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  1. Karminder Singh PhD is a good example of the missionaries
  2. I think he wrote an article in one of the early Sikh newspapers that alluded to Guru Gobind Singh Ji escaping Abchal Nagar. I don't know if the article is still anywhere. Dr. Ganda Singh talks about it in his book along with other theories - https://archive.org/details/GuruGobindSinghsDeathAtNanded-AnExaminationOfSuccessionTheories-Dr.GandaSingh Great read
  3. I know he's said some other controversial stuff but he always takes it with a grain of salt. An example of this would be of the article he wrote on what happened after the joti jot of Dasam Patshah but he says he's only heard from his father...
  4. No what I meant was that during colonial times, the brits banned long (proper size) kirpans cause they were scared. At least that's what i thought i was referring to lol
  5. Oops i don't even know what I was trying to say. I edited it. I was prob saying they are against the puratan sampardais and stuff. Sometimes I type faster than I think lol One thing's for sure they are definitely not puratan!
  6. Perhaps not all the udasi saints have worn seli topi. What is more likely is that as time went on and udasis separated themselves from Sikhi, it became more common for them to wear the seli topi and adopt the garb of a sadhu. Those who followed the guru would have worn the dastaar We can see at what time udasis began separating from the panth by looking at literature and the paintings of different time periods. For example, this is a mural in Akal takht showing Siri Chand with matted hair and earrings: Any idea when this painting was created
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