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  1. Ready books by Bhai Randhir Singh ji and then come to the conclusion by yourself. You will not be able to get an instant gratification answer here. Google age instant answers are always wrong and one cannot know the others by reading few opinions here or there. Self research if serious to learn. Read his books, put quotes of him for further discussion here otherwise you won't learn anything.
  2. Singh or kaur, one does not get any pain or any type of uncomfortability for doing gurbani/naam simran and so on.. There must be some other conditions related to your health. Get a checkup.
  3. Humble request to both members above: Please do not reply and start any discussion with each other. Avoid replying to each other is the way to avoid. If member is bothering other member then we have no choice but to put em under moderation which we don't want to do. So, take this benti. We already have requests and complaint about this. Thank you
  4. You know the meaning of Khalsa ? Which also mean Pure. Pakistan is a shit country just like India and other corrupt countries.
  5. S1ngh

    Just Curious

    Not my grand mum and she was not from AKJ.
  6. Guys, don’t waste time on these. Everybody know that these are total fake accounts who are actually working full time as online trolls by the Indian Modi folks.
  7. Jagiro @ number two. My goodness. Gunday or in this case Gundi cannot be in such things. Rubbish list as they just picked up the politicians or anyone they found on the google search lol.
  8. Yes. We do have the calendar. It is on SGPC website. Let me know i you want the link of that specific calendar page.
  9. Possibly the worst of liberal kind: Lavvan, same sex marriage, kakkar not important anymore etc.. Best to do is to avoid them.
  10. For that reason only, Internet should be highly regulated.
  11. S1ngh

    Sarbloh Granth

    Koi brother, sorry for the misunderstanding there. ] point i was trying to put is that Dasam Granth Sahib will always be placed lower than our 11th and eternal guru Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji; the same way Miri is lower than Piri but however both are part of our panth, ideology and dharam. All granths are Inseparable from our khalsa panth and those who try to create shanka or speak against them always perish to their fruitless and soulless life.
  12. Sehaj, compromise, counseling using gurmat principles are important to save any Sikh marriage. I have seen countless of my friends who are divorced and sadly they all are religious type of friends. I see sehaj, forgiving nature and compromise(not in religion) the only way to save any marriage. As long as there is no physical abuse, i would strongly suggest all couples to stay put together and don't give up easily. All rishtay are temporary. This world is temporary. Waheguru jee is only with us and will stay with us regardless of good or bad time. Sisters like in this thread has immense support from sikh brothers like me and others here. As in punjabi saying; Dukh vellay Ardas, Sukh vellay Sukharana.
  13. Guys, forget about him. His dealings are not too good and bring only negativity about sikhs in such a peaceful country. I believe that this case is not good for Sikh kaum regardless of the filth this guy was spewing over the years. We should not support nor resort to such negative step (if proven by law). Those times are gone. Pen is mightier than sword as Sri Guru Hargobind sahib has advocated. Sikh never raise hand on anyone first but always prepared to defend/protect. Only garbage inbreed type of folks watches and follows such pathetic radio host. Support and promote panthic based journalism. Get into that stuff and then defeat them in that field. Meanwhile, i still do not 100% think that has anything to do with religious issue. It can be a family issue involving money problem or issue, spouse cheating case or business issue? You never know this sick world; Anything possible and they knew that it will easily hide the real motive of attackers. Wait for the police investigation for those who are concerned about inbreed show host. Personally, i don't give a crap about him or his followers.
  14. Harnek Neki Attacked During His Birthday Celebration1 MINUTE READ On July 3, 2020, Radio Virsa host Harnek Neki was celebrating his 53rd birthday at Love Punjab Restaurant in Auckland when a former kabaddi player Manjit Singh Atwal also known as “Balla” initiated an argument with Harnek Neki. Balla, originally from village Khurdpur District Jalandhar, was at the restaurant also celebrating the birthday of his daughter-in-law. The situation further escalated and Harnek Neki was followed to the restaurant’s washroom by Balla and was allegedly attacked by him inside the washroom. Harnek Neki was eventually able to escape. Manjit Singh Atwal (Balla) Harnek Neki acknowledged the incident the following day on the show “Bhakdey Masle”. He refrained from describing the details of the incident but did claim that Balla belongs to the same group of people that removed a saroop of Guru Granth Sahib from Neki-ran “Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha” in the past. According to Neki, he did call the Police but they did not arrive on the scene due to the influence the opposing group has on the Police force.
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