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  1. Of course brother. I am talking about what the hukamnama message after reading it from the link. I started a company with my partners which was guaranteed to be successful as we had a great connection and was mostly a fail-proof concept. Hukamnama was not kinda in favor of it but we still opened it. We closed it last month after 3 years because none of our partners had a time to manage it and employees to run it. One of the partner's background is in business operations. Anyway, some will believe it or not but i see it as a decision maker to any of future work where we are undecided.
  2. Respect your opinion but not here. I went thru this crap in hospital, seen my friends left and now seeing some gurmukhs suffering.
  3. In my opinion, I do not think that hukamnama is in favor of the purchase but again it speaks to you directly and guru sahib knows you better than rest of us here. The message of the Hukamnama is that all impurities will go away with the name of Waheguru.
  4. Got the negative reaction removed. We do have the politics sections where non-sikh and sikh related news can be posted & discussed.
  5. Good brother. Let's not use this platform for any promotion of Anti-Covid 19 Vaccine.
  6. These stuff wouldn't happen if the law and order solves the cases without any favors and bring culprit to the court of justice. Sikhs have been waiting and waiting for years to get the justice for the "Beadbi of our Guru Sahibs" being done by nefarious elements of the society. Sikhs are still waiting for all those reports and committees and now we guess that will never come. Don't blame the public when they are being denied all justice and get their own hak. As per our guru sahib, Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib ji, it is righteous to raise the sword if all method fails. As per Indian law, Sr
  7. Bibi Jagjeet Kaur Ji passed away 2 weeks ago. Chardikala Jeevani and stayed strong in Sikhi till the end. Always accepted Guru Sahib jees hukam. A big loss but a gain for Akal Purakh.
  8. Misread your earlier post. I was talking about reporting any reply that should not be on our forums. for reaction, you are talking about the negative votes?
  9. Colin Powell was part of the group who claimed Iraq has WMD. He maybe got bought into the lies made by dick cheney but his character was good. He stood with principles rather than with Party. Traditional Republican who are not right wing and never in the orbit of trump crazy folks. It is bit off and crazy to have a discussion on the vaccine efficiency based on Colin Powell's case. Mostly everybody knows that having a cancer as the underlying condition, he would have far less chance to recover. All anti-vaccine threads has been deleted and has no place on this forum. We respect your
  10. Considering that if you are not case of an internet troll, below is my opinion - It is unspeakable and shows that you have lot to work to do to tame the demon "Mun" (soul/mind) of yours. If you have certain thoughts - too much of negativity then you may also discuss with your dr to need to see the psychologist. As per gurbani, Win your mind and you will win the whole universe. Currently, you mind is your biggest enemy out there.
  11. A guy named Kamalpreet who is known on social media for making videos. He is also the one who spoke so much against the vaccine that many actually believed him. Sadly, there are many Gurmukhs who attended his marriage are now in ICU and fighting for their life. One of them is known Gurmukh and dynamic force behind Gurmat Bibek is now on ventilator. Few dozen including kids got Covid from that event. please do ardas for bhai kulbir singh ji of Gurmat Bibek.
  12. Dear Suchi Brother, This is a Sikh forum. Try to refrain promoting other stuff that is not inline with Sikh Dharam. They are probably inline with your ideology and you don't have to defend it here and we respect your beliefs. Anyway, to the OP, Guru sahib ji paid good to all those do did such sewa. Sewa should come from the heart and one should be paid well in order to do it. Read why we have a place called "Manji Sahib" next to darbar Sahib where Guru sahib ji distributed funds and used a system as well around punjab. Lack of Good pay is the reason why we don't have good pra
  13. Sikh population is not rising considering it is guru's birth place, their sacrifice and one of the major dharam who disavow the inequalities - be it caste, gender, color/creed etc etc
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