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  1. Are you Turban wearing Sikh? If you are then you represent all Sikhs out there. Wearing turban you represent the whole community. Even in this kalyug it is dog eat dog world but still being in saroop of Sikhi, It is a very big responsibility and we have to tread very carefully out there. Whatever happened, let it be begone. Continue to keep in touch with your old boss. Give him some good gift as an appreciation for helping you starting your career.
  2. WJKK WJKF Emails are not working, so alerts and validation for new accounts unfortunately not working. We are currently working on that. Meanwhile, we see that regular member's post is going thru moderation and finding out why it is happening. It happens when someone post videos, image or links. Someone is working on these and want to update to folks here. Chardikala S1ngh
  3. I rather like this world to end if folks are okk with things like above. Whoever author is, he/she needs a good chittar.
  4. Sadly how the media only care to put '3 lines' in this articles. No attempt to know the profile of the victim, interview with family members, family story, reaction of other sikh members (friends/relatives/community members) and then adding bit about sikhs contribution to the society in general.. Had this been a rabbi, you would be seeing folks taking up to all kind of diplomatic talks.
  5. Even in peace times and safe time, Sikhs were continuously prepping themself for self defense. During Ranjit Singh's time, Nihang Singhs often go to his palace (outside) and start shooting during night time to remind him that stay in line and active as always and remind him that we sikhs are here as independent.
  6. Sad news when anyone pass away. MisterrSingh is right, Media corporate going to have a good field trip and fight among for the ratings.
  7. I really don't understand that need of so much mass migration of Punjabis into canada for the past few years. I have never seen such mass migration towards America before. Before that it was Australia but not Canada is beating everyone.
  8. Absolutely correct. Just few days, i was having a conversation about UK wanting to have Sikh Regiment or sort of. i ended up saying but do we have that type brave sikhs left anywhere in the west. I doubt it.
  9. WJKK WJKF, Unfortunately our forum server gave up recently and glad that we had a backup. Our team did great sewa of putting many hrs to create a new server and then installed everything from scratch. We will be tweaking few things here and there. If you see anything not working, please post reply here and it will be greatly appreciated. stay ok chardikala spirits S1ngh
  10. Bad part is that it is in the name of Sant ji and this shooting happend and that gives enough material for india media to spin it off for their advantage. Already happened Kabbadi and cricket match shooting. Wild West
  11. This guy is creating division in Punjab. Yes, we do have problem with some stupids who believe in the caste system but again which community does not have such issues in India. The purpose of this guy is to divide Sikh community. Jathedar of Sri Akal Takht Sahib, Giani Harpreet Singh is from non-jatt background (as per brahmins untouchable) but again Sikh community respects him and gave the biggest seat of our religion. Same with bibi jagir (scum) giving her keys of SGPS many times; she is lubana. The point is that irregardless of situation, Sikhs are way much better than other communities in India. It is making progress but however, in such case, there is some other hand in the back. Which is simple to divide and rule by Modi !
  12. They had Weight lifting competition and thats where it happens. Now they trying to say, gurdwara is not involved. ?
  13. Putin cronies wants people to live lavish but under their rule (possibly giving cut to them). Its all propaganda that Russia is known for decades. they even managed to brainwashed our folks back in 70/80's. We still see those decade old comrade effect today; mostly in journalism/Education fields.
  14. You should do the aggan bhaet and then purchase a new gutka sahib.
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