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  1. Well, we could have. I mean, if the close-to-failing jihadi state of Pakistan can have basically nuclear parity with India, we certainly could have had a space program if we hadn't lost the Sikh Raj. Israel does.
  2. I think we need to be careful. If we are to grow, it will naturally entail nonPanjabis becoming Sikhs - I think it is dangerous to equate this to the issue you are referring to (which is an important, but a separate one). Clarification to both @dallysingh101 and @MisterrSingh: I didn't mean to say that you can't have non-Punjabis among Punj Piyare. That's fine. What I was making fun of was the thought among leftists (adopted by apne) that you have to have mandatory quotas among every group. So it's OK to have a non-Punjabi in the Punj Piyare. It's not OK to look around for non-Punjabis just for the sake of it, perhaps forgetting the selection criteria (hopefully faithfulness to Parmatma) along the way. I was also mocking the difficult mathematics involved in getting 3 "women", and 2 "men", some possibly homosexual, others transitioned, maybe one intersex all the while also trying to get the racial diversity "right" as well. The way the left is currently going, we won't even be able to have a requirement for speaking the 5 banis, much less have them memorized, because that would discriminate against the mute. If we were to follow along those lines, we would find ourselves in the position of the Church of England: no followers, empty churches, except as tourist curiosities.
  3. hypocrite. the living guru is jus an 'it' to u now? I don't think that's what he meant. I think he just mean "it" in the way it's commonly used in English. "It" doesn't refer to anything, it's just the way you construct the sentence in English. I.e., It's raining. What's raining? Nothing. "Read books. It'll help your English". It doesn't refer to books because books is plural, it is singular. Rather it refers to "reading." Or "Call your Mom. It'll help you." Here "it" refers to "calling". Similarly, "it will help you" refers to the act of reading Guru Granth Sahib ji. "it" does not refer to Guru Granth Sahib.
  4. Yes. And the Sikh panth will be like the Christian denominations who hilariously don't believe in really anything anymore, other than whatever the latest idea of the day is from the "hip" intellectuals. If you're only a year or so behind the curve, you're a racist, you're an able-ist, a homophobe, transphobe, etc. This, by the way, is in itself a good idea to keep sex-segregated seating in Gurdwaras, because it underlines the idea of two sexes. You will see a push for mixed seating for exactly this reason (that otherwise people have to make a binary choice). Also, you'll see people questioning Guru Gobind Singh ji's decision to make a binary split on sex naming his Khalsa members "Singh" or "Kaur". Since these explicitly split up Sikhs into male and female, that'll be the 1st thing on the chopping block. Mixed Panj Piyare. It'll be like a diversity parade. Every Punj Piyare will have to have 3 "women" and 2 "men", 1 of them, of course, transitioned to something, or nothing. 1 of them African, 1 white, 1 Indian, 1 Pacific Islander, maybe 1 Punjabi. 1 of them, at least, disabled. So they won't be able to sit in bir asan, of course. They'll have chairs in front of the Amrit bata. And so will the sangat. 1 of them will not even be able to speak, so they'll just use a voice synthesizer--Steven Hawkins-style.
  5. Sure. It's just strange that merely not wanting to go down the road Westerners have gone down (free sex, pre-marital sex, not marrying, bathhouse homosexual culture, becoming a female from a man and then back again whenever you feel like it) is considered "oppression" by Satpal Singh.
  6. It's one thing to say, "here's a video, I'm linking to it but not endorsing it whatsoever." It's quite another to say "Well done to the makers of this show." "I always have and always will support a person's right to live as they wish to without hatred and oppression." What hatred and oppression? Like @dallysingh101 pointed out, we don't throw gays off buildings. That's an Muslim specialty. All we're saying is don't present homosexuality as a favored lifestyle. Because young people who are unsure of themselves are attracted towards that kind of stuff. "Another person may may agree or understand with it, but Gurmat values have demonstrated in the past that the duty of spiritually aligned people is to defend the rights of others towards freedom of expression, with no exceptions." With no exceptions? Really? Such a blunt and uncompromising statement? Who is the extremist here? "Please watch with an open-mind." Does he have a mind open to the possibility that going down the same road as Westerners will also lead to failed marriages and declining population, leading to national suicide? "P.S. I won't be entering into any lengthy discussions in the comments section." OK, so I guess he reserves the right to make snarky 1-line comments accusing people of "homophobia" but not any "lengthy" discussions in which he'd have to defend his position?
  7. BhForce

    media brainwashing

    Good point. The marketing departments of big corporations and ad agencies are dominated by women (and homosexuals in the mix). I don't if I want to say "it's only natural" that they would portray men as idiots, but that's what they are in fact doing.
  8. Is that right? Do you have a link so something about that? Sikhri has done some good stuff, but also some very controversial and divisive stuff. Well, he wears a round turban and has a big beard, so I guess that's good enough for some people to think he must have authority from God. Does he wear neela bana, too? Could you please post a link?
  9. BhForce

    media brainwashing

    Every one of your points is great. Who are you? Get a free account and keep posting. Please.
  10. Don't shame him for asking a quesiton, bro. Plenty of Sikh kids in the West (and India!) think Sikhi is just some minor religion, and maybe Christianity is the real deal because the Christians never cease to remind us that Jesus is "the way, the truth and the light." It's better for him to ask and get an answer out there that someone reading this board can learn from than to not ask the question. As for the "singhni's pic", it's a made-up painting (of Mata Bhago ji?). It's not like it's someone he secretly took a picture of in college. Agreed.
  11. Your quotes are appreciated, but please don't post larivar (unbroken) Gurbani. The people on this site are learners, if they already knew enough Gurbani to read in in larivar, they wouldn't need to ask questions.
  12. I would have to disagree with you there. Granted that there is no mention of "homosexuality". But I don't think that's the point. Sikhism is not concerned merely with the divine and supernatural. It is also concerned with the worldly and temporal, because we exist in the physical world. Also not mentioned in Guru Granth Sahib is weapons, war, politics, and so on. Saying that "Sikhism doesn't give two hoots about anyone's sexuality" is simply wrong. Religion is something that people turn to for advice in life. Sikhism recommends that people marry and have children. What you're saying is what Westerners believe in the 21st century. And they have 50% divorce rates, and their fertility rates are below population replacement, meaning their nations will die. What you're promoting for Sikhism is national suicide for the Sikh panth. Agree here. We should neither throw homosexuals off buildings like the Muslims do, nor should we promote it like Westerners are doing. We should merely tolerate them.
  13. No, I'm not playing. I'm just asking you to sketch out what we should be doing in relation to miri (temporal aspect of Sikhism) without leading to more fights in the Gurdwara, thereby alienating more young people. I do agree that miri should have a place in the Gurdwara.
  14. Well, what else? I mean we have the food thing pretty well covered with langar. Help with doing your taxes at the end of the fiscal year? Help with kakkars at work? I think we have Sikh Coalition and such for that. Anything else? I do think marriage counseling is a big one.
  15. Woul that not be problematic? I mean we have enough religious fights as it is. What if you added to that Giani ji opining on Brexit being good or bad? Or what the tax rate is supposed to be in whatever country you live in? Lol. I assume you're talking about Sant Dhadrianwale?

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