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  1. so for the next 2 yrs u can njoi the local ones ..... and then all of them :D ...... fair enough

  2. Hahah yeah I'm just waiting for school to be over, then its hello smagams! Lol 2 more years for that :P can't wait!

  3. then start gearing for the next one ... and do send me the recordings ....... and yeah reach 18 quickly coz dodra is awesome :)

  4. Haha possibly. I have never been to an actual samagam in Dodra before. I think I might go once I turn 18 maybe lol. Calgary smagam is still going on. Won't be done till monday and change of plan. I didn't go I have midterms on tuesday :(

  5. or perhaps u neva know .... Sept could be possible :) ....... so how was calagary ????

  6. Thats awesome!! You are sooo lucky haha I have to wait till the summer for my next one ahhhhh long time!! :(

  7. yeah some of the local ones ..... and now all set for doraha :) :)

  8. Hahah hopefully!!!! :) How about you? Been to any samagams lately?

  9. nicee that wud b awesome too .....and yeah u can make up for it in sept ;)

  10. Haha sweeeeet!!! Lol unfortunately I won't be going to that samagam. Hopefully I can go to Calgary samagam coming up tho :D

  11. just saw dodra sangat up there ....... and thats the one coming up :)

  12. Haha np! Sorry for being late tho. Lol and how did you know!?

  13. thanks a ton :) :) same here shukar hai .... r u all set for dodra-doraha samagam :)

  14. very well veerji ...shukar hai ..... excellent links u have posted :)

  15. Im doing good, Sri Gurujis grace! Hows you?

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