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  1. The argument is faulty if it is based on population. The Sikhs fell into the trap of of demographics determining the creation of a Sikh state. For the Muslims this worked because they had the numbers in the West and the East but for Sikhs, the Sikh state should have been presented as a country created for those that physically owned the land. There was no need to hark back to the Lahore kingdom and claim that they British should return it all to the Sikhs. This just muddied the water and made the claim for a Sikh state seem fantastical,. In the 1940s only 10% of the population could vote in t
  2. Not actually true, many people idealise the village life especially the elders and they would want to go to their village. Don't forget that in some villages over half the population went abroad so the diaspora Sikhs will have quite a large population in these villages and they will turn the village into a modern 'enclave' This is especially the case with parts of Doaba and to a lesser extent Malwa. In our village back home about 25% of the population has migrated, firstly to UK, then to Canada and US and now to Australia/NZ. Add to this the smaller numbers that are in Germany, France and Ital
  3. These Dalits are mianly from Doaba and have been visiting Punjab for years and there has been no issues. if they want to buy land especially agricultural land than this might create issues but land prices will increase for sure and provided the Jats are getting a good price then there will be no issue. The only country where something similar has happened is Israel when the European Jews migrated and even Jews for Arab lands were relegated to being the working class and this created to separate classes in Israel with Mizrahi and Sephardi Jews. They tended to live in their own areas for m
  4. Local authorities aren't eager to adopt private roads anymore, so all the residents will be liable for any costs in maintaining the road. New builds aren't really a great buy as they are overpriced and many companies are just cutting corners with shoddy workmanship. Personally I would never buy a new build. It is better to buy an older property after getting a full survey done and if there are issues highlighted in the survey such as leaky roof etc, you can negotiate a reduction with the seller. The older properties have been around for over 100 years while I bet some of the new builds will no
  5. Punjab's GDP was $70 billion in 2020. If we take the example of UK Sikhs, I would estimate that each UK Sikh if they were to liquidate their property, their investments and their goods, each one would be worth about £100,000, that's taking account of the fact that many families who have been established here for more than 50 years are worth over a £1 million while the recent arrivals might only be worth a few thousand pounds, As the census showed, Sikhs have a higher level of property ownership (over 80%) then even the white population. In the UK property have grown hugely over the years. Taki
  6. It depends on what the political geography is when they go back. If Punjab is independent then the influx of cash rich migrants back to their homeland will certainly be a big asset for Punjab. Given that a good number of the youth will be professionals like doctors, dentists, IT experts, accountants, lawyers etc this will mean that Punjab has the potential to become a IT hub as well as provide good quality healthcare for the population. Possibly even the creation of a national health service (NHS )in Punjab. With Punjab being independent, then the freedoms with which these diaspora Sikhs enjoy
  7. United Sikhs latest great idea! helping Afghan Muslim students in India, while Afghan Sikhs are being forced out or threated with conversion to the death cult! You could not stoop lower than these FUD&US! (1) UNITED SIKHS on Twitter: "The #Afghani #students in india need your #help . As the Afghani students lost their world in the chaos, their parents are #struggling to stand back on their feet and help #educate their children in India. #Volunteer & #Donate us at : https://t.co/jUBaMvGlTq https://t.co/i6NaLuxuwq" / Twitter
  8. KA and United Sikhs have tried lately to defend their idiocy by showing how they are also helping Sikhs by posting some pictures and videos online. I think even they know now that Ravi Singh attempt to act like some Gurdwara Pardhan and block anyone critical of him is now not working. Either they change their actions or they will lose what support they have among Sikhs. My hope is that Sikh and Punjab focussed charities like YourSeva and Sikh Relief overtake their two liberal charities. They harm these two have done far outweighs what little good they have done for Sikhs.
  9. The politics of retaliation as discussed on another thread. Tripura Mosques, Muslim Houses Vandalised Over Bangladeshi Violence | Clarion India These acts will stop the violence in Bangladesh more than any candle lit marches and memorandums to politicians that our people have started to do on so many occasions.
  10. This issue including the attempted ousting of Sikh farmers in UP and Kutch as well as the attacks on Sikhs in Kashmir valley will continue because we do not understand how ethnic politics works in India. Why is it that there are no such actions against other ethnic minorities, why aren't Bengalis also being ousted from the Terai in UP where they have settled in larger numbers than Sikhs? It is because the UP govt knows that there are significant number of UP labourers working in Kolkata and other cities in West Bengal and they will face retaliation if Bengalis are harmed in UP. Same is the cas
  11. And looking at his posts for the last decade or more there is no cure for his Jatphobia.
  12. Jats are pure evil according to him and are at the bottom of everything wrong in Punjab.
  13. The situation in Haryana and Western UP is slightly different to Punjab, in Punjab the Jats were the main landholding caste in central and east Punjab. In south-east Punjab (ie Haryana) This status is shared by Gujjars, Ahirs and Rajputs. In the Jat belt of Haryana -Rohtak-Hissar-Sonepat, it is similar to Punjab but in other areas of Haryana these other landholding castes also have large populations. In Haryana, the Jats are estimated to be about 25% of the population and their solidarity has meant that they have pretty much ruled Haryana because the other landholding caste do not have the sam
  14. The figures are for the 1931 census when the mass of Sikhs lived in Punjab. There have been changes since 1931 but I would estimate Jats are still over 50% of all Sikhs. Your calculations are incorrect. Sikhs were 57% of Punjab population so 16 million out of 27.7 million. Dalits were 32% of the total population of Punjab of which Sikhs Dalits were 5.3 million out of 8.86 million total Dalits. This makes Sikh Dalits 33.7% of all Sikhs in Punjab. This then leaves 66% of non-Dalit Sikhs. The settlement of Sikhs in 1947 was very disjointed, with the vast majority of Jats being resettled in
  15. Total Ignorance, Dalit numbers have remained the same until 2001 when a new caste group of Mahtams now know as Rai Sikhs were given scheduled caste status. You have f all knowledge about Punjab. The facts and all the data shows a different picture than your ignorant characterisation of Punjab.
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