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  1. That's the key point: I think it is OK and even very good to help others. Because this is Akal Purkh ka panth. But, again, until every Sikh has a decent life, helping others can only be a low (not high) priority.
  2. Thanks a lot for this post. Stop with putting gold on every single gumat, every palki, and so on until every Sikh has 3 good meals a day, with milk and ghee. I don't want to see a single kar seva baba asking for money to redo the floor in a gurdwara with all-new marble until every Sikh has a pukka floor in his house. Stop with spending thousands, even lakhs of rupees on Rumallahs until every Sikh has at least a few changes of decent clothes. Obviously, we show respect to Guru Granth Sahib ji by adornment with fine raiments. But we don't need more Rumallahs in the almari than days in
  3. Here is the link, I recommend you watch it with an open mind. Just watching this now. Again I stand by my statement that Purewal hasn't a bit of common sense. Even if he is "the best astronomer ever", that doesn't give him the right to push the Panth around. Given what we are facing right now with the Farmer's Protest and other matters of our very existence and you have so many people of all jathebandis, mona/kesadhari/amritdhari even Hindus coming together and everybody who is doing or saying anything to destroy unity is not appreciated, it's as clear as day that stuff lik
  4. That's not a bad idea. But what you're really supposed to be doing is reserving 10%of your income as dasvandh. So, not pennies, but rather 10 rupees out of every 100. Or pound. Or dollar.
  5. OK, so as far as "normal" journeys (like driving from Los Angeles to San Diego or something), there's no reason you should have to miss your Nitnem. With long airplane journeys, especially where you're crossing the international date line and multiple time zones, it might be unclear when a "new day" starts for the purposes of doing Nitnem. So as long as you make a bona fide effort to do Nitnem, I don't think you can said to have "missed" your Nitnem. But don't go the entire journey of 22-24 hours (plus holdovers) and fail to do Nitnem just because you're "on a journey." when yo
  6. I won't dispute that you got yeast in India in 2015 from yeast flying around. But if you look at the wording of the original poster, BigTera, that's not what he said. He implied that if you wear a turban, you'll get "yeast formation" as if it will spring up spontaneously: "All that heat and sweat from wearing a head covering all day gets trapped causing excess moisture and itching build up which makes dandruff worse. ie yeast formation." That's what I said doesn't happen, even in India. There are 1.3 billion people in India. 1.3 billion don't have yeast. There are
  7. Oops, I never thought of this before: but was he molested in the dera by someone? (Not the Sant, but a random person or persons. Because there are always tons of followers-on in deras.)
  8. Nitnem is Jap, Jaap, Swayye, Chaupai, Anand. Asa di Vaar, Shabad Hazare, etc. are extra that every Sikh is encouraged to do, but it is optional.
  9. What's wrong with you, bro? The point of telling someone to man up is to take up masculine virtues. Neither I nor "Guest Singhh" made this up. Why do you think Bhai Gurdas II, respected by the entire panth called Guru Gobind Singh ji the "Marad (manly man) Agumda"? Mai Bhago was taking up masculine virtues, which are exactly what are needed in war. On the other hand, it is also necessary for men to take up feminine qualities, which are necessary to do seva, be humble, and sing music (kirtan). The problem in the panth is we have entirely too little masculinity at the mome
  10. Have you ever worn a real kachhera (of the type prescribed by Guru Gobind Singh ji)? If you did, I think you would find it very comfortable. Don't be an oreo, bro. You don't have to follow every stupid trend in Men's Health magazine. You can, though, if you want to. Just don't claim you're following maryada. That's not the only thing. It's not merely a symbol. Otherwise, you could just walk around carrying a picture of a kachhera in your wallet.
  11. Look, bro, spirituality is the entire point of our religion. But Guru ji also taught us to be a man and defend ourselves, our mothers and sisters, our communities. We all want to just sit back and listen to kirtan peacefully. But you can't do that when you're under attack. I realize that this kind of talk is not for everybody, but if that's the case for you, just go to one of the spiritual discussions. Here, we're just discussing ways of keeping people like you safe.
  12. You invade a country, and then you get part of it for free. What are you complaining about? Would they be OK with Hindus (or whatever) invading Pakistan, converting 1/3 of the population, and then letting them break off into a separate country?
  13. If they "lived together happily", it was because they were being ruled by an iron fist by the British. Before that, by the Sikhs. Under Islamic rule, some Muslims may have been nice, but others felt free to treat non-Muslims as second class humans. Kind of like how the invading Germans or Vichy French would treat anti-Nazi French in WWII.
  14. I don't know. I can so see the Punjabi police and delhi govt saying that about us Sikhs and treatment of young innocent amritdharis during encounter '90s years. Also probably what the Mughals/afghans said about us too during the 'sell a sikh head' days. That's not the case, bro. We don't have an organized ideology of killing non-Sikhs for the sake of being non-Sikhs and then converting them. They do. That's the difference. I'm not calling for killing them, just not bowing to them.
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