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  1. Whaeguru Ji Ka Khalsa Whaeguru Ji Ki Fateh First let us clarify that rap is a style of music that is sung in a rythmitic beat with rhyming words inserted in every line. If you wish to make a rap song you will also have to include a fast paced beat. Will anyone here really wish to hear bani being recited among house, trance, or hip-hop beats? However when one does recite bani such as Jaap Sahib it naturally has a flowing tone to it, a tone many westerners would consider "rapping". However now someone wishes to "rap" out bani so more people will listen to
  2. Whaeguru Ji Ka Khalsa Whaeguru Ji Ki Fateh I beleive that everyone in this online sangat should realize something. Every single action we have took, and will contiue to take, is already known by the Primordial being we affectionatly call Whaeguru. Our Lord, Father, Mother, our essence. The one supreme being has UNCONDITIONAL love for us. People on earth tend to constrict us to theyre thinking and we fall into these paths of sin, and "heaven" or "hell", when we fail to realize that Whaeguru already knows when he creates us what paths and chocices you will
  3. Whaeguru Ji Ka Khalsa Whaeguru Ji Ki Fateh The Crecsent moon and star is the sign of Islam, as the Khanda is to Sikhi, hence alot of muslim countires include that symbol is theyre flag. As for the conspiarist theorists out there claiming so surely and suddenly as the work of "Hindu Intelliegence" I have a few words to add. The fight for Khalistan is in no way against the Hindu quam, it is against the Indian Government. It is quite sad to see when Khalistanis claim atrocities aganist a religion rather than seeing the truth of the matter and forming theyre o
  4. My sword is my companion my warrior and friend, Not to be offensive but sworn to defend, The infusion of steel runs through my veins, Making me immune from sorrow and pain, The flash of my Guru’s sword awakens the sleeping soul, Without the sword I can never be whole, The sword of the Guru is the giver of life, Before the soul was barren now it is ripe, I am the saint and the soldier that walks in peace, I am the humble dust of your feet, But don’t think my spirituality makes me weak, The heavens will roar if my sword were to speak
  5. Whaeguru Ji Ka Khalsa Whaeguru Ji Ki Fateh No Veera, it says when sikhi is left only in name, referring to Ranjit Singhs reign. I refuse to accept this "prophecy" for this statement among others as well. Also why would Guru Ji return in human form? He left us with the instrucions of following Guru Granth Sahib as our eternal Guru. Why is it that many insist that the Guru "will return", when our Guru is already with us, is it that these people refuse to accept Guru Granth Sahib? Our Guru is already here so there is no coming back of the Guru since, "Bani Gu
  6. Whaeguru Ji Ka Khalsa Whaeguru Ji Ki Fateh I find this "Prophecy" to be a bit shady. First off Sikhi teaches us that Whaeguru will never manifest into human form, so this story conflicts with bani right off. Also it says that Guru Maharaj Ji said he wil return when Sikh begins to decline, and the Khalsa will take over Northern Hindustan referring to the Khalsa Raj Under Ranjit Singh. So according to this Guru Ji returned as Ranjit Singh?!? I find that hard to believe. Also this story tells us that "non-believers" will be killed, which I beleive is somethin
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