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  1. Good that you came to that conclusion. There are plenty of names even in the West which mean different things, even sexual things. For example, John in slang means the client of a prostitute. And Di - ck means the sexual organ of a man. Randy means sexually inclined. And so on. So the fact that Arshdeep could rhyme with some naughty combination of words should mean nothing. Be strong.
  2. Look, you're not required to believe in God or Guru ji. For devout Sikhs, something that you agree to in the presence of Guru Sahib and the Sangat is a hukum. You do not turn your back on Guru's hukum. If you didn't want to accept the verdict of Sangat and Guru ji, why did you go to Guru ji in the first place? Don't try to have it both ways.
  3. @shastarSingh, what's your deal, bro? If it is that meat is OK in khsatryia dharam, what's the point of posting stuff like this? It'll just be explained in the Nihang dals anyway. By posting stuff like this, do you mean to encourage the average Sikh to pick up some non-Jhatka or even halal meat at the local shop?
  4. Well, that's something. I have to do something, but I'd like to pick this up later.
  5. It's not a matter of their "points". It's the fact of them claiming to be Satguru. Let me ask you: If you someone claimed to be your father, would you invite him over to give a discourse on whatever? By father, I mean the man who had relations with your mother to conceive you. He claims to be your father, and you invite him over because his views on, say karma are interesting? Have some integrity, bro. (Do please answer the above question.)
  6. And that's exactly what I guessed you might say. Now, again, let me ask: would you quote or post Pirthi Chand or Suraj Mal's video?
  7. Bro, please don't post the videos of a man calling himself Satguru. Would you post the video of Pirthi Chand, Dhir Mal, or others falsely claiming to be Satguru? You've posted 2 of his videos here.
  8. This is all that needs to be said. These "kar seva" babas need to be tied to a wall and smashed with a hammer just like they smashed this priceless piece of our heritage.
  9. For maybe the 4th time, bro, just tell me what you mean when you use the word "religion" in the sentence above! I realize your point regarding the "True Religion". I just want to know what your definition of "religion" is in the sentence above. If the word doesn't have any meaning whatsoever, then why are you using it? You had some specific meaning in mind when using the word, so just tell us that.
  10. Well stated. It's just haters of Guru ji's rehit that try to say such things to scare people off from taking Amrit. No actual amritdhari Singh has ever had a problem. Also, only wusses sleep unarmed.
  11. Regarding the "cold hard demographic truths": If the number of people of a given religion is to determine who the territory is to be given to, then why was Kashmir (majority Muslim) given to a Hindu maharaja? Why was Hyderabad (majority Hindu) given to a Muslim Nizam? Since they gave Kashmir to a Hindu maharaja, can you give a fair reason why the British should not have given us our Kingdom back, regardless of demographics?
  12. BhForce

    Akaal Sahai

    Sahai does not mean help. You do speak Punjabi, don't you? Sahaita means help. Sahai means helper or helper of. As in, your Mom says of your relative, "Uh bahut sahai hoia": He helped a lot. He was a big help. There are plenty of Gurbani references to "sahai". For example, in the popular shabad, "Tati vao na lagai", this line comes at the end: ਕਹੁ ਨਾਨਕ ਕਿਰਪਾ ਭਈ ਪ੍ਰਭ ਭਏ ਸਹਾਈ ॥੨॥੧੫॥੭੯॥ Kahu Naanak Kirapa Bhee Prabh Bheae Sahai ||2||15||79|| Says Nanak, God has showered me with His Mercy; He has become my help and support. ||2||15||79|| Akal Sahai is basically the same idea, it's just using the word Akal instead of Prabh (lord). It's kind of like Khuda Hafiz (God is Protector), but in Punjabi.
  13. BhForce

    Akaal Sahai

    Here is the link (the post will probably be approved 2 weeks later): Definition of sahai https://punjabipedia.org/topic.aspx?txt=ਸਹਾਈ
  14. BhForce

    Akaal Sahai

    No, bro, it's not Arabic! Come on, you know Punjabi. You must certainly know the noun form of the word, sahaita. You certainly must know that abstract nouns that end in 'ta' are from Indian languages. See here for more info: punjabi pedia. org/topic.aspx?txt=%E0%A8%B8%E0%A8%B9%E0%A8%BE%E0%A8%88 (Remove the spaces, silly no external link rule).
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