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  1. Just want to say the reason why the Mayan calendar ended in 2012 is they didn't think they needed to keep making calendars for so far in the future.
  2. There were hundreds maybe thousands of prophecise (you may say conspiracy theories) about how the world would end in like 2011 or 12 something like that. Thakur Singh was like in the next 5 years in apocalypse would happen but in the end nothing happened. If you know any prophesies of the past that have been right please share them.
  3. Prophesies are usally incorrect. I personally don't think anything will happen to Canada any time soon but what Giani Ji said could possibly happen. I mean all nations fall but new ones take their place. Don't think to much about prophesies. Those who worry about the future need to care about the present.
  4. In my family every Sunday we light a Jot for shaheeds
  5. Sant Ji and the Shabad says that anyone who eats fish wine and marijuana will go to hell. Sant Ji goes two steps forward and says it applies to all meat and alcohol. He adds those who drink marijuana will go to hell. This reffers to Shaheedi Degh(What many nihangs drink)I believe it is called.
  6. IMO there is no real criticism of Jesus. I would consider him a Sant. Muhammad was a Prophet and I remember hearing that he was all good untill he left his hometown. Then he probably fell to maya. Which led to him becoming Egotistical and making people worship him. He started owning and trading slaves which I think we can all agree was bad. He also did a killing of around 700 Jews. Maya certainly took him but as one who too can not escape maya I won't criticize him to hard on the ego stuff but salvery and a small genocide is a big no no.
  7. Let's say you are a Roman senator during Caesar's reign as dictator and you were offered to join the conspiracy to kill him. Would you? Why would you?
  8. Firstly I want everyone to share their opinion on this. This is not a debate this is just to share opinions. I believe that these hindu gods kinda exist. By that I mean I belive they are legandary and I believe Gurbani says the same. Legendary meaning people like them existed but the storys are likely embellish or false. One point people bring up to show that the Guru supports their existence and all the events associated with them is chobis avtar. This path was wrriten by Guru Gobind Singh no denying that but what style of writing/genre is it. I belive firstly it a translation the G
  9. Here is all of Sarbloh Granthhttps://drive.google.com/file/d/14zGeX1kTO1mqkv5cZz-rwwcKrFISM-aw/view?usp=drivesdk
  10. Is there any inages of this order?
  11. Suraj Parkash is mostaly oral stories and is over a 100 years after the fact. Are there any primary sources?
  12. Is there any evidence that 1 million Mughals really fought the Guru and his Sikh at Chamkaur? (Besides Zafarnama as the passage in it is not used literally)
  13. I have read some of the debates about this and I just want to share my opinion in a couple of sentences. It doesn't matter if your gay or straight. Vahguru won't judge you on that. What mainly matters is your actions and did you connect to God. I believe that if your Christian Dharam Rai will judge you as a Christian. So did you read the Bible do you follow Jesus but no matter what faith or sexuality you are all get judged by these two things. Karam and Naam.
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