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  1. Cutting the kesh will not make the kid into a Gora. He will always be an outsider no matter what.
  2. Munti how did he insult Bhai Sukh Singh Jee?
  3. I just finished reading Amardeep Singh's reply to Balpreet Singh Jee. He seems very disrespectful towards Balpreet Singh for no apparent reason because reading Bhai Balpreet Singh Jee's post he seemed respectful to Amrit Bhaji. I'm a little surprised that Bhai Amrit has posted such a post on his website. Amardeep Singh just seems to have a little sophisticated english rather than any real scholarly critique to Bhai Balpreet Singhs post. Perhaps Bhai Amardeep Singh Jee should do a little more research on puraatan sources rather than writing sarcastically witty comments which seem to indicate his impolite behavior as a debater, neither do I see him refuting Bhai Balpreet Singh with puraatan sources. My suggestion to Amardeep Singh is to debate using real primary sources, rather than his personal ideology. Arguments based on ideology can only take you so far.
  4. Is Amardeep Singh also a part of Bhai Amrit's team?
  5. Naam Stang Siaa, why are you so angry at me for? What did I do to deserve this? First you are the one who asked me a question by saying how you are so confused and need some answers, then when I give an answer (with references!) you ask the mods to close down the thread. First of all the thread I started was not even directed at you, it was directed at Naranjana, as I was answering him directly. I myself did not argue that Ragmala is bani or not. I just answered to Naranjana jee to his claim of Kavi Santokh Singh and Giani Gian Singh which I knew what not correct. I am sorry that Veer Naam Stand Jee could not take a simple debate because two mature adults who just simply want to learn from one another and others here. Naam Stang Jee, what I want to know is ਵੱਟ ਇਜ਼ ਯੋਰ ਪਰਾਬਲੈਮ with the thread I started?
  6. Is this the same Sant Baba Maan Singh of Pehova?
  7. Sahib Singh, you don’t care about Kala Afghanas excommunication, yet do you care about his sexual assault of a poor woman? what did that poor woman do to get assaulted by that dirty old pervert (convicted by the BC Court!)? would you still support him if he did that to someone close to you? Sikhs here should not go against the Akal Takht decision and still support Kala Afghana and even his mouth piece such as 'SIkh' bulleten. If you do not care about the Kakkars, concepts of Naam Simran, Amritvela or even Amrit Chakna all of which Kala afghana has said are not part of Sikhi, then by all means keep supporting Kala Afghana (the sexual assaulter of women!). Kala Afghana is no different than the other great sexual assaulters of our time such as Sant Harnek Singh and Sant Maan Singh Pehova. All of these sexual assaulters of women (and maybe even boys) need to get exposed for this sexual predatory behavior. Even the Catholic Church no longer supports perverts amongst them, then why are we still supporting these perverts and their Kaalia Kartootaa?
  8. Nam Stang Jee, your info is all distorted and you have blown out of proportion this ‘hostility’ between the AKJ and Nihangs. Nam Stang Jee wrote, The Sikh sabha Basour was one of the greatest organizations in Sikh history. They were mainly responsible for reviving Sikhi all over Malwa. Singh Sabha Basaour had many jewels in its organization such as Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh Jee, Sant Attar Singh Mastuanay walay (who for some time even acted as it’s head) and Bhai Kahn Singh Nabha. Strange how you still felt the need to link Bhai Randhir SIngh with Basour, yet ignored the other Chardi Kala SInghs associated with the Basour. Teja Singh Basour who at one time was a Chardikala Singh, but later he got corrupted for some unknown reason. He was excommunicated from the Panth not because of his disbelief in Ragmala, but because he had tried to take Bhagat Bani out of Guru Granth Sahib Jee. Most of the Singhs of that time did not believe in Ragmala. Even Nirmalas like Kavi Santokh Singh, Sant Singh, Giani Gian Singh, Pandit Tara Singh Narotam did not believe in Ragmala, and they were here way before Teja Singh Basour was even born. Furthermore, the Singhs that had excommunicated Teja Singh Basour themselves did not believe in Ragmala. So it doesn’t make sense trying to link Ragmala issue with Bhagat Bani issue as they are not the same. Nam Stang Jee wrote The Nihang ability to ‘sort out’ anyone was put to the test when they got their chance against Singh Sabha Akalis under Akali Kartar Singh Chabbar in 1920. In 1920 hundreds of fully armed Nihangs did all the Huladbazi(hooliganism) they could when they took over the Akal Takht after drinking some Sukka and under the guidance of the British backed Mahants. At first the Akali Jatha respectfully requested the Nihangs to leave the Akal Takht and not act in defiance to the Khalsa Panth. After repeated requests, Akali Kartar Singh Chabbar’s patience finally ran out. That is when Singhs from the Akali Jatha like lions roared into the Akal Takht and threw out the Nihangs. This in itself speaks volumes about the Nihang ability to ‘sort out’ anyone that you so boast of. Nam Stang Jee wrote AKJ and Nihangs never had this type of ‘cross fire’ relationship. As Joyce Pettigrew noted in her book, the Babbars were primarily focused in taking care of the Nirankaris. It was infact the Damdami Taksal that had a ‘cross fire’ relationship with the Nihangs. When Santa Singh went against the wishes of the Panth by working for Indira Gandhi, it was under Taksali pressure that the Panth excommunicated him. Then the Panth under the leadership of the Taksal demolished the Nihang built Sarkari Akal Takht. After 1984, many Nihangs saw that they were very unpopular in Punjab. They began harassing Punjabi villagers. Nihang Jathadars like Nihang Kahn Singh Baggi who was a well known Nihang Gundaa did all the Gundaagardi he could against innocent Punjabi peasants, and openly did parchar against Sant Jernail Singh Bhindrawalay, sometimes even using profanities at Sant Bhindrawalay. Then a Taksali Singh, (Shaheed)Sukhdev Singh Sakeera and Singhs with him decided to punish this Dusht and sent him straight to Dharam Rai. Sukhdev Singh Sakeera who was also a Panj Pyara in the Taksal gave out a call that no one should dare to cremate the body of Nihang Kahn Singh. Hearing this, Nihang Santa Singh declared that anyone who cremated the body of Kahn Singh will succeed him. It was Ajit Singh poohla who answered this call, and became the succeeding Jathadar. Nam Stang wrote: Strange how Poohla was never excommunicated from the Shrimoni Budda dal when he was carrying out his killing spree of Jujharoo Singhs and their families & also raping innocent teenage Punjabi girls from the villages. Nihang Santa Singh decided to excommunicate Poohla only after he killed a Nihang, and began challenging Santa’s right to lead the Nihang procession at Hola Mahala. Furthermore, the reason Poohla killed Babbars and their families is because his headquarters in Amritsar was in the area that was a Babbar stronghold. If he was located at an area where Jujharoo SInghs from Taksal dominated, he would have done the same thing to them. Poohla and the police for which he worked for did not see AKJ, Taksal or SGPC. For them, all Jujharoo Singhs were the same. It is usually us Internet folks who divide out Shaheeds into these groups. I don’t know about this. Reading about Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh Jee’s life in his Autobiography, and that narrated by his companions, it seems highly unlikely that Bhai Randhir Singh would care about what anybody thinks of him. My conclusion from my knowledge of Bhai Randhir Singh’s personality and characteristics is that your remarks and story about him is a complete invention. I don’t know of any Babbar Singh who wore a Farla. The only Babbar who wore a Farla was Talwinder Singh Babbar, and he got his Farla from Tarna Dal. As for the Aad Chand, again I don’t know of any Babbars to my knowledge who wore the Chand. But even if they did wear a Chand, I don’t see how this is the property of Nihangs only. A Farla I can understand, but a CHand is not exclusive only to Nihangs. Singhs of all groups wear them. Even I have worn a Chand, and a blue Chola few times, and I don’t see why I need the approval or permission of Nihangs to do so. It is my right as a Sikh to wear these as they belong to the Khalsa Panth, and was worn by our Dasmesh Pita, Sahib Sri Guru Gobind Singh Jee.
  9. Although some translate 'Mahakaal' as supreme death. But I think that Mahakaal here refers to Shivji (Shiva) who is also known as 'MahaKaal'. Shivji being one of the three Hindu Gods that make up the tri`murti, and is thought of as the one responsible as the God of death or 'the desroyer'. So I think that tukh is saying that Vaheguru is not only the Kaal of death, but also the Kaal of Shiva(mahakaal).
  10. What really annoys me is the way these Canadians say ‘these people’ when referring to Balpreet Singh and other Sikhs. So basically what they are trying to say is that it doesn’t matter that Balpreet Singh is born and raised in Canadia. He feels Canadian and thinks of Canada as his country, but just because he does not look like them he is automatically a non-Canadian, he is part of ‘these people’.
  11. In response to the Kirpan, here's what the Canadian public has to say. What a Multicultural and accepting place! The fact that Balpreet Singh is born and raised in Canada makes no difference and newspapers like the Ottawa Citizen allow comments like this to appear: Name: Citizen A Email: ashamed to be Canadian Occupation: Accountant Location: Canada (World's dumping ground) For God's sake. When are we going to put an end to this and start putting these people in their place? If we went to there country, we would have to follow the rules and customs of their nation, so why is it that when they come here they are not expect to give us the same common curtise? They don't like it here than leave. In this country, accurding to our laws and custums, carring a wepon is a crime and something that is considered intollerable. Yes there are Canadain custums and traditions, but we know little about them, because we allow immagrents and refugees to come here and do as they please. When in Rome do as the Romans do. Every other nation protects their customs, traditions and laws exept Canada. If Shikes are allowed to carry weapons, then I should be allowed to carry a weapon as well. As matter of fact we should be allowed or not allowed to carry weapons. One nation = one set of laws. If I got into fight with one of them, I would use a weapon, because they have one, period Name: Jon Citizen Email: n/a Occupation: Observer Location: North America If you move to a different country that is mostly Judeo-Christian and you come from the Middle East or India you must accept that our culture and beliefs do not support transporting a sabre or sword on our person (i.e. body). While Canada has been spared terrorist activities (so far) most travelers on a train or plane live in places where terrorism is a constant threat. I am always amazed that the first thing that many of these people from radically different cultures from ours learn is how to scream discrimination and how to file a lawsuit. Name: Modeno Occupation: Retired Location: St-Laurent Why oh why does it have to be us Canadians who have to kneel when faced with some kind religion? Now as far as I know, Via rail is Canadian, so why should they try to do something regarding someone getting on the train with a dagger strung around the belt? My God! when are we going to wake up and put our pants on and tell these people that if they want to live in Canada, they will have to abide by the laws of the land. Religion was invented by men, so don't tell me that God Almighty told them to wear a dagger at all time! I really wonder what would happen if we tried to do the same things in their country? We would most probably get shot on the spot! Name: Sean P. Hogan Occupation: public servant Location: Ottawa Just another example of how the immigrants in this country are trying to shove their beliefs down our throats. If you have to wear a dagger as part of your religion, it doesn't say much for the religion. At the same time, they don't care about the safety of passengers, just themselves, so selfish and so uncaring. Name: Andy Occupation: tech Location: montreal When are these people going to learn that we have laws in this country that they have to abide by if they wish to live here. We do not allow citizens to carry weapons, religious or not, end of story. Whether or not you worship God, Allah, Vishnu or Casper the Friendly Ghost, you will have to do it without a knife, M16 or ground to air missile launcher. If you cannot abide by these rules, there are plenty of medieval middle east countries who can accomodate you. For more enlightened comments go to: http://www.canada.com/ottawa/ottawacitizen...21-b35a9a21aa50
  12. Veer Naranjana Jee, But why use the term ‘pretestant influanced’? if your argument is that the protestants use “masculine vocabulary (He, His etc)”, or that "Lord" "His" "He", "Baptism". Do Catholics not also use these terms? Correct me if I’m wrong but don’t the Catholics also use ‘he, his, Lord, Baptism’ etc? I’ll agree with you that using Christian terms is not correct, but to say that they were ‘protestant influenced’ is also nothing short of an extreme analogy. The only Sikhs I have seen that can be considered ‘protestant influenced’ as you put are the ones in India who were or are influenced by the communist ideology which had a strong impact in Punjab and in particular the educated Sikhs who also brought a lot of harm to the Singh Sabha revivals and thought. These communist influenced Sikhs who when translating Sikh scriptures into English used Christian terms and judged everything based on current science rather than spirituality. It is unfortunate that Sikhs in the west are confusing these communist minded Sikhs with Singh Sabhias. The reason I find the term ‘protestant influenced’ so offending is because it seems like a new trend by Sanatanists to use absurd analogies when dealing with Panthic matters. Examples of these absurd analogies are the following: -Babbars and other Sikh freedom fighters are compared to Al-Qaida -Sant Jernail Singh Bhindrawala is compared to Osama Bin Laden. -AKJ and Taksal are compared to Wahabee and Taliban movements. -Singh Sabha is compared to the Christian protestant reformation -Karseva of Gurdwaras carried out by Sants is compared to the destruction of the Buddha statues by the Taliban. These absurd analogies are nothing short of non-sense. The person who came up with these bizarre analogies is Bahadur Singh(aka Lalleshwari, Shaka Nyorai etc), an ego-centric Portuguese Hippie who in my opinion is just a charlatan. It’s just unfortunate that we are now seeing Sikhs using these absurd analogies first coined by Bahadur Singh. Veer Jee, what I’m trying to say is that I’m not against your objections for the use of a certain vocabulary because I actually agree with you one that, but to use these absurd analogies created by the perverse imagination of an eccentric hippie is just offending to many Sikhs especially considering the malicious intent from which these analogies were created by that lunatic. That’s all I’m trying to say. Thank you.
  13. Naranjana, the following quote which you wrote makes me beleive that you did try to push the 'Sanatan' agenda. What do you mean by 'Protestant-influanced'? the only people I have seen use this term are the Sanatan bunch i.e. Narsingha, Lalleshwari aka Shaka Nyorai, Sarabloh, Bahadur Singh, Jawan 'Mard'(and I use the term 'Mard' very loosely as he seems anything but a Mard).
  14. Seeing this just reminds me of how ungrateful the French nation is which has banned our Dastars.
  15. I was browsing through a buddhist discussion forum and to my surprise I find that some of the UK Nangs are on that site giving the Buddhists a very distorted version of SIkhi. The infamous new age hippie we all know as Nang Lalleshwari aka Shaka Nyorai is also a member of that forum and he goes by the name of ‘Sarabloh’. He along with some of his nang friends began their usual Bakwas by calling all Sikhs who don’t adhere to their Sanatan beliefs as ‘heretics’. To push the Sanatan agenda further, he claims that it is alright for Sikh women to shave etc. He goes even further and alleges that Sikh women who wear keskis are trying to be men. You can read some of his comments on the following thread: http://www.lioncity.net/buddhism/index.php...topic=5266&st=0
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