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  1. OK, sure. Sure. But a painting painted by a mere man is not "true" (satya). It's a mere representation of something in his mind. And have you ever found it interesting that a painter of a certain school will paint all his paintings in a certain way? That's because that's all he knows how to paint. And as far as certain accouterments or embellishments (such as earrings), that's just what a certain painter supposes that men of a certain era must have worn (not that he would have any personal knowledge--it's a mere supposition).
  2. Think of it this way: They have a mission and the mission is to tell young Sikhs about their faith. Does that make sense?
  3. Well, you know what? The field of spirituality is not like, say chemistry. In chemistry, if your chemical equations work, it doesn't matter that you're an arrogant p#@#. Not so in spirituality. The entire point is to gain humility. If you don't have it, there's not point in listening to you.
  4. No kidding. The top Google search results for "smart casual women" is: https://www.thetrendspotter.net/smart-casual-dress-code-for-women/ Look through that page and try to tell me that men wear everything that women wear.
  5. I admit that some men are wearing somewhat tighter pants than before, but it's still not the skin tight jeans that (many) women wear. Also, in a page that comes up on search, where is there a picture of men wearing sleeveless shirts or crop tops? https://www.primermagazine.com/2018/learn/what-is-smart-casual
  6. But we can't hide our historical granths These granths are not Gurbani, bro. You realize that, don't you? They're just written by humans. What do you think, they descended from heaven?
  7. This, bro. The funny thing is if you tell non-Punjabis about making your souls pure via self-control and spirituality, they become extremely interested. Apne? They'll think you're sheltered and know nothing of the world.
  8. What? Even in Western culture, men do not "show off" their bodies (other than maybe bodybuilder competitions). There's simply nothing showing in what men wear to work. It is "just females". And at Sikh weddings and such, if women are wearing tight clothes and crop tops, are men also? No. You know that full well. They wear dress shirts and pants or suits. What's showing? What are you on about?
  9. So your plan for the Sikh panth is have it imitate mainstream UK society where around half of marriages end in divorce, and they are not even replacing their own population?
  10. Excellent analysis, bro. Right on the dot. Basically, Punjabis have an inferiority complex. They believe that they are lower than the typical Westerner, therefore they denigrate all things Sikh, including the Sikh roop. Nowadays, it's become typical for Sikh females to have to distinction from the form of Western females. As such, they think they are high-value in the eyes of Western men. Therefore they devalue Sikh men. Totally true that they are thrown for a loop when they see a non-Punjabi woman even so much as talking with a Sikh man (not that I'm encouraging dating).
  11. Basically, it should be clear that dating is not allowed in Sikhism. Once you accept that, then it's fine to "socialize" (i.e., talk with people).
  12. What are you even talking about? Men might wear V-necks at the gym or such, but certainly not to the office. You seriously want to claim men wear V-necks to the office? Men wear tight trousers to show of their whatevers? When have you ever seen that? On the other hand, it's extremely common to wear deep neck blouses, half-sleeve, sleeveless, tube top, crop top, mini-skirts, etc. When have you ever seen a mean wearing a sleeveless shirt or a crop top to work?
  13. Are you saying that Sikhs are allowed to eat meat other than jhatka? There's no general permission for meat, only in the context of dharam yudh or preparation for that. I do agree with you that there's no reason for Sikhs to throw up upon seeing blood. But, also, if you don't have a reason (dharam yudh) to kill an animal, you should not.
  14. BhForce


    Yeah, no kidding. The problem is not that the "friend' suddenly gave him "magic mushrooms". The problem is that he hangs out with people who think it's a good idea to interfere with your mental functioning with chemicals.
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