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  1. Basics of Sikhi made a video about that. The shabad was mistranslated.
  2. Sikhs should only take Cannabis for medicane as how they were injured not for pleasure
  3. I am laughing because someone downvoted because they can't accept the true words of Sant Ji.
  4. Mool Mantar definition 2 Ik Oankar Ik = one unique Oankar = the name of God. The Numeral one stands for a being that is unique and has no other similars to them. God is considered to be Sujati. This means God is the only one of his species and you can find no other like him. Unlike other species you can find them in numbers of more then one such as human beings. There are over 7 billion humans in the world showinh that an individual human is not Sujati as there are over 7 billion similar to them but God has no other remotely similar to them. God is Vijati. This means God has no other species similar to him. Humans have other mammal group, which are similar to them. According to science and the evolution theories of Darwninism and Lamarckism state that the primate family pf apes is similar to that of human beings and they are descends. Im this way there is no other species similar to God. God is Svaigat. God was born from himself and does not have any limbs or attachments. A tree is born from a seed and has branches and flowers or fruit. A human is born from another human and has limbs such as arms and legs. Other creatures such as chickens are born from eggs. Animals such as head lice are born from heat. God is unlike those species and was not through the means of womb, eggs, a seed or from heat. God is self born and is the form of self illumination. God is with our limbs, forms or characteristics seen by people but he is bound within all of his creation. Within all is the illumination and the Lord is the illumination within all. By this illumination the light radiantes in all. (Ang 13 SGGS) In this way God is Sujati, Vijati and Svaigat. God has no Des(Country). God does not have his own land, which can be named. God does not reside in any specific land but everywhere at once. The Hindu consider God to reside in the East and face the sun in meditation. Muslims consider God to reside in Meeca and face the direction when praying. (According to Sant Ji it used to be a Shiva Mandir and all the idols were destroyed when Prophet Mohammed took it over. Also Sant Ji says that it used to be white but due to the sins of people it turned black) (On Prophet Mohammed from what we know of Avtars we can conclude that he was ethier a Avesha or Nit Avtar) Christians and Jews consider God to reside in the seventh level of Heaven. However, God resides in all places all at once. God is present in all lands as Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji showed in Mecca, when the Kabba moved in the direction that his holy feet turned. The Lord resides in all of the lands Dasam Granth Ang 6 God has no Kal (time). At some point every being was born Ethier at day or night. God does not die due to this nor does he take birth. His form is immortal. Tod is considered timeless and cannot be placed into the concept of time, which is a man made concept. To be countined...
  5. The guy is a missionary. I checked his website he is anti dasam bani.
  6. Muktinama is bani which comes in Suraj Granth which was said by Ethier Guru Ji or Kavis in his court.
  7. Pooran Tam Avtar isn't really bani as it is what Guru Ji said to answer questions of the sangat.
  8. Gur de Salok and Parshad de Salok seem to be paths read before shaheed degh is prepared
  9. Found out that Fateh Jang Dasven Padshah is Vaar Sri Boughti Ji Ki
  10. If anyone knows where I can find Fateh Jang Dasven Padshah Bija Mukta Sakhi Dasvi Mangal Parkash Inhi ki kirpa kay saje hum hain Muktinama Pooran Tam Avatar Prashad De Salok Gur de Salok Mata Jito ki salok Chakka Bhagauti Ji Ka
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