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  1. S1ngh


    ^^ Good answer above. Singh ji, you are setting an example for your house and you are laying the foundation for your future generations to come. So, if i am in your place, i will be careful with everything in the category of 1. Kaam 2. Krodh 3. Lobh 4. Moh & 5. Hankar. So, being a Sikh and Amritdhari it is our big religious lawful duty to be different than whatever the trend is going on in our society. We need not to be easily sway'd away from our guru's given path. We are the chosen one. Remember not everyone out of thousands got up to give head when our Dasam patshah jee asked for the kurbani of giving up everything - materialistic life and enter the lifestyle of khalsa. The life of Pure. Pure from all PANJ CHOR.
  2. S1ngh


    Bhai Sahib, I see it as kaam. Guru sahib clearly tell his Sikhs to control the kaam.
  3. Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Tuesday described the claims of ownership on telecast of Gurbani from Golden Temple by any company or an individual as an act tantamount to sacrilege. (File) The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Tuesday described the claims of ownership on telecast of Gurbani from Golden Temple by any company or an individual as an act tantamount to sacrilege. Speaking to mediapersons in Chandigarh, senior AAP leader and Kotkapura legislator, Kultar Singh Sandhwan, said that terming the broadcast of Gurbani Kirtan from Golden Temple by PTC channel, owned by the Badal family, as their personal property possessed at a price, had deeply hurt the religious sentiments of millions of Sikhs across the world. The MLA demanded that the Jathedar of Akal Takht should direct SGPC to initiate action against the individual or company, which was trying to monopolize the broadcast of Sarb Sanjhi Gurbani and let the ‘sangat’ enjoy the divine renderings unhindered. “The act not only amounts to disrespect to the scared Gurbani but has also deprived the common Sikh and other Nanak Leva Sangat of listening to the divine hymns at their convenience. The apex body of the Sikh should initiate action against the politicians, SGPC office-bearers and members involved in the sacrilegious act,” he said. Sandhwan added that the management of the SGPC should be freed from the Badals and entrusted to those who could restore it to its old glory. The comments come in the backdrop of a controversy raging in the state on whether a particular company can be given the exclusive rights to telecast the live transmission of Gurbani from the Golden Temple. The Congress has also levelled accusations that since the PTC channel is owned by the Badal family, the SGPC has given the channel undue favours by giving it sole right for transmission. The PTC Channel has refuted these allegations and has asserted that the rights have been given to their company through a valid agreement signed with the SGPC. Speaking to mediapersons at Punjab Vidhan Sabha, suspended AAP MLA Kanwar Sandhu said that the original agreement between SGPC and a private channel, ETC, had been signed by Jagir Kaur, the then president of SGPC. Sandhu said that no tenders had been floated while awarding a 10-year contract for the telecast rights to PTC in 2012.
  4. They all are part of it and also owns the known cable company in Punjab. Badals made Jagir Kaur SGPC chief and she signed a 15-year contract for telecasting live Gurbani from the Golden Temple on PTC channel. The SGPC could have earned ₹100 crore from giving telecast rights but Badals won’t let that happen.
  5. It’s getting worst year after year. You somehow didn’t mentioned the tattoos everyone putting on their wrist arms etc.
  6. And SGPC pays them to broadcast live. In a sane world, PTC should be paying millions to SGPC but instead SGPC pays them in millions. Too crazy to think of such bogus contract between them.
  7. Very good channel and award goes to the person who decided to start this in Punjab. Good business skills placing products of his clients in videos and also the YouTube royalty. Good marketing strategy. it won’t surprise me this is the play of corporations. I believe this format is the copy of the old village Indian dude outside of Punjab and he recently passed away. His channel is old and does the same style but also does non-veg (yuck) and video ends with feeding village kids etc.
  8. S1ngh

    UK Paghs

    Anyone know what material these turbans are made of ?
  9. S1ngh

    UK Paghs

    I think the triangle daastar is out our traditional head wear. SGPC is also messed up as they do not allow to allow Hazoori ragis to do kirtan in darbar sahib without triangle/boat turban style. They do not allow gool daastar (except few cases).
  10. Whoops. Sorry tinkerbell bruh.
  11. Bhai Sodhi jees sister married to a well respected akhand keertan jatha’s Singh in US. Mad respect to Bhai Sodhi and everything was planned by SGPC and Akali dal. After this Sant jee was banned to hold any downs anywhere in harmander sahib.
  12. She said she got married few replies above. congrats Tinkerbell!
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