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  1. A newly born baby does not know a language. The baby just listens to sounds(words) coming from the mouths of the people around him and automatically starts to learn the meanings of words, develops vocabulary, learns grammar and after some time starts to form sentences and one day becomes very fluent in the language. On the other hand, when an adult has to learn a new language, so much effort has to be put in. People join language courses etc and even then mistakes do occur and its never the same as mother tongue. Now if we believe that amrit sanchar is actually the birth of a baby and Satguru is our mother father and gurbani is our mother tongue, shudnt we be learning gurbani the same way as the newly born baby learns his mother tongue. These days people read lots of translations or use the phurrnas of mind to generate their own meanings and then fight with each other over meanings. I feel all this is a waste of time. People who keep rehit and japp naam, they automatically start to understand gurbani and with time, the meanings and understanding gets deeper and deeper. Bhai Sahib Randir Singh jee never went to any taksal nor did he read books and translations but he possessed ocean-like knowledge of gurbani because he learnt everything from the owner of the bani ie. Satguru jee.
  2. pyare veer "curious man" I dint mean to say that we shud japp naam to get rich, lol. My english isnt that good so thats why u dint get what my aatmaaa is trying to say. I mean there are very arrogant people in this world who are proud of their professions, their degrees but if u ask those arrogant people that instead of doing their job 9-5, they just need to repeat and listen a word, they wont be able to do it.
  3. source: https://www.ihro.in/?q=node/86 Bhai Sukhdev Singh 'Babbar', the chief of Babbar Khalsa International was announced by the police to have been killed in an encounter with the police on the Sahnewal-Dehlon Road in Ludhiana district at 5 AM on 9.8.92, but contrary to the police claim all other reports indicated that Sukhdev Singh was already in police custody. It was in these circumstances that IHRO appointed a four member team comprising of its General Secretary Mohinder Singh Grewal and Secretaries Gurbhajan Singh Gill, Bhupinder Singh Somal and Harchand Singh Gill to investigate the incident. The Fabricated Police Version According to FIR Number: 63 dated 9.8.92 u/s 307/34 IPC, 25/27 Indian Arms Act and 3/4/5 TADA(P)Act of Police Station Sahnewal, "SSP Sidharath Chattopadhya instructed that various militant organisations, especially the Babbar Khalsa International are likely to execute a big action in connection with the Bhog ceremony of the Khalistan Liberation Force Chief, General Gurjant Singh Budhsinghwala, so nakabandis were done around Ludhiana. I along with Shiv Kumar-DSP (D), Narinder Pal Singh-DSP, PP Sabharwal-SP (O), Ganesh- SI (CRPF) and their parties was present at the Dharaur Culvert in the revenue estate of village Nandpur when at 5 AM, a Maruti Car No: CH-01-F/1607 arrived from Dehlon side. Two Sikhs were sitting on the front seats. We signalled them through torchlight to stop but they left the car and after taking positions on the canal distributary bank, started firing in order to kill the police party but we, in self defence replied the firing and I informed the police control room through wireless. From the nearby check-post, the SSP along with this party came to our help. The firing ensued from both sides with automatic weapons. The militants made me a special target. I used my SLR but the firing from their side was very heavy. Not afraid of losing my life I continued to fire. When the firing ceased, we found a dead body there. The other man had escaped. One AK-47 rifle with six live rounds was found on the body, while 32 empties were lying nearby. A small dairy bearing the name of Sukhdev Singh, Head Sewadar, Babbar Khalsa International was recovered from his person. The escapee had left seven empties of .30 mossier behind. The police fired a total of 203 rounds during the hour long encounter whereas, the militants fired 39 rounds". (SD) BS GILL SP (D), 9.8.92 at Nandpur at 7.30 AM The IHRO Findings According to the findings of the IHRO team, Bhai Sukhdev Singh was living at house number 20, Urban Estate, Patiala in the garb of a contractor as Jasmer Singh Sandhu. On the night of August 8, 1992, the Ludhiana SP(D) , Balwant Singh Gill, on receiving cue from Chandigarh went to Patiala with a selected police force and rang the call bell of the said house and also gave the 'code word' which was known to a top notch of the Babbar Khalsa and a very few other associates. When the Babbar Khalsa chief descended from the upper storey of the house and opened the gate, the police immediately pounced upon him. After a short scuffle, the Babbar fell down and was over-powered. He was then taken to Ludhiana along with his Maruti Car (CH-01-F/1607). At Ludhiana, he was interrogated and tortured in the CIA staff and the Focal Point police station. In the early hours of August 9 when he was almost dead due to severe torture, he was put in his car and taken to the Dharaur village culvert on the Sahnewal-Dehlon road. At about 5 am, while he was still seated in the car, he was shot dead and his body was thrown out of the car. Later the police made up the story that the Babbar was shot dead in an armed encounter in order to project the 'bravery' of certain police officials like SSP Chattopadhya, SP(D), B.S. Gill, DSP(D), Shiv Kumar, DSP, Narinder Pal Singh, SP(O), P.P. Shabharwal and Inspector Gurjit Singh in anticipation of rewards and promotions. Points to Ponder The police story has many holes in its armour. These are some very noteworthy points which make the police story look like reality ridiculous: • While showing the blood stained rear seat of the car, its broken glasses and Sukhdev Singh's turban lying in the car to the newsmen, the over-enthusiastic police officials forgot that they themselves, in their made-up story had alleged that the two Sikhs had left the car and taken positions along the distributary bank before the "encounter" started. Then how did the blood and the turban come into the car, which had already been abandoned? • The police says that the Babbar was identified from a small diary bearing the name of Sukhdev Singh Babbar, Head, Sevadar, Babbar Khalsa International which was allegedly recovered from his body. Will an underground militant, who was living in the guise of a contractor Jasmer Singh Sandhu for long time, carry along with him a diary with his full real name and particulars written on it? • Bhai Gurjant Singh Budhsinghwala, the Chief of the Khalistan Liberation Force, who was killed by mainly the same police party a week earlier, was also alleged to have been identified in an identical manner. Do the militants who encounter this very police party, bring the diaries containing their full identity in their pockets to help these police officials in their identification? • The people of the area heard only seven or eight shots being fired at the time of the "encounter" whereas, according to the police report 342 rounds were fired. How do we account for such a large difference? • According to the police version, two SP's and two DSP’s were present on a single check-post, that too on a comparatively unimportant road, whereas the SSP himself was also near at hand. Do such high-ranking officers normally cluster at check-posts on unimportant roads? • The SSP and the SP (D) who were both present at the time of the “encounter of Sukhdev Singh were also present during Gurjant Singh’s “encounter”. But when most of the other fake or sometimes genuine encounters involving militants of lesser importance are reported, these senior officers are not present there. How is it, that these officers are present at the time and place of only those encounters in which the top ranking Sikh militants are about to involve themselves?
  4. I heard a sakhi some time back that Dashmesh Pita told some brahmin pandits to give up their deceiving ways of cheating and looting people and instead japp naam. Guru jee said that all u need to do is marrr chaunkrraaa and japp naam for 3 hours a day and u will given the same amount of money that u earned by cheating the people. The pandits thought that wow! just sitting and repeating a word isnt that big a deal, so they agreed. But when they started to do it, just after some time, their mind started running, some pandits slept, some became extremely restless and got up. Eventually, they told Guru Sahib and we are happy with our previous occupation and cannot japp naam.
  5. I feel the word 'jatha' in sikhi means a group of gursikhs collectively working to perform a certain task. So there is nuthing wrong in having jathas in the panth. The AKJ was started by Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh Jee and his fellow gursikhs to do parchar of gurmat rehits like keski, sarbloh bibek and to bring back naam drirh back into the panth. I myself was greatly inspired by life and gursikhi jeevan of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh Jee and feel that he was one of the best gursikhs ever to be born into the sikh panth. But with time, the people in the AKJ began to leave the very rehits for which the AKJ was formed. As a result, ego, hankaar , lack of love for fellow amritdharis, took birth and the degeneration of the jatha began. Having said that, there are still some very charrdi kala sub groups within AKJ who keep good rehit and are great singhs but as a whole, the present "AKJ" is not the jatha that was started by Dhan Dhan Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh Jee.
  6. Some days back I was doing some shopping with my elder sister and met one of her friends. She was with her husband and we took them to our house. My sister' friend told us about her marriage. In her childhood, she had suffered from polioo and as a result one of her legs was bent and was not normal. In the college, where she and my sister studied together, there were quite a few punjabi boys who always ignored her and at her back called her 'langgriiii'. She always suffered from immense inferiority complex. But there was one south indian boy in the college who had come from karnataka and was from a rich communist(atheist) background. He always used to give special respect and treatment to her. He always used to praise her for her qualities like simpllicity, intelligence etc... Now, when they were in the final year of college, the bibi's parents were trying their best to get her married. but no punjabi boy/family were agreeing for the marriage due to the bibi's leg. This further increased her inferiority complex and she started to suffer from serious depression. Seeing this that boy from karnataka proposed her for marriage. Deep down the bibi used to like this boy as well. Her family resisted a bit as the boy was south indian but after some time they got married. Though the bibi was non-amritdhari but she used to go to gurdwara frequently. After the marriage, they both used to go to gurdwara every weekend. Her husband began to enjoy listening kirtan and he started to read gurbani translations from the net. At the same time he started to read about great sikh history. Then somebody in the gurdwara sahib gave him bhai Vir singh jee's books. All this had such a strong effect on his mind that he started believing in God and started to go to gurdwara every evening and just 6 months after he stopped cutting his hair and and an year later the couple chakked amrit. The couple spends large time of their life in gurbani and kirtan. The bibi looks like an angel. Meeting with such a couple really made my day. May Satguru jee bless such a couple. What a play Satguru jee has made!
  7. The modern industrial agriculture is entirely dependent on oil. With oil prices rising at a fast rate, we could very much be faced with such a scenario in the very near future. Without oil, we cannot produce food for 6.5 billion people. The big crowded cities are the most vulnerable and such cities can completely crash if oil prices kept on increasing the way they have been.
  8. Imagine u live in a city where food and fuel is in very short supply, as a result there are food riots happening.Due to lack of fuel, transportation has almost completely stopped, people are killing each other for food. The electricity goes down at the same time and there is complete blackout. You are inside ur house with ur family and have food that can last for 3 days. You hear screams of people, cries of people. WHAT WILL YOU DO ????
  9. << it's a good idea, but 1st before asking non-sikhs to do 7 hrs of simran a day, do Sikhs, even amritdharis do 7 hrs of simran a day.>>> Thats a separate topic. People in this world are ready to die almost anything for money. But can any person in this world sit in a straight position and listen to a sound 7 hours a day from 9-5 ? I personally feel that NO non sikh can do it and only an amritdhari(with guru kirpaa) can do this. There are people who are very proud of their degrees, their jobs but the toughest thing in this world is to JAPP NAAM. se simrahe, JIN AAP SIMRAYEE
  10. If a challenge is thrown that a non- sikh has to speak and listen to gurmat naam for 7 hours daily from 9am-5 pm with one hour rest and at the end of one month that person will become the richest man on earth, do u thing any person can do this ?? All the doctors, engineers, professors who work so hard at their jobs, can they japp naam for 7 hours daily ???
  11. International Human Rights Organisation Of the Indian Subcontinent 210, New Judicial Courts Complex, Ludhiana PRESS RELEASE Ludhiana, June 25 The International Human Rights Organisation (IHRO), while rebuking the Central and state governments, including Punjab, for their inaction against Dera Sirsa head, Baba Gurmit Ram Rahim Singh, has asked Maharashtra government to book the "baba" in the Mumbai Sikh murder case under section 120-B of the IPC along with others. The murder of Balkar Singh at the hands of the baba and his private body guards at Mumbai is the result of inaction, nay, clandestine encouragement rendered by the UPA government at the Centre and Congress government in Haryana that has caused panic and provoked the wrath of the Sikh community against the alleged murderer and rapist baba who too is facing criminal charges for injuring religious feelings of the Sikhs in Punjab at Bathinda. IHRO chairperson D S Gill, general secretary M S Grewal and its coordinator for Sikh Affairs, Gurcharanjit Singh Lama, in a statement here, said, "If the outlaw baba is not bridled forthwith and put behind the bars, there may repeat the era of 1978 of Nirankaris episode that had ultimately culminated into the bad incidents of 1984 in Punjab and elsewhere in India." It is unfortunate that many politicians in Punjab and Haryana are protecting the criminal baba just for votes and notes, considering him as their vote mine, said the human rights defenders, adding that Badals who matter in Punjab politics are no exception and they are very well competing with the Congress leaders in this regard. It is anybody's guess that Sukhbir Badal is keen in contesting from Bathinda's Parliamentary constituency, said the IHRO statement. It is because of these reasons, the IHRO said, that no criminal charge-sheet against the Sirsa baba under section 295-A has so far been filed in the court of law at Bathinda. The IHRO, therefore, has called upon the people, who have respect for the rule of law and human rights, to pressure on the Maharashtra government to book the baba along with other guilty persons for the murder so that the Sikhs could get justice. (D S Gill) Chair IHRO 99140 04092
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