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  1. Sant jee is shaheed and saying that he isn't is a bit of disrespect for not giving him the proper title of "shaheed".
  2. S1ngh

    the caste system

    Barbers and in olden days their jobs were - cutting nails, hair etc.. People group named after their professional. Like Tarkhan known for carpentry. Jatts for farming etc etc.
  3. S1ngh

    anyone own a dog?

    I used to have two dogs and used to feed them dry food (meat). Guru jee also used to have baaj.
  4. Specific length & design. Same with Taksal(i) kirpan with normal kirpans.
  5. Hello, This is Ben Pearson from the House of Commons social media team. We recently created a video of Seema Malhotra MP talking about her debate today entitled "Contribution of Sikhs to the UK". We have just tweeted about it - please find it here. Please do feel free to share it with your community, whether through your social media or as a forum post. https://twitter.com/HouseofCommons/status/1123221211276894209 All the best, Ben
  6. What part of stuff that you largely agree with him?
  7. S1ngh

    Back to Nanakshahi calendar?

    Everybody know that purewal fixed the infamous Jan 5th date. Despite of many chances given to him to hold meeting with col. Nishan Singh, he choose to hide. Stating that his health is not good. Few days later he was jet flying to California. Upon confrontation he choose to hide behind his naive gullible sponsors.
  8. S1ngh

    Back to Nanakshahi calendar?

    Read the date of the article brother. Last year.
  9. S1ngh

    Sikhs Converting To Islam

    Can someone gives me the definition of Trolling ? My Google is not working.
  10. S1ngh

    Michael J

    anxiously waiting for a one-liner response from our one member who always think of such singers and actors as best role models and next to sainthood.
  11. That is one absolute truth. Reality is when you live together.

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