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  1. Well I think its important to understand that not every Sikh was told to do this. Guru Sahib would choose select individuals and ask them to preform this seva. Personally I feel that once we have reached a certain point on our spiritual journey we are capable of surviving for periods at a time with out sangat. Now don't take this in the wrong way, I still think sangat is an essentially part of being a Sikh, and we should always try are best to stay in Sangat for as long as possible.
  2. yeah the gurudwara seem's to have slowed down as of late. I personally dont know any people that have gone there as of recently. About the committee though, im pretty sure they elected a new group of sevaadars after the ghagha incident.
  3. Hopefully they don't decide to make decisions based on Jatha. Especially when what the panth needs is more ekta.
  4. Manjot_13

    Married Couples

    I find it usually works this way: You are accountable for your own actions, whether they are good our bad. But these actions are your own and no one else's. Meaning when you are a married couple the bad things one person does will not have a effect on the other, but when one half of the couple is doing something good some of that kamai is transfered to the other person. When doing naam kamai you receive the full benefits for you self, but at the same time some of that will affect the people around you as well (Even if you're not Married). You may not be doing it for them, but small portions of it do reach them in the end. Also when we are praying for another person the benefits are split evenly between you and person you are trying to help. Just like Surban said:
  5. Manjot_13


    One of the saddest but beautiful sarangi tunes i've ever heard
  6. wow..... Looks like the taliban is capable of both great good and evil. Even though the evil seems to out weigh the good.
  7. veerji has a point........ anyone know how many cups the canucks have won? and before i forget LEAFS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Why dun you ask him next time u see him :s No, buh seriously i think it was mainly because there charan was at a extremely high state and since there charan was so high; when there charan was in the amrit some of the divinity of there charan was passed in to the amrit. What i heard is that the guru's used to touch there toe to a batta of water and then the disciple would drink that water. Naw sure if thats rite though im probably wrong about that anyway..........
  9. HOOOCCCKKKKEEEYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :s best hockey team is the Leafs anyone who disagrees gets a beating........... from my mummy
  10. any1 mined explaining what this "panjab bandh" thing is about??
  11. Just wanted to add that alot of parents just let there parents run wild and let them do whatever, where as they should actually be sitting the kids down in the Darbar hall.
  12. This was the book that inspired me to take amrit real eye opener. I defenatly recemedn that people read this.
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