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  1. BhForce

    Hard to find Amritdhari girl

    Did you specify in the ad "amritdhari girl required"? If not, why did you waste those people's time? You're going to have to compromise somewhere. Who cares about education? In the 1950s men (executives and doctors) used to marry non-college educated secretaries and such. What exactly are you going to have your wife do that she needs a PhD? Earn good money, and your wife won't have to. Height? Again, who cares? There are plenty of short girls who are good looking and have a good personality. Just ask yourself what you want in life. Also, try marriage bureaus in India. There are some Sikh oriented ones.
  2. BhForce

    Is Sikhi dying a slow and excruciating death ?

    The fact is, you are very right. Now, just watch, you'll have people responding to this thread saying: 1) let the "weak ones" go, the rest of the Panth will be stronger. 2) it's all in Waheguru's hukum 3) just worry about yourself 4) you don't have to worry because God will take care of everything 5) it's not as bad as you're saying, the Sikh panth is strong, there is so much parchar happening, and nagar kirtans, too. 6) who made you Jathedar? and 7) who cares? To which my response would be: 1) Seriously? Yeah, good luck having your religion recognized as a force when you have 1000 adherents 2) Yeah, so why do you even bother making breakfast in the morning or going to school or work. Just let Waheguru drop some food in your lap. 3) Sikhism is the path of parupkar (caring for others). Letting people know about spiritual advancement is a form of caring for others. 4) See #2 5) Just a form of closing your eyes and ears and wishing for everything to be alright when it is clearly not. When termites start eating your house, do you wait until the entire house is eaten? 6) Nobody made @AjeetSinghPunjabi or anyone else Jathedar. We're just talking about the future of the Panth because we care for it. 7) What can I say? If you don't care what happens to the Panth, why are you even here? You really want a Panth which defines its very existence as caring for others to wither away?
  3. Well, I think it is simply that 1) the 41st vaar is written on the lines of the 40 vaars. 2) the 41st vaar also provides spiritual encouragement to Sikhs, like the previous 40 3) the 41st vaar, especially the 1st pauri (and some other ones like Vaaho Vaaho Gobind Singh) are extremely popular with the Sikh Sangat, and they like having a written reference for this vaar.
  4. Not exactly. The SGPC's SRM says that kirtan should only be done of Gurbani and Bhai Gurdas ji and Bhai Nand Lal ji. According to the traditional way of thinking (accepted by me), "Gurbani" includes the bani of Guru Gobind Singh ji. That's not supposed to be sung, according to the above. Though katha can be done of it, of course. He was a poet of the court of Guru Gobind Singh ji. He is also known as Bhai Gurdas II. I believe more information about him can be found in the book by Piara Singh Padam "Guru Gobind Singh ji de Darbari Rukun" (Jewels of the court of Guru Gobind Singh ji). He provides important information about things like the Fateh greeting. He depicts the Khalsa as a 3rd path, separate from the Hindus and Muslims. He is despised by missionaries because he encourages people to take Khande ka Pahul. In that pauri, he references Kalika (a reference to God in the form of a warrior goddess).
  5. What does this string of characters mean?
  6. Wow, asking if someone has had a girlfriend in order to denigrate him? Of course, in your mind, a person who doesn't drink, do drugs, sleep around, etc., is just a loser. I guess this entire Panth was just founded by a bunch of losers (10 of them, in fact).
  7. BhForce

    Questions you get asked? Stereotypes

    Yeah, it would be one thing for someone to drink occasionally (not that I'm saying that's OK). But our people just take it to a ridiculous level.
  8. OK, just wondering, why don't you date? For religious reasons? (I agree that Sikhs are not supposed to date.)
  9. Yeah. The problem is that so many of our girls don't even want to talk to a keshadhari. Have any idea why that might be? Not the personality. There have been posters on this board who have had extreme difficultly getting girls to even talk to them, but they have had great interest from non-Sikh girls. Is that because we (especially females) have an ingrained self-hatred?
  10. Good man, you avoided the temptation of a Musalmannani, thus fulfilling Guru Gobind Singh ji's commands. She's a serpentess. Good you stayed away.
  11. BhForce

    Books that predict the future

    You know, I really wish you would check your facts before posting stuff. I wish you would have posted the source of your claims. You did post a bunch of links, but they were about El Salvador. Plenty of weird stuff happens in poor countries (including India), it doesn't necessarily have bearing on Ohio, or the UK. Anyways, google for "ohio abortion law", and of the top results, there's a CNN article. The article claims that women and doctors who kill unborn children could face the death penalty, but I believe that that is a wildly unsubstantiated claim because nowhere in the text of the bill does it say that. When you say "there is talk of death sentence", what is that supposed to even mean? It's either in the bill or not. Mere talk of something doesn't amount to anything. The NY Times article notes that the fetal heartbeat bill makes such an abortion a 5th-class felony punishable by up to 1 year in prison, far short of the death penalty. So, what are you even talking about?
  12. True. But do you think all girls have personality and presence? Do you think, maybe, that guys are expected to have personality and presence, while for girls it's sufficient to just exist? Or, maybe to basically just be thin with a half-way nice looking face? And how about girls with no personality or presence? Do they (in your experience) expect guys to have personality/presence while having none of their own? So it's OK for them to be a wallflower while the guy has to be Tom Cruise?
  13. Alright, now since you've answered my questions, and basically admitted that there's no reason (that you can state) that a person should do Gurbani, let me give you my answer to your question: I think the answer is yes, with a caveat. The caveat is that merely because you think some kesadhari is arrogant does not mean that he is. That may just be your fleeting impression of him without additional full knowledge. But, to answer your question, I'll assume "arrogant Turbaned Sikh guy" is some kesadhari with no clue of Sikhism, Gurbani, or the Sikh virtues. The reason (which you could not articulate) to follow the Guru is not because he encourages learning generally--that's something that your high school guidance counselor does, too! The reason is that He is the be-all and end-all. He is the Creator, He is Parbraham, He controls the Kam-Dhen (font of material blessings). He controls access to the Dasam Duar and to Sach Khand. He controls Karma. The reason for "doing Gurbani everyday" is that Gurbani is a true reflection of the Satguru's wisdom. It is the Satguru. "Doing Gurbani" means becoming like Satguru. The virtues that you listed are encouraged by the Guru. Assuming that you inculcate those virtues, and also do Gurbani, you would seem to be the type of person to do what the Guru says. And one of the things He says is not to dishonor the God-given form of your body. In due time, a mona who loves the Guru, recites Gurbani with passion, and loves doing what the Guru says will stop dishonoring his body. The egotistical kesadhari, may, on the other hand, never come to love God. (Then again, he may.) So, for the time being, I would say that the believing mona is a better Sikh than a keshadhari who has no love for the Guru. (None of this is to say that Sikhs don't need to keep their hair, or that they don't need to love the Guru.)
  14. Don't answer if you don't want to, but since this is an anonymous forum: Are you kesadhari? Amritdhari? I'm just asking to get another side of the endless crying that kesadharis can't get a girl to marry them.
  15. I realize that. I'm not proposing whacking such Sikh girls over the head with a stick. I'm proposing acknowledging there's a problem (large numbers of Sikh girls not wanting or caring to marry Sikhs). Once that's acknowledged (something it seems you were hesitant to do), we can move on to solutions. Once the size of the problem is ascertained, then we can move to educated parents and young people about (as you say) "the greatness of Sikhism".

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