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  1. Episode 23 The majhail singhs according to panth parkash are the bravest of the brave, read about the brar jatts and majhail singhs. many references to their fierce fighting, showing true faith in guru khalsa.
  2. Remember what Sri Panth parkash says about those brar jatts who were paid salary & who abobdoned the guru... and majhail singhs never abandoning guruji. also a lot of majbe singhs fought for the khalsa and gave shaheedi, lot of the akali nihangs were" low castes". it was down to kalgidar giving us the spirit to give an answer back rather than to take a slap and not get up.
  3. You claim to believe in dasam bani yet you call shastar puja evil and wrong? & those who do will go to hell? fool.
  4. You do realise when we go to get dharshan we not only now down to satguru ji but also the shastar in parkash in front? shastar naam mala, ayudh bidiya is all shastar puja. people like you are seriously whitewashing core values. Dasam granth not being bani, shastar puja is anti sikhi...what next will these nindaks come out with? On 07/12/2016 at 3:13 PM,Berserk said: To me, no Gursikh would ever believe in this devilish "Shastar puja" act. Say what you like but the only thing waiting for these people is hell."
  5. Why isn't panth parkash and gur sobha held in high esteem by you? because it doesn't fit in with your beliefs?* jhatka eating, opium sukha drinking, violent looters.
  6. The program on Sunday was beautiful, amazing Kirtan and simran. Does anyone have a link to dowoad the lady with the guitar doing simran? very peaceful
  7. Or does Shastar need a tilak of coca cola or Dr pepper, fanta Pepsi? You are the ignorant one. not willing to have an open mind, slating anything which doesn't come in line with your mind set. what people need to realise is, you can't whitewash beliefs/practices which have been happening for 100s of years just because you don't agree with them. They are putting blood on gurujis shastar in maharajs hazoori....does that make you angry?. I bet you are the type of Sikh who goes around saying when a fight kicks off/jung/battle you will say gurbani and suddenly be able to defend yourself effectively. it doesn't work like that pal.
  8. What a stupid post. Please don't use your own stupid logic. shastar need blood. Go to hazoor sahi. and watch the jathedar put tilaks on guru jis shastar. "Akalifauj" what a joke, more like fudufauj. tenu ki patha nindka.
  9. Don't shroom up...if you do want to try it and no one can change your mind, make sure you're with the right people(not alone) there's someone who HASN'T taken shrooms there with you. you're at home/someone's place you don't go outside. Don't do dmt>you won't get any real stuff, you will get crap who know's what in it!. rather you shroom up than do other shite. Shrooms depending on what kind you take will give you visuals of colours stuff like that, but thing is your perception of reality won't exist if that makes sense?...you start to think whatever you do can't harm you...it's all a dream, hence why someone who isn't taking anything should be there to make sure you're okay and you don;t do anything stupid. I don't think its suitable for someone to shroom up for no apparent reason other than to do drugs, if you have a bad trip it could screw you up pretty bad and you may never get over it...similar to LSD. so, you've been warned. But all honestly I really don't think you should try anything like that, what's the need? what will it achieve? psychedelic drugs are a big risk, if you're willing to take the risk even knowing you may have a bad trip, you may see something which may freak you out and you still want to try it? no no! You need to be productive with your life, get a job, keep occupied turning to psychedelic drugs isn't the answer. I know many friends who have shroomed up, taken LSD, coke heads, pill poppers, you know one thing they have in common? they can't wait for the next hit...it's not worth it believe me.
  10. pic shiv di te ,, fer akaal kahda 22,,, tu ta cave ch hi reh,,, bahar ghumna marda da kam aa

  11. 2. Have I really been disowned by Nihang groups in India? I recently came across a letter published on the internet alleging mischief on my part and purporting to be signed by various heads of Nihang groups to which I am affiliated by tradition. Alerted by the absence of letterheads or dates, and personally having met several of the supposed signatories within the past year, I contacted them. They assured me that the letter was a forgery and that the individuals involved in producing this fake document had been identified. In fact, I was told that if they were ever spotted in any Nihang encampment in India in the future, they would be dealt with harshly, using the traditional form of punishment meted out to a slanderer. I will be visiting the Nihang leaders in person later this year on a research trip and will follow up on these discussions. It appears that the motive of these character assassins is to diminish my standing and influence in the community. Why? It is alleged that one of their underlying goals is to perpetrate what a wise old man once called ‘salvation fraud’, i.e. they wish to promote themselves as devout Nihangs for the purpose of establishing themselves as ‘gurus’ in the West amongst the unsuspecting Europeans. From this position of authority they would then be able to fully exploit and (mis)lead the trusting flock, misappropriating any funds received for their personal gain and generally establish themselves to pursue their dubious agendas of self aggrandisement. It would appear that they see me as an obstacle in the pursuit of their strategy, because the history, philosophy and traditions I present through my books, websites and SV akharas help empower innocent people to see through such shallow characters and protect themselves from their despicable behaviour. Rab rakha. Ref : Enjoy.
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