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  1. I believe some of these not included banis are gurbani but many are in just 1 bir that isn't really much evidence for it being gurbani. Like Bhai Banno bir has extra bani. Is it gurbani? No because it is in only one bir.
  2. It is a translation of Sant's steeks and katha. I read it and it was amazing. Full of anand. It is worth its weight in gold × a billion.
  3. You are why the Panth is fucked. Reading this would convince people not to be Sikh. Attitudes like this make people leave the Panth. Have you forgotten treating everyone equally. Vahguru is in all.
  4. Let's just believe whatever anyone says. It says real story so it must be real.
  5. You should read Kamalpreet Singh Pradeshi's books. He has translated Sant Gurbachan Singh Ji's katha to english. It is so deep. He spent almost 300 pages just on the mool mantar.
  6. People say there are lots of difficulties but really there isn't. Basics to know is to motivate yourself to keep kesh think of shaheeds like Bhai Taru Singh. Comb your hair twice a day and try to wash your hair every few days or sooner
  7. If you are about to take amrit soon and keep rehat sure.
  8. Karam are acquired through Hukam. Everything is hukam. Hukam brings pain and happiness. We think we have control but it is just hukam. It is just Vahguru's Natak.
  9. No offense but kathavachiks like him probably make this stuff up for some publicity or something. I mean if he was truly Sant he wouldn't announce the hukam would he? I think it was him saying stuff like 2012 or something was the end get ready then he was like I fixed it lol. Isn't he the guy who said General Shabag Singh died in his arms but also said he wasn't in Akal Takht?
  10. "They can't kill us if we kill 'em first" lol.
  11. We need a Sikh state but before talking about all the land we want and what we will conquer think of the logistics. Firstly how to create a state? Who will run it? What will the laws be? How to create an army police emergency services etc. The economics? And so many more. We should talk about these things not about should we have a state but how can we get a state and how will it work.
  12. So much nindia and hate in this discussion. Have we forgotten our Gurus teachings?
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