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  1. Beautiful song and a great answer to Mastdas Mann
  2. I think you should not enter the Mandir and stay in the car. Because as an Amritdhari you are distinctive and even though you are planning on sitting at the back you will still be seen by others and they will assume that you are worshipping there. I know how animated Sikhs get when they see other Sikhs being present at places where non-Sikh worship is taking place. Say if a Mona and Keshdhari Sikhs who also go to the Mandir see you there then the next time a Sikh tells them that they should not be doing murti puja at a mandir then they will the fact that they saw you an Amritdhari as some sort of justification of their own manmat.
  3. I don't know Deepa Singh personally and only know him through his videos online. From what I have seen he is a passionate sewadar and while others like to sit in their armchairs at home and nit pick he is actually on the frontlines confronting the issues that others just want to sweep under the carpet because it doesn't fit into their left wing socialist kumbaya view of the world. From what I have seen he has been active in protecting girls from grooming gangs. Deepa Singh has been associated with Tommy Robinson and this has been because both have been prominent in highlighting Pakistani grooming gangs. If you buy into the mainstream media's portrayal of TR as a racist then for you this is an unforgivable crime. For me TR is not a racist and I haven't seen anything which shows him to be a racist. This is especially surprising as the first thing anyone who is a victim of the mainstream media brainwashing will be to describe TR as a racist. TR is trying to defend his community against the grooming gangs and this something that many Sikh youth in the 80s and 90s did and they also faced the same level of personal attacks from the Gurdwaras and Sikh organisations that TR faces from the mainstream media now. For the left wing kumbaya type Sikhs such as Sikhs against EDL, Turban Campaign, City Sikhs etc Deepa Singh represents something that they despise, a Sikh who doesn't care about what the mainstream media and the British establishment thinks of him and someone who measures his achievements by the lives he has saved from the grooming gangs and not the CBEs or MBEs that he has received which is what the above organisations are more concerned about. The kumbaya singing Sikh organisations whose only existence is online and who probably only consist of some few brain dead left wing pajamay hate Deepa Singh because he calls them out on their antics and their anti-Panthic activities. The latest one was the disgusting Vaisakhi in the Mosque event where these self appointed 'leaders' of the Sikh community wanted to celebrate Vaisakhi in a Mosque! These sell outs weren't prepared for the backlash that occurred from the Sikhs and also Deepa Singh's involvement in raising awareness of what these sell outs were doing. These sell outs MO is to play the victim when they are called out on their anti-Panthic activities. When Deepa Singh and others went to the house of one of the organisers this was presented as some kind of attack and siege while according to the police no arrests were made and no complaint was even made. The kumbaya singing Sikhs then enlisted the aid of Sunny Hundal to present their victim narrative to the mainstream media. These self serving sell outs have no time to counter the attacks on our community from the grooming gangs but they have all the time in the world to set up anti-Panthic events like Vaisakhi in the Mosque. Deepa Singh has rattled these paper tigers who think they are the voice of the Sikhs. So they will use any opportunity to bring him down. This is what I am seeing happening here. Their modus operandi is pretty clear to see. First someone comes on this forum and asks' Is it true Deepa did so and so'. Then without proving any proof others join in by passing judgement on his 'crimes' and pretty much the tread becomes an Deepa Singh bashing thread and anyone unfamiliar with Deepa Singh will think he is the devil incarnate.
  4. Do you have proof of this or is that just hearsay. Sorry but you seem to use a lot of hearsay and show scant proof for your assertions.
  5. The majority of Hindu societies are affiliated with the National Hindu Students Forum which is a RSS front. So what is a Sikh doing organising an interfaith programme with the Hindu society at his uni with a body that does not even recognise his religion and considers Sikhs as Hindus.
  6. Very true. These people are sell outs and would sell their mother for some accolade or award. These were the I.diots involved with Vaisakhi in the Mosque some months ago. These kinds of organisations are just vehicles for dubious sell outs to ingratiate themselves with the British establishment and brown nose in order to get MBEs and OBEs.
  7. Why should SYUK use it's meagre resources to help non-Sikh girls when there are so many Sikh girls that need help. SYUK should help non-Sikh girls if they are approached by their parents but they shouldn't actively go out of their way looking for non-Sikh girls to help. I hope to don't become i.diots like Khalsa Aid wasting the sangat's money building Mosques and delivering Qurans to Muslim refugees. Can I ask what the disagreement was about that your parents witnessed? If it was minor issue that that is wrong of Deepa but there are many in our community who look at things like organising Vaisakhi in a Mosque or having non-Sikhs marrying through Anand Karaj as a minor thing which is not the case.
  8. There was a joke told by a comedian some decades ago. Two Jews are about to be shot by a SS firing squad. The Nazi commander asks both 'any last requests'.. The first Jew asks 'can we stand behind the wall'.. 'No' shouts the Nazi commander. "In that case "the first Jew shouts " scr*w you and scr*w Hitler you bast*rd!" .. the second Jew tugs on the first Jew's shirt and whispers "Hymie.. don't make trouble" It's ironic that while the Jews who worldwide were viewed as cowards have become more militant and willing to fight for their rights we the Sikhs who had a reputation for fighting for not just our rights but for the rights of others are now more likely to criticise Sikhs willing to be counted and try and keep them quiet just like Hymie's friend tried to do. From what I have read about him and seen in his videos he is passionate about Sikhi, protecting Sikh girls from grooming and wanting the Punjab to be free from Indian oppression. I suppose to some this is creating divisions and bullying. He confronted that Indian extremist journalist from India Today who wanted to use SYUK's anti grooming campaign as Indian propaganda a few months ago. I suppose those that accuse him of creating divisions are ok with grooming gangs targeting our girls, innocent Sikhs from UK being arrested on trumped up charges in India and Vaisakhi being celebrated in Mosques! Whatever Deepa may be he is certainly passionate about helping our Kaum and for those who want the quiet life oblivious to the fact that our enemies like the Indian govt and the 'religion of peace' are making all out efforts to destroy us, that can be seen as being 'divisive' and 'stupid behaviour'
  9. A lot of the rural Punjab male population wore Chadras right up to the 1950s. Then the "bokshi" pyjama came into vogue and they were all the rage and apart from the older males all the youngsters wore these bokshi pyjamas. Bokshi were normal pyjamas but slightly wider and had a thin line pattern downwards. Never seen them again in Punjab since the 1980s.
  10. I doubt very much that he has that kind of money so it looks likely that he will take donations in order generate this amount. What Is needed is for the Sangat to become more aware and not waste their money by giving donations to such causes. If the Sangat doesn't donate then the idea will die as fast as it is was raised.
  11. I would think about some sort of counselling if I were you. You wife's passport might clear soon and when she arrives I don't think your relationship will be good if you still harbour these unresolved feelings about what she did. I think that you have built up this image of your ideal wife prior to getting married and because you are a good person you assumed that the person you married will also be the same. Because your wife did not tell your about her court case this has now shattered the image that you had build up of your ideal wife and it will take time and effort for you to start trusting your wife again. Once trust is lost then it is difficult but not impossible to gain it back again. Having an upbringing that you have had has in many ways made you more trusting and more idealistic which is not a bad thing but because people are complicated then it does set you up for a fall. Also you have very little experience of having a relationship before your marriage which is good but then unless you get your ideal partner then it does make it more difficult if there are issues between you two. As I said you need to have some counselling and talk through your issues. I would certainly not involve any Sarpanch as one member stated because you cannot trust people in the same village as they will have issues between each other and you will not know what their motivations are. What exactly is the case about? In some villages in Punjab these cases are registered to take out old enmities and to harass people. Take out the time that the case is likely to take to work through your issues but definitely get some counselling so that the feelings that you about her having not told you about the court case are resolved and are not there when she arrives in Canada.
  12. And the moral of this thread? Hindus will worship anything!
  13. Although the news report doesn't mention it, these people are our old friends the Ahmediya Muslims and are refugees from Pakistan. You know the ones who supported the creation of Pakistan and one of whom was the advocate before the Radcliffe commission who wanted the Punjab up to the Satluj to be a part of Pakistan. These obviously don't understand the irony that their people supported the creation of a 'pure' Muslim state where they would be no influence from the non-Muslims 'kafirs' and here they are shamelessly looking for refuge from the same 'kafirs' that they leaders wanted to kick out of Pakistan! I wouldn't shed too many tears over their fate. These people are the main purveyors of the falsehood that Islam is a religion of peace and karma being the <banned word filter activated> it is they find themselves fleeing from their lives from the religion of 'peace'
  14. True after the Sidhu visit to Pakistan the GOI got a report from the security forces and they said that Kartarpur corridor would be a threat to the security of the border. The GOI hoped that the Pakistan govt would let the issue die and as a sop to Sikhs ordered high focus telescopes . But was caught out when Pakistan announced that work would start and gave a date for the stone laying ceremony. GOI was pretty much forced to into accepting the Kartarpur corridor. Even the mischief created by Amarinder Singh came to nought.
  15. You know sometimes you think that no one can be so stupid as to believe the leftist BS that is sprouted every day by the media and then you interact with a person like JSinghnz and you are forced to revise your opinion.
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