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  1. Meditation on Naam: "the boomerang effect" By Jay Singht - his one-off programme was broadcasted on Sikh Channel last week some time; does anyone know where I can download this in both video and audio form? many thanks in advance.
  2. hi, does anybody know where I can find the audio format of the kitan entitled mere satguru by the same singers which is being aired on sikh channel? many thanks in advance.
  3. This is a issue which usually has mixed views depending on how one puts the question. If one were to say that they had been having spiritual dream about God in one form or another, many may regard this as a form of 'darshan'. However, on the other hand, if one were to raise the issue about dream of another nature ie ghosts, demons, burglary, car accidents, etc, many may regard these as just dreams. They many justify these are simple thoughts that are left in the brain whilst asleep. Hence, the mixed views, I wondered if someone could overlooked the above and perhaps give some information
  4. I respect your views. Dalvinder Singh may not be very educated and I cannot blame his lack of understanding, but to call those that commit about his beard not being right as 'silly people', does appear offensive. We all know his image is not one of a true sikh, so why try to argue it is. I believe he should simply accept the fact that it is not. Many people nowerdays try to make Sikhi adjust to them, but do not adjust themselves to Sikhi.
  5. The website does not appear to have any details about the classes in london, neither does it have any contact details...? Can someone please provide me with some more information about the classes in london - hounslow
  6. quote] ...and what was you doing watching Brit Asia ?? not very Sikhi programme that is it with Sukhi Bart. First, is it morally wrong to watch brit asia? The News is not a sikhi programme and neither other channels like cooking shows, so whats wrong with watching them. It has nothing to do whether it is about whether you are a good sikh or not. Of all the things you could have commented about, the above is very ignorant. Second, I was not watching it, a family member was watching it; it was an interview programme with Sukhi Bart and Dalvinder Singh.
  7. Did anyone watch Brit Asia toady with Suki Bart and Dalvinder Singh; Dalvinder Singh had made a comment about other so called Sikhs (true Sikhs) who would question his work on certain song regarding the fact that he had a turban but a shaved beard with a line, to which Dalvinder singh stated that they were ‘silly people’?? Dalvinder went on to say that he was religious and that God is within him, and that Sikhi is not about preaching. Are these ‘silly people’ not talking the truth that one should listen and understand about being a Sikh. Under the Sikh Code of Conduct hair is one of the 5 k
  8. are there any classes available in the london area?
  9. Does anybody know what time the ashes will be going to river themes, and where exactly near river themes that would be? I heard the sangat may not be able to go to the river themes...?
  10. can someone please confirm whether the ashes are actually going to be rested in the river themes? The river themes is not a clear place for this to be happening. Should the ashes not go back to India to rest? Is there are information on how people are going to the themes from Park avenue? Where can I gather more information from and who are organising this event?
  11. who is the raggi singing the kirtan on skih channel 840 right now and where can I get hold of the exact kirtan that he is singing including the saakihia his saying? Its got the t-series logo in the corner of the screen and the are a group of raagia on stage plus the sangat are sitting inside. Many thanks in advance.
  12. Do not shave. Do not rush to grow up. God made you the way you are, so be proud of it and don't change your appearance just to suit others, as its God that you need to be proud of - and that means keep your hair pure and uncut. Forgive me for my mistakes, WGJKK WGJKF
  13. thanks, and sorry forgive me, I did not know they were all singhniya.
  14. Where can i get hold of the kirtan being played right now on the sikh channel by a family of 4. Theres a mother, sister and 2 boys i think singing kirtan with 1 vaja. There singing in a very soft high pitch. many thanks in advance.
  15. good tunes and good issues. Keep up the good work. BUT please take some advice sikh unit, I've heard most of the albums and the 1st album was real good the beats are improving, but I think the rapping is getting worse. I dont know why but it needs to be improved somehow, it becomes off putting as the rapping sounds too amatuer and does not fit to well with the beats, perhaps classical music should be aired in the background. The production needs to be improved; but apart from that the lyrics and messages given out are great.
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