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  1. Other than the date on it there is no evidence to prove when it was written. Anyone can write any date.
  2. How does it mention the Guru giving the Gurgadhi? Was this wrriten by the Guru after giving the Gurgadhi?
  3. No but at 12 am on every corner women start to like me for money though.
  4. Ok I will help by getting 2 wives and having 100s mistresses and forcing my kids to be Sikh. Guess I've done my part.
  5. Listen to SGGS academy they do good katha in simple Punjabi.
  6. Go to GurmutVeechar.com has so much katha I recommend Sant Gurbachan Singh Bhindrawale
  7. Dasam Granth doesn't mention Dusht Daman all it says is that Guru Ji in his previous life did deep meditation at a location forgot the name. It is called the seven peak mountain in bani
  8. Guru Sahib knew someone would assassinate them they accepted hukam. Guru Ji knew that someone working at Anandpur would betray him and get his children and mother killed but he didn't change it he accepted hukam.
  9. I just have to say love Banda hate Banda you have to admit that he had a huge influence in Sikh History.
  10. Can you provide the name of the text he translated.
  11. Other than the contemporary sources the biggest evidence I have IMO is Sant Jarnail Singh comparing Banda Singh to a fake Nirankari Guru.
  12. I don't want this to be a debate just a place where we can share our opinions on the heroic or evil Banda Singh (Heard people say he didn't take amirt) IMHO he was bad. Genocideal man who drifted off the Gurus path and made himself a Guru.
  13. Not denying that just saying we should take a Hukamnama from Guru Ji about Gobind Gita.
  14. If anyones knows everything it is Guru Ji so what to lose from asking about it?
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