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  1. What part of stuff that you largely agree with him?
  2. S1ngh

    Back to Nanakshahi calendar?

    Everybody know that purewal fixed the infamous Jan 5th date. Despite of many chances given to him to hold meeting with col. Nishan Singh, he choose to hide. Stating that his health is not good. Few days later he was jet flying to California. Upon confrontation he choose to hide behind his naive gullible sponsors.
  3. S1ngh

    Back to Nanakshahi calendar?

    Read the date of the article brother. Last year.
  4. S1ngh

    Sikhs Converting To Islam

    Can someone gives me the definition of Trolling ? My Google is not working.
  5. S1ngh

    Michael J

    anxiously waiting for a one-liner response from our one member who always think of such singers and actors as best role models and next to sainthood.
  6. That is one absolute truth. Reality is when you live together.
  7. S1ngh

    Viewing Forum Problem

    Can you check if you have the same problem if are not logged in?
  8. Are you hating on pendus - our sikh sisters and bothers from rural Punjab?
  9. VGurfateh ji, I don’t think there is anything wrong in sharing pictures. You both are in a new game plane and you both do not know how to play it yet. So don’t call it quit unless any bujjer khuriet commited by one of you. There is a cultural difference between yours and her and there is nothing wrong with that and she will grow out from it. She is trying to share everything of her with you including never ending pictures of her and her distant relatives. I don’t think that she is trying to make you jealous but involving you whatever she is doing. Whether sharing picture, social network sleazy things or cheesy bollywood fan conversation; it is just the phase of her living in India. There is also another huge positive side of culture that you will be more thankful for it. Work around it it and limit the use of social networking by both of you as that might be causing the strain. 14 yrs * and married in India. Me from west and she from east. Though there wasn’t much cultural difference between us, however both of our understanding on many issues are still same & solid to the core with gurus kirpa. Compromise is important to work it out and keeping dharam as our central part of life helps a lot. Good luck!
  10. What were your research sources?
  11. We are not God. Our mun is the devil that plays trick. We make mistakes because of our mun. Conquer your mind and you conquer the universe.
  12. Not in mood to start conversation with someone who is way below at the basic understanding of sikhi. Please don't take this as an offense. The only suggestion I can give you is to research on your own.

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