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  1. Check out gumtree.com Easymove.com Your uni's accomodation office and website. Speak to people in yr above (esp final yrs) who will be moving out.
  2. No offence I spent a good 2 hours reading this piece of text and its nothing more than emotional blackmail.
  3. The only unsettling idea is that Kama is unfair....which means that the idea justice is not fair.. If someone could say why human life form is considered special....
  4. Its true. Most people wear knickers but that defies point of kachera.....in my opinion thats just kachera as showpiece. Actually there is a special way to tie your nala where you secure the underneath loose kachera part so you pad does not slip...best thing to do is to ask any aunty from India as its hard to explain. In essence you need a long nala like they had in the old days...you wrap it around our waist, flip it underneath and knot it..but mind you, its not exactly easy so speak to people and do what your conscious says.
  5. Actually Valli Singh I hold a view, which explains why there is no free will. As we all kno we are all molecules.....chemicals.....our emotions, judgement, decision making skills are a complex interactions of these chemicals, memories, clues and past experiences. Therefore we are living nothing more than an interaction of these substances. When we die we are broken down...our molecules become something else...its like energy being changed from one form to another.....therefore yes, I believe in re-incarnation...... But God is described as infinate source of energy which can only be accessed
  6. The only way this would make sense if there was free will where karma can be translated to 'evey action has a consequence'....so the two co-exist mutually... If as you say there is not freewill then the system is highly unfair as the ones suffering are the innocent party and the causer of it all faces none....
  7. So life is not fair as karma is unfair.
  8. I could ask what led to differences of the souls in these places....but that would be going around in circles because you wiil say God decided it...so instead please explain how karma is fair when original difference was God decided.
  9. To bring the discussion back to karma,....If we are to believe souls descended from sach khand due to the above story then the action of the souls was the same....therefore surely the predesined fate of each of us should be the same...but its not so whats the reason for this variable....
  10. So your saying freewill does not exist and how this life is a predestined fate of our last lives....and thus punishment is according to our past actions.....and how we should therefore view life as a domino effect of past lives. So lets go to the life where we were first born...ie the very first first first life.......who decided the first act....how could it be predestined on fate of past lives when there was no life before it....
  11. If there is no freewill how are can we be judged for our actions....
  12. If everything is predestined.....how is there free will
  13. whoah whoah SRK RULES!!!

  14. I'm so stupid. I think I posted a thread but when I checked again it did not appear. Anyways gonna try second time. My friend is doing a project on Indian culture etc. She has covered most things like music, foods, languages, clothes etc. She wants to cover dance and as part of her project she needs to interview various people. If anyone knows of a bharatnatyum dance teacher or group in bham then can you please pass me the contact details. Thanks!
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