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  1. Hi Namespace, not arab just regular punjabi UK Sikhs. Where are you based?
  2. Wjkk wjkf Are there any young Sikhs / couples in UAE on here? Looking for some like minded sangat!
  3. Vaheguroo To be honest I was quite disappointed when I read this thread. Something which started off about learning from Guru Ji has been transformed into an argument about irrelevant things and nonsense such as rap music. Personally I find the comment 'snoop singh' really really offensive, putting singh, the name given to us by sache patishash Siri Guru Gobind Singh Ji, behind the name of a fool who sings about bujjar kurehits as if they were as normal as breathing? The rest of the world may be trying to defame the name of Sikhs but why are we joining them?? Going back to what the post was
  4. Gurfateh I'm looking to gather a wealth of resources for teaching about Sikhi in order to make them available to all on the web. These include activites for Sikhi summer camps, to ideas for university talks/sikh soc events, to lesson plans for teaching about Sikhism in schools. It's a big project and so will take time to gather resources, so I'm asking those who can and are willing to get involved to please PM me. You dont necessarily need to have any resources to get involved as help with setting up the bank of resources to be available on the web is also needed. All ideas and thoughts
  5. Gurfateh all! Does anyone know of any amritdhari caterers and photographers (photographers i already know of 5 rings, but am really stuck with caterers!) pls help if you know any! dhanvaad!! D
  6. Gurfateh Jee A question to amritdhari gursikhs who are teachers in the UK, do you take extra caution to make sure your Sri Sahib is not seen when at work? And do you tell the school about it first or just keep it gupt? With Satiguroo Jees kirpa, looking to become a teacher but unsure what to do regarding my siri sahib... dhanvaad VJKK VJKF
  7. thank you so much for your post on kes. may Satiguroo jee keep you in chardi kalaa.

  8. Vaheguroo jee ka khalsa Vaheguroo jee kee fateh Guru piyario, does anybody know of any katha about sikh bibiyan? Be it about ithiaas or the role of a mata jee....anything really. Punjabi and english would both be very useful. Dhanvaad
  9. Vaheguroojeekakhalsa vaheguroojeekeefateh! sangat jeeo.... the previous comitee of our gurudwara ordered 1000 gutke sahibs to be printed, these gutke sahibs are now here, but there are wayy too many obv....how and why reasons aside, daas needs help to take these gutke to places where they are needed, and can be kept with proper satkaar (in boxes at the moment) there are nitnem banian and sukhmani sahib gutke sahibs, with the rehit maryada printed at the back please suggest places where they can be taken, daas can take them there personally, just need to know where to go benti for this n
  10. gurfateh jeeo daas just wanted to conform, is this the order 4 santheeya (at taksal).... nitnem 7 banian alll rest of banian 4rm sundar gutka sahib (exluding 5 granthee) 5 granthee lareevar bhai gurdaas jees vaaran (lareevar 2?) bhagat bani pothee sahib senchiyaa sahibs (sree guru granth sahib jee maharaj) sree dasam granth sahib jee senchiyaa.... khima jee vjkk vjkf!
  11. Gurfateh jee There's sant giyani gurbachan singh jees on gurmat veechar, on gurbani updesh its written giyani thakhur singh is yet 2 do katha on it khima gurfateh
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