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  1. Yes very true, however many years ago. Let's say 10, SA didn't have the number of users this forum had. I've used both before 2010
  2. https://youtu.be/ol6tRPjbyM0?si=C3I1MF0gLT8I3ZdN
  3. What he said. Moreover, For some reason admins around a decade ago allowed their personal beliefs to dictate what could be discussed and what could not. Many topics were blocked. Some members with their pack mentality didn't like to hear members with different views and beliefs.
  4. Episode 23 The majhail singhs according to panth parkash are the bravest of the brave, read about the brar jatts and majhail singhs. many references to their fierce fighting, showing true faith in guru khalsa.
  5. Remember what Sri Panth parkash says about those brar jatts who were paid salary & who abobdoned the guru... and majhail singhs never abandoning guruji. also a lot of majbe singhs fought for the khalsa and gave shaheedi, lot of the akali nihangs were" low castes". it was down to kalgidar giving us the spirit to give an answer back rather than to take a slap and not get up.
  6. You claim to believe in dasam bani yet you call shastar puja evil and wrong? & those who do will go to hell? fool.
  7. You do realise when we go to get dharshan we not only now down to satguru ji but also the shastar in parkash in front? shastar naam mala, ayudh bidiya is all shastar puja. people like you are seriously whitewashing core values. Dasam granth not being bani, shastar puja is anti sikhi...what next will these nindaks come out with? On 07/12/2016 at 3:13 PM,Berserk said: To me, no Gursikh would ever believe in this devilish "Shastar puja" act. Say what you like but the only thing waiting for these people is hell."
  8. Why isn't panth parkash and gur sobha held in high esteem by you? because it doesn't fit in with your beliefs?* jhatka eating, opium sukha drinking, violent looters.
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