube videos getting pushed around by the police or by the Hindus in their areas. People like to deride Jats but in a fight situation a Jat is more likely to be giving the beating than receiving it.
  2. Very true. The Muslims have been lying for decades that the Quran is preserved and that every word in every Quran in the world from the 7th century down to now are exactly the same. Now it looks like there are hundreds of Qurans which have both minor and major differences between them. The Quran which a majority of the Muslim world reads was only chosen in the 1920s in Egypt as the official Quran for Al Azhar university and the Saudis then chose that Quran when they wanted to start their <Edited> push into the rest of the world. Just this much is enough to destroy Islam in any rational Muslim.
  3. Paperwork that is needed is .. Jambandi of the land they held in 1947 and the allocation of land by India in the early 50s.
  4. You make an interesting point. There are two cases for compensation-; 1. Any descendant of Maharaja Duleep Singh could take the British govt to the international court of justice for compensation for the British betrayal of its treaty of Bhairowal where the British were to only rule Punjab up until Maharaja Duleep Singh came of age to rule. The second Anglo-Sikh war was firstly a mutiny against the authority of the Maharaja in Multan although it was the British who were acting on the Maharaja's authority who were attacked in Multan. Later the Sikh army revolted under Chattar Singh and Sher Singh but that was again not the Maharaja's doing. After the British had defeated the Sikh army, they were still duty bound to return rule back to Maharaja Duleep Singh. But they did not and they annexed the Punjab. A descendant of the Maharaja could take the present British govt to court. Although no court can undo the loss of the Sikh kingdom, yet taking the British govt to court would be a huge embarrassment for them and for one make these colonists who destroyed the bright future of all Sikh generations from 1849 onwards pay for their crime. 2. The descendents of those who lost lands in Pakistan and received less land than they lost could make a claim against the British govt. Radcliffe was acting on the orders of the British govt and as the British govt was duty bound to protect the lives and property of the inhabitants of Punjab, then the losses sustained by those who lost lands and lives in 1947 are the responsibility of the British govt. Although it could be argued that the British responsibility ended on 15 August so all lives lost before that were their responsibility but the loss of land is down to the british. Many of the richer Sikhs lost tens of thousands of acres and were only given a few hundred in return.
  5. True, the best case would have if we could have had the boundary at Chenab which would have meant that we had 90% of the Sikhs on our side of the border and nearly all our Gurdwaras apart from Panja Sahib on this side as well. The fact that our Gurdwaras are still there means that we have to still engage with them and humour them much to our detriment.
  6. Little know fact, Nanak Singh of Multan who was murdered by Muslims in Multan was the father of that arch Indian chumcha Rami Ranger. He was born 2 months after his father's murder and the letter above was written by Master Tara Singh to the Chief Minister of Patiala State where the family had migrated to so that they could be assisted in being resettled. Today India's chumcha Rami would call Master Tara Singh a terrorist for wanting a Sikh state in 1947
  7. On the one hand Imran Khan is trying to encourage Sikhs to view Pakistan as a Sikh friendly country and then on the other the court has just slapped the Sikh community in the face by returning an abducted Sikh girl to her rapist husband. The only students this university will benefit will be the Muslim ones from the villages.
  8. You have to be honest, Muslims in any non-Muslim country are a liability and a fifth column. I can't think of one positive thing that a Muslim community brings to a non-Muslim country and can thinks of a host of negatives that their presence bring to that non-Muslim country. It's really that simple. Muslims run from their Islamic hell holes to non-Muslim countries and promptly try and turn them into... Islamic hellholes!
  9. Very true. You cannot discount the amount of mental pressure these Muslims will have put her under. All the Muslims aorund her would have told her that her life is forefeit if she goes back to being a Sikh, that her family would be in danger from the Islamaniacs that litter the country. She lives in a country that is 98% Muslim where the whole state machinery is geared towards promoting Islam. Everyone she would have encountered after her abduction whether the police, the judiciary or even the judge would have had one aim, to keep her a Muslim. In such a evil place like Pakistan she would never get any justice and her life would be forever in danger if she left her so-called husband. I hope this episode wakes our people up and we stop being idio.ts and running off to help Kashmiri men and women who are in danger in India, what self respecting Kaum goes to help the very Kaum that has done this to our sister.
  10. I think you might be confusing a real Gursikh teaching Shastarvidya with the 'last Sikh warrior' and his dubious Hindu Sikh Shastarvidya or whatever is calling it this week! Nice to see someone who is doing real parchar as well as keeping the youth of Punjab not only active and healthy but into their religion. If all the villages of Punjab had a person like that then the Panth would not be in such a sorry state.
  11. True where ever there is money involved the fraudsters will always find a way to get themselves into positions in order to take advantage.
  12. I would definately send my son to a Khalsa school even if it had a worse Ofsted report an a non-Sikh school. For one I take a great interest in my children's education, I tutored my son myself through the 11 plus not to get him into a grammer school but so that he would be ahead in year 7 which has worked really well with the lockdown because he has already done the year 7 work in Maths and English. The way I lok at it is that parents have to take a lot of responsiblility for their children's education and know where their weaknesses are and not rely on the school to address this but themselves. The reason I want him in a Sikh school is so that he has a good grounding in our religion and culture. He has learned to play the Tabla which he would not have been able to do in a non-Sikh school and his whole way of thinking is not entirely who a Sikh would think. I heard his sing a shabad to himself while he was doing his homework and because the Khalsa school has a lot of assemblies he gets a chance to sing shabads with his class to the whole school.
  13. We had those assemblies and they even had some vicar hand out bibles for the students although I doubt that kind of thing would be allowed today. We even had Cliff Richards visit our school and he rambled on about religion as well. There is nothing wrong in learning about other religions but that is what RE is about. Religious schools only have an assembly with their religion and not any other religion. It seems the Nishkam people are so inclusive that they do not even know what assembly a religious school should have. You state that parents don't mind the assemblies of other religions, let's be honest here, the average Sikh parent trusts what ever the school does. The only reason my kid is going there is because the Gurdwara could not not be bothered to build a Khalsa secondary school in the primary school so Nishkam is the best option for al least a Sikh education. If there was a Khalsa secondary school nearby there is no way I would send my kid to Niskham instead of the Khalsa Seondary School.
  14. It's not hate, people just disagree with their fanaticism for interfaith. In the new Niskham West London school they make sure that the kids who are a majority Sikh have to take part a Hindu, Muslim and Christian assembly during the week. There is probably just a handful of Muslim, Hindu and Christian kids in the scholl and yet the make the majority Sikh kids take part in these assemblies. Khalsa Primary School in Norwood Green does not do this and the have a daily divan in the Gurdwara Sahib.
  15. This would make sense if the Nihangs were not as corrupt and useless as the SGPC and Akalis have been. You are seeing today's Budha Dal as being the same as the Budha Dal of history which is clearly is not. In the 1980s it had a leader who was the chumcha of the Abdali of the 20th century. He allowed himself to be used to divide the Panth at the time when the Panth had just about acheived virtual unity. If you want some progress in the Panth, it will be have been Sikh youth who are passionate about Sikhi whether in India or the doaspora and not from corrupt organisations like SGPC and Budha Dal. If we only have say one Bhai Jagraj Singh in each village in Punjab, that would be enough to bring the Panth out of the black hole that the Akalis, SGPC and Budha Dal have put it in. Can I give you a contary opinion? Maybe if you have bothered to sit with him and explain what Simran is and how to do it, he would have had the tools to counter the bad influence that he got under in later years. So you watched quietly for 5 YEARS while he slid down the slipperly slope and now you use the example of this poor child who in essence you failed in order to prove a point. That's really sad. Apart from that poor kid I suppose.
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