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  1. Maybe you should have him live with you. Problem solved, if there is actually any real one. Seems to be another fictional post. Sorry but you should consider writing stories for short soap operas
  2. In 20’s with 100% family guidance and you have main say.
  3. There is no time restriction on scattering ashes because of the lockdown and no flights. I’m sure you already got the Akhand paath and Bhog dome for the deceased person. Also find a way to scatter ashes in your country as there is no rule saying that it has to be done in Punjab. I would say that give at least minimum of one year before we can call it as safe to travel.
  4. He deserves Life in prison without parole.
  5. Nope. This body is given by our god and Waheguru ji made it perfect as per our soul’s Karma. We are nobody to modify it or to make it look more materialistic kalyugi “beautiful”. Craze of this new trend is started by the crappy Bollywood. Our folks should be following khalsa Panth but not some jokers hijarray from Bombay.
  6. When my family, friends and relatives heard and saw me what I went thru, all of them started taking extra precautions. Some people only believe when it happens to someone in their family and sadly it can be real deadly and too late by that time.
  7. No bruh, not bogus. I spent 2 weeks in hospital and ended up few days on oxygen. 5th week and i am still recovering. I have no underlying condition and i am in 30's and this virus shit still beats the crap out of me. Wear a mask until it is over and safe.
  8. He sounds like typical old COMRADE ideology type communist. I usually see his facebook posts. Dogla banda - Two face type guy. Akaal Channel has a lot more dodgy presenters; specially the one in India - Makhu; who is a pure missionary and dissed our nitnem gurbani on his intervieew with harnek neki of new zealand. Video is on youtube.
  9. ShastaR singh, my brother is a Mona and I love him as my brother who is always there for me. However that does not mean I change the fact that he is not doing anything wrong in sikhi. we are not here to bash monay Sikhs. They are our brothers and sisters but facts are facts. We all hope they all come back to the right path.
  10. Sehajpath is different veerji and does not have any link with sehajdhari. However, meaning of shehaj in both means same. if someone can’t do Akhand paath then they do sehaj paath. Akhand path means completion in 3 days and sehaj path can be weeks, months and/or years. Same way with sehajdhari sikhs. They are keshadhari but slowly slowly working toward the completion goal of amritshak. It can take months, years etc. (or May never happen). Sikhs are fighting case against a group who is saying that even they are monay (no kesh) but they have sehajdhari rights to vote for Sikh elections (SGPC ELECTION). Right now only person with kesh, turban or amritdhari can vote in SGPC elections.
  11. Sehajdhari Sikhs are those who are keshadhari but not amritdhari yet. Our Sikh institution is fighting the whole case based on that specific reason. nevertheless a good topic
  12. I agree brother the solar is the best way but it has to be collective effort. Majority of farmers are left with less than few acres, so it is not feasible for them (the majority). They are already in huge debt with natural disasters, less money paid by arthis/mandi. Only those can afford who has good land and does farming as side business.
  13. Please email us sikhsangat@gmail.com
  14. S1ngh

    Kesh Problems

    Singh jee, did you know that even great sant sipahi bhinderanwale also had the baldness problem as he was still very young. it is not bad and it is natural by Waheguru sahib. Eat healthy food and avoid bad lifestyle.
  15. Please email me sikhsangat@gmail.com thabk you ji
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