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  1. That is exactly purpose of such organizations. We are puzzled on why they exist. It is only so that the funds does not reach out to the genuine community group or organization.
  2. Not reading the article as it looks stupid write-up justifying the usage of "get rid of beard" society stigma in this world. If you see from the pictures comparison, you will see how author picked the fat guy and slim guy in comparison and one can judge the biased standpoint of the writer based on this pick. I don't think he trimmed it right? it is just that he is now putting lot of chemicals and glue it down? I used to this un-natural process back in the days and i have no issues with folks doing it or not doing it. However, i would like everyone male/female to stay on the natural beaut
  3. Recent chatter is that some part of California & Oregon wants to join idaho. It is not going to happen anyway. There is pretty big and old group claiming some part of california (mostly sparsely population northern mountain region) to be a different state and calling it as "State of Jefferson". Many played with the idea of dividing big california state into two parts: North California and South California. North to be supported by Silicon valley and South is Hollywood. California is pretty liberal. Just too liberal. Valley/farming area is still conservative. There are no more modera
  4. That is your wholly personal opinion. Only to clear the point here that - Getting married or not does not interfere with your spiritual path. Our Guru Sahib jee taught us to live a Ghrishti jeevan.
  5. There is ongoing clash between these jathabandis on the control of certain gurdwaras for the past few years.
  6. To understand it is important to know that majority of first punjabi immigration wave folks to any shores are god-fearing and family oriented. They have fear of doing wrong things as mentioned taboo by our guru sahibs. There are few minority who are basically NRI amli who would get huge cultural shock and forget their dharam/god-fear overnight and do all sort of stuff without any fear - drunk, violence, not working steadily and staying on welfare. Sadly, super majority of the future generation of both above types will lean toward 90% of stuff against of our gurus teaching due to various s
  7. We are too gullible to understand from our short history (1947-…). There won’t be any pro-Sikh CM of Punjab regardless of whoever takes that seat. Again, pls do not think or hope of anyone becoming CM will represent Sikhs of Punjab. Instead of seeing a Sikh-in-name-only, I would probably pick someone who is only in good governance for all and truly unbiased in religious dhara-bandi. The only thing we all Sikhs need to worry about is to stop the religious institution deterioration.
  8. Peril by Bob Woodward Anyone actually read "The art of War" ? Is it a good read?
  9. Totally Agree ! Having Realistic video games promoting killings and later recruiting same type to operate drones. This is pure Kalyug.
  10. As i say Mental health is in shatters all around the world. It messed up our kids and damaged the whole Generation Z (mid 1990's onward).
  11. S1ngh

    Kirpans in USA

    I googled that and it is islamic type which is same as kirpan look. What difference does it make (same size/type etc)? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pesh-kabz
  12. Thats long time ago. We got busy with the daily after-school non-profit activities till 2020 which sadly ended the 6 years of non-profit work. We are now focusing on the online punjabi school which is currently at the basic stage.
  13. Whether they got sacked or not. Body cam video and security cam footage must be released to the public.
  14. I do not think there is any voting in any jathabandi except the institution such SGPC. There is always selection and then fight over the selection.
  15. I buy/sell properties and do investments in real estate here and there. I took Amrit close to 20 years ago when i was a student and was active in SSA and sikh camps. In my life, i recently had a realization that i am leading my life wrong way (i still do) and now gradually getting rid of unnecessary Moh/Maya stuff to lead a more modest and simple life. It is not overnight thinking but takes time. Now, don't get me wrong, i am not selling my properties and other to become a sadhu. Our guru jee didn't taught that. He taught us to do well but also vand shakna. I will continue to expand but contr
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