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  1. Shaheedi Bhai Gurjant Singh Ji Budhsingh Wala - 14 Saavan
  2. There is no set time to keep rehit before taking Amrit - you should feel comfortable keeping it and then take Amrit. Personally I kept it for around 6 months before taking Amrit
  3. Teeth-cleaning twig - Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teeth-cleaning_twig
  4. Depends on level of rehit. I used to but nowadays I keep a chota dastaar/keski or psuedochunni so I can let my scalp breath
  5. Shaheedi General Bhai Avtar Singh Ji Brahma - 7 Saavan
  6. Some people say that 1984 was predicted by sau sakhi but that book has been altered to the point that we don't know what's true or not...
  7. 1) Meat and alcohol should not be kept in the same household where prakash is held if possible 2) Prakash should ideally be kept at the highest level 3) Try and see if rumale can be kept in a separate area 4) Yes if possible 5) Not necessarily. For some people, if they keep a higher rehit then they would 6) No need 7) Rumale should be changed but doesn't need to be changed every day. Cleaning can be done once a week 9) If no one can do it for extended period of time, i think ardas would be done and then sukhasan *** 5) Yes but try and stay as clean
  8. What ritual? To my knowledge I don't think we have to light a jot everyday...
  9. Those khachere are a bit longer (till the kneecap)
  10. Yh I know that in the past most people were bribed into becoming christian
  11. Miri Piri Divas Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji - 4 Saavan
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