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  1. BhForce

    who is this guy - sikh priest

    This entire debate is pointless, regarding which places are clean and which aren't. Originally, Anand Karaj's were held by doing parikarma around Guru Sahib themselves. Guru Sahib did not go to people; people came to Guru Sahib. Later, at some point, people started bringing Guru Granth Sahib to their homes to perform weddings. Recently, people starting taking Guru Granth Sahib to hotels and such, which was considered a step too far. So it was collectively decided that if you want to be married, you have to Guru Sahib, not make Guru Sahib come to you. It simply does not matter what the parts per million pollution is in the air where you want to have your "destination wedding." If you want to have a "destination wedding," have the wedding in a Gurdwara, then have the reception at the beach. Problem solved.
  2. BhForce

    How is art considered in Sikhi?

    Agreed. The problem in the West is that they have started to worship the Artist. Art was meant to uplift people's thoughts and hearts. Now, it's entirely meaningless and pointless.
  3. What do you define as a "religion"?
  4. BhForce

    Confused about gurbani

    It's telling you to go where you can receive the Name, i.e., Satguru. Guru is Panj Piyare in tabia of Guru Granth Sahib ji. That's who you receive naam from. The Satguru is Guru Nanak Dev ji: ਸਭੇ ਕਾਜ ਸੁਹੇਲੜੇ ਥੀਏ ਗੁਰੁ ਨਾਨਕੁ ਸਤਿਗੁਰੁ ਤੁਠਾ ॥੧॥ All my tasks have become easy when Guru Nanak, the Satguru, became happy with me. p322. There are other tuks that show Gurbani says Guru Nanak ji is Satguru and also is God. The current form of Guru Nanak ji is the Panj Piyare in tabia of Guru Granth Sahib ji. Panj Piyare do whatever Guru Nanak ji did: Give the Name. Right, you can't recite the Name without Satguru. So go meet Satguru at the next Amrit Sanchar. He is telling you to find the Satguru. I don't know if you consider the Panj Piyare dead. Anyways, the power of the Panji Piyare is not that they are human beings. The power is that they channel the power of Guru Nanak Dev ji. It's no use being a "living guru" if you have no spiritual power.
  5. BhForce

    who is this guy - sikh priest

    Got it. Generally, I have seen the weddings of non-religious or "moderate" Sikhs are short in India. Religious Sikhs have longer Anand Karaj's where they have a longer kirtan and dhadis/speakers/etc. Before sunrise? Generally I have seen a desire to do lavan before 12 noon in both India and the West. But not before sunrise. Before sunrise would be for really hardcore Sikhs (non-religious Sikhs don't get up early anyways).
  6. BhForce

    who is this guy - sikh priest

    I appreciate that you state that it's just your observations, similarly these are just mine: OK, I think what you must be saying is "kirtan" referring to other shabads being sung beyond the lavan. But the 4 lavan themselves are supposed to be sung. From the Sikh Rehit Maryada: "After the conclusion of the recitation of each of the stanzas, the boy, followed by the girl holding the end of the sash, should go round the Guru Granth Sahib while the ragis or the congregation sing out the recited stanza." So, the ragis do indeed have to do kirtan of the lavan themselves. Singing a whole bunch of additional shabads is optional.
  7. BhForce

    who is this guy - sikh priest

    No ragis? Who does the kirtan of the lavan, then?
  8. BhForce

    Terror attack in Sri Lanka

    Seriously, bro? If that's the answer, we might as well just shut this forum down.
  9. BhForce

    Women dressing more provocatively

    Do you have a reference for this?
  10. BhForce

    Terror attack in Sri Lanka

    What I want to know is how the Abrahamics got to Sri Lanka. Was proselytization quite active during the British rule of Sri Lanka?
  11. BhForce

    Halal Food Veggie can we eat??

    Well, if you're in India, you can (usually) go by the "green dot" on packaged food. If you're "bahar" (outside India), you might be able to find stuff in your local Indian grocery. Otherwise, the general packaged food cannot be trusted to be vegetarian or even non-halal even if it's not marked specially. Also, if you really want to be sure, you simply make your food at home.
  12. BhForce

    Kali on Guru Hargobind sahibs sword

    Very important to keep in mind when one traverses the debates where on the one hand the Singh-Sabha influenced Sikhs warn about "the Hindus" and on the other the saffron brigade claims Sikhs are Hindus. Because even Guru Nanak Dev ji says that the "Hindus are mistaken from the start" and Bhagat Namdev ji says "Hindus are blind". So context is necessary. And words can have different meanings in different contexts.
  13. BhForce

    Terror attack in Sri Lanka

    Truer words were never spoken. You have captured the essence of the "moderate Muslim": He who is too cowardly to himself blow people up, but is happy that some of his "brothers" aren't.
  14. BhForce

    Kali on Guru Hargobind sahibs sword

    Agree, and this sets up further proof of the authenticity of the Dasam Bani that there is nothing wrong with the use of Kali as a metaphor. (Not as a Goddess to be prayed to.) The point is that Kali represents fierce unbridled fighting prowess. Disagree on your 2nd point. I think the "Hindu"/Sikh divide had emerged quite early on. Sikhs had no enmity, but the upper class Hindus did. For example, as early as Guru Amar Das ji's Guruship the nasty Brahmins complained to the Mughals that Guru ji is breaking Varn Ashram Dharam (caste system) by having people worship, prepare food, and eat together. Guru ji sent Bhai Jetha ji (Guru Ram Das ji) to defend the Sikh view.
  15. BhForce

    Halal Food Veggie can we eat??

    Lol! Right. But as @Prabh108 explained above, Halal mark may also mean that a portion of the proceeds are going to Muslim "charities" (jihad), if only as a part of the licensing for the Halal mark organization. So, better to avoid if possible. The best is just to make stuff at home. Or eat from others in our Panth. Which is exactly why Sikhs (and everybody) should avoid eating meat. It funds jihad. The only meat you should ever eat is that which is Jhatka'd by Singhs in full rehit, if you yourself are a Singh in full Nihung rehit, preparing for Dharam Yudh.

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