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  1. He uploaded it on scribd - https://www.scribd.com/doc/251660050/The-Chaupa-Singh-Rahit-Nama-Translation-by-Hew-McLeod
  2. He wrote an article about this that I read recently: https://sikhivicharforum.org/2020/01/17/khursan-khasmana-kiya-ਖੁਰਾਸਾਨ-ਖਸਮਾਨਾ-ਕੀਆ/#more-2774 What I think he means when he says that there are no sakhis is that: While the above is true, I think it is only one aspect of Gurbani. That means that while Gurbani is applicable in different scenarios, it also addresses the events of those times. Gurbani has a lot of layers. Honestly, the quote above is a typical way to make an argument that Dasam Granth isn't legit: which he has done - https://sikhivicharforum.org/category/truth-of-bng-dsm-granth/ He also did Ninda of Bhai Vir Singh and Kavi Santokh SIngh - https://sikhivicharforum.org/2018/09/18/the-hijackers-of-sikhi-4/ Tbh, we need to be wary of these types of arguments.
  3. I think you can find some sources here @Redoptics In regards to this - that may be from the Nirmalas katha on Mool Mantar...
  4. They are trying to fix that and while it does contribute a lot to the emissions, there are more emissions made by man-made stuff https://gizmodo.com/do-cow-farts-actually-contribute-to-global-warming-1562144730
  5. Some ppl may not want to do that. This is aimed toward those people who want to still have the taste of meat in their lives. It will reduce the greenhouse gas emissions.
  6. Lust: intense or unbridled sexual desire Do you have a sexual desire to take a test? If not then it's not lust. If taking a test or watching a movie makes you forget Waheguru, then it is maya. I would think that taking a test would actually make you remember Waheguru cause u want a good grade lol Now that you know the difference between maya and lust, know that lust is a form of maya and is much harder to get rid of. It, along with anger, ego, greed, and attachment and known as the 5 thieves and it has an aftereffect leading you to forget about Waheguru even when you have the time to. It will become an addiction and you will try and rationalize it over and over again.
  7. Doesn't the soul have no gender? In Gurbani, one is referred as the soul-bride. I would say that we are both equally susceptible to the 5 thieves and we shouldn't make such huge generalizations.
  8. Is time relative in Sikhi? Are souls born in different yugs/civilizations according to their karma? I would think so but never really thought about it...
  9. https://www.jusskaur.com/product/the-master/ The whole painting is made up of writing ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ over and over again
  10. What is up? What is down? These are both relative to a point and our perception. Can you tell me some of the shabads that say this This video has been recommended by @GurjantGnostic and it talks a bit about this: Maybe Heaven & Hell is not a geographical location but a different plane...
  11. Kali/escrima is good for hand to hand but for kirpan not as much since there is a curve
  12. Like Noah and the Ark type of disaster? Well the 4 jugs can fit into our planets history but it won't be a while till science is able to prove the bigger cycles (mahavantra? or day of bramha...idk if my terminology is right yet)
  13. How would that fit in today's science? Is every cycle beginning with a big bang and civilization has to go through the same steps again? Has Ram Chander come up in every cycle?
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