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  1. Apart from Punjabi speaking areas that Punjab (doaba) lost to Himachal Pradesh, Punjab (malwa) lost a lot of historic as well as new Punjabi speaking areas to Haryana and Rajasthan. Historically the northern areas of Sirsa district was Punjab speaking areas which had been annexed by Patiala in the 1780s. Just a the Misls from Majha were taking over areas of Gujranwala and Sialkot, the Patiala state was taking over areas in southern Punjab. In Sirsa the Patiala Sikhs were in a constant struggle with the Bhatti Muslims. Some areas of Patiala state which we hilly areas like Morni were given to Himachal Pradesh in 1966 reorganisation of Punjab. The Malwai Sikhs did not have any Misls apart from the Phulkian states but these had historically been kingdoms before the kingdom of Maharaja Ranjit was established. The Majhail Sikhs had through the Misls conquered parts of Malwa and Haryana. The Phulkian states survived in the 20th century while the Majhail states in Malwa apart from Kalsia such as Kaithal, Ferozepur and Rupar were over annexed by the British. The territories of he Sikh states although they included heavily Hindi speaking areas which were given to them by the British in 1857, other areas which had mixed Punjabi and Hindi speaking areas such as Kaithal, Tohana, Jind were technically a part of Malwa until an old and ill defined historic area called Haryana was resurrected in 1966 and these area given to Haryana. Other areas such as Ganganagar district which was a part of Bikaner state had been settled by Sikhs in the 1920s when the Gang canal was built. This area although never a part of Malwa can still be considered an extension of Malwa as many of the farmers here were from Malwa.
  2. Yes, it's a video from a few years ago and these are some sect called Dawoodi Bohra Muslims who do not want to waste any food. Totally unhygienic and nearly made me vomit and in these times quite likely to spread Coronavirus if they still do this stuff even now.
  3. Do you believe that this dog will be out on trial or be hanged for his crime? This is just for the consumption of the world media, he will be in prison and then probably traded for some kidnapped government officials. Don't rely on any justice from these Afghans.
  4. It's interesting that the Uggardanti written before the Misls and then Maharaja Ranjit Singh set up Sikh rule in Punjab predicted that the victory of the Sikhs would lead to the destruction of both Islam and Hinduism in the areas where the Sikhs ruled. It is interesting to speculate what the Punjab would be like today had the Sikhs between 1770s to 1849 actively persecuted the Muslims, especially the intolerant Qazis and Mullahs. I mean for Muslims the fact that Muslim rule has been replaced by Sikh rule is enough of an 'oppression' then why did the Sikhs of that era not give the Muslims something to really complain about. It's quite surprising that Maharaja Ranjit Singh who has been presented as a secular ruler still know that allowing the Azan is a Muslim declaration of supremacy against other faiths and as such banned it in his kingdom. One of the chief reasons that the Qadianis urged Muslims to support British rule was that under their rule the Azan had again been allowed to be called from the minarets.
  5. Let's send Khalsa Aid to Kabul to set up langars for these ISIS dogs.
  6. You obviously don't understand how debates work. It's not up to me to find something that you have used to defend your stance, it's up to you to find it and post it and with that we can look at the context of why Santji (if he did) built the Mandir. So if Gurmukhs are meant to be going around building the places of worship of non-Sikhs then surely in history you should able to provide thousands if not hundreds of examples, did Bhai Gurdas build non-Sikh places of worship, how about Baba Budha Ji, How about Baba Deep Singh etc. If should also come across countless Guru Ki Maseets and Guru Ka Mandirs in all the towns founded by the Gurus. The rest of your post is just a diversion technique. You want that Sikhs should not be criticising the SJW and leftists of KA but should instead be leaving them alone. Also since you seem to be an expert in bringing historic evidence to back up your points, then tell us how you justify KA's subversion of Langar by taking it to places where there is no Gurdwara or Guru Granth Sahib. Also Daswand was always used for Panthic causes, so why is KA asking for Sikhs to give them Daswand which they know that they give the vast majority 90% to non-Sikhs. Also can Daswand be used to provide a salary to someone like Ravi Singh who is not undertaking a Panthic service and the same goes for the amount of £200,000 a year that is used for all salaries and benefits that KA gives to its employees.
  7. Farming apart from that by big landowners is not profitable so what are farmers to do? Either they sell up everything in the hope that they can get their kids married abroad and then the whole family can migrate. Or they send their kids abroad through dodgy travel agents or they borrow money and then farm their own land or take more land on mamla. They then have to sell the produce to the govt at set rates which are never economic and very rarely in a good year will the farmer make a profit. There's no doubt you have idiots who big up their caste but that's not the norm in Punjab.
  8. I think that the Panth has reached a stage now where either we allow the SJW and leftist liberals to run amok and drain the Panth of all resources and empower other communities while the Panth descends into the void. It is now a case of survival and not just self interest. Look at Punjab it is fast becoming a lost cause. You only have to read the news from Punjab, 99 negatives occur against one positive. It has come to a stage where even the negatives are used by the SJWs to create more negatives. It is interesting how these SJW will make all sorts of judgements on Sikhs and accuse them to bring about their own ruin. If it's the farmers, the oft repeated lie that farmers borrow to show off while the truth is that farmers either borrow to be able to farm their land or sit at home and die of starvation. But on non-Sikhs it's never their fault and we should be helping them no matter if their situation was self inflicted.
  9. Unfortunately when a great man is gone so many stories are made up about him even when these stories are used as justification to undo all the great work that he did in his life. What are the circumstance of Santji having built a Mandir? Did he allow that Mandir as is the norm to restrict lower castes from going to the Mandir? If you have so much knowledge that you can bring something obscure like this up then come up with the whole story. Do you actually not understand the idiocy of your statement there? So a Gurmukh should be building a mosque because there is no mosque in his village. So he builds a Mosque, a Sunni Mosque, what about if there is a Shia family in his village? Should he then build a Shia Mosque for them? How about Qadianis, who spread such falsehood about Guru Nanak that he was a Muslim? Should the Gurmukh also build them a Mosque, a Mosque where clear falsehoods about Guru Nanak would be taught. Where does your idiocy reach such a stage where there is no more idiocy you can partake in, will you then start to see some sense? Among the Sunnis there are Barelvi and Deobandis, so would you then have to build another Mosque for them? What about the Salafis/Wahabis who hate all non-Muslims, would ne duty bound as a Gurmukh to provide a <Edited> family their own Mosque in the village?
  10. If that is even true then we have to look at what the reason could be for Guru Hargobind building a mosque for those Muslims. Were they his sewaks who came from a Muslim background? Were they soldiers in his army? Had it been incumbent on Sikhs to build Mosques for Muslims then why don't other towns founded by the Gurus like Kartarpur Ravi, Goindwal Sahib, Amritsar, Tarn Taran, Kiratpur Sahib and Anandpur Sahib also have Guru Ki Maseets there? You claim to be an Akali so does any of the Hukumnamas state that Amritdharis should be going around building Mosques? Guru Nanak also went to Mecca so does this mean that Sikhs also should be trying to visit Mecca. You need to use your intelligence rather than just blindly taking something at face value without investigating further and using Gurbani to see whether that event is relevant to how a Sikh should be living his life. I am not surprised that you have used one obscure event in order to justify KA's activities which find on justification in Sikh history. You have not read what the other posters have written and are just here to defend KA. So in which universe is it a good idea for a small community of limited means facing a multitude of threats and attacks to be going a thousand miles away to feed a people who have had millions given to them as aid by other charities? If that isn't bad enough, they urge Sikhs in India to also give money. They had volunteers for Delhi travelling to Bangladesh... did these moorkhs not know that they are just a few miles away from the Widow's colony and there is no end of charitable work they could do there but KA got them to go and fill the bellies of Rohingyas. If you want to use KA and it's volunteers as the prime examples of Sikhs then it is no wonder that our enemies laugh at us and treat us like we are clowns
  11. I thought he was confusing you with Ravi Singh. Anyway Ravi Singh does get paid for running the charity, I made a mistake and said it was 35K a year but it is actually 33K a year but along with employers national insurance and pension payments, I sure this must come to about 35-38K a year and now he has more paid staff. From their submission to the charity commission-; Mr R.S Sidhu remains CEO and is in full time employment with the charity with a salary of £33,000 per annum. As the charity develops, greater demands are placed on communication and operational systems. As this work cannot be done effectively or efficiently through voluntary manpower and to ensure compliance with the data protection act and other relevant legislation, the charity requires dedicated staff working to formalised procedures and within established structures. An office manager is employed for 37.5 hours a week together with a 2 full time project coordinators. The role of the project coordinators is to oversee current projects and collect and collate relevant data. An IT expert has also been employed 2.5 days a week to manage and ensure safety of the charities cyber security, databases and internal IT systems. A full time bookkeeper has been employed to assist the charities financial management day to day The Charity and its work will continue to be governed by way of regular trustee meetings. Work continues to strengthen and further develop the charities operating procedures and ensure effective governance procedures are in place. About staff costs the same submission states-; 11. Staff costs The total staff costs and employee benefits for the reporting period are analysed as follows: 2019 Wages and salaries 181,104 Social security costs 15,743 Employer contributions to pension plans 2,323 Other employee benefits – Total 199,170 So it's not just Ravi Singh taking £33K from the dsawandh, it more like nearly £200,000 a year that the charity gives as wages and benefits to employees.
  12. This is the response he gives as well because he has no answers to why he is expending the money he collects as Daswandh on non-Sikhs when Sikhs are in need. This response is usual from anyone who is corrupt and who does not want to discuss his views. For myself I do not collect £35,000 a year to manage my own charity. I work for a living and give some to Sikh charities such as British Sikh Council who work with Sikligars and Sikh Relief who I have already mentioned above.
  13. 21 years is quite a long time if it was his long game!! Not really because all that sucking up to Muslims is more likely to get him banned than helping Sikhs. Sikh Relief has been helping Sikh political prisoners as well as their families and although they have faced harassment by the authorities they still continue to do their work. Ravi Singh did use that excuse initially because KA just concentrated on Kosovo in 1999. When the Chattisinghpura massacre happened in 2000 he had people at the Nagar Kirtan's that year with buckets asking for donations in the name of those Sikhs. I doubt if all or even a majority of that money ever reached those Sikhs. I think if that was his intention, then the plaudits that he got from non-Sikhs for his work has turned his head and he makes no mention of his initial plans. In fact his charity spends about 20% of its total expenditure in India and of that I would guess he spends 50% so possible one pound out of every 10 is spent on Sikhs.
  14. Like with everything else liberal SJW organisation have been subverting Sikhi and Sikh institutions in order to advance their own agenda. Langar was always a part of Pangat which was part of the Sangat - Pangat. Langar was served after the Sangat - the congregation was finished. But Gurdwaras started to serve Langar throughout the day rather than after Sangat which diluted the Pangat aspect of Sikhi. After ALL the congregation had sat as a Sangat then ALL the congregation sat in Pangat and had langar. Now anyone can go into the Gurdwara do matha tek and straightaway go to the langar. This gives the Gurdwara the feel of some kind of drop in centre where people just go for half an hour and within that time they are done matha tek and had langar as well. Perhaps this was something that was needed in the west given the lifestyle we have but still it was an innovation that diluted the aspect of Sangat-Pangat. This was taken further by having event like Langar on university campuses while this gives more exposure of what happens in a Gurdwara but without have a Sangat first these events also affect the concept of Sangat-Pangat. While the changes may have done some damage to the Sangat-Pangat concept the SJW liberal Sikh organisations like Khalsa Aid use or in truth abuse Sikh concepts in order to further their SJW agenda. KA sees nothing wrong in describing food aid they give to places where they are neither in a Gurdwara or have the presence of the Guru Granth Sahib as Langar. This is totally contrary to Sikh teachings yet because not many Sikhs have knowledge of these deeper significance of what langar is, they do not call out KA and those that do are usually quickly shut down by KA and their ignorant followers. Ravi Singh in fact is a person with very thin skin and cannot take even a slight criticism of the way his organisation works. He's quick to block anyone off his social media..lol. In fact most of the comments you will now see are only those which congratulate him on what a great Sikh he is or people who have painted portraits of him! He may have started off with noble intents but today he is no different to the Gurdwara pardhans who are only in that position for self promotion. According to the returns KA sent to the charity commission, KA had £5.5 million in the bank and cash in hand up from about £3 million in 2018. Yet whenever there is a disaster rather than use that money he is quick to put out post begging for more donations. In the lockdown in Punjab he has posted a few videos showing his KA volunteers giving out some rations to various people and based on that his calculations are that he will get many tens of thousands from Sikhs thinking that their donations will be helping Sikhs back in Punjab. Now ask yourself, this Ravi Singh and KA are quick to accuse the SGPC and Gurdwaras of not doing anything for Sikhs. In fact he had a video a few years ago of a former Nihang Sikh who because a Christian because he was not helped by the Sikh organisations when he was in need and the Christian missionaries filled that role. So what is Ravi Singh now doing with £5.5 million in the bank? He is sitting on it while even if he used a half of that money in Punjab it could be a game changer in Punjab. Not only are KA wasting millions of the Panth's money on causes which serve no Panthic benefit apart from promoting him and his organisation and which divert money which could have gone to help Sikhs, but they are also subverting Sikhi. He is quite happy to also subvert concepts like Daswandh which was a monetary collection which was used for the betterment of the Panth into a charity collection to be used where he deems fit. By referring to his charity collections as Daswandh especially when targeting a Sikh audience he knows he will get more because Sikhs have a sentimental attachment to Daswandh which is not the same as he used the word Daan instead.
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