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  1. Bhai Tejinderpal Singh (Doola Ji) Calgary Smaagam 2001
  2. FYI, our banner has Bibi Guneet Kaur Ji on there a prominent keertani that does raag If you have any raag keertan audio or video that isnt up anywhere please message us and we will add it. Our SoundCloud account we have A LOT more raag keertan on there by Bhai Avtar Singh Ji Ragi and other prominent raag keertanis. There's more audio cassettes out there vs videos in general.
  3. Thank you for your points veerjee. Most of the videos we have may be certain "style" we agree. But we do promote ALL and have many playlists on Raag darbars. Please see below some examples for you. We do not disagree with some of your points but putting down ANY form of gurmat keertan is not right. Basant Raag Darbar Washington 2020 (26 videos) Indianpolis Raag Darbar September 2019 (12 videos) Toronto Raag Darbar February 2019 (5 videos)
  4. Bhai Avtar Singh Ji (Ragi) was an amazing gurmukh keertani that upheld the importance of Keertan done in original Raag form. They traveled all around the world to promote and do prachaar on correct Raag Keertan along with their son Bhai Kultar Singh Ji and tabla saathi Bhai Swaran Singh Ji. We have collected their recordings and separated them into "time of day" Raags (Studio type recordings). Hope everyone enjoys this collection. Please follow us on SoundCloud and share these on your personal platforms There are total of 4 playlists: MORNING RAAGS AFTERNOON RAAGS EVENING RAAGS SEASONAL & OTHER RAAGS Vaheguru ji ka khalsa, Vaheguru ji ki fateh!
  5. Detroit 1993 AKJ Smaagam videos recordings now up on SikhVibes Please give us a SUBSCRIBE for more daily uploads not up elsewhere
  6. Subscribe on our YouTube Channel for Daily uploads and LIVE feeds With guru sahibs kirpa, many new rare content is going up for the sangat. Please share and subscribe jee http://www.YouTube.com/SikhVibes
  8. Tampering with our rich SIKH history did not just happen during our gurus times but up until this day TODAY and will continue to happen. Our historical texts, documented scripts are all being destroyed, youth are being manipulated, MULTIPLE HISTORICAL texts are being created to cause confusion within the panth. THINK EVERYONE.... if you read this discussion thread from the beginning, one has said 1 wife, other has said 3 wives, next has said 5... what next 7? Or will we eventually wrongfully declare in the near future that Guru Nanak Dev Jee had multiple wives with kids?!? Our history has been tampered with since the days of the mughals to this present day!
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