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  1. All true, and also entirely besides the point, bro, because nobody who is smoking it in the West just got back from Dharam Yudh.
  2. Nihungs most certainly do not smoke weed. They might ingest, but they have never smoked it. What's the point of saying you agree with @KING_SINGH if you say it's OK to smoke weed for relaxation? The only reason you might use a drug is for pain relief, and that too if you're not getting high on it. That includes drugs you get from the doctor.
  3. You should avoid the company of those "amritdhari singhs". You're going about it wrong if you're looking for a mention of "steroids" in Gurbani. What you should be doing is approaching life with the mindset of accepting hukum and avoiding trying to get what isn't written for you.
  4. It's not the same thing. Evangelicals are Protestants, but not all Protestants are evangelicals. Evangelical comes from the Greek meaning "good news". Basically, all non-Christians are going to Hell, and evangelicals believe in spreading the "good news" that you can be saved from going to Hell by accepting Jesus. Now do you understand why they are constantly trying to convert everybody? In their mind, they're just doing you a favor, even if by deception. Older, more established churches tend to be Protestant, but not evangelical. Such as most Anglicans and Methodists. They are more moderate and usually mind their own business.
  5. It's like a business, nothing to do with spirituality. That's why I have no objection to any nonviolent means of opposing them. They're like snake-oil salesmen.
  6. There could be. Drug deal gone bad? Maybe someone hid drugs inside the walls of an under-construction house for later pickup, somebody else found it, and played dumb when asked where the stash was. Might be anything. But we're just speculating. That's OK for an anonymous discussion board. It's not OK for the so-called establishment media, which pretends to have journalistic standards.
  7. Yeah, that's different because they were just present. They were aggressively converting people (like with $$ or with targeting). The reason being they are poor people desperate for help. Again, a question that people in developing countries should ask is "If Christianity is so great, then why are people in the West not desperate for cancer treatment, college help, or whatever, abandoning Christianity?" Weekly attendance is at 10%, going down from anywhere between .3% to 1% per year. If no one goes to church, they'll have a hard time maintaining the buildings, much less funding conversion abroad.
  8. If you see him again, do confront him with the standard questions that atheists ask of Christians, such as: 1. If the Catholic Church is true, why did it persecute Galileo? 2. Ask about the Spanish Inquisition. 3. Ask about the pedophile priests. If he demurs, ask him how he can pledge his loyalty to such an institution, especially as an atheist. If he says, "well, it's not all bad, and it does some good work." Then ask him why that doesn't apply to the Sikh Panth! One thing about Jews, they may not all wear yarmulkes and so on, but they never forget the Holocaust. Sunny wants to sweep 1984 and related issues under the rug. Oh, but his liberal white friends want to talk about Tibet, Darfur, and Palestine, but he doesn't have the guts to do so in regards to Punjab.
  9. What's your deal, bro? You seem to like to post a whole bunch of quotations from various sources without any sort of context. OK, so Col. Steinbach wrote a book. What's your point? What do you make of it? Are you saying that because Steinbach wrote a sentence regarding some things he saw, that applies uniformly to all Sikhs? Secondly, are you making a religious point about Sikhs and meat? If so, state it explicitly. Thanks for the link to the book, though. Very interesting. Also regarding the fact that Maharaja Ranjit SIngh was a profligate drinker, again, what are you trying to prove? That Sikhs should be drunk out of their minds? You do realize that the Sikh kingdom was totally destroyed, and the foundations for its destruction were laid during the Maharaja's time because he failed to set things up like he should have. Does that have anything to do with being a drunkard? Perhaps you ended up proving the exact opposite of your intended point. Thanks for that.
  10. Do you have any references for that? As far as Sunny is concerned, if he doesn't want to be a Sikh, he's free to go his own way. But he doesn't. Just be done with us, already, man! No, he wants to cling on and be the "interpreter of Sikhism" for his white liberal Brit friends.
  11. That must drive him crazy mad with jealousy. First of all, if he's an atheist, why does he want to have a faith ceremony, whether it's interfaith or same-faith? Stick to your beliefs and just go to the registrar of marriages. Secondly, "provided they promise to bring up the kids in catholicism"? So where did his integrity go? He's an atheist who can't bear to bring his kids up in Sikhism, but he'll happily bring them up in Catholicism? He couldn't find a Sikh woman in all of the UK to his liking? Not even a non-Sikh woman? He had to go as far away as California to find someone worthy of him? Who says there are no Sikh girls as pretty as Latinas? Or educated? What a fool.
  12. And that's fine. It's just that in the early stages of a story, there's a lot of misinformation going around. Even if it's established that there were knife wounds, that in no way means it was Amritdhari Sikhs who did it. Since it's said that it was a construction industry dispute, "hammer injuries" makes me think that those people were using their construction tools (hammer and cutting knives).
  13. Would have been better to spend at least a day, but whatever. Since you're only there one day, you'll barely have time to do darshan of the main Gurdwara of Hazur Sahib. Spend the evening there until sukhasan. Afterwards, ask someone the way to the laser show. It's a few minutes walk away in a park. Likely, many in the Sangat will be walking there, just join them. Most people visit "Nanak Jheera" and Bhagat Namdev's birthplace. But you don't have time for that because that's far away. You'll have to wake up fairly early for the morning program. Wake up early and walk down the main street from Hazur Sahib to Langar Sahib and walk a bit further down to the Godavri River where they start to take water for ishnaan of Hazur Sahib at 1am. Take in the entire morning program to sunrise. Then, if you want, you could visit local gurdwaras. Some are within walking distance. I can't recommend a taxi service. There are plenty of taxis on the main road. Make your arrangements the day before. Since you're not going on a long trip, you won't be taken for too much.
  14. No one said it was an amritdhari Sikh who used his kirpan to do this, bro. In fact, it hasn't even come out that the attackers were Sikhs (though 2 of the victims were). Even if the attackers were Sikhs, I doubt that they used kirpans.
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