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  1. I didn't know that you drink but not my intention to hurt your feeling bruh. Nahi ji, I don't wear khalsa bana and never wore one and i don't think im worthy enough yet to wear one anyway. One of the main point of Anandpur Sahib Resolution was to get this "small recognition" of holy city status for Amritsar but due to heavy presence and lobby of Arya Samaj in Amritsar is the root cause of central govt not granting "Sikh" holy city status. That is true. I rather love to see sikhs rejecting all vices with power of gurbani rather than by societal rules.
  2. S1ngh


    Gross income. But again it is your sharda on how you much you want to donate. Guru Sahib ji said 10%. Dasvaand of your pay and also Dasvaand of your time in prayers per day as well to be minimum.
  3. ^ Above can be controlled and the only available legal framework in India is to stop desi sharab shops - Holy city status. If that is not doable then no govt; whether central or state can stop liquor powerhouse lobby. That lobby + central's ambition to suppress Sikhs is the result of not giving sikhs any holy city while they have given to hindus and muslims. Desi Liquor stores in punjab is the entry point for punjabis to become the addicts.
  4. I think that it is just too late. If Haridwar can get holy city status then why not amritsar? The reason they don't want to do it because if holy status given then Meat and Liquor will be banned from the city. Plus they simply want to continue to suppress the minority. Majority of the Amritsar residents are non-sikhs. Those who think Amritsar is not important for Sikhs; needs to get their head check.
  5. Once in a group we were debating practices of some nihung jathabandi and hazoor sahib traditions.. Bejurg Singh pitched in that discussion telling us that how sant ji once told his jatha that "we are not going to say nor object anything that we see at takht hazoor sahib or places we are going to visit". Our purpose is to do prachaar with utmost respect. This bejurg was part of sant jees jatha and travelled to various places in India.
  6. Not much fan of such folks.. humble/just reign etc who uses their sikhi saroop for profit making business (nothing wrong with that) but i find it bit cheesy thing to do... Not sure if something happened between jagraj singh and kanwar. I heard few things in the jatha but never got to know the whole story. Now, hearing a girl making allegations of sexual assault against him is no good for our community.
  7. With recent girl coming up stating that humble the poet guy allegedly abused her. I found below of late. bhai jagraj singh on this same guy.. Know anyone what was the feud between them?
  8. That's totally right. I am not sure how independent mind Sikh can even think of supporting either right or left. We don't need non-sikh social role models of the current society when we have our scripture guiding us how to religiously practice "Kirat, naam, vand" and at the same time keep shaastar and fight evil both from mind and physical ones as well. What views do you find of sikhsangat members are far right-wing? I don't find any folks ideology here that too far right.. unless it is the like anti-vaccine folks.
  9. There are lots of folks - especially in american politics as well where members of the party are more interested in any kinds of publicity to get them booked at the late night tv shows and to stay in the news circle. It is a big business for them but it is breaking our society. I have huge dislike and encourage of strict punishment to anyone for approaching underage kids for adults stuff. Tate was doing that for years. Generally speaking... I recently came out of almost 3 weeks of our community stuff where i was involved in calming down two sides and has to pull many siyanay folks in. It was a similar issue where 24yrs old sardar pretending to be 17 to have relationship with 16 yrs old kid. Things i saw these 3 weeks is just ghor kalyug. Keep your kids close and away from these tik toks, insta and other stuff. No matter how hard it looks to you to accomplish that but in order to save our house, we must end this social media or raise our kids enough dharmi that these stuff does not bother them.
  10. We had a big discussion related to this guy on this forum but i was not personally aware of this guy at that time. So much about him in news, this guys is a proper messed up. Did our youngsters in uk follow him? i hope and doubt that is the case... He is nothing but a groomer and holding quran while in jail. what a mess.. I disconnected with social media for the past few years and today i am finding out that how Influencer of wrong stuff is creeping in our young folk mind. I just couldn't believe on how our kids are making such disgusting stuff as norm now. I know it is kalyug but not that extreme level of kalyug
  11. This will be great help for our kaum and great need for the mental health issues these days. I am willing to donate. Do you have a proper plan and any idea on how it will work?
  12. That is why you cannot rely on English. Learn how to read, listen and write punjabi.
  13. S1ngh

    Vintage Punjab

    Some of them have jorra near top of their head and covered very well. Besides the keski/turban, The more concerning thing is : Why our Bibian does not cover their head. I found that more concerning.
  14. Watch and see. So far all is ok about him but you never know.
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