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  1. BhForce


    Yeah, no kidding. The problem is not that the "friend' suddenly gave him "magic mushrooms". The problem is that he hangs out with people who think it's a good idea to interfere with your mental functioning with chemicals.
  2. A round of applause for this gentleman. You say it like you're proud of it. Yeah, and if you sell pens, maybe a butcher shop will buy a pen, and it's basically like butchering the animal yourself. So, if that's your logic, then you might as well just start eating meat. Since you think that anything on a chain that might be sold to a meat eater is morally the same as eating meat yourself. So, it's "already killed" so it's no problem? Well, what's wrong with eating it, too, then? Spoken like a manmukh, not an Amritdhari. Are you sure you love Guru Sahib, or just money?
  3. I don't know if you're trying to say meat loads are OK or not OK. It seems to me you're justifying meat loads because you're afraid someone will denigrate jhatka. No one is talking about jhatka. The meat loads in normal trucks are most certainly not jhatka. In some cases they are halal, but always non-jhatka. There's no reason to defend such meat loads.
  4. BhForce

    Is it ok to listen to Nitnem?

    It's OK to listen to Nitnem because otherwise if you were doing Nitnem in the Gurdwara and the Giani is reading off Nitnem, the rest of the Sangat is listening to the paath. No one would say the Sangat is failing in its duty to do Nitnem. Of course, you should pay attention to the paath. Also, you should read paath so you learn it before you start to just listen to it.
  5. BhForce

    Coding tutorials in punjabi?

    Don't be obtuse, man. The words of the programming language are maybe a dozen, two dozen, something like that. You can learn those by rote. What they are doing is not changing the words of the programming language, although there's no reason you couldn't do that. Microsoft did for its Office programming language. What they are talking about is this: You don't think that French people, when they are discussing programming, speak in French? Even though the words used in their programs are the original English terms. E.g., a language I just googled (Go): From Wiki: func (addr ipv4addr) ZeroBroadcast() bool { return addr == 0xFFFFFFFF That would remain the same, but you'd talk about it in Punjabi. Get it?
  6. BhForce

    Washing hair

    I don't know what you're saying by "break off". Do you mean fall off, as in disattach from the root? Comb you hair before you wash it. Most of the hair that would fall off will fall off before you wash it. Put the fallen off hair in a container and burn the hair later in a respectful manner (like fireplace, maybe). Then wash your hair.
  7. BhForce

    Halal Food Veggie can we eat??

    What are you trying to say? That we Sikhs can eat food labeled "Halal" just because we're guessing that they probably didn't have time to prary the Muslim prayer on the meat?
  8. To the OP, don't listen this "Gursikh". Who are you to say straight up won't hurt his rehat? Let me ask you a question: would carrying a heroin load "not affect his rehat"? If so, why? Also, please tell us whether selling heroin to people would "hurt his rehat" or not.
  9. Yours seems to be the only balanced answer here. It's one thing to say carrying a meat load is mazboori, as you have. It's quite another, like some other posters said, that there's no problem whatsoever carrying a meat load.
  10. What? No, that is not true. Where did you get that? We're not supposed to encourage people to consume harmful things because that increases our negative karma. Simple as that.
  11. BhForce


    There's no problem at all. Did the letter say to not eat or to "fast"? If you have to not eat, for whatever legitimate reason, that's not a problem. The problem would be if you were "fasting" on a religious basis, like showing off how "pure" you are, like some Hindus and Muslims do. We're not supposed to do that.
  12. Bro, that is a wrong understanding of Sikhi. There are not "different rules" for Amritdharis vs everyone else. There's one set of rules. It's just that Amritdharis actually follow them (or are supposed to). There's simply no rule you can't learn some sort of vidia (education) from a non-Sikh. I agree with not mixing with people that will harm your Sikhi. But we're not talking about "hanging out" with your Namdhari teacher. He's simply teaching you music. I should note that I'm simply talking about taking lessons from Namdhari (or Hindu, or Muslim) music teachers. Actually going into a Namdhari temple or mosque might require additional reflection.
  13. Bro, what are you talking about? A lot of Sikh (and other non-Sikh, non-Christian kids) go to Church of England and other such schools. As long as you're not worshiping Jesus, I fail to see anything wrong in that. In case you think that's just "modern" squishy Sikhs sending their kids to non-Sikh teachers, Guru Sahib's parents sent them to religious instructors for teaching them Punjabi or other Indian languages (Pandits) and Mullahs for learning Persian.
  14. "as Nanak said"? Are you a Sikh? The reason people are fighting with you is because they think you're a Sikh. If you're not, then just do what you want to do. Also if you seem to be promoting treating men as brothers, could you please state your views on dating? If dating is bad, then please detail why.
  15. I don't know if it was you that was posting in the beginning pages of this thread, but if so, why didn't you just lead with that? Why didn't you say "treat men as brothers, women as sisters"? Instead of saying "females can be friends." It made people think that your real goal was to equivocate (call two things the same that are actually different). That you were trying to put "friendship" and "boyfriends/girlfriends" in the same box so that one could lead to another.

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