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  1. I do not think it will as bad as late 2000’s. It happened because of no regulations against those who were making loans. Now it is totally different. Frank Dodd act is there to prevent massive frauds that happened back in 2000’s. personally, I feel stock market does need the correctionsz
  2. Everything happens in Waheguru jees hukam is truth. If we see anything wrong and it is against the natural process then it is also our dharam duty to stand against it. That is also granted by our waheguru’s hukam.
  3. Sikh Americans owe their easy American dream freedom due to African Americans freedom struggle and brutal history of gaining equal rights. Defunding the police is the idea to hold them accountable. I don’t agree with defunding them but that is the pressure on them to bring change. 6 months basic training and you are police. Then there are police unions - a mafia group. - Mental Health needs to be maintained properly - Police should not be dispatched for mental health and domestic issues. Let them keep free for criminal cases. - Stop being politics into safety. A week ago fe
  4. His family did disclosed that he was going thru a very rough patch including drugs and suffering from mental health. The poor and underprivileged folks are in bad condition in US. There is some serious uptick in mental health cases in Canada and us.
  5. Mental health issue is on rise. It is so high due to covid restrictions that US Govt released three digit hotline forever to those seeking mental help.
  6. S1ngh


    Most are doing this and yet in reality they are way too far in distance from the gian of our actual Sikh dharam. Suggestion - Read whole lots of stuffs.
  7. Also to inform sangat that we ran out of disk space today and forum was offline. We are currently fixing this issue.
  8. I saw that changing the theme of the forum may get the notification accessible. Not sure about it too but going thru some forums to see how to fix it.
  9. I agree with above as well.
  10. Without land/country and proper funding, none of the above you mentioned is possible.
  11. Alcohol, tobacco - anything related to these are not good. Sikhs must stay away from them. If one drink or smoke or is Bhangi/amli then that is their choice. Finding silly little things to justify its usage in our dharam is just plain wrong. you can’t have everything. Stay in one boat.
  12. Totally bad and not agreeing with his bombings and killings he did... I believe he was the victim of 3 years of soul breaking interrogation study he participated in Berkeley. I agree with his ideology. It is more truth of today’s society. This person wrote that back in 69/70’s and now has more validity. Anyone read what he wrote in his manifesto?
  13. That is highly disgusting to our Punjabi and Sikh culture. Our culture will never justify and will see this as a sick culture; whether they are norm at other cultures.
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