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  1. Thanks I really needed that! Won't be coming on again!!!

  2. I clarified this....its not to make it big cos its not keskhi kapra....basically you put ure hair in the kapra forming the main dastaar and u twist it and then u wrap the lars around.....so its ure wrapping ure hair in the kapra around ure head. It was actually really traumatic for me to hear...she was gonna do it on me but I decided I didn't wanna go thru with it...and I asked her why I cud just not keep my braids and she goes you cannot...something about it not being purataan.
  3. I would be quite interested in hearing other people's views with reasoning on this. At the moment...I braid my hair....always have done but I noticed my mum doesn't braid her's and neither does my dad.... I seem to be the odd one out. Also another thing I was speaking to a girl who was telling me how to tie a dastaar and she told me that u have to wrap your hair in the kapra. No one in our house wraps their hair in the kapra so I nearly fainted when I heard that.......surely it will rip my hair apart!! I tend to be really protective of my hair and I don't let anyone touch it and I don't wa
  4. I cannot believe I forgot to add u as a friend...I have added u now :D

  5. This reminds me......u can take different types of Amrit and once I met this lady who was forcing me to take Amrit of the Baba she took it off. She was like his Amrit is amazing, I can still wear lipstick and jewelllery and still be Amritdhari, dear bheta ure young and u don't want to take a strict Amrit, you want to be young and enjoy yourself and so take the same one as me. It was such an odd conversation. Its like when you meet Amritdhari people and they tell you that their Amrit allows them to eat meat. You just dunno what to say...so all u can do is smile, nod and walk away. I just loo
  6. sitargirl


    you can apply it there . Basically I added this application....it gives me a quote each day and its reallly cool...so I log on and each day I have a different quote......that quote is from last week - it basically means alot of us have ideas, a lot of wisdom etc....but then sometimes we don't have the skills to put it into practise so we need to develop and find the skills, But then some of us have the skills but then we are lazy and or for watever other reason we don't do it..... I kinda apply this to everything now. Its really cool! I love quotes. I wish someone would design a gurbani
  7. sitargirl


    I really like this quote, it summarizes how alot of us are wise and know things but how many of us go beyond this and become virtueous people. I really love this quote....It might seem random but I really wanted to share it. . . "Wisdom is knowing what to do next, skill is knowing how to do it, and virtue is doing it."
  8. i find it really hard to read this punglish........but I swear kasam nu khanna is a crude word......
  9. sitargirl


    I've heard these kind of arguements before about how one thing is less important to talk about compared to another. I disagree with this notion..in sikhi all things are important. Sikhi is not just about doing prayers. Its not just about merely being academic, its the whole package so yes we must focus on gurbani but whats the point in having all this knowledge if we don't live our lives according to it. The Guru makes this clear when he discusses how the pandits may know their vedas inside out but whats the point in this. You can pray all you want but gurbani says 'rehat pyarri much ko'. I h
  10. His blog is cool.......don't diss the blog!!
  11. I've washed with lasi too.....Its good in the summer cos it keeps ure body temperature cool whilst everyone around you is sweating....but then the bad thing is that ure hair smells of lasi. I just ended up washing with normal shampoo to get rid of the smell. But yea its good for keeping u cool.
  12. His gatka vidz were cool. I posted them....but he wanted them remove......his comment was silly so we had a chat and its solved now. He actually has a heart of Gold but just odd humour
  13. ^^^aww thts a cute story. This reminds me. When my sister was 6 years old they were passing chaur shahib around the classroom as part of religious studies teaching. My sister told the teacher you should wash ure hands before touching it but the teacher said you don't have to and how the gurdwara said it was okay not to. So anyways my sister tells all the children on her table that if you touch it you will break ure legs....suddenly no one wants to touch it. Then the teacher asks my sister what is wrong and she tells him that he will break his legs now. Suddenly the teacher got so so scared.
  14. I got big exams coming up. I am not coming on sikhsangat for ages. I am really stressed. Sikhsangat is bad. I should be revising. Need to get rid of internet addiction. I dunno why i check this thing. Not like I check other sikh websites. BUT yea ravishankar is a sitar master. Google and youtube him. He is the best. Chat to you later. Not checking this thing till june o see u then!

  15. sitargirl


    Sorry for missing u out veerji.....here is another of my favourite sayings. Its for just u - I hope u like it. 'Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.'
  16. Bhenji I didn't know if I shud have put up my pics....peacemaker said they were okay and I asked Banda and all he said was HAHA. I was actually shocked with revolutionary....i guess u read the original comment right? Anyways I have loadsa baby pics too. When I was little I used to look like a boy cos my mum dressed me up like one! I remember being in year 6 and the teacher thought i was a munda. We went on a school trip for a week and he started yelling at me for going into the girls dormitory. It was so bad cos i never knew he thought that i was a boy and so I didn't understand why he was s
  17. sitargirl


    aww bhenji love u loads...ure the coolest!! Also my fav saying just for u - great minds think alike...
  18. sitargirl


    I cannot believe no one noticed the sarcasm. I have never done my eyebrows or removed my kesh ever. I actually got asked by this girl who was Vice president of some univeristy sikh society VP girl - 'so do u do ure eyebrows?' Me 'No' VP Girl 'Why not?' Me 'looks at her thinking and ure vice president of a sikh soc' I'm still giving her i cannot believe this look when another girl goes cos u know sikhs cannot....and then the vp girl was like oh i never knew. I thought it was head hair only After that I decided there should be greater public awareness of this issue....but yea I won't do sa
  19. sitargirl


    Oh man do u not sense the sarcasm....I posted these kinda topics on sikhsangat before. Apparently you cannot tell people they should not remove eyebrow hair, how they should not wear makeup, perfume, bleach face, go clubbing....cos its erm judging them. I got attacked and was told that I was judging ppl and how I am awful for that. This is the biggest load of cr*p I have heard. Incidently with my story of the 10th Guru Gobind Singh, I shall repeat for those not familiar......there was a singh..the Guru loved him alot and complimented him on his dhari....the singh then looked in the mirror one
  20. Veerji I wrote a reply and when I pressed post the website logged me out. Incidently I lost that reply so I am gonna keep this short. Also I am very stressed at the moment so I am sorry if this sounds rude. The article for me merely a piece of flowerly language. I was expecting something different. Let me illustrate what I mean by this. PINK=FLOWERY Now lets read the whole post taking out flowery things like snowflakes or metaphors of cannibals...if u remove this throughout the ENTIRE article u have nothing left...its all flowery and any comments are subjective... I feel this article is
  21. sitargirl


    Yea exactly man. As long as I cover my head hair who cares. Guru Nanak Dev Ji would allow me just like Guru Gobind Singh allowed the singh who pulled the white hair out of his dhari. I wear a dastaar, do my eyebrows and go clubbing - you people shud mind ure own business. And if you wanna say its wrong then I am gonna tell u its judging.......
  22. I'm sure talikhaak has a reason for bumping this article..... I ended up reading all of it cos everyone seemed really pleased with it. Now this will probably sound rude but I did not like this article as I found it very whishy washy. Also I barely noticed the women point and even now have no idea what that means. All in all I was disappointed as I was expecting something more.
  23. aww they are such cool plants....we have so many in our house....you should grow another one! EDIT - I ran a search on aloe vera. It says I wonder what that tastes like!! Must be gooey and the only vegetable I can think of which is like that is erm bindiyaa? So does it taste like bindiyaaaaa???
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