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  1. I wouldn't take too much notice of the chugalkhors, these people are everywhere and if it weren't for your Chinese girlfriend, they would find something else to do chugli about. One thing to understand is that chugliyan only work when they have an effect on the person who the chugliyan are being said about. If you disregard these chugliyan and make is known that they do not affect you then these people will move on to chugliyan about other people. If you show that these are affecting you then these chugliyan will keep on being spread. Anyway good luck and all the best for your future.
  2. If you look at the timeline of Deep Sidhu's twitter, you will see a typical Punjabi guy promoting his film and posting pictures of him with other actors and friends. But on 10 Nov 2017 he posted something which is surprising. Could the Indian state agencies have been trying to turn an actor into an asset three years ago while there was no agitation going on in Punjab and the threat of an AAP government in Punjab had been stopped by the congress win six months before? While still posting pics of actors after this tweet he then still posts some tweets which show how a typical Sikh guy born in 1984 and who would have gone through the Indian educational institutions which would have portrayed the Sikh liberation struggle as a terrorist movement is slowly realising the truth. He then posts this tweet-; Along with this a year later What this shows is that he was gradually opening his eyes to what had happened in Punjab and what the status quo was between Punjab and the Indian state. Whenever was interviewed during the agitation he always about not just repealing the farm laws but also changing the way the country is being ruled and how the constitution was being misused against the people. The interview with Barkha Dutt in which she tried to ambush him into accepting her view of Sant Bhindranwale as a terrorist shows that he had some integrity and he could have easily accepted her view and been a poster boy for the leftist Indian media. There is also a story about Deep Sidhu during Sunny Deol's election campaign Kamal Sharma of the BJP said some insults against Sant Bhindranwale and that Deep Sidhu nearly came to blows over this. he also refused to go with the election team to canvass for votes from the Nirankaris. Now I could be wrong and this could all be an elaborate Indian agency set up but I for one as willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.
  3. Dude give it a rest with the illuminati for just one day.
  4. Also John Cusack and Greta Thunberg have tweeted in support of the farmers protest. The pressure needs to keep being asserted and we need to show Modi that this is not 1984.
  5. Interesting piece on their facebook page. http://Bahujan Dravida Party - Home | Facebook
  6. The irony is that while the oppressed of India have seen what a momentous event they witnessed on the 26th of January with the hoisting of the Nishan Sahib at the red fort, our own people are showing their cowardice by trying to apologise for what happened. There is no doubt that the farmers agitation suffered a setback by what happened but if our people did not criticise it themselves the damage would have been much less. It is true that the hoisting of the Nishan Sahib brought out the hatred of the Hindutvis against us but what it has also shown us like nothing else ever could was that the revolutionary liberation philosophy of our Gurus can never be in alliance with the reactionary and oppressive philosophy of Hindutva. What we have seen is the hatred of the Indian middle and upper classes who have always been anti-Sikh because they understand that Sikhism offers a better alternative to the society that HIndutva and the secularists have created. If just the Kisan morcha flag had been hoisted then it would have been a big victory for the Kisans but mostly with other Kisan. The hoisting of the Nishan Sahib can have a much more lasting and positive impact if only our own stop criticising it.
  7. There is bad in all people and we should not try and look at these anecdotes to try and demean an section of our people.
  8. This is a really good podcast and we have to thankful that we now live in an age of social media and Sikh media which allows to know what is happening on the ground in India within minutes rather than relying on ignorant mainstream and biased Indian media. If we did not have these then we would only have the government narrative and the Kisan leaders narrative and not the naujawan narrative.
  9. These are my views on some of the points made by the other posters and the issue in general. 1. I dont know whether Deep Sidhu's father had Kharkoos murdered or not, but does the crimes of the father justify lynching the son? Is not everyone responsible for their own actions and not of their parents. Deep Sidhu's photos with Sunny Deol are being posted around as if that proves that Deep Sidhu is a government agent. I am sure we can find photos of these BKU leaders on the net with Badal and Captain or even with BJP leaders, so does that mean they are also government agents? As for sons of those who betrayed their own people, personally I would love to see all those sons of Punjab police officers who committed atrocities on the Kharkoos to come and support any morcha that benefits the Panth. Their fathers committed atrocities against our people and they need to be punished in this world and the next but let their sons decide whether they support the actions of their fathers or not. Raveet Bittu comes to mind, the only difference between Bittu and Deep Sidhu is that Bittu supports the atrocities his grandfather committed against us whereas I have never seen or heard that Deep Sidhu support the alleged actions that his father took against us. If you look at history during the times of the Mughal oppressions apart from one Chaudhri Langah and his descendants, all the other Chaudhris of Majha used to either remain neutral or actively carried out the orders of the Mughals to send them the heads of any Sikhs they could find. When the Khalsa become dominant, they did take action against those who had joined the Mughals such as Niranjanias of Jandiala and the other chaudhris but they did not kill all their sons and daughters. Some of the most chardi kala kharkoos in the 80s came from these villages and some may very likely have been descendants of those chaudhris that persecuted the Sikhs. Even now these villages have the most ardent Sikhs. The point I am making is if even one son of these police who persecuted the kharkoos comes over to the Panth then that is a win for the Panth. 2. The Andolan, we all know or should know that these Andolan leaders are affiliated to one union or another, some represent just farmers and other represent both farmers as well as farmers and labourers. They are either affiliated the Akalis, or communists or Congress. They have been splitting and reforming and splitting again from their main bodies since they were formed. The history of these farmers unions in Punjab is that normally they just take part in small agitations involving a dharna in front of a DC or MLA's office and it wraps up the Punjab government giving the leader a cushy job as a market committee chairman and that is the 'victory' of the agitation. What we have seen here is that these small unions who are only ever in command of a few dozen supporters are suddenly in charge of tens of thousands and even a lakh at some stages. Initially it was a small affair but when people like Lakha Sidhana got involved and I admire him because whatever his background he has mobilised the youth of Punjab like no other person has since Sant Bhindranwale. He has literally spent months touring villages in Punjab and getting not just the youth but virtually all age groups involved in the andolan. The shortcomings of these union leaders such as lack of organisational ability would have been exposed on day one were it not for the support from the villages, the panthic organisations as well as the diaspora because all these stepped in to fulfil every need of the andolan. These leaders now think that just because they have been put into a position where they can talk with govt ministers that they are strong leaders. They are not and Rajewal is the worst of the lot with his arrogant attitude.The youth are the ones who have kept the pressure on these paper tigers to keep to the aims of the andolan. 3. The Nishan Sahib at the Red Fort. A lot of people are going hyper and are actually throwing those youth who did this under the bus. These are the same people who would shout about Sikh pride but because of the bandars going ape over it these same Sikhs are now trying to turn those youth into gaddars. How low can these people be? The way those leaders threw both Deep Sidhu and Lakha Sidhana under the bus was the most disgusting display of cowardice I have ever seen. These people outdid the Badals. I don't believe those youth were gaddars or agents, if you watch the videos you can see their genuine pride in being able to put a Nishan Sahib at the Red Fort. I also don't believe that Deep Sidhu is a gaddar, the government may have engineered the cattleing of the marchers to the red fort and possibly the plan was that they would be provoked into violence and the police would fire on them and kill perhaps hundreds and then the andolan would be over and Modi could play the great Hindu hero. I personally believe that something miraculous happened there, when the Nishan Sahib went on the flag pole, you can see the Baaj flying overhead, the Guru was there to project the Khalsa and although the police used violence, the Sikhs were able to not only withstand them but actually forced the police to retreat as was shown in the video with the police being forced to jump off the walls. BAAJ at Red Fort | MUST WATCH VIDEO - YouTube In Shocking Video, Delhi Cops Forced To Jump Off Wall To Escape Farmers At Red Fort - YouTube 4. The reaction - No doubt the andolan has been delivered a blow and this has given the Hindu extremists a way to portray us as anti-nationals but we have to weigh this against what the impact will be of the hoisting. If someone had posted on even a month ago that a group of Sikh youth would be able to fly the Nishan Sahib at the Red Fort on India's republic day without mass casualties he would have been told that he was insane. And yet this happened. Whatever the impact on the andolan that day was momentous. 5. The future - It's very difficult for Modi to back down but he has offered a suspension of 18 months to 2 years. He could repeal the laws but then he has to option of destroying the farmers livelihood by not increasing the MSP and making as is happening now farming more and more uneconomical. Farming the way it is taking place in Punjab is destroying the environment and could make Punjab a desert in a few decades. The mass mobilisation that we have seen with every section of Sikh society beung involved has created a chance to change Punjab for the better. What is needed now is Sikh NGOs and the diaspora to assist farmers in firstly diversifying in order to save the environment and then creating new opprtunities in new technologies to take Punjab away from being reliant on the largesse of the Indian state for it's welfare.
  10. Thw charity commission website accounts for KA is the best you can expect. I would rather pass money through people I know and trust on the ground so that all of it reaches who it is intended for rather than pay for people's expenses and salaries.
  11. I always tend to disregard any sentence that begins with 'Most' because its always followed by some unsubstantiated 'fact' which is always invariably wrong.
  12. They do finance them in local schools. They also built Gurdwaras in the places where large numbers of them live. The longer term aim I think is to expand their link with Punjab. There was also a project to see if they will settle in Punjab as this will solve a lot of their issues. Their children could attend schools in Punjab and become assimilated into Punjab and their parents and older children would be able to find jobs in Punjab. At the moment their main sources of employment is making knives, locks and other items in their villages and then travel for many weeks and months in the towns and cities in order to sell them. This is hardly sustainable and when household items are now being made much cheaper in factories or even imported from China.
  13. You only need to look the condition of others who do not have a state with a majority to see that they are on the brink of extinction. Look at the Parsis. Thye may been the wealthiest community in India but they are on their way to becoming extinct. Look at the Sindhis, they did not have the foresight to understand that they would have to leave Sindh after thye creation of Pakistan and look at their condition today.
  14. There is nothing wrong with any Sikh organisation or Gurdwara helping the local community when situations occur where people need help. It is when KA run off the out of the way areas where there is no Sikh community and expend Sangat's money. The Rohingya issue was a case in point, charirties received millions in donations for western countries andf govts and kA just duplicated their work. What KA is doing in Delhi is good but it would be also better if the spent their resources to look after the families of farmers who committed suicide as well as offering financial counselling to stop farmers from getting into debt.
  15. Do you have proof that there are no Sikligar, Banjara or Kabirpanth/Satnami children studying there? Here is the news report that came out when the foundations of the schools were laid. It clearly states that children from these communities as well as children fro, poor families in the local area will be educated there.
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