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  1. :lol: they were workgin for me few days ago. just talked to amrit pa ji. he said he does not care when people call him akj or kala afgana. he is a singh of sri HAZUR guru gobind singh ji and nothing else. :T: he says he has not given link to any akj site on amritworld link page. similrly any akj site did not give link to amritworld. there is no relation in akj and amritworld site. he has personal relations with many people. some are akj singhs. his hidden section on uk nang group is going on amritworld website with more details. he said atleast two more updates are pending on his ni
  2. bhai amritpal singh is not akj singh. he amrit chak from hazur sahib. he wrote himself on his website - http://www.amritworld.com/hazooree_maryada...dh/bhoomika.pdf but he critcised hazuri maryada also http://www.amritworld.com/hazooree_maryada...k_adhiyain.html i have given link in my first post in this thread but this link is not working. in these pages amritpal singh has criticised nang websites. he has properly quoted to their websites and gave reply one by one. i will talk to him and then will make a post here to tell that why these links are not workgin
  3. http://www.sikhismguide.com/snatanis/index.html :lol:
  4. do you agree with bhai amritpal singh ji what he wrote in his article on this page http://www.amritworld.com/nihangs/in_dasamgranth.html ?
  5. The views expressed by Bhai amritpal Singh are shocking for many people. he says that nihangs are not the original form of khalsa. bhai amritpal singh has expressed his views on dumala and farla and blue bana. in fact his articles on these topics are like reply to comments of baba nihal singh hariyavela wale: - http://panthkhalsa.org/BabaNihalSinghJi/index.php on page: http://www.amritworld.com/nihangs/resources.html bhai amritpal singh talked about Recordings of 'Katha' by Nihang chiefs . it seems he meant katha by santa singh and baba nihal singh. as far as nihangs are concerned bhai amr
  6. hidden Nihang section on www.amritworld.com will be available to all in future. http://www.amritworld.com/nihangs/research.html (this is a gupt link but i have posted here for sangat) for list of contents: http://www.amritworld.com/nihangs/index.html
  7. Nang Teja Singh's involvement in budha dal's official website is an evedence that UK nangs have direct link with santa singh, which is a serious concern. Till now people, especially sangat from UK, were saying that they do not belong to budhhal dal in reality.
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