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  1. How do we know that truly is Guru Ji's sword?
  2. Thank you do you know anything about B40?
  3. I have been reading some of books about Sikhi recently and I was wondering if W.H McLeod is a good author and which of his books shall I read?
  4. Sangat Ji I haven't been able to leave this forum as I have a addiction to this forum so I come here to make my final post for atleast a couple of month. I leave as this forum is becoming a distraction. Instead of reading path I scroll through this forum. Thank You Because of the Sangat I realized the true Sikhi and because of this forum I learned so much but I must put my hat down. I am planning on going on a spiritual journey and I want to spend my life in Naam Simrin so I just want to say Thank you and Goodbye. May Vahguru bless us all and save us from Maya. Vahguru Ji Ka Kha
  5. Whatever martial art you know just don't fight against someone with a knife as most likely you will be injured or die no matter what.
  6. I was reading a bit of Bachitar Natak and it says that the trinity thought they were Supreme so Guru Ji (Guru Ji is speakingas God) created 8 Sakshis in order to give evidence for their entity It failed and people countined rituals so Guru Ji/Vahgurh created Sidhs but they worshiped Devtas. Then many Rishis were created who all sang parise of themselves. Then I created Dutt by they did not know the way of the Lord. Then I created Gorakh who made great kings disciples. His disciples wore rings in their ear and forgot the Lord. Guru Ji lists many more people then he say
  7. You know that MMA is just a mix of the best martial arts like BJJ, Boxing Kickboxing etc.
  8. So, I was reading this book called Life of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and His Teachings by Dalip Singh. In it he tells how in chapter 2 of Bachitar Natak Guru Ji tells how the world was created. It says "When the formless God effected the expansion of the universe by uttering a word, (Oankar) He created the Earth. At the onset He created the matter of the five elements (Maya), from it a most beautiful and powerful king named Kalsain (Vishnu) emerged. The second king produced was Kalkait (Brahma) and the third Koorrbaras (Shiva). The fourth was Kaldhuj (Mahavishnu), from Whom the whole creati
  9. Not a doubter but are we just gonna trust a random guy who said some years.
  10. Feels and seems more like Sikhawareness which I like
  11. Well every one has different answers. It depends on your understanding of Bani. I personally don't have a belief as I need to do more research on this topic.
  12. Kalki avatar and Nehklank are actually the same person. Just a different name. As far as I know Kaljug began after the death of Krishna. The origins of Kalki avatar are from the Puranas. Kalki comes in Vishnu Purana and Bhagwat Purana. Also Kalki Purana
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