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  1. It used to be done in old times upon Panj piyarays order. They can give any type of punishment as they are the judge for all peshi cases.
  2. Can you quote gurbani where it says..
  3. This is highly respected orphanage and has a great history behind it. Chief Khalsa Diwan society organization is the one who runs this center. 90%+ above boarding students are handicaps - Blind, deaf etc. Shaheed Udham Singh was once resident of this orphanage.
  4. S1ngh


    Maybe try the public tax money funded institutions first before giving assigning responsibilities to our gurdwara sahibs. We have scarce resources for our own folks.
  5. I will be careful as per you age. If you have any relative then you can go with them. I highly recommend someone must accompany you. I have been to that place many times. Are you directly writing to the boarding student there or someone from the office?
  6. I think you are taking it in a wrong way and taking it personal for some reason. I am not saying that you are stupid or anything if you are watching punjabi or indian movie. Just saying that everyone has different taste based on their own reasoning. Lets stay civil when interacting with anyone here my brother/sister.
  7. The Punjabi classic and poetry are the best and unmatchable with anyone. There is a netflix movie on the making of indian cinema "Harishchandra factory" which is very good. Staying up with its own culture and tradition is the way for the movies to make sense. Indian cinema trying to copy western style does not make sense and thus no interest. Older versions were product of their own country.
  8. Gurbani says that many kingdoms come and go. Look where greeks are at now and look at them in world history. All this is nothing. Everything has birth and death - be it human, stars, countries, kingdom. Nothing is permanent.
  9. S1ngh


    Excellent Job Dsingh. However, try to speak punjabi with your brothers and sisters as well regardless of how hard it is. The reason is because you will get married in future (if not yet) and you will speak in english with your partner and punjabi will take the 2nd step and soon it will be gone in your upcoming generation unless lot of speaking practice. I have seen the trend where parents speak punjabi to their kids and kid's reply is always in english. I try to keep my home 100% punjabi speaking. Respect all language but punjabi is dharamic language !
  10. Not really westernized and very much in touch with original punjabi and sikh culture. We have strict punjabi speaking only rule in my house & six year old can write punjabi well. Anyway, you are making an navie assumptions that a person who does not like punjabi movies/songs are too much westernized or feel inferior than white. People watch movies/tv based on the type of art they like or how their social culture/lifestyle looks like. I don't like hilly billy type of fake movies based on nothing. At same time i don't like ghetto type fast and furious or cheesy movies like la la land etc etc.. Jaswinder bhalla and other old real actor folks are bygone age and they are mostly in movies as grade B/C type supporting actors ? Punjabi movies are made to please the punjabi majority and they are into - cars, materialistic world of show off, go abroad, get kuri, fake ego of culture etc etc. Btw, i find harry potter type movies -- okayish but not my style.
  11. Yes i do and not all of "English" movies/songs/tv are of my taste. There are some certain types that my favorites which i cannot find in hindi/punjabi movies/tv etc.
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