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  1. Proactive, I am not the one skirting around the issue, when discussing the Iraq war do you not feel there needs to be justification for the invasion of Iraqi land. Before you claim Saddam Hussein was bad man, extend your memory beyond what corporate media has limited it to and read into the history of Saddams rise etc.

    Also, again you seem very ignorant of the issues at hand, you have ignored about 99% of what I have written.

    When the Imperialist invade a land do you expect them to report back that they have raped, when will you learn? Even then here is an article


    As with your usual rants about imperialism, capitalism and all the other isms you claim to know about, you seem to be the usual left wing nut who takes all the benefits of the west and yet thinks it's great to criticise everything it does.

    Of course individuals like you would like to limit freedom of speech and scrutiny of the government, isn't that a moral right and obligation of every citizen of a state?

    I don't know why people like you live in the west, maybe you should go back to Kashmir and test out your other theory of Islamic tolerance as well.

    You sound like a true capitalist, highly reminiscent of white supremecists who tell many minorities to go home, because of their narrow ideological perspectives, are you scared of change, what a irony that you call yourself proactive.

    Also, people like me who live in the west have every right to express our opinions and work for change. If the Black Panther Party didn't like America, do you believe they should have returned to Africa, instead of trying to affectuate change? Also, your ignorance prevails again, Muslim Sikh relations in Kashmir have been quite friendly in the past, but as capitalism seeps in along with privitization of land etc, ethnic lines are being drawn. How much do you know about me to tell me to return to Kashmir, the term return would indicate that I am originally from there, when in fact I have born and raised outside of Kashmir. Do you not feel ashamed in asking me to return on the grounds of your own ignorance, like the white man once told the african to go home, when he himself was no further from home than he?

    Will you continue to beat around the bush and regurgitate what corporate media and the government tells you as gospel, or provide a critical analysis of what is taking place in the world today... or wait you don't believe be critical is a noble thing to do, because such a thing would warrant others to call you a nut and demand you leave your home abandon the struggle for change and "return" to the land imaginarily attached to the color of your skin, language you speak and ancestory.

    If you truly believe in returning home when the original inhabitants are not in favour of what the invaders bring with them, perhaps you should be compassionate to the cries of Iraqis, and aboriginals (historically) the British Imperialists have massacred.


  2. American govt planned 9/11? Harvey1 get a life and stop watching loose change 1, 2,3 or whatever the latest version is. It must be a full moon today because a lot of silly comments are being made!

    Btw Singhavelli, do you also think that 9/11 was an 'inside job' It would not surprise me the lease

    mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn some people ie you are just plain stupid, why did condalisa right phone some important people that were meant to be on the 9/11 planes and tell them not to go on the plane????????/ WHY AREEEEEEEE THE SUPPOSED TERRORISTS STIL ALIVE IN OTHER COUNTRYSSSSSS IF THEY TOOK THE PLANE OVER WHY DIDNT THE OFFICAL CORONERS FIND ANY OF THEIR BODYS BUT THEY FOUND EVERYONES ELSES THAT WHERE ON THE PLANE?

  3. Proactive, you need to open your eyes. I am not surprised you ignored the rest of my post. The British Imperialist Armies raped and pillaged numerous lands, have you forgotten what happen in India?

    Anyways, here are some links for you, that I found doing just a quick google search. I didn't even need to do in depth research.

    Now before you reply, let me guess what your response will be... probably something along the lines of how this is only a handful of people and a consequence of war etc etc. its for your freedom etc etc



    What are the troops really fighting for in Iraq?

    Do you really enjoy defending all mighty capitalism as it starves children in developing nations or do you really believe your doing them a favour paying them a $1 a month while polluting their lands?

    LIKE singhavelli said what are the troops really fighting for in iraq?

    all their fighting for is country gains and OIL , soldiers in the british army are ill equipped as some of you know a while back,soldier were dying because they didnt have the right equipment like body armorrrr. the governments dont care about the soldiers or no 1 all they care about is gaining new territory's and more money.

    and one more thing with outtttt the attack on the twin towers which was planned by the american governmentttt there would of not been a war in Iraq or Afghanistan, many of you will just think of me as anouther conspiracy theorist but just face the facts with out the attack there would be no war.

  4. waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ke fateh

    this is great only some gurdwaras have sant jarnail singh ji picture such as seven kings gurdwara and many gurdwaras in liecester but some gurdwaras such as martindale road in hounslow they do not agree with sant ji and i believe they would not put his picture up

    waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ke fateh

  5. Vjkk Vjkf sangat jeeeo

    Does anyone know where i can get gatka classes in slough or southall or near those two areas and could someone provide me with contact details for the teachers of the classes pleeeeease.i'm desperate to learn but cannot find anyone who teaches.i would like to start as soon as possible.

    thank in advance

    jus come 2 gatka classes in southall town hall

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