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  1. The Indian establishment has always seen the link up of Sikhs and Jaats in northern India as a threat. The Sikhs hold the border with Pakistan and the Jaats encircle the capital Delhi. Around the same time as the Sikhistan proposal, there was also a scheme that included floated by the East Punjab Maharajas to join with the Jaat states of Bharatpur, Dholpur and Alwar and to create a state between Lahore and Delhi called Jattistan. I know the name might give you a heart attack but that scheme would have created an untenable situation for both Pakistan which considered Lahore as vital to Pakistan
  2. Agreed these Jaats are on the rougher end of the Jat spectrum but their interest in Sikhi seems genuine. Like Sikhs Jats they also have a perception of themselves as a people rather than a caste and as such they feel greater solidarity for all Jats then say a Dalit in Haryana would have with a Dalit in Punjab. This solidarity as well as the desire to progress economically and politically is what is pulling them towards Sikhi. Their role in the pre-1966 Punjab was not anti-Punjabi, they did not disown Punjabi like the Punjabi Hindus, their language was always Bagri and Haryanvi which were
  3. I disagree, expanding into India will just mean placing small minorities of converts far away from Punjab and without the power to protect themselves. Rather than expanding into India, we need to put all our efforts and resources in our CORE areas. The areas where we are either a majority or a sizeable minority. That is Punjab, Jammu, the lower hills of Himachal, Ganganagar and Hanumangarh of Rajasthan, Northern Haryana and Western UP/ Terai area. This is the area that we should be concentrating on because any conversions will increase the Sikh population and these areas have been influenced b
  4. The Singh Sabha did not come about in a vacuum. The other two religions of Punjab also attempted to present their beliefs in the light of modern research and in language that the rulers would understand. The Singh Sabha also faced the real possibility that Sikhi would be subsumed into Hinduism.
  5. Before 9/11 the Taliban was close to a war with Iran over how they were treating the Shia Hazaras in Afghanistan. When they will come to power they will take the country again to the 6th century. Let them rule their shithole country and destroy it as they did before 9/11.
  6. I think the family is Ahmedias or Qadianis who are classed as non-Muslims and oppressed in Pakistan and not allowed by Saudi Arabia to perform the Hajj. The interesting thing is how the Muslim organisations in Canada have now 'accepted' them as Muslims in order to further the Islamophobia agenda. The Ahmedias also have kept quiet as they think that this could lead to some sort of acceptance of them in the larger Muslim community. You can see that they were Ahmedias but the sign left at the site and carried by some who protested against the crime. "love for all and hatred for none" is a A
  7. The truth does emerge eventually even if it has to take the form of 'conspiracy' theories. It is possible for determined researchers piece together the truth but it takes time. The left wing narrative has been that the Jews suddenly appeared in Palestine and then forced the Palestinians out of their lands. The truth is that 800,000 Jews were also forced out of the Arab countries and they resettled in Israel. The issue is similar to the partition of Punjab. Both sides had to lands that they had lived in for generations, the Palestinians left Palestine and the Jews left Morocco, Tunisia, Y
  8. Best to keep out of the conflict but still take some lessons on how each side is fighting because one day we might have be in the same position as the Palestinians or if we have sensible leadership then in the same position as the Israelis. As for 1984, we will never know who supported who until we have our own state and are able to hold our own enquiry into what happened in 1984. Personally, the Jews are in the right, it is their holy land and the whole of the area is dotted with their holy places, the same as the old Punjab is with our holy sites. The Jews like us also have no ot
  9. This is an interesting topic. The thing that we forget is that even though the Muslims had their Nawabs and Badshahs, the vast majority of Muslims were very poor and lived a bare existence. The Muslims to the west had lands but most were very poor and with the rise of the Misls, these lands were taken over by our people especially in the border areas between the Muslim Jat and the Sikh Jats in districts like Gujranwala. The vast majority of the Muslim landholders in Punjab were of Rajput origin and even the British noted that as time went by these Rajputs were mortgaging and losing their lands
  10. Does anyone actually listen Sunrise radio? I can understand apnay having to listen to that trash in the early 90s when there was no other 'asian' radio station but now in 2021 when you have so much choice why would any apnay in their right mind chose to listen to Sunrise radio? In the late 80s and early 90s this radio station fomerly called Sina Radio based in Southall which had a majority of Sikhs and Punjabis as listeners chose to not broadcast even 10% Punjabi content but bollywood songs and employed second rate Hindi/ Urdu speakers as their DJs and presenters.
  11. He also came to my mind when I read the OP.
  12. We need to learn from history. The only countries that have successfully withstood the Muslim onslaught have been ones which have not been shy of using the same tactics that Muslim countries use in order to manage their non-Muslim populations but also sometimes outdoing the Muslims. Spain exists today because it UNDID the 800 years of Islamic rule by first forced conversions of mainly the converted former Christians and then by expelling those who wanted to remain Muslim (mainly the Arabs) to north Africa. The Spanish inquisition was only carrying out the same actions that the Muslim establis
  13. I wouldn't take too much notice of the chugalkhors, these people are everywhere and if it weren't for your Chinese girlfriend, they would find something else to do chugli about. One thing to understand is that chugliyan only work when they have an effect on the person who the chugliyan are being said about. If you disregard these chugliyan and make is known that they do not affect you then these people will move on to chugliyan about other people. If you show that these are affecting you then these chugliyan will keep on being spread. Anyway good luck and all the best for your future.
  14. If you look at the timeline of Deep Sidhu's twitter, you will see a typical Punjabi guy promoting his film and posting pictures of him with other actors and friends. But on 10 Nov 2017 he posted something which is surprising. Could the Indian state agencies have been trying to turn an actor into an asset three years ago while there was no agitation going on in Punjab and the threat of an AAP government in Punjab had been stopped by the congress win six months before? While still posting pics of actors after this tweet he then still posts some tweets which show how a typical
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